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Calvary Episcopal Church Ashland, Kentucky Agenda Annual Parish Meeting April 29, 2012 Call to Order and Opening Prayer by The Rev. Ronald D. Pogue Appointment of Patsy Cochran as Secretary Appointment of David Mussetter as Chancellor Approval of Minutes of Last Annual Parish Meeting Election  

The Vestry has been frozen until after a new rector is called. Deputies to the 2013 Annual Diocesan Convention Nominees: Craig Clere, Martha-Lindsey Cooke, Carol Greene, Jeannie Broughton Alternate Deputies to be nominated from the floor (2).

Reports of Parish Organizations Senior Warden’s Report – Dicky Martin Junior Warden’s Report – Richard Ford Treasurer’s Report – (To be given by Dicky Martin in Don Maxwell’s absence) Report of the Rector Nominating Committee – Lisa Pullem Interim Rector’s Report – The Rev. Ronald D. Pogue Adjourn

Calvary Episcopal Church Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 23 January 2011 The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Jeffrey Queen and then called to order by Dicky Martin at 9:47 a.m. He appointed David Mussetter as Chancellor and Lisa Pullem as Secretary. A motion was made by David Stewart and seconded by Martha Meek Dodson to accept minutes of 2010 annual meeting and was passed unanimously. Per Bishop Sauls, the status of the Vestry has been unfrozen. Therefore, the Vestry will remain the same through the remainder of 2011 and four new Calvary members will be nominated for appointment at next year’s meeting. Next order of business was to solicit a Calvary member to replace Chris Cox as one of our delegates at this year’s Diocesan Convention in Morehead, Kentucky, on February 25-26. Unfortunately, both alternates, Judy Ford and Sudie Davis, are unable to attend. Don Maxwell volunteered to attend. A motion to accept was made by David Stewart, seconded by Martha-Lindsey Cooke, and passed. The floor was then opened to nominations of delegates & alternates for the Diocesan Convention 2012. Nominated as delegates were Carol Greene, Martha-Lindsey Cooke, Jeannie Broughton, and Lisa Pullem. Alternates nominated were Sudie Davis and Craig Clere. A motion to accept all of the above was made by Don Maxwell, seconded by David Stewart, and passed. The Senior Warden’s Report is found in full in the written report. The Treasurer’s Report was then presented by Don Maxwell. Overall, 2010 was financially good for Calvary. He pointed out the generosity of the Donald Putnam. Increased pledges for 2011, both in number and total dollar amount, were also highlighted. He then asked attendees to notice budget increases for 2011 in the areas of advertising, youth education, and evangelism. He also noted that the roof and organ are two major expenses likely to be incurred in the coming year. Father Jeff then briefly volunteered some additional information about fixing the organ, such as extent of repairs needed, how work will be staged, etc. Don concluded by encouraging everyone to review the budget and contact him, Dicky Martin, or any other Vestry member, with any questions they may have. Reports from Parish Organizations: All may be found in the written report. Open Discussion:


Question: Is Calvary financially stable with Father Jeff? Response by Father Jeff: Yes, even if Calvary had to pay for a full-time priest this year, we could afford it. Technically, our current agreement ends in May. A group of members from Portsmouth & Ashland will be appointed to determine if it should continue. Question: What is the status of Jean McGraw? Response by Dicky Martin & Father Jeff: She is currently part of our paid staff at Calvary. In the event that she’s placed with us once she’s ordained, there is money in this year’s budget to allow that. Comment: Martha Meek Dodson thanked the Vestry for the work in 2010. At 10:10 a.m., a motion to adjourn was made by Don Maxwell and seconded by David Stewart. Motion passed. Respectfully submitted, Lisa Pullem, filling in at Annual Meeting for Secretary Patsy Cochran.


Calvary Episcopal Church Ashland, Kentucky Report of the Interim Rector April 29, 2012 Dear Friends in Christ, Due to the fact that I have been with you as your Interim Rector for only two months, one might expect that my report would be necessarily brief. However, it is not. Permit me to begin by saying that Gay and I have found a warm and hospitable welcome at Calvary and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve here during the final stage of your transition, leading to the call of a new Rector. The usual statistical report for the past year follows this report, so I will not include that information here. It is my expectation that your Rector Nominating Committee will be able to bring a recommendation to the Vestry in order for a call to be extended to a new Rector by the end of this summer. During my six-month engagement as Interim Rector, I am concentrating on the following matters, known as “the process tasks of interim ministry.”     

Joining the System Analyzing the Organization Connecting with the Wider Church Focusing on Who is Responsible for What Evaluation and Exiting

The most important matters for the parish to concentrate on as you move toward the call of a new rector are what we describe as the “developmental tasks of interim ministry.”     

Coming to Terms With History Discovering a New Identity Managing Changes of Leadership Reforging Denominational Links Committing to a New Ministry


While you have had over two years to adjust following the departure of your last Rector, there may be lingering issues and feelings that remain unresolved. If there are matters that still need to be resolved regarding your relationship with your last Rector or any of the developmental tasks, it is important that we find time to work on them in order to minimize any negative impact upon your relationship with your new Rector and the mission you will pursue together. We are working especially on four areas of parish life during this brief interim period. Technology & Administration: We have been working to expand and improve technological resources to enhance communication and care throughout the parish. Here are a few of the advances we have made to date:     

A new computer with up to date software Increased internet speed to support data transfer along with online audio and video A new email newsletter Software to facilitate publication of materials for worship Cloud-based membership data management software

Soon to come are:  

An online pictorial directory A larger TV in the Parish Hall and relocation of the present TV to St. Mary’s Hall

All workers with children and youth are currently taking the required Safeguarding God’s Children training. All staff and vestry members will be taking Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Exploitation training. Personnel files will be brought up to date with position descriptions, compensation details, background checks, and various documents that are required to comply with federal, state, and church law. We have appointed a Vestry task force to address updating the bylaws and to pursue incorporation as a Kentucky Non Profit Corporation. Outreach to Those in Need: Another area of emphasis has to do with the relocation of The Community Kitchen at the beginning of this year. With their departure, the parish has come to realize that their presence was interrelated with Calvary’s identity. Toward what purposes will you use your outstanding kitchen and parish hall now that you have regained full control of it? What ministries will you develop to reach out in love and service to those in need in the mission field at your doorstep? With the support of the Vestry we are presently working on two specific projects that can involve every member of the parish. 

Blessings in a Backpack – This ministry will provide weekend meals to some Ashland school children who receive breakfast and lunch during the week through the free or reduced lunch program. While Calvary alone cannot meet the needs of every hungry child, we have the opportunity to be the first to respond to the need and set an


example others will follow. Craig Clere and Deacon Diane Zwick are working on the details of this initiative at this time and we hope to be ready to serve at least 30-50 children in the coming school year. We will be working with Blessings in a Backpack, a national movement headquartered in Louisville that currently makes these weekend meals possible for over 58,000 children across the country. We can provide these meals for 38 weekends at a cost of less than $90 per child. 

Weekend Meals for Community Kitchen Clients – At present, clients of the Community Kitchen do not receive meals on weekends. Senior Warden Dicky Martin has proposed that we partner with other downtown churches to serve meals on Saturdays. What he envisions is a rotating schedule that would allow hungry neighbors to have a morning meal inside a parish hall every Saturday and take a bag with them containing enough food to get them through until their next meal at the Community Kitchen on Monday. We are investigating the possibilities at this time with the Ashland Area Ministerial Association.

Why am I placing so much emphasis on development of these outreach initiatives? Simply put, the candidates who will be considering Calvary will be especially interested in seeing what you do for others. Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations: Between April 22 and June 1, I will be leading the parish in conversations centered upon practices that have been identified as essential in thriving congregations. The resource we will be using is a book entitled Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, whose author is Robert Schnase. The five practices are:     

Radical Hospitality Passionate Worship Intentional Faith Development Risk-Taking Mission and Service Extravagant Generosity

We will be exploring these practices with an eye toward determining what decisions and steps need to be taken at Calvary to ensure forward movement. Of particular concern are how to advance participation in worship, formation, outreach, and stewardship. The outcome of this parish-wide exercise will be an important element in conversations with candidates for Rector. Remember that the process of discernment leading to the call of a Rector is a mutual process. Candidates are looking at Calvary as much as Calvary is looking at them! I am grateful to the staff, who have been working very hard to adjust to the changes that are required of them when a full time person is occupying the office of the Rector. They have been cooperative, gracious, and good hearted. It is my hope that when the new Rector arrives, they will be fully prepared to accept new leadership and give the new Rector their fullest support and cooperation for the sake of the new era of fruitful mission that lies ahead.


I am also grateful to the Wardens and Vestry for the ways in which they have stepped forward to work with me on matters that require attention. They have a betterthan-usual understanding of the responsibilities of parish leadership. Bear in mind that this Vestry was “frozen” over two years ago. Soon after your new Rector arrives, there will be an election to relieve those who have served the longest and let them turn their attention to other areas of ministry. Now is a good time to be in discernment about whether you are called to Vestry service. I also want to thank Bishop Chilton Knudsen, Dr. Kay Collier-McLaughlin, Deputy for Leadership Development, Transition Ministries, and Communications, and the entire diocesan staff, for their attention to Calvary. It is a pleasure to work in this diocese as an interim. And, finally, in the words of St. Paul, “I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6) Faithfully yours,

The Reverend Ronald D. Pogue Interim Rector



Baptized Members Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing Baptisms Transfers In Transfers Out Marriages Burials Confirmations and Receptions Celebrations of Holy Eucharist -Sundays -Weekdays -Private -All Other Attendance – All Services Average (Sunday) Lent I Easter Pentecost Advent I Christmas (Eve/Day) Attendance – Thursday Noon (Total) Average Attendance (Thurs. Noon)





357 159 2 2 9 1 5 9

355 165 5 2 10 2 6 3

330 161 1 2 8 1 4 7

2010_ 2011_ 300 158 4 1 0 1 4 6

304 100 1 0 1 0 3 0

91 87 96 52 52 32 34 15 49 51 44 24 21 28 0 31 35 22 19 6 5,034 6,207 5,176 5,015 4,715 82 85 95 82 77 94 74 59 85 46 197 176 147 118 151 72 88 79 98 81 89 58 59 98 57 171 156 125 167 192 148 144 55 773 816 5 8 6 16 18

SENIOR WARDEN 2011 Report This past year Calvary Episcopal Church has continued our renewed commitment in keeping the love of Christ at Calvary. Father Jeff Queen served us well as our interim rector and now Father Ron Pogue has taken over and getting us prepared to welcome our new rector. Our pledges have stayed steady thanks to a well run Stewardship campaign but we do need to grow in numbers and in pledges. And that will happen for us. A lot of improvements have been made to our facilities here at Calvary and we spent thousands making and maintaining our facilities. We still need to make improvements in the kitchen as well as having a handicap entrance to St. Mary’s Hall and handicap accessible pews in the sanctuary. All of these improvements take time and money but will be accomplished. With the departure of the Community Kitchen from our church another door has opened for us to provide meals and shelter on the weekends to those in need. Father Ron and the vestry are working on this so that we can provide that service. Last year also brought the renewal of EYC. Under the great leadership of the Lowmans and Fords this too will make Calvary what it once was. Daughters of the King is also in its infant stage of being renewed here at Calvary. Lots of great things are happening here. Bishop Chilton Knudsen has also approved the use of Diane Zwick and Tina Mussetter as our deacons to serve at Calvary. There are still challenges ahead of us but the progress we have made since late 2009 continue to astound me. There is only one answer to that, Jesus Christ is with us here at Calvary. It continues to be an honor and pleasure to serve you as Senior Warden. Calvary has been my home now for 56 years and I look forward to growing with my church family. Respectfully submitted, Dicky Martin Senior Warden


JUNIOR WARDEN REPORT 2011 During the course of the last year, the church has seen a number of improvements to the physical plant. The year has seen the departure of the Community Kitchen and the need for further upgrades and replacements to the fellowship hall and kitchen. During the last year the follow projects were undertaken: New roof was installed Extensive plumbing repair Organ modernization and repair Church clean out Snow blower Storage shed placed behind the storage

The future also holds several projects that will be undertaken as funds are available Kitchen renovation Handicap accessible ramp to St. Mary’s Hall TV for St. Mary’s Hall Renovation of the EYC space (formerly community kitchen space)

As noted, the projects will be addressed to insure that there is a suitable physical plant in which to conduct the activities that will allow the church to grow and attract new members. Respectfully submitted, Richard F. Ford Sr. MD, Junior Warden


2011 ADULT EDUCATION COMMISSION REPORT Our year began with the continued study of prayer led by priest in training, Jean McGraw. We studied Franciscan prayer, The Lord’s prayer, Jesus’ prayer, the prayer of St. Francis and Benedictine prayer. We each received an Anglican rosary and some actually made a rosary. We learned to use an Anglican rosary. We visited a real life convent, the Community of Transfiguration, Cincinnati, Ohio. We saw first-hand the lives of women of the Anglican Communion in action. We were visited by a member of a multi-denominational convent in Prestonsburg, KY. We studied the Benedictine way of Living. We utilized all these to build a better prayer life and communion with God on a personal level and adopted a mission statement for Calvary Church. We studied icons and had a Saturday workshop on the reading and meanings of icons. We continued our study this Fall based on the book by NT Wright, Surprised by Hope. During Advent we made advent wreathes for our families and shut-ins. We studied paintings and lovely artworks depicting the Advent themes. This all concluded prior to Christmas with our beloved Jean being ordained a priest and leaving for a new job at St. Andrew’s in Charleston, SC. Respectfully submitted, David Stewart, Chairman Educational Commission

ALTAR GUILD REPORT 2011 A dedicated group of around a dozen parishioners form the Altar Guild. These members, divided in 3 teams and working behind the scenes, are responsible for preparing the church for Thursday and Sunday services. Their duties include, but are not limited to, polishing silver, vacuuming, preparing candles, laundering linens and setting the Altar for Eucharist. Recently members attended a training session with Father Pogue and a new mini-manual was developed. Necessary supplies of items like wine, oil, wafers are well-stocked and all but one season of the linens have been replaced. New members are always welcome. Benefits include an introduction to Latin and Church history, and immense satisfaction knowing that the Lord’s Table has been beautifully prepared. Respectfully submitted, Liz Alexander, Altar Guild Chairman


CARD MINISTRY AND TRACT RACK 2011 If you have a birthday you wish remembered, please call it into the office (325-2328) and tell Melissa. We want to keep up with all our members. The new “Forward Day by Days” will be on the tract rack this week. The cost is $1.00. That’s a lot of meditation and lessons for a buck. Thank you for your support! Submitted by, Eileen Songer CHOIR REPORT 2011 Calvary has a history of great music to support the worship of the church. The adult choir sings a variety of traditional and modern anthems and leads the congregation in singing hymns and service music. They also provide special music during the Easter and Christmas seasons. High school students and adults are welcome to join. Rehearsals are Wednesday at 7:00 in the church choir room. While the church does not have a children’s choir at this time, Sunday school children present special music for holidays and youth services. The church also offers scholarships to Ashland Community and Technical College students who sing in the choir. Interested students should contact Carol Greene or the church office for additional information. The church also has a fine Molier pipe organ built in 1948 and completely refurbished in the 1980s. Music Coordinator and Organist – Dr. Carol Greene Pianist – Eileen Songer Flute – Robin Andre Violinist – Cathy Chamis Respectfully submitted, Dr. Carol Greene


CHILDREN’S CHAPEL & MINISTRY 2011 We continue to provide a children's sermon that follows the scripture readings each Sunday. The session includes questions & answers, an activity or craft and a snack. It is amazing to listen to their interpretation of the scripture readings! The children & youth participated in the church service by reading the scriptures, being shepherds, angels, kings and being the "light" of the service! We had another great VBS with First Christian Church this year! We had new volunteers & many new faces attended! A parents’ night out was started and was a fun time! Looking forward to great 2012! Keep a smile on your face & God in your heart & you can do anything!! Respectfully submitted, Debbie Braun

EYC (EPISCOPAL YOUTH CHURCH) 2011 The Calvary EYC formed and began in September 2011 for the first time in many years under the leadership of Father Jeff. Christy Ford, Lyndi and E.B. Lowman and Stephanie Disney, along with Father Jeff took leadership roles with the youth and formed a Junior EYC and a Senior EYC. The group ran through December. We picked back up again on Super Bowl Sunday and will run through the first of May. This session we focused on mission work, a recycling program and putting together our new youth room. We have had steady attendance by our youth and have accomplished quite a bit. The highlight of this year was our youth ski trip. We had 7 kids attend along with two chaperones. Everyone had a great time and it was a perfect bonding and growth opportunity. We are planning an end of the year retreat as well. Respectfully submitted, Lyndi Lowman


EVANGELISM REPORT 2011 I think thanks should go out to Debbie Braun and the Youth Ministry for her efforts, bringing new faces to Calvary beings with our youth. Also a special thanks to Lyndi Lowman, Christy Ford and everyone for making the “re-activated� EYC Program become another part of our church. A solid youth program will help to attract new members. Now that the Community Kitchen has moved we have an opportunity to look for another ministry to serve our church and or the community. Ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Respectfully submitted, Sudie Davis

INVESTMENT OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE 2011 Calvary Episcopal Church Ashland, KY., 41101 Investment Accounts: Mayo Fund & Memorial Endowment Fund Community Trust Bank & Investment Company manage our funds. The following is a breakdown of our accounts, earnings and disbursements for the past year. Mayo Fund. Began the year (1/1/11) with a value of $197,048.04 and ended (12/31/11) with a value of $194,815.77. $1,132.48 was contributed to the fund, $5,090.90 was paid out to the church, $5,623.75 was earned in income, market value dropped $1,938.12 during the year and fund management expense was $1,959.48. We receive 75% of the income earned in this fund and so our investments are geared more towards income, than growth, but growth is also something we must always keep in mind. Currently our investment breakdown is as follows: 48% Fixed Income 47% Equities 5% Cash Equivalents


Memorial Endowment Fund. This is a ‘Total Return’ Fund, i.e. we may draw down up to 5% of its value each year and the primary purpose of this draw is to fund the salary/expenses of a priest/clergy. The Fund began with a value of $1,208,153.31 and $54,000 ($4,500 per month) was paid out to the church for clergy expenses (4.46% annualized). We ended the year a value of $1,191,698.53 and so I believe we can continue to keep up the $4,500 per cash payment to the Parrish. Income earned was $36,812.55 and realized Capital Gains amounted to $50,530.39, unrealized change in market value was $9,429.39, management fees were $7,465.52 and income transferred to principal for reinvestment was $22,973.29. Investment breakdown in this account is: 64% Equities 34% Fixed Income 2% Cash Equivalents Respectfully submitted, Richard Reames

2011 YEAR END REPORT LECTORS/CHALICE BEARERS There were two additions in our lectors and chalice number members. Our members assisted in weekly worship services, special occasions, and funerals. Our current lectors are: MARK HANDLOSER, DAVID MUSSETTER, MILES MUSSETTER, DICKY MARTIN, STEVE GILMORE, SUZANNE GILMORE, LISA PULLEM, JERRI RUPERT, CRAIG CLERE, MARTHA-LINDSEY COOKE, KAREN NEWMAN, CHRISTY FORD, JERRY FORD, PATSY COCHRAN, DAVID STEWART, STEPHANIE DISNEY, WICK SEWELL. Our current chalice bearers are: MARK HANDLOSER, DAVID MUSSETTER, DICKY MARTIN, STEVE GILMORE, JERRY FORD, PATSY COCHRAN, DAVID STEWART. We are always in need of new members and if you have ever considered this ministry please see David Stewart. Respectfully submitted, David G. Stewart Committee Chairman/Co-ordinator


NOMINATING COMMITTEE 2011 Committee Members: Debbie Braun, Judy Ford, Lisa Pullem, Liz Alexander, Lyndi Lowman, Stephanie Gilmore, and Steve Gilmore In July 2011, the parish members named above were officially formed as the Calvary's Nominating Committee at a Formation Retreat, held at Mission House in Lexington. The goal of this group is to vet potential candidates, presented by the Bishop, for the position of rector at Calvary, and then recommend the best possible candidate(s) to the Vestry. To this end, a series of Holy Conversations were held at Calvary in October 2011; the data gathered at these meetings was analyzed and used to produce Calvary's Goals & Challenges. Work on Calvary's new website began in early 2012 and it officially became operational in April. Copy for Calvary's new brochure has been submitted to the Bishop and is currently awaiting approval. This will also be presented to the Vestry at their next meeting on 4/23. The committee anticipates and fervently hopes that Calvary's rector position will be officially "opened" by the diocese in the very near future. Respectfully submitted, Lisa Pullem, Nominating Committee Chair

PASTORAL CARE REPORT 2011 Pastoral Care covers a wide variety of groups in our parish. We all work together in different areas from providing food, hospitality and fellowship for many occasions and time of parishioners’ personal and family needs. Lay Eucharistic; Track Rack and Birthday Card Ministries are also under the Pastoral Care umbrella. We have a very supportive group and good attendance at the various functions. Thanks to everyone for the willingness to help and give where needed. Respectfully submitted, Sudie Davis


Calvary Episcopal Church Ashland, Kentucky 2012 Operating Budget

Ordinary Income/Expense

2012 Annual

Income Operating Fund Income Carryover Pledge Receipts Current Year Pledges Plate Contributions Interest Income Altar Flowers & Supplies Altar Flowers Total Altar Flowers & Supplies Other Income Income from Endowment & Mayo Rental Income Faith Income/Fundraising Total Operating Fund Income Total Income

1,000.00 152,230.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 10,000.00 50,000.00 400.00 1,000.00 218,230.00 218,230.00

Expense Operating Fund Expense Compensation Nursery Supervisor Salary Secretary Salary Sexton Salary Subs for Staff Vacations Staff Pensions-Quarterly Staff Health InsuranceQuarter Worker's CompensationAnnually Music Minister Supply Clergy FICA Employer Match (All Emp) Medicare Employer Match (All) Total Compensation 17

2,400.00 19,500.00 23,320.00 1,000.00 2,200.00 16,675.56 3,000.00 7,836.00 44,610.00 4,000.00 1,000.00 125,541.56

Facilities Cable Building Maintenance Property Insurance Utilities Total Facilities

350.00 6,000.00 8,000.00 20,000.00 34,350.00

Overhead Professional Services Office Supplies Audit Postage Telephone Nominating Committee Property Taxes Miscellaneous Supplies Total Overhead

13,700.00 3,000.00 3,500.00 1,500.00 3,000.00 12,000.00 50.00 750.00 37,500.00

Outreach *18,000 Util. Diocesan Pledge Total Outreach *18,000 Util.

34,793.89 34,793.89

Christian Education Adult Education Miscellaneous Youth Programs EYC Church School Special Programs Vacation Bible School Total Christian Education

500.00 100.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 100.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 4,700.00

Parish Programs Altar Supplies & Flowers Altar Flowers Altar Supplies Total Altar Supplies & Flowers Coffee and Receptions Evangelism/Advertisement Convention Expenses Other Parish Programs


1,500.00 1,500.00 3,000.00 1,000.00 3,000.00 1,500.00 1,000.00

Total Parish Programs Total Operating Fund Expense Total Expense

9,500.00 246,385.45 246,385.45

Net Ordinary Income


Other Income/Expense Other Income Non Operating Fund Income Tract Rack Interest Income Total Non Operating Fund Income Total Other Income

40.00 500.00 540.00 540.00

Other Expense Non Operating Fund Expense ACC Outreach Tract Rack Total Non Operating Fund Expense

5,000.00 100.00 5,100.00

Total Other Expense


Net Other Income


Net Income



2012 Annual Report  

2012 Annual Report

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