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FROM CALVARY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL’S HEADMASTER DR. BILL DICKENS Dear CCS Friend, In 1971, John Lennon released the song “Imagine.” In this song, Lennon presents his atheistic worldview, by encouraging the hearer to imagine a world with no religion, no heaven, no hell . . . in essence, no God. Fast-forward almost 50 years and we live in a world today that has adopted this philosophy and is walking rapidly away from Truth. Our culture has abandoned God and our youth are being encouraged to compromise biblical standards and principles. The ability to sit in a classroom that has the Bible as the foundational text for learning has never been more important than it is today. Calvary Christian School sits at the crux of this conversation in Northern Kentucky. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for a Christ-centered education for every family who desires it. We’ve experienced wonderful growth, however, we are out of space in our Elementary wing. For the 2020-2021 school year, we will add a second class for 2nd grade and 5th grade. With some juggling, this will use up the last bit of educational space we have for classrooms. If we do not act now, not only will we have to deny new students at certain grade levels, but we will have to tell some existing students that they will not be able to continue at CCS because we have no space for the additional class. We cannot allow this to happen. Let’s imagine what tomorrow could look like. Imagine a tomorrow where CCS continually graduates students to impact the world for Christ. Imagine a tomorrow where there is room to grow. Imagine a tomorrow that allows CCS to accept more students who desire a Christian, college-prep education. Imagine the addition of four classrooms. Imagine two additional bathrooms. Imagine a fenced in outdoor learning area. “Imagine Tomorrow” at Calvary Christian School. First and foremost, this addition will help us fulfill our mission of “equipping the next generation to impact the world for Christ.” Second, it should help us keep tuition increases stable in the coming years. As the cost of private Christian education rises (which it does every year), there are only two ways for our educational institution to increase revenue. We can either increase tuition or increase enrollment. Third, the potential tuition income from this project will help fund our next needed expansion: a second gym/performing arts center. This addition will cause a ripple effect and benefit ALL CCS families. The “Imagine Tomorrow” campaign seems daunting, however, we serve a big and powerful God! We believe He has called us to this assignment and we will trust Him for the results. This is an important crossroads for CCS and we need your help to navigate it successfully. We are excited to “Imagine Tomorrow” with you at Calvary Christian School. Sincerely, Dr. Bill Dickens Calvary Christian School Headmaster

OUR SITUATION... • A few years ago we added 900 sq./ft. to the Preschool House increasing the number of students we could serve at that important age. • Two years ago we added a second Kindergarten class to accommodate these new students. • Last year we added a second 1st grade class. We also reduced the size of our library to create an additional classroom for Elementary music. • We also added an intervention program which allows CCS to help students and families that we were not able to in the past. • For 2020-2021, that music classroom will be used as a second 2nd grade classroom. Additionally we will be “getting creative” to create a second 5th grade classroom.



The simple truth is, we have pushed the idea of expanding our building aside for a very long time and if we do not act now, space will not allow some students to remain at CCS for the 2021-2022 school year. It also leads to the reality of not being able to recruit new families. We need a simple solution.

WHAT WE NEED... • We need additional classroom space that will provide Calvary Christian School with the ability to have two sections of each grade, Kindergarten through 12th grade. This will allow us a maximum capacity of around 600 students. • This will also allow the school to generate revenue for future growth.

THE NEW BUILDING... • will house our 5th and 6th grade classes • will be able to accommodate 80-100 additional elementary students • will also have a fenced outdoor learning area • will be called “The Sandy Butler Annex.” It is named in honor of our beloved Kindergarten Teacher who has given more than 40 years to Christian education. She has spent the last 33 years at Calvary Christian School, where she has had 1,025 students move through her classroom so far. • will allow CCS: - to reach more families with outstanding Christian education - to increase revenue without large tuition increases, to meet its growing expenses. - to save funds for additional needed space (a second gym/ performing arts center)


• 4 elementary classrooms with a storage closet - Each classroom will be 715 sq./ft. (approximately the same as our existing elementary classrooms) • 2 restrooms (male and female) with multiple toilets/urinals • An 8 ft. wide hallway that can accommodate lockers • One main entrance/exit and one emergency entrance/exit • Total building size is just over 4,000 sq./ft.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS... • What is the total fundraising goal? - Our goal is $750,000. • How much has been raised so far? - So far we have raised $193,605.50 to date. • How many people have committed to this project? - So far we have had over 50 people commit through donations and/or pledges to this project. This includes 98.5% of the CCS Executive Committee and CCS Faculty and Staff. • Why are we not building onto the existing facility? - Adding to the existing facility would dramatically increase the cost, take more time and affect the security and functionality of the existing facility during the school year. • What are permanent modular buildings? - Vanguard Modular produces permanent modular buildings that are built off-site and then delivered and placed at ground level on a concrete foundation. The building will have a brick and stucco outer walls. • How long will it take to get the new building ready to use? - Once we make the purchase, it will take 5-6 months to occupy the building. Our goal is to have classes in the building in August of 2021. • Will the building be secure? - The building will be secured with the same FOB and camera systems used throughout Calvary Chrisitan School • What if we raise more than is needed? - Funds raised over the cost of this building will be saved for future projects or used on other immediate capital needs. All funds raised under the Imagine Tomorrow campaign will be used to improve the CCS facilities. • How can I help? - First and foremost, you can pray for God’s help as we move forward. You can also help by supporting this campaign financially. Included with this brochure is a pledge card. After you spend some time in prayer, please use this envelope to make your pledge and/or your donation. Or you can donate online at www.ccsky.org/Imagine-Tomorrow. Your generosity can help ensure that quality Christian education is available for more students and families in the years to come. It truly is an eternal investment.


The red figures below represent the people who have already committed to partner with us in this campaign. The shaded figures represent people (like you!) that we hope and pray will come along CCS to help us reach our goal.

$60,000 1 PERSON

$24,000 4 PEOPLE

$12,000 8 PEOPLE

$7,500 25 PEOPLE

$3,600 60 PEOPLE


Cougar Level - $60,000 or $2,500/month for 24 months Red Level - $24,000 or $1,000/month for 24 months Gold Level - $12,000 or $500/month for 24 months “The 100” - $7,500 or $312.50/month for 24 months* Cougar Cub Level - $3,600 or $150/month for 24 months

*To put this in perspective, if we had 100 individuals/families commit to $7,500 over the next two years ($312.50/month), we would have the necessary funds for this project. I believe we, as a team of CCS donors and supporters, with the Lord’s blessing, can make this project a reality.

All renderings/drawings were designed by KZF Design.

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