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For Writing an Incredible Resume 1

Your resume should only have one or two pages.

Use a professional email in your header. No matter how good your skills and qualifications, do not present a resume that has a nickname; it makes you look like an amateur. Such a simple detail can make the difference between a successful job hunt and permanent unemployment.



List your education first. If you don’t have the degree that the job application requires, the recruiter won’t even bother to read through the rest of your resume. If you put your education first, the recruiter will know right away that you cover the first requirement for the position. Write your institution, location, degree, graduation year and GPA if it is above 3.0.


Under each job title you have held, use bullets to specify your activities and accomplishments in your work experience. If possible, quantify your accomplishments. Example: “increase of 30%”, “trained 100 people.”

If you don’t have any work experience, then you have to make your education section stronger. Add courses you took or projects your were involved in; for example, the MS611 project course.



All work experience counts. Even if it doesn’t show the same technical skills as the job position you are applying for, it can show communications, management, and interpersonal capabilities, which are also very valuable for recruiters.


Tailor your resume to each position you are applying to. Research the company, read the job posting carefully; match your responsibilities to the requirements they are asking for. Use keywords found in the website.


Check your spelling and grammar. Spelling mistakes suggest carelessness and not enough attention to details.


Send your resume in a PDF file with your name as the file name.


Start your bullet points with an action verb. If you are no longer employed in that company, the verb should be in the past tense. If not, write it in the present tense.

Don’t forget to visit us at the Marketing Office to help you revise your resume.

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