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CalUMS VA acquires a new campus in Fairfax


trategically located on Fair Lakes Parkway; plenty of room for classrooms, labs and other spaces; free parking; just off of Route 66. What else could we ask for? In 2017, CalUMS Virginia will be opening its new headquarters in a four-story campus in Fairfax. Sister School South Baylo University (SBU) will also operate in the building, which will be remodeled to suitably accommodate the needs of our students, professors and staff. The transfer will probably take place during the 2017 Fall Quarter, after almost 10 months of work. Location and availability of parking indicate that driving will be the best way to commute to school; however, public transportation will also be available, with CalUMS officers already in conversations with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to create bus stops for our students’ convenience. This new campus is, so far, the most visible indication of CalUMS’ embrace of a sucessful future. Some events have already been held in the new location, including a student party that also served as an open house for everyone to take a look at the new facilities. Stay tuned for more updates regarding CalUMS’ new home, as well as upcoming events.


CalUMS PULSE #6 - Fall Quarter 2016  

An special issue covering CalUMS 2016 Commencement at the gorgeous Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. A feature interview with Student Adviso...

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