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IMPORTANT NOTICE BILLING ATTACHMENT CALVARY CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Parent Account Number __________ Parent Account Name__________________ Please charge $............................................... for my school fee to my: □ MasterCard

□ Visa

□ I would like to include Building Fund $

Expiry Date Name on Card: _____________________________________________________________________________ Address if Changed: _________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Postcode: ____________________ Signature of Cardholder: _____________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ENQUIRIES: Accounts Receivable Ph: (07) 3287 6222


1.) METHODS OF PAYMENT: A.) DIRECT DEBITS: This is our preferred method of payment where funds are directly debited from your account on a fortnightly basis. College families are strongly encouraged to avail themselves of this system. If a transaction is dishonoured through insufficient funds, the cost of $15 will be passed on to you. For further details and Direct Debit forms, please contact the Central Administration Officer. Forms are also available on our website, under Fees B.) OTHER METHODS OF PAYMENTS EFTPOS (debit and credit card) facilities are available through the College Office at either campus or by mailing details on this form. Credit card payment by phone can be made to Accounts Receivable. C.) DIRECT TRANSFERSOUR BANK DETAILS: BSB: 064 167 ACC No: 0090 1845 (CBA Springwood) Please use five-digit account number and surname as the reference. BPay: Not available 2.) FEES BILLING: College families can elect one of the following methods of payment:  Annual Payment- due 17 February each year. (This attracts a percentage discount on the tuition fees. Parents must request Annual invoice)  Term Payments- due on the 4th Friday of each term Term 1- 17 February Term 3- 4 August Term 2- 12 May Term 4- 27 October A discount applies if your account is paid in full by the due date. This includes accounts paid on time using our Direct Debit system or a prearranged payment plan. An administration fee ($55.00 ) may be charged for each term the account remains outstanding. This fee represents the additional costs to the College in following up the outstanding amounts. 3.) OTHER CHARGES A.) BUILDING FUND: Families are requested to contribute to the Building Fund each year. A suggested amount of $400.00 is given as a guide by the College Council. The College will post receipts as the payments are received. Please retain all receipts as donations over $2 to the building fund are tax deductible. B.) BUS: Bus charges are billed on Term by Term basis. All requests and changes should be communicated with the Property Manager. C.) P&F SERVICE LEVY: A service levy of $250 is billed on the first statement of each year. If a minimum of 24 hours service is recorded on your family card, you will receive a refund of the service levy at the conclusion of the school year. (Refer to the P&F for full details of this scheme). 4.) EXIT FROM THE COLLEGE: According to your enrolment contract, a written term’s notice is required. In the event that suitable notice is not provided, an exit fee of one term’s tuition fee will be charged at the time of the exit and payable immediately. 5.) PARENT LOUNGE: The parent lounge (access through the website) offers you the opportunity to view your account balance and update any contact information 6.) DEFAULT: Every effort will be made to support families who experience financial difficulties. Where a family’s account enters into default, that family will be required to meet with College Administration for an interview. Arrangements must be made for a Payment Scheme. All families on Payment Scheme must use direct debit. If no arrangement is made or default re-occurs, the account may be placed in the hands of a registered collection agency. An administration fee may be charged for each term the account remains outstanding. Failure to pay your fees may result in the termination of your enrolment contract and exit of your children. YOU MUST CONTACT THE ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT OF THE COLLEGE WITHOUT DELAY IF YOU CANNOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF YOUR ACCOUNT BY THE DUE DATE.