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ADVISORS Tatiana Dolottseva & Anastasia Barmina, CalUMS Student Advisors Neither of them are teachers, yet they play a crucial part in the education of CalUMS VA students. Russian-born Anastasia Barmina and Tatiana Dolottseva might not impart course lessons, but they provide valuable guidance. As CalUMS Student Advisors, both officers are the main point of contact between students and the University, but also between them and the American way of life.




Anastasia: I work as an Enrollment Advisor. I come to work every day and meet with students to try to solve their problems and advise them. Most of their questions are about their studies, academics issues and their status. Because many of them are international F-1 students and have to follow certain rules to stay in the U.S., I have to give them the right advice to follow the regulations: keeping attendance, obtaining good grades and maintaining their GPA. I have to make sure that their academic performance is good every quarter; so I keep constant communication with them, they are receiving emails from me all the time!

T: The most difficult part of my job is that I have many things to do, and so little time. A day is not enough!

A: So far, my favorite memory at CalUMS is connected to the cricket team. Since its creation, I’ve become a big fan of cricket. When they won the tournament against VIU, that was one of my best days! We were tied, and then we won. It was a big day; Khulan and Jake were there. I think they [the team] knew they had no choice but to win. I was really nervous. It was the first tournament they won and you could see their passion. I felt proud because I saw the team from the beginning: the first tryout, the first practice. It’s also good to see the students in a different context. At school, you see them as students, talking about attendance and payments; in the field you see them talking about other things not related to classes. It’s good to see them making an effort for our school because this time they are the ones representing the University and working really hard for CalUMS’s success. Another of my personal favorite moments was the Commencement at Warner Theatre this year. I am a CalUMS MBA graduate, and standing on the stage and looking at those 200 students

Tatiana: I am CalUMS Students Services Advisor. I am responsible for any questions that students may have outside of academic activities: how to make their resumes, job applications, registering in classes, keeping in touch with graduates, making sure that all our graduates submit all their documents, receive their diplomas, etc. I also track things like work verification, employment statistics, etc.

A: I love my job; the only difficult part is when a student asks for a certain thing that can’t be done, and sometimes, mainly because of different cultural backgrounds, it’s hard to communicate and to prove to them that I am not trying to make their life harder, just trying to help them while following the rules. We have to follow the regulations and the academic policies. And we can’t make any exceptions. I like working with students; I’m just a little soft, so it is hard to tell them ‘no’ when you want to help them and offer valuable assistance. Terminations are the only part I really do not enjoy. T: We also help students follow the rules for their future if they decide to stay in the United States and apply for green card or H1-B visa. We try to assimilate them to this society, show them the way. It’s sometimes hard for some students to understand that the policies are very strict, but knowing this will also help them in the future.



CalUMS PULSE #6 - Fall Quarter 2016  

An special issue covering CalUMS 2016 Commencement at the gorgeous Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. A feature interview with Student Adviso...

CalUMS PULSE #6 - Fall Quarter 2016  

An special issue covering CalUMS 2016 Commencement at the gorgeous Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. A feature interview with Student Adviso...