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inspire Special Needs Ministry The feeling of walking into a room and having a room full of people so excited to see you is a something that can never be put into words. When people with disabilities can be so happy and act like nothing in the world can slow them down it makes you reconsider your own priorities in life and also makes you reevaluate your own disparities. Square dancing with the special needs population and seeing the joy on their faces makes me forget about all the worries I may have in life. These people do not even realize or even consider the disadvantages they have, but instead grasp and embrace their disability and live each day to its fullest potential. How many other people do you see jumping up and down or rolling their wheelchairs in circles and clapping with the biggest smiles on their faces at the thought of square dancing? The special needs population can touch a special place in everyone’s hearts. By Ed Geskus Go-Getter Update By the grace of God through faithful volunteers and staff, the Go-Getter classes continue to flourish and grow! On Sunday mornings room 112 fills up with between 70-80 joyful students, drinking coffee, socializing with their friends and worshipping God. The room is filled with the Holy Spirit week after week. With growth comes more change, which I know for many can be difficult. God allowed room 112 to be a meeting place for Go-Getters for several years now and it has been a room full of love and friendships. The room is very full, hot, and a potential safety issue when and if an emergency occurred. On July 10, along with Calvary’s shift to summer meeting times, the Go-Getters moved to the chapel. The summer meeting times will be in effect through August 28. During this time period, the Go-Getter class will be meeting at 10:45 which will be the second service in the summer. All three segments of Special Needs Ministry will be meeting at 10:45. There will not be programming available on September 4.

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Hope Network


On the third Thursday of each month a group of volunteers and staff eagerly head off to Hope Network on 36th street to share the love of Christ through leading 2 morning chapel service called Morning Inspirations. The students there show great excitement when they come in and see our team, eager to learn more about God, worship

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Calendar of Events

August 17 // 6:00-8:00pm Special Needs Picnic, Grand Rapids Township Park August 27 Volunteer Training (p. 18) Upcoming September 11 Sunday Morning Kick-off September 14 Wednesday Night Kick-off September 17 Praise and Worship

him through music and movement, and attentively listen to a simple object lesson about God. As individuals, many are eager for us to pray with them, hold their hands or simply share a bit about their life. Additional volunteers are always welcome to join us as we strive to meet the spiritual needs of those who spend their days at these Hope Network programs. It is a beautiful mission field full of eager, loving learners.

Explorers/Special Treasures The Special Needs Ministry department has three distinct programs; “Go Getters” for adults, “Seekers” for youth, and “Special Treasures” for our younger children. We take time each year to evaluate many things and over the past year we have put some “good thinking” into renaming “Special Treasures”. As young children grow and learn they often do so through exploring and since Sunday mornings are all about exploring God’s word, it seems fitting that we are “Explorers”. We understand getting comfortable with a new name takes time – so we will be patient together.

Interested in learning more? Contact: Elleen Fitzgerald // ext. 5623

Calvary Life August 2011  

Monthly news and inspiration from Calvary Church, Grand Rapids MI.

Calvary Life August 2011  

Monthly news and inspiration from Calvary Church, Grand Rapids MI.