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Look what U can do. C a l i f o r n i a U n i v e r s i t y o f P e n n s y lva n i a A proud member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.


EASY DOES IT Choose a major. Pick your classes. Find a place to live. It seems like a lot, but some decisions are easier than others: Like choosing Cal U.

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Someone is always here to help... Even though you are living away from home, there are plenty of people to help you when you need something. Cal U makes it really easy for you to do everything from finding a math tutor to joining an aerobics class. Before you begin classes at Cal U, you will be invited to attend a special orientation session. It’s going to be an amazing introduction to Cal U, with an overview of our history, our students and life on campus. You’ll learn about the different services offered on campus, including dining, university housing, clubs and organizations. Most of all, you’ll have time to settle into your new environment and begin making new friends.

LIVE Moving away from home and being surrounded by new people is exciting, but living in the same room or suite is not always easy. Having roommates can be one of the most rewarding – and challenging – experiences of your college life. The housing survey you’ll receive if you choose to live on campus lets you note your preferences in a variety of areas and will help to match you with the most suitable roommate or suitemates.

PLAY Our six beautiful main-campus residence halls feature suite-style living. Each hall is supervised by a director who assures that your new home-away-from-home is both comfortable and safe. In addition, you can always go to your community assistant (CA), a specially trained undergraduate or graduate student who lives on your floor and who can answer a variety of questions on just about any topic related to the university.

Most underclassmen live in one of our smoke-free, co-ed residence halls on the main campus. Students can also request a room at our garden-style apartment complex on the upper campus.

Cal U’s student housing is among the best in the nation.



Sharing a living space with someone else can be difficult, but there are things that you and your roommate or suitemates can do to be sure that you see eye-to-eye. You are encouraged to sit down and discuss exactly what you expect from each other from the very beginning. For example: • How will you leave messages for each other? • Can you use each other’s computer? • How will you keep the suite clean? • How often can friends come over?

Together you’ll sign a Roommate Agreement that will help you identify your values, communicate clearly and solve problems in a respectful, mature manner. You’ll find that if you set up expectations early in your relationship, there’s less chance of misunderstandings down the road.

LIVE The suite life This place is just like home – only better. You’ve got tons of privacy and plenty of room for all your stuff. Plus, your new friends will be right here with you. Our residence halls are based on student feedback, and the results speak for themselves. Gone are the long hallways, cramped, shared bedrooms and group bathrooms. Housing at Cal U is a combination of private rooms and two- and four-person suites. Each residence hall is equipped with a computer lab, a community room, a TV area with a large-screen TV, a kitchen with a microwave and a vending area. There are study rooms and a lounge on every floor, along with recycling areas and a laundry room in each building.

All units feature air conditioning, carpeting, free local telephone service, cable TV and high-speed Internet connections. Most students share a bathroom with only one other person, and never more than three others.

On-campus safety For your safety, fire suppression and smoke detection systems ensure prompt response to fire emergencies. Digital video cameras are positioned throughout the property, and Cal U’s police officers are always available if an emergency arises.

Saving the planet Cal U has been the most energy-efficient school in the state system for more than 15 years in a row. Geothermal heat pumps keep the residence halls comfortable, greatly reducing the need for fossil fuels and shrinking the university's overall energy footprint.

EAT Cal U students are hungry for more than knowledge. That’s why instead of rigid dining choices, you can eat at a variety of places on campus.

No car, no problem The Vulcan Flyer, Cal U’s speedy shuttle, makes regularly scheduled loops around the main and upper campuses. The shuttle is a free service to our students, faculty and staff.

The Gold Rush in the Natali Student Center serves as Cal U’s all-you-careto-eat restaurant. Choices range from home-style favorites to international cuisine with soup, sandwich, salad and dessert bars available every day.

The Food Court features burgers, pizza, chicken and ethnic favorites. You can always find a tasty lunch on the go at Flatz – our popular campus convenience store – or at the Sycamore Bistro. Modeco in the Natali Student Center offers coffee, gourmet sandwiches and smoothies.

PLAY Extracurricular activities are an important part of your college experience. So every time you participate in an organization, take a leadership role in a project, or enjoy a unique learning experience, you can document it on your Cal U Activities Transcript. The transcript will become part of your official record at Cal U. It can be used to enhance your resume, so potential employers or grad schools will see you as you really are.

See you there Ask any Cal U student what his or her favorite event is, and you’ll get a different answer. It’s no wonder when you think about how many activities there are on campus. Everyone loves Homecoming, with its week-long list of activities. And what about the Underground Halloween Bash? Then there’s the weekly open mic at the Underground Café. You never know who will wow the crowd with music or poetry. Whether you’re into laser tag, classical performances or helping out with community service projects, there’s something for you at Cal U.

Working it out Manage stress and stay healthy while adjusting to your new college schedule. Herron Recreation & Fitness Center offers a wide range of activities, from a dance studio to new muscle-building weight stations. Check out the Cal U calendar of events for other informal recreation and fitness activities, including mini golf in the Student Center. Basketball and tennis courts are available on both the main and upper campuses, or you can swim laps at Hamer Pool. To really get your heart pumping, try out the new indoor climbing obelisk!

Team spirit Interested in athletics? Cal U competes in all the popular NCAA Division II varsity sports. FALL










Indoor Track & Field


Cross Country

Track Golf

The middle of everywhere The Natali Student Center is the place on campus to hang out. Check out the competition at The Corner Pocket Billiard Hall. Catch a different free movie every week at the Vulcan Theater. Grab a bite to eat or simply relax between classes. The Performance Center is where you’ll find various special programs, dances and club events. If you live off campus, head to the Commuter Center with its comfortable lounge areas, computers, printer, lockers, kitchenette and Share-A-Ride service.

STUDY Going Greek More than a dozen fraternities and sororities have chapters at Cal U. Greek Week is a popular event where teams compete in a variety of athletic and fun events. But it’s not all about games. Cal U Greeks also serve our community.

You’ll be doing quite a bit of studying at Cal U. After all, that’s what you’re here for. Some students find they can concentrate and get a lot of work done in their rooms or the study lounges in the residence halls. In nice weather, the courtyard behind the main campus residence halls is a popular place to hit the books. If you want to avoid distraction, head for the Manderino Library. Check out a laptop and settle into a private study nook or collaborate with classmates on a project. The library is staffed with experts who can help you with everything from getting e-books and professional journals for a research project to finding credible sources on the Internet.

Career-minded Cal U’s Career Services is one of the busiest departments at the university. From your first day of school, Career Services is on your side. They can help you find an internship and build leadership skills. More than 3,000 Cal U students participate in internships each year. Also, through the First-Year Seminar class, the Office of Academic Success will help you make a plan to graduate in four years – and show you how to stick to it.


Office of Admissions California University of Pennsylvania 250 University Avenue, California, PA 15419 1-888-412-0479 or 724-938-4404 • Fax: 724-938-4564 Office of Financial Aid Dixon Hall 105 724-938-4415 • Fax: 724-938-4551

I N T E G R I T Y, C I V I L I T Y, R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y A proud member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. California University of Pennsylvania is an academic community dedicated to the ideals of justice, fairness and equal opportunity for all. In compliance with federal and state laws, the University is committed to providing equal educational and employment opportunities for all persons without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, ancestry, sexual orientation or status as a disabled or Vietnam era veteran. The University will not tolerate racial, ethnic or sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment is considered by law to be a form of sexual discrimination and is, therefore, unacceptable. Direct equal opportunity and affirmative action inquiries or complaints to the Special Assistant to the President for EEEO/University Ombudsperson, Office of Social Equity, South Hall 112, 724-938-4014. Direct inquiries regarding services or facilities accessibility to the ADA/504, Compliance Officer, Office of Student Development and Services, G 52 Carter Hall, 724-938 4056. Direct Title IX inquiries to the Senior Women’s Administrator/Title IX Coordinator, Department of Athletics, Hamer Hall 248, 724-938-4351.

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