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experimental animation evaluation For my experimental animation piece, i decided i was going to do a pencil test animation, as it has always been a technique i have never been able to successfully do without the object in the animation constantly change shape when it shouldn't For the first experiment, I did a ball that bounced to various different heights. My review of this experiment is that the camera is fairly steady considering the fact that the only thing i had to get the images on my computer was my phone. An error on my part was that i draw the images in portrait meaning in post production, the aspect ratio was all wrong. For the second experiment, i drew a ball and a square rolling across the page. Although in this one, i made sure i did it landscape instead of portrait, the camera wasn't very steady and the shapes kept changing size. For the third and last experiment, i tried to take everything i had learnt from the last two experiments and tried to correct those in the final. I decided to do three circles rolling down set slopes building a snowman at the bottom. i felt like this was the most successful of the three.

Evaluation: Experimental  

experimental evaluation