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CalUMS Pipeline Winter 2013 Inside this issue  Looking Ahead  Halloween Is A Festive Time  Making Music  Let’s hike !  Hidden House in the Desert  All We Can Say is: “Welcome!”

 Reminiscent of the Past, Excited About the Future

 A Family Man  Marketing Mix Program  Our Beloved Prince  A Wild Time  Opening Doors  Awardees  Important Dates  List of new students

Volume 3 / Issue 1

From the President’s Desk Happy New Year to our dear students, faculty, and staff! The year 2012 was significant, and we achieved many great things: A charming and energetic assistant to the president came along; the Taekwondo program finally took off. Student Services Associates began to make contributions toward better campus life. A new program - Veterinary Technology - was approved, and Mrs. Montoya was installed as program director. A new librarian and an ESL program director joined our team and the campus was remodeled…I can name more. For the year 2013, we have ambitions: We plan to offer new programs and hope to set up a branch campus or auxiliary teaching site in Los Angeles. Above all, our goal is to make CalUMS the most comfortable learning place. We would like to make it a place where different cultures come together and create a new value of Togetherness with Differences. The CalUMS motto is Togetherness with Differences. For this new value, the CalUMS family members must work hard. I hope great achievements are made in the year 2013. David J. Park, Ph.D. Founder and President

Editorial Team Managing Editor Janet Laurin: Student Services Director

Looking Ahead

“How does a university improve campus life? A bold approach is needed.” -- says Mrs. Laurin, the head Senior Editors of Student Services at CalUMS, sharing the success story of the group of seven. “We hired several Alyona Martynenko creative and talented students who had ideas to Pavani Daram make on-campus life fascinated.” It was October 2012 when the Student Services Associates team was established. As with every start-up project, the group began with baby steps: organizing and benchmarking. Members of the group distributed a questionnaire and visited each class to ask the opinion of students. The associates wanted to understand what the university and the group should do to meet student needs.

Of the 189 students who completed the survey, 83% wanted school activities. School trips, student clubs, and parties were the most popular requests. With this information, the associates have been busy planning fun activities. Suggestions for future events are appreciated. Your Student Services Associates are Yasemin Balaban, Deepak Baug, Pavani Daram, Suhayb Al-Dasoqi Alyona Martynenko, Hussein Al-Sammarraie, and Lionnel Yamentou.

California University of Management and Sciences

Halloween Is A Festive Time Halloween week was warm and sunny, a beautiful time for ESL students to take a field trip. CalUMS English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor, Lauren Goodman, arranged a trip to Tanaka Farms, a 30-acre, family run farm in Irvine. Students had a great experience. The field trip provided students with the opportunity to visit with each other, along with their invited family and friends. It was a welcome break from grammar, exercises, and practice in the classroom. Tanaka Farms offered many fun activities, including a wagon ride, pumpkin patch, corn maze, and pumpkin cannon. The wagon ride provided an interesting trip -- by tractor-drawn wagon – around the farm. The view included pumpkins growing on the vine. The corn maze was a highlight, planted in a pattern that you could walk through. The pumpkin cannon was most unusual as it shot pumpkins high in the air. The farm also provided educational moments. For instance, students learned about the CSA, community-supported-agriculture, an alternative locally-based socio-economic model of agriculture that grows organic fruits and vegetables. The trip to Tanaka Farms provided students with experiences outside their everyday lives. "It was a perfect field trip and provided students with lovely memories, learning experiences, and educational moments," says Lauren Goodman.

♪♫♪ Making Music ♪♫♪ Students from Professor Baltazar’s Operations Management and Advanced Management Science classes went on a field trip to the Fender Manufacturing Plant in Corona, California, in November. Most students had never been to a manufacturing facility and were very interested in how their coursework could be put to work. After registering, students were equipped with electronic communication and safety gear and checked for proper footwear. The plant is strict about promoting safety and preventing injuries. Next was the tour of the facility that turns wood and steel into finely crafted musical instruments. Students witnessed every aspect of the production process: cutting, polishing, gluing, finishing, and finally testing. Students had a chance to touch the product and ask questions about processes and equipment. The intricate layout of the plant (including the overhead drying area) made it possible for the students to see how efficiency is an integral part of the operations process. It also showed how a combination of man and machine processes makes the whole plant work in unison. The next part of the tour took place in the museum’s theater where students viewed the history of Fender Guitar from its humble beginnings in the city of Fullerton. Finally, as the tour ended, students had free time to experience being rock stars by actually handling expensive guitars owned by famous guitar players. This field trip provided students with an appreciation of great guitar players and the craftsmen who make their instruments.

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CalUMS Pipeline

California University of Management and Sciences

Let’s hike ! One of the advantages of gathering together on a regular basis is making friends and finding people who support you. That is what’s happening in the All Nations Toastmasters Club. Although the club meets every Saturday at 12:45 p.m., members decided to start spending more time together by planning fun activities, including picnics and hiking trips. Hiking seems to be a favorite activity. Several brave members awoke before sunrise to hike during the summer. Then they went again…and again. They have already conquered seven hiking trails in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. All Nations Vice President--Education, Shalom Bay, has been the main organizer of the hikes. Shalom says, “We usually hike every Saturday morning (unless otherwise announced). We meet at the Starbucks next to campus around 6:45 a.m. We go anywhere there’s a marked trail and nice scenery. For example, we’ve hiked in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Irvine, Hacienda Heights, and Laguna Beach.” “All hikes have been interesting and memorable,” shares Shalom. “I think our first ‘long’ hike was to the Hollywood Sign. It was fun because we got to talk and get acquainted with each other. Another great hike was in Schabarum Regional Park, because it was SO FOGGY! We could hardly see a few feet in front of us; the sky was so white. The most recent hike was probably most memorable because we got lost. It was exciting and frustrating at the same time. The hike was well-worth it, however, and we can’t wait to go back.” The hiking club is open to members of All Nations Toastmasters. The more, the merrier! Visit a club meeting this Saturday! Information is available on Facebook. Let’s hike together!

Hidden House in the Desert Wouldn’t it be a dream to have a little house somewhere in the middle of nature where you could go and forget everything, just enjoy the present and admire the views? One member of All Nations Toastmasters decided to share this experience with others this past fall. The house is in San Bernardino County and is really hidden: you will not see any street lights once you are there. Sometimes a GPS won’t even find the place. The road is unpaved and is extremely bumpy. But the house itself is wonderful. It has plenty of space, beautiful doors, and large windows that provide natural light and beautiful views. All you see from the house are bright stars in the sky at night and yellow sand dunes during the day. When the small group went to the house, they were surprised by the environment and relaxing atmosphere all around. One of the club members said “It was like a haunted area; there was silence everywhere, no sounds of animals or vehicles”. The vacation was short but memorable. The group gathered under stars, ate good food, and watched classic videos. It was a wonderful escape from the real world that gave everyone a fresh perspective and renewed energy.

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CalUMS Pipeline

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All We Can Say is: “Welcome!” A couple of months ago, students coming to the library started noticing small changes: beautiful signs asking everyone to sign in, a gentle caution for using the computers properly, and much more. Also, new books started appearing on library shelves. These subtle but important changes are all due to the efforts of Mrs. Isabel MorenoSantiago, the new librarian who joined CalUMS during fall quarter 2012. Mrs. Santiago is a kind, welcoming woman with a good education and fantastic experience. “I used to work as a teacher,” says Mrs. Santiago, when asked about her journey from Puerto Rico -- where she was born -- to sunny Southern California. “I liked the feeling of helping people understand the principles of life and the world, but I wanted more. I wanted to help as many people as possible, so I chose to be a librarian.” Mrs. Santiago’s background gives her rich experience in managing a library. “I have so many ideas to realize here at CalUMS. I want the library to be a place for communication among all students and staff of the university…the place where everyone can find what he or she wants: knowledge, books, access to the internet, friends.” The warm and beautiful climate of Puerto Rico with its exciting coast, high mountains, and deep pure lakes has brought us a beautiful individual. Mrs. Santiago is helpful, open, and kind. Our international melting pot has truly gotten richer. All we can say is: “Welcome!”

Reminiscent of the Past, Excited About the Future Fall quarter is special because it ends the calendar year. With thoughts of the great year ending, and hopes for the New Year beginning, everyone is in a jolly mood. This was the motivation for organizing a special end-of-quarter event to provide the opportunity for students to spend time together on-campus -- relaxing, communicating, and sharing stories. The end-of-quarter party was the most popular and successful event at the university during 2012 with attendance over 75. The format of the event was unusual. People came to play more than 15 different games - chess, checkers, Scrabble, duck shoot, mini golf, and volleyball – to name a few. Some students just hung out. The most popular and exciting game was Jenga. Everyone tried to remove blocks from a stack without making the tower come down. Surprisingly, no one had realized the game had been available in the library the past couple years. CalUMS President, Dr. Park, provided a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. He had encouraging words for all students, while remembering his time as a university student. Dr. Park shared that he wants all CalUMS students to feel support from the school. After dinner came Karaoke. Students and faculty both showcased their singing talents. A group of teachers donned colorful glasses, took the microphones, and sang their hearts out. They received a great ovation! The party was fun, and the mood was special. CalUMS ushered out 2012 and welcomed 2013 in a grand way. A tradition has been born!

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A Family Man Professor Henry Rivera Jr. grew up in Central California in a small farming community. He was always encouraged by his parents to get a good education. He did well in math and sciences from childhood, although he was also interested in literature, history, and writing. Professor Rivera majored in electronic engineering technology as an undgraduate at DeVry University and later earned his MBA from Pepperdine University. He worked most of his career with the City of Long Beach - Water Department, becoming the Manager of Information Technology where he and his team developed computing and network infrastructure and systems from the ground up. Later he went into engineering consulting and project management working with some of the world's largest corporations such as Chevron and ExxonMobil. He is currently the Director of Information Technology for a private university and concurrently continues to provide project engineering consulting services in the petrochem & energy industry while also teaching at the university level. Professor Rivera loves to teach. He says, “I find great fulfillment in teaching, and I am fortunate that I have wonderful opportunities to do so.” His practical philosophy is to train and teach students so they can qualify for any opportunity that exists. He keeps himself busy teaching at CALUMS and other local universities while maintaining a busy corporate career. Professor Rivera enjoys spending time with relatives and friends. He loves music, photography, videography and also loves to travel. In 2007 he returned to his ancestral homeland, the Philippines for a vaction after nearly 34 years away and has since returned with his wife, kids and various family members and friends almost annually. Professor Rivera is known as a modest individual who understands relationships and respects different cultures. He is a calm person who considers himself a lifelong learner, continually pursuing learning opportunities. Welcome to CalUMS, Professor Rivera! We are excited to have you with us!

Marketing Mix Program

Our Beloved Prince

Professor Wilson-Aus’s marketing class has always provided hands-on experience, and the fall 2012 quarter was no exception. Students participated in a marketing mix program conducted at West Los Angeles College. This program provided students with the opportunity to share marketing plans that will be implemented by them in the future. One of the participants, Divya says, "This program was conducted to encourage talent and share views and ideas on business and marketing plans. It was great to interact with students from different countries. The experience helped me to develop new ideas. I came to know how different people think in a given situation." She also added that students from developing countries definitely benefit from these programs and coursework by helping them set up new businesses in their respective countries.

Life can be so unexpectedly short and destiny unpredictable. Fall 2012 took one of our beloved students, Prince Kwapong. Classmates, faculty, and staff knew him as a bright, smart, and kind gentleman who came to United States from Ghana, wishing to make the American dream come true. He studied in the MSCIS program, worked at school, and was active in the community and church. All the people who knew Prince say that he was the kindness man ever. California University of Management and Sciences expresses their deepest condolences to this exceptional young man’s family and friends. Page - 5

CalUMS Pipeline

California University of Management and Sciences Education, Communication and Fun Only at CalUMS

A Wild Time Flashing lights, fog, and loud music! A group of people running here and there, screaming, laughing and….shooting? Yes, CalUMS students are playing laser tag! They are holding laser guns and wearing protective vests. What great fun! Though the game lasts only 12 minutes, everyone is excited and tired at the same time. People check their results after the game, trying to determine the winner. The best part is finding out how many times you’ve shot, and how many of your shots reached a target. You can also see who “shot” you. Students discuss the results loudly. Some of them proudly announce themselves as winners, others ask for revenge. The laser tag event was in November 2012. More then 30 students came to try something new. Pizza, drinks, and pies made the gathering even better. The venue was nice. It was a play center, and each student received ten tokens for arcade games - a unique and exciting experience. When the laser tag battle was over and all the pizza was gone, a group of students moved downstairs to play a bowling game. The event was fun and memorable with lots of bright photos and memories. Grand memories!

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CalUMS Pipeline

California University of Management and Sciences

Opening Doors Every quarter, DJ, Director of Recruitment Services, plans an exciting event. The doors to the university are open to the public. DJ works hard to attract potential students and their parents to CalUMS to share information and answer questions. The Open House for fall 2012 started with a presentation about CalUMS: its history, mission and objectives, programs, and activities. Faculty, staff, and students were introduced. Next was the campus tour. Visitors saw the library, classrooms, student lounge, and reception area. Delicious food and a raffle followed, with many people winning prizes. Finally, various class rooms were opened for presentations of Taekwondo, acupuncture, and Judo. Our veterinary medicine director even shared a giant tortoise that was a hit among guests.

The Giant Tortoise : MeeShell

Congratulations to the Winners

Dean’s List Awardees

Quarterly Scholarship Awardees Feifei Ya (ASHBA) Omar Alhourani (MBA) Angelo Hualda (MBA) Rashmi Pali (MSCIS)

Kato, Kaori (BSBM)

Hualda, Angelo (MBA)

Shaban, Ahmed (MBA)

Macapinlac, Renelyn (BSBM)

Katirci, Hilmi (MBA)

Teng, Jian MBA)

Kim, Hye Jeon (MBA)

Turkina, Irina (MBA)

Kiran, Recep (MBA)

Waingankar, Uttara (MBA)

Kondi, Swathi (MBA)

Yoo, Seoung Hyun (MBA)

Koomson, Frank (MBA)

Izzideen, Abubaid (MBA)

Malas, Zaid (MBA)

Cetin,Ahmed (MSCIS)

Alshrari, Ahmad (MBA) An, Sukhun (MBA) Atay, Efe (MBA) Trivelato Bittencourt, Priscilla (MBA) Borodin, Artemy (MBA) Cho, Han Jin (MBA) Dumandan, Maria Cecilia (MBA)

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Nguyen, An (MBA) Osei, Justice (MBA) Kirill, Sandor (MBA)

CalUMS Pipeline

California University of Management and Sciences Important Dates for Winter Quarter 2013 California University of Management and Sciences Anaheim Campus 721 North Euclid Street, Anaheim, CA 92801 Virginia Campus 400 N. Washington St. #200, Falls Church, VA 22046 Murrieta Site 39500 Robert Trent Jones Parkway, Murrieta CA 92563 Phone: +1 714 533 3946 Fax: +1 714 533 7778 E-mail: Find us on Facebook Don’t miss out on important announcements and notifications! Search to find us or go to: janet.laurincalums Page is restricted to current and alumni students only. Follow us on Twitter djcalums

January 7,2013

Class Begin (*Except for ESL:01/14/13 and ELD: 01/15/13)

January 9-10,2013

EPAT Tests

January 16,2013

Last Day to Add and Drop

January 18,2013

New Student Orientation

January 19,2013

CPT Guidelines and Requirements Training

January 21,2013

Meet the President

February 4-9,2013

Mid-Term Exam Week

February 11- Mar 8,2013

Registration for Sprint 2013

February 13,2013

Mid-Term Student Progress Report Due(For Faculty)

February 12-15 ,2013

School Fire Emergency Drill

February 18,2013

March 16, 2013

Academic Holiday (President’s Day)  No Classes  Student Faculty Evaluation Week  Final Exam Week Class End (*Except for ESL and ELD classes)

March 18-April 7,2013

Winter Quarter Break

April 8,2013

Classes Begin for Spring Quarter 2013

March 11-16,2013

CalUMS Warmly Welcomes New Students 欢迎 (China) HAO, WENQI ‫(ترحيب‬Egypt) ABDELMALAK, WAGIH ABDELMASIH, MARYAN








Тавтай морилогтун (Mongolia)











willkommen (Germany)




Welcome (Nigeria)





आपका स्वागत है (India)

maligayang pagdating (Philippines)











Attend/Visit the Toastmasters club every Saturday 12:45 PM at CalUMS




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Welcome (USA)






‫( ترحيب‬Yemen)

환영합니다 (South Korea)






Welcome (Zambia)







ยินดีต้อนรั บ (Thailand)




CalUMS Pipeline

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