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By Calum Richmond-Bailey

1. FADE IN: EXT. COURT HOUSE - DAY MUSIC BECOMES LOUDER All doors swing open, dozens of men and women smartly dressed in black suits and white shirts, most carrying books, laptop bags, folders etc walk out of doors. Focus on young teenage boy, colourful clothes, untidy hair, earphones in ears, hood up, tapping away to music, a single book in hand, walking within the group of formals. PHIL (FAINT VOICE) Lee. The colourful boy, LEE 17, now bobbing his head to the music not hearing his name called. PHIL LEE! Lee removes earphones and lowers hood. MUSIC STOPS. LEE Yeah? Facing Lee stands PHIL, in his 40s, father of Lee, well groomed, suited gentleman. PHIL Were you even listening to a single word I just said? LEE (PAUSE) Yeah. Phil laughs. PHIL(WHISPER) I hope you are a better liar in front of a judge. (NORMAL VOICE) Go on then, what did I just say? Lee thinks for a moment. LEE That you are likely to win on the Mr. Sanders case? They stop at the passenger’s side of Phil’s car now facing one another. PHIL Oh, very close. Lee unveils a wide grin on his face. Phil unlocked cars by pressing a button on keys and walks towards the driver’s side. Phil opens the drivers door. PHIL But wrong. Lees face drops as they enters the car.

2. INT. PHIL’S CAR – DAY Phil driving along the motorway whilst Lee watches passing cars outside of his window. LEE So go on dad, what was you saying before? PHIL That’s funny, I thought you were listening. Too busy with Hop-Hip to listen to your old man then? LEE Yeah and it’s called Hip-Hop and I listen to rock. PHIL Your mother (PAUSE) was into music and all that lot, you know. Me, well, I can’t tell the difference between The Beatles and The What. LEE Its Who, dad. PHIL What’s Who? LEE It’s The Who not The What. Even I know that. PHIL Sure, son. Anyways before I was interrupted by this music mumbo jumbo, I was saying, I picked up an application for you. Its at home on the kitchen table, It’s an application for Cambridge. After you finish college, of course. LEE Great, look forward to it.

INT. KITCHEN – NIGHT Phil and Lee enters the kitchen, old newspapers all over the table, plates awaiting washing, GRANDPA, wearing glasses, smart casual wear, reading a new newspaper. LEE Hey, Grandpa. GRANDPA Hello, kid. What you been up to today? LEE College as usual then went to the court house with Dad. GRANDPA Oh yeah? And how did he do?

3. LEE No where near as good as you could have done. PHIL Oi, I am here you know. GRANDPA Oh no, I shouldn’t think so. I was brilliant before I had to retire. PHIL Alright Pa, that’s enough. GRANDPA For now. Well I’m going bed, see you kids. PHIL Night Pa. Lee, come with me.

INT. PHIL’S STUDY – NIGHT Phil stands in front of a large wooden bookcase, search the bookcase, overfilled with law books. Lee leans against the framework of the door. PHIL Now I know that I normally don’t make you study on a Tuesday nights but with university only a few months away, I think its in your best interest to study every weeknight. Catch! Phil throws Lee a book.

INT. LEE’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Lee lying face down on bed in centre of room, book open, writing notes in book to his side. Knock at the door and Phil opens door and stands in doorway. Desk and computer, off, to on side of the room, bookshelf, no where near as big or filled as the study’s, to the other. PHIL Alright Lee, I’m off to bed, don’t stay up too late. LEE I won’t dad. PHIL Goodnight then. LEE Dad? Have you heard off mom lately? PHIL (PAUSE) I’ve not heard off her for years, son. Not since she left.

4. LEE Oh, ok. PHIL Goodnight. LEE Night. Phil closes door. Close up of Phils face very serious before moving from Lees door. LATER Lee lying face up, law book open over his face. Text alert goes off reading “ARE WE ON?” Lee walks over to wardrobe to side of bed and opens it. Inside, three shelves full of 100s of CDs, the walls and cupboard doors covered in posters of bands and concert tickets. Lee grabs his bag from the wardrobe, puts earphones in his phone and ears, puts hood up.

INT. STAIRCASE – NIGHT MUSIC PLAYING IN LEES EAR Lee sneaks out of room, creeping down staircase, Phil’s bedroom door ajar, Phil on phone. inaudible to audience. Phil is angry to whoever is on the phone, Phil doesn't notice Lee leaving.

EXT. PHIL’S HOUSE – NIGHT Lee straps guitar case over shoulder, unlocks his bike and pedals off down the road. MUSIC FADES OUT

INT. LIAM’S GARAGE – NIGHT The garage door opens; Lee enters with bike by his side, hood down, earphones out. LEE Are they not here then? In the centre of the garage are three other boys of similar age and clothes style, LIAM setting up drum kit at the back of the group with the name ‘Dirty Circus’ on the main drum front, MICKEY, setting up his bass to the left and TOM to the right plugging his electric guitar into an app. LIAM No, my mum and dad have gone to Birmingham for a few days, we can play all night. LEE Excellent, need help there shorty? MICKEY No, I can manage law boy.

5. Lee laughing to himself, sets up at the mic to the centre of the room. MUSIC PLAYS. Each member playing their individual instruments, single light bulb on, rotating from vibrations of app, Lee shouting encouragement to other members.

LATER The group packing equipment up. Lee heading towards the garage door with bike. TOM Hey Liam, aren’t you forgetting to tell Lee something? Lee turns to face Liam confused as Liam faces Tom also confused. TOM About tomorrow? (PAUSE) Tommy still clueless. TOM Our time slot at The Hammer? LIAM Oh yeah, Lee, we got a time slot at The Hammer! LEE You don't say? LIAM I was on the phone to the manager this morning, like Tom said about the time slot, we are on at 10pm. LEE 10? Might not be able to get past my dad at that time. Can't you call him and ask for it to be changed to a bit later. TOM You and your dad. Just tell him. I’m fed up of having to work around your dad. You can't study law and be in this band at the same time! LEE Look, I don’t want my dad to know just yet. If we win, which I think we will, rehearsal has been great the last few weeks, then I’ll tell him. TOM You better! I don’t what your problems to hold me back! LIAM Oi, Tom, cut it out alright. Lee, do what you want but do it quick.

6. INT. PHIL’S KITCHEN – DAY Phil sitting at dining table smartly dressed as usual, Grandpa reading paper, half a dozen piece of toast in the centre of the table. Lee walks down the stair to join Phil. PHIL Morning. LEE Morning dad, grandpa. PHIL You're wearing the same clothes as yesterday, you know. LEE Huh? Oh right, nothing gets past you. I stayed up too late last night studying. Must of passed out. GRANDPA I’ve done that before. Well I say study... PHIL I did warn you. LEE I know. Phil stands and grabs another piece of toast. PHIL Well I’ve got to get to the court house, help yourself to some toast before you go college. LEE Wow, toast? You are a right old Jamie Oliver, aren’t you? GRANDPA HA no he isn’t, there’s another dozen pieces of burnt toast in the bin there. PHIL Shush you. GRANDPA I mean, who burns toast these days? You must be getting old. PHIL You can talk, Pa. Anyways, aren’t you at college today? LEE Yeah, only half day today, I’ll be here when you get back.

7. INT. COLLEGE HALLS – DAY Lee walking down the hall, MARY 16, multicoloured dyed hair catches up with him. LEE Oh, hello Mary MARY I hear you and the guys are playing at the Hammer tonight. LEE Where did you hear about that? I only found out the other day. MARY Tom told me last night. I’m going to be bring some of my girls to give you some fan support to help you win. LEE Oh cool. MARY And, when you guys make it big, which you so will, could you use my design for your album cover? Lee stops in hall with Mary. LEE You’ve made us a cover? MARY Oh yeah, plenty of them, I have a whole book with the bands name on it and covers and your (PAUSE) LEE My what? MARY Umm, nothing. Oh Tom told me your slot has been moved to 10:30, see you there! Mary runs off.

INT. LEE’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Lee’s alarm clock flashes 10:15, lee leaves bedroom. INT. STAIRCASE – NIGHT Lee heading down staircase towards door with bag in hand. GRANDPA Going somewhere interesting?

8. Grandpa in kitchen doorway in night robe. LEE This isn’t what it looks like. GRANDPA I wasn’t born yesterday. LEE I can tell. GRANDPA Just tell me what’s going on. I'm not your dad. LEE Right, I’ve got this gig in town and it’s a real chance for us to make it big but you cant tell dad. GRANDPA Quick, just go. I won’t tell him but if he finds out himself I wont deny anything. LEE Thank Grandpa.

INT. THE HAMMER - NIGHT 10:30. Mary and three other girls are standing by the door as Lee enters. MARY Hurry up Lee, they are waiting for you backstage. LEE Thanks. How were the other bands so far? MARY Nothing compared to you guys. We’re gonna get a table near the front, I'm gonna record the performance on my phone, then I can sent it to you, yeah? LEE Great, thanks, gotta go. Lee walks off. MARY Good luck! As Lee makes his way backstage, he accidentally bumps into a man and apologies. As Lee walks off, the man turns back to a woman he is with. MAN I hope you are right about this boys.

9. INT. BACKSTAGE – NIGHT The rest of the group are waiting for Lee. TOM You’re cutting it close, we’re on next. LEE I’m here aren’t I?


INT. LEE’S BEDROOM DOOR – NIGHT Phil standing by lee’s closed door. PHIL Lee? I've got something to tell you. INTERCUT: Man nods at Woman and they both leaves The Hammer. INTERCUT: PHIL It's about your mom. Lee? You in there? INTERCUT: ANNOUNCER And your winner tonight is…… INTERCUT: Phil opens Lee’s door to discover that the room is uninhabited.


10. LATER Lee, the band and the girls are leaving The Hammer, cheering and laughing MARY You did so great Lee, best in the group by far. I'll send the video to you now, yeah? LEE Yeah sure, oh, I left my coat inside, go on I’ll catch up MARY Oh, ok Lee runs over to put on his coat and leave The Hammer

EXT. THE HAMMER – NIGHT Everyone else is at the end of the street when Lee leaves The Hammer. Just to the side of the door is the woman from the bar. WOMAN You’re from the Dirty Circus, right? LEE Umm, Yeah? The Woman hands Lee a card WOMAN My name is Julie, I'm from a music talent agency, there is a competition at this music club later this week, address on the back. The winner will get a contract with my agency. LEE Oh wow. Thanks. Lee runs off to catch up with his friends to tell them the news and celebrate the night away. JULIE (whisper) You’re welcome. Lee catches up with the gang. LEE Hey, guess what? There's this competition later this week and the winner gets… TOM No chance! LEE What? Why not?

11. TOM We aren't doing anything together until you tell your dad about us. LEE Fine, I will tell him when I get in. TOM No, I want you to tell him now, I don't trust you. MICKEY Hold on Tom, that's a little…. LEE No, It's ok Mickey, I'll call him. Lee starts searching for his phone. INTERCUT: Phil about to leave Lee's room when he hears a noise. INTERCUT: LEE I can't find it. TOM Quit pulling our legs and just call him already. INTERCUT: Phil finds Lee's phone. INTERCUT: LEE No, I'm serious, I don't have it. I must of left it at…. Oh no! Lee runs over to Mary. LEE Mary! Mary!! Please don't tell me you sent it? INTERCUT: Phil watching video on Lee's phone. INTERCUT: MARY I'm sorry. INTERCUT:

12. Phil's phone rings, he answers it. INTERCUT: JULIE Hey its me. (PAUSE) The woman holds the phone way from her ear for a moment. JULIE Quit shouting already. I just wanted to let you know that our son is a lot more like me than you ever realised. CUT TO PHIL on the phone looking serious


Script Final Draft  

Nothing But The Truth: Short Drama

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