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LEFT: Students Services Advisor Tatiana Dolottseva during CalUMS Spirit Week celebrations. ABOVE: Anastasia Barmina is CalUMS Enrollment Advisor, but also out-of-the field leader and supporter of the CalUMS Bears. She is the only nonplayer who has an official Bears jersey with her name on the back and never misses a game.

celebrating such achievement was an amazing feeling, and made me remember my own graduation and how much progress the University has made in such a short period of time. It was a very emotional moment and I felt proud not only of myself but also of my school. T: My favorite memory is from my birthday. It was so unexpected. All the staff members prepared a celebration for me. Khulan and Jake came to the office much earlier than usual in order to arrange everything and get the surprise ready. So I arrived to work and there was a giant poster blocking the way. When I took the poster out I saw flowers, birthday decorations, and a cake. They also made a scavenger hunt where I had to go to the marketing office, or to the library, or to different places in campus; a person there would give me a coupon for something they had to do for me: birthday wishes, dancing, singing. Jake sang “Happy Birthday” in Korean, Anastasia prepared my favorite traditional Russian food. I felt really appreciated by my CalUMS Family.


LIFE OUTSIDE CALUMS T: During my spare time, my husband and I like to go outside. We love nature and going to parks. We love traveling whenever we get

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to advise students, many of whom are starting their academic life in the U.S. ” the chance. I absolutely love flowers and floral design–I have lots of flowers at home. I would also like to get a dog. I like it when you have a dog and it comes to greet you when you get home. A: During the weekends, I ride my bike around the neighborhood. I like soccer; my favorite team is Real Madrid. Formula 1 is also something I enjoy; I would love

to attend a Grand Prix one day. In Russia, I used to ski. I also like music a lot, and play some guitar in my free time. I started learning the piano as well; perhaps someday I will be able to play in a band or create music. Actually, I have been trying to convince everybody at the school that we should have an official University orchestra or band. That would be a really cool extracurricular activity to offer to our students. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later. If it does, please all sign up!

WHAT THEY LIKE ABOUT CALUMS T: We love CalUMS because every day we receive so much support from our coworkers and management. Working at the school never gets boring; there is always so much going on. A: Yes, I really feel like management is looking after us. They believe in us. When I came here, I didn’t have much experience doing what I’m doing right now. But they gave me a chance to go for it, to see what

CalUMS PULSE #6 - Fall Quarter 2016  

An special issue covering CalUMS 2016 Commencement at the gorgeous Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. A feature interview with Student Adviso...

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