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STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 - 2022

Calvary Christian College Strategic Plan 2017-2022 Foreword We are living in a world of constant change and digital disruption that impacts every aspect of society. Education is not immune from this and must positively and confidently navigate the course of this hyper-changing context. This strategic plan outlines how Calvary Christian College not only equips students to succeed in this world of uncertainty but unleashes their potential through believing in the capacity of every child to be exceptional. By giving individual attention to each child we seek to understand how each student learns and this is reinforced through our key Strategic Pillars   

Exceptional Learning Authentic Discipleship Vibrant Community

Calvary Christian College has been identified by Independent Schools Queensland as one of the 20 highest achieving schools in growing the academic potential of its students. Our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan is about building on that success. It positions Calvary Christian College as a leader in future focussed, innovative and creative education so that our students can enjoy engagement in a world that increasingly demands more in terms of resilience, communication, systems and agility.

Preparing our children for the future Digital disruption is impacting every aspect of society. Technology is transforming how education is delivered and challenging conventional notions of what the purpose of education is. Where once we taught in the expectation of a reasonably predictable future, we now need to equip our students to succeed in a world of uncertainty and an unprecedented pace of change. Knowledge is expanding at an exponential rate. Young people are now required to continually adapt in a world of unprecedented social and economic change. Having several “careers” over the course of a working life, sometimes concurrently, will be the norm. This provides a potentially exciting and exhilarating opportunity for young people who are taught in schools that understand this new paradigm and welcome it.

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STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 - 2022

Individuals who have grit, possess practical life skills, are capable in the use of technology, and are confident in social interactions will be those best equipped to pursue the opportunities that emerge in this new economy. Providing an education which equips our students for this future is at the centre of this Strategic Plan.

A love of learning Developing in our students the capacity to pursue self-directed learning is the cornerstone of preparing them for the future. Self-directed learning will enable the Calvary Christian College graduate to continually refresh their skills, expand their knowledge, and apply technology creatively with wisdom. This can be achieved by developing an excitement around the pursuit of knowledge, teaching the skills of how to learn effectively, and instilling a love of learning.

Celebrating individuality We aim to create an environment that unleashes the potential of each student through exceptional learning and a holistic approach to their personal development. An environment that unleashes the potential of each student comes about when there is a recognition that every student is unique - each with their own gifts, talents and capabilities. We believe in the success of every child.

Calvary learning platform By giving individual attention to each child we seek to understand the way each student learns. We believe in school and family working as partners so those who are significant in the child’s life can be involved in their education. A key initiative in facilitating this engagement is The Calvary Learning Platform© which is designed to achieve high levels of excellence in academic function, provide teachers with the ability to monitor the academic progress of each individual student and enable parents to partner with the College in their child’s education.

Developing skills for life A future-focused education at Calvary is designed to unleash the potential of your child by equipping them with;  

High level Literacy and Numeracy skills. These remain the foundation stones for deep learning and are necessary to excel in any career or course of study. An understanding of the rich possibilities provided by technology, and its role as a key economic and social driver of the 21st century. All careers have been disrupted by technology and have impacted on people and their work. This foundation knowledge will help “futureproof” our students and enhance their marketability whatever career they seek to pursue.

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STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 - 2022

An understanding of what it is to learn, together with the skills and tools for learning including the process of research, discovery, collaboration and teamwork. Being able to engage creatively with others to identify opportunities, bring to life possibilities and problem solve will be important in a world of increasing specialisation; and Resilience, with a sense of identity and purpose through the living out of Christ’s teaching of grace, compassion and love. This includes the capacity to form and maintain good, positive and affirming relationships, a desire to contribute in a way that betters society, and provide leadership in a world where critical decisions require judgement, ethics, morals, and discernment.

Knowledge for the new economy Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (commonly referred to as the STEAM subjects) are fast-moving, and constantly evolving areas of academic endeavour as discoveries and computerisation continue to open new frontiers. While each student will receive a solid grounding in the core STEAM subjects, the College will provide pathways (both academic and entrepreneurial) for those whose interests and talents lie in pursuing higher levels of proficiency. The College will always treat STEAM as an integrated strategy, to enable children to construct meaning and connection across the full range of learning disciplines. The other identified area of job growth in the digital age will be in Human Services including health (and allied professions), education, personal services (lifestyle and wellness) representational and advocacy (law, consumer rights, marketing) and as creators of content (journalism, web and app developers, public relations). Our model will provide a rich academic and personal development platform for students attracted to, or with attributes in, these areas.

More than the classroom Calvary will deliver an education that holistically develops students so they can be supported in their personal growth with the acquisition of essential life skills, a desire to contribute and a Christ-centred formation of self. A well-structured co-curricular program is an integral part of developing proficiencies in teamwork, communication, emotional intelligence and self-awareness, as well assisting academic performance. These attributes will be increasingly valuable. For in the technology-centric future where computers handle the routine, human enterprise will involve working collaboratively with various specialists to solve complex problems through creative effort.

The road ahead This plan outlines the Strategies and Initiatives we will undertake over the next five years to implement this future focussed education. They are designed to work in combination to equip a Calvary student to succeed in a world of constant change, be effective in whatever (numbers of) careers they pursue over their lifetime and contribute to the betterment of the communities within which they move.

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STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 - 2022

Strategic Plan 2017-2022 OUR MISSION Unleashing Potential

OUR VISION To develop in our students agile minds, a sense of compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs, while equipping them for life-long success as resilient, resourceful and responsible citizens of our global community.

OUR STRATEGY Exceptional Learning We seek to develop the capacity of each student so they;  

Explore, develop and achieve their full potential academically while at the College, and Explore, develop and achieve the full purpose of their potential academically so that they are equipped to pursue self-directed, life-long, learning that will be required to remain skilled and knowledgeable in a world undergoing exponential social and economic change. Develop competencies in conceptual, creative and critical thinking, - attributes that will be highly valued job skills in the emerging knowledge economy.

We will do this by; 

Pursuing a relentless commitment to literacy and numeracy, as these competencies are the foundational building blocks to deep learning, and are necessary to excel in any course of study, career choice, as well as being important life skills. Developing and providing a genuine future-focused Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) model that – o incorporates STEAM skills, thinking and processes across all subject areas to develop an understanding of the world in which we live, and foster essential life skills. o builds progressively across the year levels so all students can engage and excel as digital citizens. o for those who aspire to specialise in these subjects, provide academic and other support to enhance and develop their proficiencies. Offering our College community (parents and friends) opportunities to be informed of research-proven educational trends and learning strategies through the Centre for Innovative Learning Design (CILD)© so they can partner in the education of their child. Improving student performance through the ‘Calvary Learning Platform’ © (iExplore, iLearn, iCreate, iBelong) that delivers the (already successful) inquiry-based learning model in a way that is customised to the way each student learns. Measuring the progress of each individual student across all aspects of their development (which will be constantly accessible to parents), to ensure they achieve their full potential in

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STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 - 2022

every aspect of their education, and enable identification, at an early stage, areas requiring specific intervention. Providing students with opportunities to participate in a wide range of co-curricular pursuits that improve social skills, stimulate creativity, enhance notions of team work and contribute to wellness which have been shown enrich the learning experience and boost academic performance. Examples of co-curricular activities offered will come from the all areas of the College including arts and creativity, science and technology, sport and public speaking. Investing in the professional capital of our educators, and ensuring that we each recognise that the single most important factor in a student’s learning success (beyond the family) is the quality of their teachers.

Authentic Discipleship As part of our commitment to the holistic development of our students and to our mission of transforming lives it is our intention to assist students discover their God intended identity and purpose. This will be made visible through our authenticity as a Christian people living in Christian Community. We will do this by;   

Providing spiritual leadership in the personal development of students to enable them to explore and begin to experience a life of purpose and promise. Having research-rich pastoral care and chaplaincy services available to students, staff and families. Providing service and mission opportunities where we can put into action Gods call “to love and support one another” and seek to improve the situation of others in our communities locally, nationally and across the world. Instilling in students and staff a sense of personal discipline, social responsibility, integrity and respect for the dignity of self and others.

Vibrant Community The strong relationships that exist amongst the parents, staff and our partners who make up the College Community, are integral to the enrichment of the life of each of our students. Such engagement empowers students to be the best they can be, encourages them to accept challenges, develop resilience, contribute, and to achieve success in every aspect of their life. We will foster a Vibrant School community by; 

 

Effectively communicating with parents on the progress of their child, and encouraging the active engagement of parents, (and of significant people in the child’s life) in their educational journey. Creating a culture that recognises the virtue of honest and timely feedback through proper channels of communication for all members of our College. Providing a learning environment which is safe, where students are supported and feel secure in their exploration of themselves as learners, as investigators of knowledge, and experience a sense of expectation and exhilaration in pursuing their learning endeavours. Partnering with experts and external providers where this will enable our students to access specialist knowledge beyond what has traditionally been included in the classroom. Page 5 of 6


 

STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 - 2022

Investing in and developing digital platforms that provide necessary information to parents in real time, and facilitates parent/College interaction. Encouraging healthy relationships within the Community between parents, staff and students.

OUR VALUES Excellence:

We aspire to excellence in everything we do.


We live the tenets of a life that is transformed because of our relationship with Jesus Christ, including the call to nurture effective Christian Discipleship. We are true to our purpose, and practise what we preach.


We commit to engaging our efforts towards having every student actively and willingly invest in their own learning, and provide every opportunity for families to engage in their education.


We are innovative, and always forward-focused.

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Strategic Plan • 2017 - 2022  

Strategic Plan • 2017 - 2022