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calvary life OCTOber 2012

Take the Plunge into Community this Fall...7

Do You Have a Heart for Justice?...8 It’s That Time Again! Let’s Look at Calvary’s Holiday Giving Traditions...11

contents A community is a great place to build caring relationships. Don’t miss the fall group launch!

Annual Meeting Recap

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Your generous giving is such a blessing; here’s how you can help our missionaries this year. How do you fit into God's plan for social justice? p. 8

Holiday Giving Traditions p. 11

4 | 5 Questions with Celeste McDonough 9 | Heart Pride at Art Prize Calvary Life sits down with our newest pastoral staff member, overseeing Missions & Outreach.

5 | On the Bookshelf

Reading recommendations for October from the Library a few members of the Calvary staff.

6 | From New to Known

How one couple experienced care in community during a season of change in their lives.

7 | Community Group Launch

New groups are forming October 7, sign up by October 1 to experience community at Calvary.

8 | Expressing the Love of Christ...

Seeking justice for the poor and oppressed through the power of community

2 | October 2012 |

14 | Program Guide

Meet a very special artist from within the Calvary 14 - Children, 5th-6th Grade family, exhibiting at Art Prize 15 - 7th-8th Grade, High School, Young Adults (College, Merge) 16 - Young Adults (Foundations), Calvary 10 | Open Door Vision 2012-2013 Shifting our focus to India as we begin the ODV Community, Family Ministries, Men, Pastoral Care, Prayer Groups project for a new year 17 - Senior Adults, Special Needs, Women, Worship 11 | Calvary Holiday Giving Traditions 18- Serving Opportunities, Giving Opportunities Opportunities to give this holiday season

12 | A Note from the Elders

An update from the Calvary leadership

13 | Annual Meeting Recap

A summary of this year’s Annual Church Meeting

19 | October Calendar

Dates to know and hold onto for October.

As you plan your Wednesday evening here at Calvary don’t forget that we serve a hot, fresh, homemade meal made right here in our Calvary Kitchen. I would like to formally introduce myself as the new Director of Culinary Services and Special Events. My face is familiar to many, if not all of you, as I have been a part of Calvary Church for the past 12 years as a member of our Facilities Maintenance Staff caring for our beautiful facility and also engaged with our many special events and productions. I look forward to serving all of you in this new and exciting role. My goal is simple: to provide excellent menu choices and to serve them with excellence. I have a great foundation to spring ahead with… one built by Chef Rod Pierce. I am grateful he is still hanging in the kitchen with us as a mentor and teacher of all things cuisine.

october 3 Sunday Dinner on Wednesday Grilled hand-cut Cured 81 ham steaks with Traverse Bay Cherry Sauce Four cheese scalloped potatoes Fresh seasonal vegetables

Wednsheipsddinnaery Fellow

October 10 Best from the Southwest - Showdown at the Corral Chef Rod’s Famous White Chili With sautéed chicken tenderloin and Great Northern beans or Chef Neal’s Classic Red Beef and Bean Chili New Mexico Blend of Vegetables Broad green beans, corn, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots

Each Wednesday we serve a hot entrée paired with fresh sides, our own oven baked fresh rolls, a salad bar, soda and ice cream cups. We have a kid sized meal, a Healthy Hero’s meal and a Super Hero’s Meal. Prices: $5.00 for the featured meal, $3.00 for the Children’s (under 10 only) or Healthy Hero’s Meal. If your child would like a larger portion, there is the Super Hero meal for $5.00. To keep the cost down for families, there is a family meal plan for $15.00 (two adults, and three Healthy Hero’s meals).

October 17 A Take on Italian - A New WFD Classic? Creamy Chicken Lasagna with alfredo and baby spinach sauce Seasonal vegetable Homemade garlic bread

October 24

Let us know ahead of time if you have any special dietary concerns that we could accommodate for you.

Down Home Comfort Food - A Chef Rod Favorite Recipe Fresh oven Roast of Pork Loin with rosemary, thick sliced in our own kitchen Pan roasted pork gravy Cut beans with country bacon Mashed potatoes with smoky gouda cheese

Blessings, Kevin Troupe Director of Culinary Services & Special Events

October 31 A Diner Classic Knife and Fork Hot Roast Beef Sandwich on sour dough bread Beef gravy Whipped potatoes Roasted mixed veggies

good to know Remember, you can give online anytime, from any location at You can also visit MyCalvary to review your giving for the current fiscal year, register for events and find a small group. If you encounter any trouble with your log-in, email mycalvary@calvarygr. org for assistance.

Experiencing a Crisis? If you are experiencing a crisis, or perhaps going through a difficult emotional, spiritual, or relationship situation, Stephen Ministry & Lay Counseling can help. Contact Phyllis Dykstra at 784-1858. Urbana Scholarship Fund Urbana is a missions conference for young

adults offering tools and resources all in one place for those considering what God would have them do in His global mission. Please prayerfully consider donating to the Urbana scholarship fund to invest in our next generation of leaders from Calvary Church. To donate, designate Urbana Scholarship Fund on your check or giving envelope and place it in the offering plate on Sundays. October 2012 | | 3

connections getting to know calvary 1

What is your role at Calvary Church?


with Celeste McDonough Pastoral Staff, Missions & Outreach

In the last three months since I came to Calvary Church, I’ve been learning more and more about what my role needs to be. It starts with leading the great team in the Missions and Outreach department and making sure that Calvary’s passion for God’s Kingdom work is honored in the way we support ministries both around the world and in our community.  From there, I’m seeing that God has placed me here to feed and nurture, through prayer, education and opportunities to serve, both individuals and groups in the tremendous heritage of mission vision that this church has.  And I’m learning how God is using me to help Calvary move toward a more Spirit-led, partnership-oriented approach to outreach.  Basically, I’m here to be the missions and outreach catalyst in the office, so that Pastor Bruce can fulfill his pastor-to-missionaries and global leadership roles.


What encourages you most as you minister at Calvary?

I knew from our experience as missionaries supported by Calvary that this was a church with a tremendous heart for the world. Being here now, I’m so blessed to hear the stories of all the Calvary people who are actually doing missions in so many different ways:  short term, financial partnership, committed prayer, service in the community, befriending international students, and just sharing the light of Jesus in  their daily lives.  I’m able to step into this new role – for which God has been preparing me a long time – with gratitude for where He has brought Calvary Church and excitement about helping all of us do even more, even better for His purposes.


How have you experienced life{together}?

The communities we see forming here in Missions and Outreach don’t always look like typical community groups, but they are really powerful. When I see a short term team go out, living and working as a community in Christ for a week or so, that’s good.  When we see longterm relationships built between our missionaries and the team members who serve alongside them for a short time, that’s great!  When prayer – for specific needs of specific nationals in another country – becomes part of a team member’s ongoing daily walk with the Lord, that’s community on an above-and-beyond level.


How has God recently revealed Himself in your life?

For two years, God had a community of people within

4 | October 2012 |

Calvary praying and fasting together for the direction of and a person to lead the Missions and Outreach area. Through my interview process, and to quite a few people since I’ve joined Calvary, I’ve shared how He brought those prayer needs to a point of intersection with my life.  About a year ago, when my husband Dan and I found out that we couldn’t return to the same nation in Central Asia where we served for 12 years, we began seeking the Lord for His next plan for our lives and ministry.  We were looking for a location where we could both use our ministry gifts and where our children could thrive emotionally and educationally. One after another, the doors to various locations and opportunities seemed firmly closed and we just didn’t sense God’s “yes” in any direction. We still had no clear leading from the Lord in February when we needed to make a decision on continuing with our mission agency.  On the very day we were planning to call them and resign, we found out that Calvary was looking for a new pastoral staff member in Missions.  Although I had never imagined myself in a church-based role like this, we prayed and took one step at time. What a joy it has been to look back on each of those steps, even those taken when I didn’t know if I even wanted the position, and see how God was weaving everything together all the way. Even after such a short time, I can say that I love my role here and I love Calvary Church.


How can the Calvary family pray for you and your ministry this month?

I’d love to have the Calvary family praying for me the same thing I pray daily: ”Lord, this task is bigger than Celeste can do her in own strength. Show her each day where to focus and what to do.  Make all that she does only for the glory and honor of Jesus.”  I’m also very excited about the mission focus Calvary will be experiencing in the next few weeks.  You can pray that Calvary Church will respond to the Lord’s leading, rather than just to whatever promotion our department can put together, to support our Missionary Christmas Offering and my first Open Door Vision project targeting the needs of the nation of India. As we make plans for our 2013 shortterm teams and seek the people God is calling to lead them, please pray that our efforts would be Spirit-led and would result in an even broader vision of what God is doing around the world. On a personal level, please pray that our plans to move to the Grand Rapids area (we currently live in Holland) will be completed by Christmas time. Pray also that Dan will clearly see which ministries he should focus on in this new stage of our lives.

on the bookshelf recommended reading for october found in the calvary library

When CIA Agent Bo Rider adopts a retired law enforcement dog for his family, teenagers Glenna and Gregg are surprised to discover Blaze’s special skills. They put the dog to work solving crimes, but a captured criminal seeks revenge forcing the kids to hide out at their grandparents’ Florida home. In Skeleton Key powerful villains connive to stop the teens from discovering their criminal enterprise. In Night Flight, the first stand alone novel for teens in Diane and David Munsons’ Truth Seeker Series, the Rider family learns the true meaning of loving your neighbor as yourself. This is the debut thriller for young adults by these best-selling ExFeds whose writing is based on their careers. Riveting and fast paced, In the Land of Blue Burqas depicts sharing the love and truth of Christ with women living in Afghanistan, which has been called “the world’s most dangerous country in which to be born a woman.” Through storytelling the author shows how people who don’t know Christ come to see Him, His truth and His beauty. The stories provide insight into how a Jesus-follower brought Jesus’ teachings of the Kingdom of God to Afghanistan. The harsh reality of their lives is not sugar-coated and the names of those involved - including Kate’s - have been changed to protect the participants. Just take a few minutes and read the opening pages. You’ll be hooked. Eleven years ago, Pastor Tom Doyle felt God calling him to leave the pastorate and become a full-time missionary in the Middle East and Central Asia. His extensive work in the region includes over 80 trips to places like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey. In Dreams and Visions, Tom shares the stories of former Muslims who were first introduced to Jesus through a dream or a vision that powerfully opened their hearts to Christ. Though they live in the most dangerous places in the world for people who leave Islam and embrace Christ, their passion for the Savior is contagious and inspirational.

Elleen Fitzgerald, Special Needs Facilitator, Adults

Brenda Neher, Administrative Assistant, Calvary Community

Steve Gibson, Executive Pastor

In Finding Glory in the Thorns, Lisa and Larry Jamieson tell the powerful story of God’s power and presence in their lives while raising a daughter with Angelman’s Syndrome. The book challenges it’s reader to seek God’s direction in life guided by powerful words from scripture. A companion workbook is available that assists in finding hope and purpose in life’s painful seasons. I heard about The Christian Atheist, when I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit and Craig Groeshel spoke. He was animated, funny and convicting, but it was the book’s title that compelled me to purchase it. Through Craig’s personal experiences and struggles emerges a life filled with lessons from the Bible on how many of us believe in God, but don’t really know Him, question God’s “fairness,” convince ourselves that we are unworthy of God’s love, don’t trust Him to take care if us; and several more issues to which many of us can relate. This book can be used alone or with accompanying materials for Community Group study. J. R. Clinton’s, The Making of a Leader, is my favorite modern day book on leadership. Clinton does an amazing job of showing a common pattern in the way God develops leaders over a lifetime. He uses examples from both Scriptural characters as well as various leaders throughout the history of the church to show that God partners with us in molding and making us to be useful for building his kingdom. If you’re walking through a season of leadership that is especially difficult, this book is for you.

All the books mentioned are available in Calvary's Library. The Library is located across from Fellowship Hall on the lower level. Their fall hours are Sunday, 9:15 – 11:15am; Wednesday, 9:15 – 9:45 am and 6:00 – 7:30pm. October 2012 | | 5

life{together} experiencing community at calvary

From New to Known experiencing care in community By Haley Izenbaard

Shortly after my husband and I became members of Calvary Church, we found out I was pregnant. Being a young couple newly married and pregnant for the first time, we wanted to get more involved within the church. Each church service we intentionally sat at the front in hopes to see some of the same faces and meet new friends. After a few months, I was approached by a young woman about possibly forming a small group with a handful of young adults. We agreed and met for dinner at the home of another couple. It was a very casual time to chat and eat some good food. From that point forward, friendships began to form. Over the next few months we all got together informally. After knowing each of them just a few short months, they took the initiative to set up a website for family and friends to sign up to bring meals to our family after our son was born. Each of them quickly signed up and brought us a meal. They also sent flowers to the hospital and visited with gifts. We had never been so cared for and truly felt the love of Christ through each of them. Through this experience, we began to clearly see the need for community within a church body. In fact, we have even signed up to lead a community group launching on October 7.

6 | October 2012 |

Launc h




Sunda y, Oct o


ber 7

| 4:00 pm

Our goal at Calvary is to see every believer experiencing authentic Christian community. A Community Group is a great place to build caring relationships; join us! New groups will be forming on October 7 at our Community Group Launch. We would love for you to experience community here at Calvary Church. To join one of the new groups, plan to attend the launch on October 7 and complete a registration form located at the Connection Point, on the web at, or contact Brenda Neher ( at 616-956-9377, ext. 5650.

Please register by October 1. experiencing community at calvary Group Details These groups gather in homes for the purpose of growing spiritually and relationally. You will be asked to commit to meet at least 8 times (most groups meet every other week). You will study God’s word together. You will fellowship together, care for one another and grow in the Lord together. If you are unable to join us on October 7, you can still be part of a group. Just fill out a registration form by October 1 to be placed in a new group.

If you are interested in facilitating a group or hosting one in your home, please contact our office for more information. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. Contact Brenda Neher ( at ext. 5650 with any questions.

October 2012 | | 7

Expressing the Love of Christ By Seeking Justice for the Poor and Oppressed

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:17 We are all familiar with the ardent calls to justice that ring out from the pages of Scripture. And most of us, no doubt, passionately yearn to bring our lives into increasing conformity with God's mandate to "learn to do right." Yet some of us find the personal call to "seek justice" a bit overwhelming or uncertain. What can I do to affirm the Lord's will in this area? How do I fit in to God's plan for social justice? We have learned much this past year about the role of community in the building up and living out of our personal faith as part of Christ's church. Each one of us has been repeatedly encouraged to consider participating in some type of smaller community within Calvary Church. Now, through a partnership between Compassion Ministries and Calvary Community—and with the blessing of Missions and Outreach—we would like to tie the cause of biblical social justice to small group community life by launching three new small groups. In these focused gatherings, we will meld all the usual characteristics of small group life with a particular social justice component. Groups will be forming with the following emphases: • Orphan Care / Adoption • Literacy / Education • Exploitation / Trafficking Joining one of these target groups will ensure that you will connect with others who share your concern for biblical social justice. Each group will enable its participants to grow in their understanding of our God, who loves justice and whose anger is roused against evil and evildoers and who has compassion on all who suffer. The group leader will guide the participants through a time of interactive study and discussion of one of the following books (to be selected by the group): • • • •

The Good News about Injustice by Gary Haugen Zealous Love by Mike and Danae Yankoski Start Becoming a Good Samaritan by Michael Seaton and Ashley Wiersma Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life by Robert Lupton

Time will be allotted at each gathering to pray fervently for the poor and oppressed, and each community will also tangibly address the needs of its target group through a project determined by the group. To sign up for one of our new compassion small groups, register at or visit the Connection Point on Sunday mornings and fill out a form for the October 7 small group launch, making sure to check one of the boxes for a compassion group. Questions? Contact Barb VanderPloeg ( at 874-9446. 8 | October 2012 |

heart pride at art prize Meet Artist Leanne VandenBos

Meet Leanne, artist, daughter, sister, friend and faithful member of the Go- Getters Community at Calvary Church. As one of the winners of the Legacy Trust Award Collection, twenty-nine year old Leanne VandenBos will be featured in ArtPrize this year for the first time. This West Michigan artist took art in high school, but her main exposure to and participation with art has been through classes offered by Artists Creating Together (formerly Very Special Arts). Artists Creating Together is a local nonprofit that brings students with disabilities together with artists and art projects. Leanne became involved in Artists Creating Together about six years go. Since then, Leanne has participated in a variety of classes ranging from music to painting to drawing to photography. Leanne’s "Honoring My Special Friends" is a mixed media memorial to her rat terrier, Bilbo Baggins, who died about two years ago. The work features a collage of eight drawings of Baggins and one large drawing of her living dog, Rosie. The collage utilizes water colors, glitter water colors, pastels, and chalk. . Leanne’s entry can be viewed during Art Prize at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. Vote Code: 52335. We encourage you to meet Leanne either at the venue or visit her at the Go Getters community group here at Calvary Church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Get Serving

“Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me” (John 12:26). We need your help! We have plenty of opportunities available for you to serve. Don’t have a lot of extra time? No problem. We have positions available for a variety of time commitments. If you’re passionate about working with children and youth, helping out in the kitchen, enjoy greeting and talking to new people, or interested in other available volunteer positions contact Judie Fielstra ( at ext. 5095 today.

You’re Invited Special Needs Ministry Talent Night Wednesday, October 31 6:45-8:15pm in the Chapel For more information, contact Elleen ( at 956-9377, ext. 5623.


If you feel God tugging at your heart strings to serve within this ministry, please call.

Judi Warner Director of Special Needs Ministry | ext. 5272

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? Do you know what serving areas you could be using your gifts in? Calvary’s Discovery program is a great opportunity to not only meet with a trained staff member to find out what your gifts are, but also learn how to apply them. You can fill out a Discovery card at one of the Information Centers today to receive your packet, go online to our Serving Ministry page, or contact Christy Van Andel (cvanandel@ at ext. 5615.

Open Door Vision 2012-13: Are You Ready?

Over 15 years ago, God blessed Calvary Church with a gift that allowed us to pay off the debt on the building addition that houses our gym, chapel and east classroom wing. The only string attached was that we should return the blessing each year by supporting an Open Door Vision project to reach out around the world and in our community. This year, our focus will shift to India, the second largest nation in the world. It’s a place overshadowed by the darkness of Hinduism, yet the church is growing faster than leaders can be trained. It’s a country with hundreds of thousands of orphans and street children, yet God is calling out His people to meet the needs of this next generation. It’s a land where families become trapped in choking debt, yet simply learning to read can free them from the cycle as well as introduce them to the Savior. Watch for more details about our 2012-13 Open Door Vision as we share one heart for a nation and a neighborhood, right here in Grand Rapids.

Short-Term Missions 2013 Be sure to join us on November 11 at 6:00pm as we praise God for what He accomplished on the twelve short-term trips that went out this year, and then come to Fellowship Hall afterwards for information on the trips for 2013. 10 | October 2012 |

Project Report: School Supplies Update Thank you for your generous donations of school supplies. Approximately 30 Calvary families were blessed by the outpouring of your tangible care and concern for them, in addition to many families from New City Church.

Looking for a small group project ? Operation Christmas Child

One Heart for the City: Missionary Christmas Take Hold Church Christmas Because of your overwhelming giving last year, and because of the ongoing needs of the residents in the Heartside neighborhood, we felt led once again this year to designate Take Hold Church as our Christmas project. In this past year, God has used Take Hold to touch countless lives, and a second service has been added to accommodate their increased attendance. Shane & Heather Cox have prayed for change to come in this downtown area, and it seems God is answering their prayers with a resounding ‘yes’! You can once again help share Christ’s love in a very tangible way this Christmas. Collection dates will begin Sunday, November 25 and run through Sunday, December 16.

Make a Calvary missionary’s Christmas a bit brighter. Your generous giving to our missionaries at Christmas in years past has been such a blessing to them; so often we receive notes expressing the perfect timing. The extra funds might go towards a child’s wedding expenses, or school tuition, or even a much needed get-away. These global and community workers sacrifice many of the things you and I take for granted, and are so appreciative when an unexpected gift comes their way.

Calvary will not be collecting boxes for the Operation Christmas Child project this year; however, it would still be a great activity for small groups or families to do on their own. All the needed information is on the OCC website, There are numerous drop-off locations in the Grand Rapids area, which are listed on the website, along with hours that each location is open.

Donations will be accepted throughout the month of October; simply indicate “Missionary Christmas” on the church envelope or on the memo line of your check.


October 2012 | | 11

2011-2012 Elders & Deacons If you have any questions or comments you would like to share with an elder, please see the list above the blue line. If you would to contact a deacon, they are listed below the blue line. Dennis Bergakker


a note from the elders Respectfully Submitted by Ron Haas, Elder Clerk Nomination Process

Lee Brenner

Eric Cerling

( (

Ron Haas

Larry Hulst



Kent Snoeyink

Vernon Spears

( (

Jim DeVries


Noe Palacios


Mike Still


We praise God for the men who were selected at our Annual Meeting. The new Elders for the 2013-15 term are: Dan Challa, Clare DeGraf, Dick Doyle, Ross Pettinga and Sam Roth. The new Deacons are: Stephen Baab, Wilhelm Kliewer, Rob Umstead and Chris Walkup. Please pray for these men as they begin their service. This October the nomination committee will start identifying potential elder and deacon candidates for 2013. The committee will spend hours in meetings and prayer to ensure that the candidates meet the Biblical requirements found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. If you would like to suggest a candidate, please submit your nomination to Nate Schmidt ( Please pray that God would bless and oversee this important process.

Nehemiah Prayer Team

In Pastor Jim’s first sermon in the Undivided series, he shared six applications from Hannah’s wonderful example of prayer. Serious prayer is 1) emotionally engaged, 2) time consuming, 3) absolutely absorbing, 4) bold, 5) physically exhausting, and 6) powerfully effective. For the past eight months the Nehemiah Prayer Team has been praying and fasting for God’s wisdom for how we can reach more people for Christ. As we pray,we have been asking, “What kind of church is God calling Calvary to be?” The elders and deacons realize that our building limits our ministries, so we have engaged an architect, Doug Pasma to look at our current facility and design solutions that will give us greater ministry opportunities. Is God calling you to get serious about prayer? We’d love to have you join the Nehemiah Prayer Team and receive weekly email prayer updates. Please email Ron Haas ( to sign up.

Elder’s Prayer

Allen VanHaitsma

Dan Visser

( (

Jerry Ward


On the first Tuesday of each month, the elders meet for prayer from 6:15-7:15pm, in Room 211. If you have a spiritual need and would like the elders to pray and anoint you with oil, please come. Ephesians 6:18 reminds us, “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” If you have a health situation that limits your ability to travel, the elders can visit your home or hospital room. Please contact Cindy Marrell ( to schedule a special prayer time.

Pastoral Residents

Robert Bass

Jim Hoekwater

Robert Johnston

( ( (

We are blessed to have two pastoral residents this year, Lenski Llorens (pictured left) and Andy Crowder (pictured right). Lenski has worked with Youth for Christ and Take Hold Church. He will be working at Calvary in a variety of positions. Andy serves in Calvary worship department. Please welcome and pray for Lenski & Tanya Llorens, and Andy & Katie Crowder.

Physical and Emotional Abuse Policy Brian Klaver

Tom Miller

David Radde




Mike Reiffer

Jeff Rogers

Jim Stubblefield

Howard Timmer

Todd Wilde

Dan Wynalda

( ( (


( (

12 | October 2012 |

We live in a broken world with many hurting people. As elders we are called to protect and care for the flock. Calvary Church wants to be a refuge of hope for those who are suffering from abuse. The deacons have spent the last several months expanding our physical and emotional abuse policy to help us respond more effectively when abuse is identified among our members or regular attendees. This policy will help our staff minister to those struggling with domestic violence, but it also offers protection for vulnerable adults, young people, and children. The deacons consulted with several godly women from our church family to gain their valuable insights. If you are concerned that someone might be a victim of physical or emotional abuse, please contact an elder, deacon, or pastoral staff member.

Community & Care

We continue to encourage people to connect in an adult congregation or a neighborhood community group. Spiritual growth happens best in community. Small groups are also where we learn to care for one another. This fall our community groups will be working closely with our Yellow House ministry to help care for the needs of our congregation.

God Bless, The Calvary Church Elders

Annual Meeting September 16, 2012 Looking back at How God worked in the 2011-2012 ministry year

Giving Summary - a review from our treasurer, Jeff Rogers Total Giving (Fiscal Year 2011-2012) $ 8,098,370 - Total Giving

GOD, US, & OTHERS: Allocation of 2011-2012 Operating Budget

$ 7,105,362 - Operating Fund $ 993,008 - Projects

“GOD” represents all budget items associated with our worship services.

Benevolent Fund Allocations $ 302,410 - Total Distributed $ 97,000+ - Received in Special Collection Respite Care (1%)  Food Voucher (2%) Emergency (3%) Utilities (5%) Insurance (5%) Counseling (6%) Auto Payments /Repairs (7%)

Medical (13%) Rent/Mortgage (15%) Food Pantry (20%) Special Projects/ Miscellaneous (23%)

“US” includes all program expenses and salaries necessary to conduct ministry within our walls.

GOD 12%

( 1% increase)



(2% increase)


(3% decrease)

“OTHERS” accounts for all evangelism and outreach efforts outside our walls.

Facilities Update from elder chair, Jim DeVries Since 1998, the elders have been praying over and reviewing proposals from external and internal groups on how to best address the needs of our growing congregation and the constraints this places on our facility. In 2009, the Leadership hired outside consultants to review our areas of ministry and facilities. They brought a variety of recommendations while also providing the assessment that our facility was no longer a good fit with the way in which our ministry had changed over the past 30 years. The consultants noted especially that our current design makes it difficult to nuture community. From 2009-2012, the elders have continued to pray about these recommendations. God led them to a gifted architect who has generated a long range master plan proposal for the facility. This proposal repurposes our existing facility to overcome several shortcomings. Through prayer and conversation over time, God has changed the focus from “Space Needs” to “What is God’s purpose for Calvary Church?” Beginning seven months ago, the congregation was asked to join the Nehemiah Prayer Team (see page 16 to join) and begin praying with the Leadership over this and other questions about our facility. On October 14, there will be a prayer meeting with this team to review the proposed master plan. The leadership will be exploring ways to make this proposed plan widely available. We are asking the congregation to continue in prayer starting now. When we have clear direction the members will be asked to make the final decision on any major facility changes. If you have any questions or comments to share with the elders regarding the facility or other topics, please email

Ministry Review One of the real highlights of this year’s meeting was hearing from several Calvary pastors how God has been at work in their ministry this past year. Many felt that in 20112012, God showed up in even greater ways than we have seen in the past. Lee Content shared how overwhelmed she was by the number of people who have followed God’s call to experience Him more fully in smaller communities. Joel Shank shared how God used the memorization of Scripture to bring the truth of His word into a child’s classroom. There were many more stories shared of how God’s amazing power has been evident in and through the ministry of this church body. You can be encouraged yourself by watching the ministry recap video at facebook. com/CalvaryChurchGR. one faith • one church • one communit y • one life

Pick up an Annual Report at the Information Center to hear even more about how God has been at work at Calvary this past year.

October 2012 | | 13


Program GUIDE Sunday Morning Worship Service

8:10, 9:40, and 11:15am | Sanctuary

Quick Connect administrative staff information in alpha order by ministry



Calvary Community

Pastoral Care & Senior Adults

Lynnell Bok ext. 3510

Brenda Neher ext. 5650

Chris DeHaan ext. 5022

Regina Scovill ext. 3672


Carla Boon-Julien ext. 5067


Judie Fielstra ext. 5095

Community Outreach Sharon Kaiser ext. 5077


Judi Warner ext. 5272


Natalie Uecker calvarystudents ext. 5181

Melissa DeBoer ext. 5097

Technical Services


Women ext. 5290

Elaine Meredith ext. 5186


Jackie Rice ext. 5042


Kristen White ext. 5155


Lou DeGraaf ext. 3618

6:00pm | Chapel

Children Carla | | ext. 5067 KIDS N ACTION Wednesdays | 6:30-7:50pm Our desire in KIDS-N-ACTION is that children, fiveyears-old through fourth grade, understand what God says in the Bible, believe it, and obey it in their daily lives. KIDS-N-ACTION is designed to foster social interaction through chosen electives, while facilitating spiritual growth in learning from the book of James how to “put your faith into action.” Li’l KIDS-N-ACTION Three and four-year-olds can join us for Lil’Kids-NAction. They will learn portions of James chapter 4, as they hear stories of kids in the Bible who demonstrated faith-in-action!

Special Needs

Compassion Ministries Lou DeGraaf ext. 3618

Sunday Evening Worship Service

Young Adults

Mason D. Sherrill ext. 5036

Church Phone Number: (616) 956-9377 Address: 707 E Beltline NE | Grand Rapids MI 49525

14 | October 2012 |

LUMIN8 Kid’s Choir Children four-years-old (by December 1) through sixth grade are invited to proclaim God’s glory through LUMIN8. Each year in LUMIN8, children memorize the book of James through song, one chapter a year. They also perform an evangelistic Christmas Musical, a Spring Recital and record a CD of original music illuminating all who listen. Child Dedication October 21 | 3:30pm | Chapel At our Child Dedication services, extended family members and friends have the opportunity to show support as parents commit their children to the Lord. To dedicate the newest addition to your family, contact us ( at ext. 5067 by October 15 to submit your information.

5th-8th Grade | ext. 5181 The Main Event Sunday Mornings | 9:40am 5th/6th: Room 109 | 7th/8th: Room 108

October 2012 Church Office Hours Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm Sunday: 7:30am-12:30pm (Receptionist Only)

This school year we are going to dig deep on Sunday and discover how the words of Jesus fit in to our everyday lives. Starting with the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and continuing right until the end, you won’t want to miss a Sunday as we discover who Jesus is, the difference He can make in our lives, and why those little red letters should be a big part of our lives. No need to register, just show up!

5th/6th Grade | ext. 5181 Refuge Wednesdays | 6:30-8:00pm | Room 109 Refuge is a great time of fun and encouragement for fifth and sixth grade students. We learn about God, gather for small groups, play games together, laugh and experience Christian community. To join, just show up. 5th/6th Fall Retreat October 26, 5:30pm - October 27, 5:30pm | $60 A $15 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. This is applied toward the total cost. Our annual Fall Retreat at Grace Adventures is an amazing time to get away, to spend time with friends and make new ones. On our retreats we are able to squeeze great fun, exciting worship, exciting games, challenging teaching, sling shots and real friendships into one exciting 24-hour period. This is one of the best ways to make friends. Register at by October 24.

7th/8th Grade | ext. 5181 Oasis Wednesdays | 6:30-8:00pm | Room 108 Oasis is our Wednesday night small group program! Want to go deeper, asking specific questions about topics that concern you? Want to make some close friends? Want to get to know some of our fun, caring,

skilled leaders on a more personal level? We’ll play games, worship, hear a brief talk, and break up into our small groups. To join, just show up. Guys’/Girls’ Night Out (GNO) October 7 | 5:30-8:30pm | Drop-off/Pick-up: Ent. J Guys | Cost: $12 We will head to Craig’s Cruisers for a delicious pizza buffet and fun games! Girls | Cost: $5 Join the girls for a night of bowling! Be sure to bring socks and money if you plan on eating dinner there. 7th/8th Fall Retreat November 2 at 5:30pm - November 3 at 5:30pm Cost: $65 (Early Bird $55, must pay in full by Oct. 24) A $15 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. This is applied toward the total cost. We are planning an amazing 24 hours of fellowship, fun and time in God’s Word. You don’t want to miss this retreat at Camp Beechpoint! Register at by October 31.

High school | ext. 5181 UNITED Sundays | 6:00-8:30pm | Room 108 Join a community of students seeking to know God and live for Him. This fall, we will study the 5 Solas. Together we will learn the five distinctive things that make us Christian. Come check out UNITED this month as we kick-off the school year – it’s the perfect place to belong at Calvary! Just show up. High School Fall Retreat: Love November 3, 10:00am - November 4, 7:00pm Cost: $90 (Early Bird: $80, must pay in full by Oct.15) A $25 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. This is applied toward the total cost. Join us for a weekend of fun as we delve into “Love.” Register at by October 31.

Young Adults a ministry for young adults 18-34 Mason | | ext. 5036 We were not meant to walk through this life alone, but to experience its fullness in community. That’s why we gather together to grow spiritually through age-specific teaching, edifying fellowship, and serving. The Young Adult Ministry offers three different communities where you can connect with a group that’s right for you.

YOUNG ADULT FALL RETREAT October 19 at 5:00pm – October 20 at 5:00pm Cost: $30 – Sign up in your respective community Take an opportunity to be recharged and refreshed by the relaxing and restful setting of Camp Beechpoint. Join College, Merge, and Foundations communities for a weekend retreat filled with fellowship, encouraging teaching, fun games and rest.

Book of the Quarter: God Told Me by Jim Samra November 4 | 7:30pm | Cost $8 (Books available at Young Adult gatherings) Ever wonder what job you should take, if and who you should marry, or where you are supposed to live? Then join the Young Adult community in reading our book of the quarter, God Told Me by Jim Samra. This book explains how to distinguish God’s guiding voice from all others and provides practical advice for learning to listen. Later this fall, we will gather together to discuss the book and learn from one another how we can grow in hearing the guiding voice of God (Date and location announced later).

This is a great way to fellowship with other students and to learn about additional ways to get involved at Calvary Church.

College a community for young adults 18-22 Mason | | ext. 5036

MErge a community for single young adults ages 22-34 Sue | | ext. 5198

College Life Thursdays | 7:00pm | Room 108 Are you interested in joining a diverse community of fellow college-aged young adults? We meet together as a community for worship, small groups, and teaching each Thursday. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with other young adults from the Grand Rapids area and grow in our faith together. For more information contact Mason.

Merge Sundays | 11:15am | Room 137 Come just as you are and join us for a time of fellowship and prayer as we discuss the sermon and study God’s Word. Together we’ll explore what God is revealing to each one of us.

College Discipleship On-Campus Community Groups meet on-campus weekly for an informal time of sharing and catching-up about what is happening in our lives. Even if you aren’t taking classes, we still have a group for you! For more information, contact Carl Crispin (ccrispin@

College Event: Bonfire & Gourmet S’mores October 7 | 5:30pm | 2909 Cooks Meadow Court Let’s usher in the fall season together with a bonfire hotdog cookout and s’mores. Come show us your skills in creating the world’s most delicious s’mores with a variety of different candies, crackers, and cookies. We will also be hearing a short testimony from someone in our community. Let’s embrace the cool weather together!

Merge Fall Fun October 6 | 10:00am | Entrance J Join us for a day of everything that is wonderful about fall. We will  journey up to Klackles Orchard where we will enjoy some cider and donuts, go on a hayride, pick a pumpkin and have lunch together.  Please register for this event in Merge.  The cost is $6 per person and please bring money for lunch. 

College Ministry Lunch Sundays | 12:30pm | Room 121 Are you looking for a way to connect with other college students that attend Calvary on Sundays? Come enjoy a free lunch every Sunday after the third service.

October 2012 | | 15

interact with others who have experienced a recent loss. Please join us any time. Mental Illness Family Support Group October 23 | 7:00pm | Room 114 Bipolar, or Manic Depressive disorder affect about 1½% of the population, and can be very debilitating. It is however, usually quite treatable, often enabling the person to live an active life. If you or someone you care for resonates with this experience, join us for support. Contact John or Betty Walker at 956-6141 with questions.

Prayer Groups Foundations a community for young couples ages 22-32 Mason | | ext. 5036 Sundays | 11:15am | Room 130 Join this community of young marrieds and be challenged and encouraged as you work on building a strong and lasting foundation for your marriage. Through a combination of sermon discussion and teaching, friendly mentor couples will help guide us towards making godly decisions and form healthy life-long habits that will strengthen our relationships and help us grow in Christ.

Calvary community Brenda | | ext. 5650 Membership Class October 14-November 11 | 11:15am | Room 207 Register at We believe membership in the local church is important. Membership means commitment to learn, to be in community, and to contribute – giving back to God what He so richly gives to us. Come as a family (children 12 and older) or invite those in your community group who aren’t members to join you. Register online or contact Brenda ( at ext. 5650 by October 8. Pre-registration is required. Monday Night Bible Study Mondays | 7:00pm | Chapel Monday Night Bible Study is a place where men and women of all ages meet together to study God’s word, pray and fellowship. This fall, we will study the book of Jeremiah. Think this doesn’t sound applicable to life today? Think again. The days in which Jeremiah lived mirror our own, thus the title of the study is Jeremiah, Meet the 21st Century! The study is written by Nancy Samra and you will be amazed at how relevant the truths and warnings in this book are for us today. You

16 | October 2012 |

are welcome to join us at any time of the year. If you have questions, men, contact Dave Thrasher at 2436603 and women, contact Carol Spencer at 942-4743.

family ministries Regina | | ext. 3672 Marriage Prep Workshop October 21 and 28 | 1:00-5:00pm | Yellow House $50/couple We believe it is necessary to know as much as possible about each other going into marriage. It is important to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, as well as faith and fears, in order to build your relationship into all that it can be – into all that God intended it to be. To register for this workshop, contact Regina. 2013 workshop dates: January 20 & 21, April 14 & 21, October 20 & 27.

men Lou | | ext. 3618 Register at Annual UM/MSU Football Game - Family Event October 20 | Room 108 Bring your favorite team colors, shirts and flag to watch the Wolverines play the Spartans. All are welcome — bring your family, friends and favorite finger food; watch the big game via satellite reception on large screens. Kick-off time to be determined.

Pastoral care Regina | | ext. 3672 GriefShare Workshop Tuesdays | 6:30-8:30pm | Room 207 | $20 This 13-week seminar and support group, led by facilitators who understand what you are experiencing, is for people grieving the loss of someone close. It will offer you comfort and encouragement during this difficult time as well as give you the opportunity to

Intercessors Prayer Group Wednesdays | 6:45pm | Room 212 Open to anyone who is interested in praying for Calvary Church, its pastors, staff, volunteers, congregation and programming. For details, or to submit prayer requests, contact Nehemiah Prayer Team When Nehemiah heard that the walls of Jerusalem needed repair, his first response was to fast and pray for four months. For the past two years, the elders and deacons have been praying and fasting for God’s wisdom concerning our space needs. Now we would like to invite our church family to join us. If you are willing to fast and pray with the elders, please email Sarah Merrill (, and we will add you to a regular prayer update. Pastor Jim Samra’s Prayer Team People on this team agree to pray daily for the Samras and for the church. Jim sends out weekly prayer requests to the team as well as requests throughout the week when he needs immediate help. Contact Ruth Gudbrandson (rgudbrandson@ at ext. 5013. Pastors’ Prayer Partners You will receive weekly updates from the Pastoral Staff via email or postal mail. Your obligation is to pray with a team of prayer warriors during one service a month, and pray in your own home regularly for their requests. Contact Arlene Timmer ( at 365-0728. Prayer & Fasting for the Unemployed Thursdays | 12:00-1:00pm | Chapel Please join us every third Thursday for a time of prayer and fasting for the unemployed.

Prayer for Worship Services Sundays | 7:45-8:05am (in Jim Samra’s office), 9:159:35am, 10:50-11:10am (in Room 105) You are invited to join others on Sundays before each service to pray specifically that God would bless our morning services. All are encouraged to join. Third Monday Missionary Prayer Bring your lunch and pray for our missionaries serving around the world on the third Monday of each month at 11:30am in room 207.

Senior Adults Regina | | ext. 3672 Chera October 16 | 6:15pm | Room 129 A support group designed to reach out with the comfort found in Jesus Christ to those who have lost spouses. Chera has a monthly dinner with special guest speakers who address various topics relating to your journey. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to meet others who are walking down a similar path. Contact Regina to make reservations. Confident Caregivers October 15 | 11:30am | Room 123 As a caregiver, do you ever feel alone? Does it seem like no one really understands the burden you’re carrying? Confident Caregivers is a monthly support group for sharing needs, questions, answers and encouragement. Please join us this month for Constructive Interventions for Persons with Memory Loss with Teresa Marcano of Holland Home. Be sure to RSVP by October 10 to Regina. Hymn Sing September 30 | 7:30pm | Chapel Come lift your voices as we rejoice together with the timeless hymns you know and love. Maury Lehmann will lead us in singing with special guest Jan Voetberg. Monday Monthly Luncheon October 1 | 10:20am | Fellowship Hall | Cost: $7 Join us for fellowship and good food. Dave and Diane Munson will entertain us with a mystery lunch. Punchbowl begins at 10:00 the program starts at 10:20 and then a delicious lunch prepared by Calvary’s fine culinary team. Make reservations with Howard & Arlene Timmer at 365-0728, Virginia Claybrook at 940-1807 or Terry & Linda Markham at 247-8619. Wednesday Morning Bible Study Begins September 12 | 9:30am | Chapel Join us as we study God’s word together. Pastor Jim Samra and Steve Gibson will be teaching a series on

the book of James. Refreshments are served from 9:30-9:50am, and the study begins promptly at 10:00am.

Special needs Adult/Individuals Elleen | | ext. 5623 SOS Go-Getters (Adults with Special Needs) Sundays | 11:15am | Chapel WOW Go-Getters (Adults with Special Needs) Wednesdays | 6:30pm | Chapel Go-Getters for Jesus are a large community of youth and adults with special needs who are eager to serve God and one another. Classes for Adults with Special Needs Wednesdays, Beginning September 12 Art Class (Room 114): Artistic skill development, in a socially friendly environment, is a regular part of Wednesday evening (during the school year) for any Go-Getter student who would like to attend. Choir (215): Scripture set to music is the focus of this group of Go-Getters. It is a way for those who cannot read to hide the word of God in their hearts. The focus is not on singing ability. Sign Language (Room 211): The sign language class is open to the larger community of the church. There, students are taught basic communication and the use of signs to praise during worship.

Children and Youth Elizabeth | | ext. 5163 Explorers (Students with Special Needs) Sundays | 11:15am | Room 114 Explorers provides an active, less structured environ-

ment where learning takes place using interactive centers based on 52 Bible stories. Seekers (Students with Special Needs) Sundays | 11:15am | Room 112 A calm structured environment for those who learn best with less activity. Adapted curriculum will focus more on learning about God and His love.

Women Elaine | | ext. 5186 MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) 9:00am | Fellowship Hall | $60 MOPS is a place that gets moms. It’s a group of women with children from birth through kindergarten that meets for spiritual enrichment, encouragement, mutual support and fun. We understand your unique needs, challenges and joys in this vital season of early mothering. You will be welcomed in our MOPS group just as you are! Register at, at the Sanctuary Information Center or at the Women’s MInistry bulletin board.

WoRship Kristen | | ext. 5155 Celebrating God’s Work - A Worship Service October 28 | 6:00pm | Sanctuary Join us for an evening of prayer, praise and worship as we celebrate all that God has done these past 10 years through Mark Welling (Assistant Worship Director) and Mark Grevengoed’s (Orchestra Director) time here at Calvary.

Serving opportunities

Children’s Ministry Fall is here, but it’s not too late to join this exciting team in changing children’s lives for eternity! There

sharing your story

Sharing you story is simply telling others how God is moving in your life. It allows us to remember what God has done, strengthens our faith, and encourages others to believe and receive His promises. Step out in faith and share with our Calvary family, contact Kristen White (kwhite@ at ext. 5155. October 2012 | | 17

Giving opportunities Lynnell | | ext. 3510 Clothes Closet The seasons are changing and so must the clothing in our clothes closet. We are currently accepting cooler weather items for the whole family: winter boots, snowsuits, snow pants, heavy coats, gloves, mittens, hats and scarves. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Food Pantry This month we need the following:

are opportunities to serve Sunday mornings and Kids N Action on Wednesday evenings in every area of giftedness in the classroom or behind the scenes. Contact at ext. 5053.

to use by leading people in worship, please contact Mark Grevengoed ( as soon as possible. We would love to have you be a part of our musical family!

Facilities Team Do you have an hour or two available once a week, 7:00am-7:00pm? Are you looking to plug in and use your skills for Kingdom work? The Facilities Team has a wide range of opportunities for you to consider. We are looking for volunteers who can do general tasks from putting offering envelopes in the pews to tasks requiring “handyman” skills. To learn what we have available that would fit your needs, contact Ken Meines ( at ext. 5125.

Shut-In Ministry If you have a heart of mercy for those who are lonely and compassion for those who are suffering, please prayerfully consider joining the Shut-In Ministry Team. This ministry is dedicated to reaching out to Calvary members who are no longer able to attend church services and functions. For questions, contact Rich Dyer (

Festival of Lights: Behind the Scenes Help If you are interested in helping with behind the scenes stage crew, make-up, hair, hall monitors or dressing rooms during Festival of Lights performances. Please contact Christy VanAndel ( at ext. 5615. Fresh Air and Exercise Do you like to put smiles on people’s faces? Do you have the gift of service? We have openings helping in the parking lot serving one Sunday a month. The best part is you can still worship and attend Sunday school. Contact Ken Meines ( at ext. 5125. Orchestra Now that the 2012 season is underway, the Calvary Church Orchestra has a few openings. We are currently auditioning for a first (lead) trumpet player, one flute position and an oboe. We are always looking for more violin players, too! If God has blessed you with any of these musical skills and you want to put them

18 | October 2012 |

Van Drivers Needed The Sunday Morning Shuttle Team is looking for additional drivers. If you have a good driving record, are over 21 and willing to drive a church van to pick people up for the morning services one Sunday a month, we would like to talk to you. Contact Ken (kmeines@ at ext. 5125. Volunteer Opportunity at the Yellow House The Pastoral Care Ministry is looking for someone who would be interested in volunteering at the Yellow House one to three mornings a week, preferably Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Great interpersonal skills are essential and responsibilities include assisting walk-ins, taking phone calls and other administrative details. Training will be provided. If you’re interested or have questions, please contact Regina to set up an interview at ext. 3672. Worship Teams The worship team is looking for musicians. If you play the drums, bass, or guitar we would love to hear from you, contact Andy Crowder ( at ext. 5612.

• Fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds • Soups • Stews • Canned vegetables, all kinds • Juice boxes • Assorted snacks

• • • • • • • •

Shampoo Conditioners Band-Aids Hand and body lotions Shaving cream Razors Mouthwash Personal hygiene items

All items listed in the Giving Opportunities section above can be dropped off at the Yellow House, located behind Calvary on Bradford Street.

October 2012 sun



There’s so much going on at Calvary, we can’t fit it all on this calendar! We’ve only listed a few events for each day so be sure to refer to the web calendar at or the back of the Sunday bulletin for all our recurring weekly activities.



10:00am Senior Adults Monthly Luncheon







WFD Menu: Grilled Ham with Traverse Bay Cherry Sauce



10:00am Merge Fall Fun 5:30pm Special Needs Hayride




5:30pm 7th/8th: Guys’/Girls’ Night Out









WFD Menu: Chili Showdown

College: Bonfire & Gourmet S’mores



11:15am 11:30am Membership Class Starts Third Monday Prayer

16 6:15pm Chera (Support for the Widowed)

WFD Menu: Creamy White Chicken Lasagna

10:30am Veggie Tales Movie Event

Confident Caregivers



1:00pm Marriage Prep Workshop

Annual UM/MSU Football Game - Family Event

23 7:00pm Mental Illness Family Support Group

3:30pm Child Dedication

24 WFD Menu: Roast Pork Loin




5:30pm 5th/6th Fall Retreat

Kids N Action Crazy Hat Night

28 6:00pm Celebrating God’s Work Special Worship Service



31 WFD Menu: Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

October 2012 | | 19

Welcome to calvary church We are so glad you have joined us today. We know there are many churches you could have chosen to attend and we are glad you chose to be here. We believe that you are not here by accident, that God has brought you to this place for a specific purpose. We look forward to connecting with you and caring for you in any way that we can. This is a big church, we know... but you’d be surprised at how quickly you can find your place. All over this page are ways to meet people and get involved at Calvary. You will find there really is something for everyone! Jim Samra Senior Pastor

Sundays at Calvary Connection Point

Our Connection Point is a place where you can receive a warm welcome, whether this is your first time at Calvary or your sixteenth, the Connection Point is your place for information on connecting at Calvary Church. It is located in the Chapel wing of the building, on your right as you exit the Sanctuary, in room 215a.

Calvary Café

9:00am-11:00am in the Gym The Calvary Café is designed to give you the opportunity to mingle with other attendees between services. Stop in for a cup of coffee and a donut. From discussing the morning’s sermon to catching up on your community group leader’s recent vacation, the Calvary Café is a great place to gather for conversation.

Adult Sunday Classes

Find a class that’s perfect for you. There are classes for adults of all ages, stages and interests, from singles to parents to senior adults. For exact location and class descriptions, pick up a copy of the Adult Sunday Classes brochure at the Information Center or at

Special Needs

Adult (Go-Getters): 11:15am *Students (Seekers and Explorers): 11:15am 

Chapel Rooms 112/114

*Pre-registration recommended

Children’s Ministries

Need More Info?

Go to the Connection Point located through the Sanctuary doors on the right as you exit (in the Chapel wing) or stop at the Information Center at the back of the Sanctuary. Media Center: For past sermons or a series on CD, the Media Center is located through the Sanctuary doors on the left as you exit (in the Chapel wing). Children’s Activity Boxes: Located inside the Sanctuary doors by the Children’s wing. Explore Calvary This staff-led, four-week class is for people to learn more about Calvary, take a tour of the building and find out what your next steps in connecting may look like. Contact Christy ( at ext. 5615. Pastoral Need If you have a need and would like to speak to a pastor, please call the main church number, 956-9377 or email A pastor is always available.

Young Fives - Fourth Grade: 9:40am and 11:15am Visit the check-in desk at Entrance K on the lower level to register. Nursery Care: 8:10am, 9:40am and 11:15am For infants birth through preschool. Visit the check-in desk at Entrance M on the upper level to register.

Student Ministries

Middle School (MSM): 9:40am  5th & 6th Main Event (Studying the Life of Jesus) 7th & 8th Main Event (Studying the Life of Jesus) High School (United): 6:00pm (Studying the 5 Solas)

Young Adults

Merge (Singles 22-34): 11:15am  Foundations (Young Couples 22-32): 11:15am College Lunch (Young Adults 18-22): 12:30pm

Room 109 Room 108 Room 108 Room 137 Room 130 Room 121

Community is a place where you belong; a place where you develop relationships with other Christians and do life together. When you experience true community, you have close friends who meet together, pray together, grow together in God’s Word, and care for one another. In community you will be loved; you will be valued; you will be transformed more into Christ’s image. If you realize it is time to engage with people in a new way and want to be a part of a community group, visit the Connection Point on Sunday mornings or contact Brenda Neher (

Calvary Life, October 2012  

News and inspiration from Calvary Church, Grand Rapids

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