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Mise-en-scene Evaluation Pre-production Pre-production went pretty well, the storyboard was well detailed, the shots were well planned and the location was prefect for the shoot. However, I felt that I stayed in pre-production for too long and it shortened the time I could have had for mistakes which proves in the next two areas that I needed it. Production Production was a little problem worthy. The low tide had left water all over the beach, making finding a dry patch to do the recording a little difficult. The beach was a little busier than planned but generally worked well. The girls however was a little too excited about being on the beach and trying to get them to stand still for a few minutes was like asking a puppy not to chew on your shoes. Post-production The most problems were discovered in post-production. First of all, it turned out that my laptop, macbook, doesn’t have a firewire port for the DV tape. I tried several other solutions, like usb, but nothing worked. I finally got into the university to edit it all together, but the computer that I did it on wouldn’t allow me to have volume on meaning I was editing deaf. This resulted in my voice occasionally being in the background of the video when it shouldn’t have been. Big, big problem. Conclusion A lot of basic mistakes made on my part here. Very rushed and not very planned in advance. If I had done this differently, I would of first checked if my computer could take a firewire cable. That is mainly the point where everything else fell at the hurdles, that and a little of leg room next time for these mistakes to happen and for me to solve them.

Mise-en-scene evaluation

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