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Festival of Lights Auditions Interested in auditioning for Festival of Lights 2011? This year’s production, The Bagman and the King, is a powerful musical production taking place in a nineteenth century European town. The town is busy with preparations for both the upcoming Christmas holiday and the imminent arrival of a king. We need you! This is a wonderful opportunity for God to use your talents to share the love of Jesus through this musical. Auditions will be held on August 24, 25, 29, and 30. Please look to the left for specific times and cast needs. For a list of character descriptions, stop by the music office in August.

Audition Dates and Times Wednesday, August 24 3:30-4:30 (Kids, ages 7-12) 4:30-5:30 (Adults & Teens, ages 13+) Thursday, August 25 6:30-8:30 (Adults & Teens, ages 13+) Monday, August 29 6:30-7:30 (Kids, ages 7-12) 7:30-8:30 (Adults & Teens, ages 13+) Tuesday, August 30 6:30-8:30 (Adults & Teens, ages 13+)

Cast Needs Speaking Roles: 8-15 men and 7-14 women, ages 20 and up. 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 7-12 Ensemble (Townspeople and Dancers): 10-14 men and women, ages 20 and up. 8-12 teenage guys and girls, ages 13-19. 6-10 children, ages 7-12

LUMIN8 Children’s Choir

LUMIN8 Children’s Choir begins September 15, 6:00-6:40pm, room 251

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There’s a lot of power in a name. It can convey identity, purpose, and direction. So what is the meaning behind the name LUMIN8? It is a form of the word, “illuminate,” which means to brighten with light; to light up. The purpose of LUMIN8 is to brighten our dark world with the light of God’s Word and the message of His love through music. The “8” in LUMIN8 is a reference to Psalms 8 (verse two), where the Psalmist says that children have a unique calling to speak God’s praise. “From the lips of children and infants, You have ordained praise….”


LUMIN8 will proclaim God’s glory in a variety of performances throughout the year: Sunday morning services, Child Dedication song, a Christmas program, and a spring concert. At the end of the year, the choir will record and produce a CD of original music written by the Children’s Ministry. The CD will be distributed to families within our ministry, and made available to Calvary Church as a whole. Songs will include the James memorization songs, the “big church” sermon series song, a song that summarizes the subject matter of our Wednesday WOW program, and several others directly related to our programming. LUMIN8 meets for practice on Wednesday night from 6:00-6:40pm. Children also participating in the WOW Wednesday programming, will be taken to their elective at 6:50pm. Registration for LUMIN8 is included on the Children’s Ministry registration form. (616) 956-9377 ||

Calvary Life August 2011  

Monthly news and inspiration from Calvary Church, Grand Rapids MI.

Calvary Life August 2011  

Monthly news and inspiration from Calvary Church, Grand Rapids MI.