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DIRECTOR’S WORD Be what you want to be

Dear CalUMS Family, We are just days past the event that we consider the most important of the academic year: our annual Commencement. This ceremony is an opportunity to not only celebrate our students during their transformation into CalUMS graduates, but also to reaffirm our values and beliefs as an educational institution. We akcnowledge that our role as educators is essential in the formation of young professionals and human beings who are meant to contribute to society. But a big part of this work is in the student’s own hands, which is why I would like to encourage our newly minted graduates to always ask these questions to themselves: What do I want to achieve, and what am I doing to get there? Am I considering all the available options? Am I letting myself be influenced by others, or am I thinking with my own mind? Am I being honest with myself regarding the place where I am now and the place where I want to be? Do I have realistic expectations? Be what you want to be. If it is worth it, it will probably be hard to achieve; so are all good things in life. Be ready to fight and do not settle for less. Congratulations to all our graduates. Now, go and make us proud! Khulan Och CalUMS Virginia Campus Director CalUMS Executive Vice President



CalUMS PULSE #6 - Fall Quarter 2016  

An special issue covering CalUMS 2016 Commencement at the gorgeous Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. A feature interview with Student Adviso...

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