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This first slide shows the title and my logo. The background is one I will use throught my work to keep in consistant.

Text about there being no difference between chocolate Image of non-fairtrade chocolate. Primary.

Text explaining how the fairtrade chocolate is better for the farmers. Calibri Image of fairtrade chocolate. Primary.

What is the differece between these two bars of chocolate

This slide is an introduction breifly outlining the fact that the food itself is the same, the fair traded food makes the farmers lives better.

Secondary image of a happy Text explaining how swapping to fairtrade chocolate is a benifit to farmer the farmers. Secondary image of Text continues from an unhappy farmer. first text box.

This slide is the slide telling more indepth reasons why to swap your chocolate to fairtraded chocolate.

Primary image of non fairtrade apples Text explaining why you should swap.

Continuation of why you should swap. Primary image of fair trade apples.

This slide explains how swapping from nonfairtrade apples to fairtrade apples will benifits the farmers and urging you to swap.

Secondary image of not fairtraded cotton. Text explaining why you should swap.

Continuation of why you should swap. Secondary image of fairtraded cotton.

This final swap slide explains that there are lots of cotton products around and you can buy fairtrade versions of cotton clothes to support the farmers.



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