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CALUME T’S LE ARNING ANNE X Welcome to the Calumet Learning Annex, a special place for photographers, artists and graphic designers who wish to unleash the power of digital postproduction and expand their creative talents. This is real-world training at its best, designed to teach you how to produce work that is truly professional, and truly you. Our Adobe Certified Training Providers Bob Killen and Michael Brown will inspire you to discover your visual voice and to master the tools for creative success. Both employ hands-on, mentored-learning methods that include illustrated workbooks, exercise files and real world examples. Then with an instructor at your side, you execute what you have learned to insure that you achieve your full creative potential.


PHOTOSHOP COMPLETE Bob Killen, Adobe Certified Instructor

Three full days of training designed for those who want to master Photoshop and propel their creativity to new heights. This course is excellent for new users who don’t know where to start and experienced users who want to improve their proficiency and achieve a higher level of expression. OVERVIEW: Photoshop Bridge, Mini Bridge, Camera RAW, Import and Export files, set operational color management preferences, use and manage all panels and tools, layers, adjustment layers, masks, blend modes, selections, color correction, color enhancement, digital burning and dodging, retouching essentials, noise reduction, sharpening and much, much more. PREREQUISITES: None Gear: Knowledge of digital camera and capture, a laptop with Photoshop CS5 or CS4, Wacom tablet or two button mouse. Tuition: $299 for three days This class prepares students for the Adobe CA & Adobe Certified Expert Exam. Successful students in this class receive Certificates of Recognition & Completion. For complete course outline & to register, visit

PHOTOSHOP FOR THE CREATIVE MIND Bob Killen, Adobe Certified Instructor

Provides two full days of advanced Photoshop techniques for compositing, innovative effects, retouching and creative strategies for commercial and fine art photographers alike. Also explores sophisticated visual techniques designed to expand the emotional range and unleash the creative mind within. Overview: Light control with luminosity and contour masks, emotional extension with color enhancement techniques, mastering hue, luminance, saturation and contrast, compositing images, smart objects, creative effects for the visual voice, creative sharpening and more. Prerequisite: Photoshop Complete or Photoshop Intermediate or demonstrated intermediate to advanced level skills. Gear: Knowledge of digital camera and capture, a laptop with Photoshop CS5 or CS4, Wacom tablet or two button mouse. Tuition: $199 for two days This class prepares students for the Adobe CA & Adobe Certified Expert Exam. Successful students in this class receive Certificates of Recognition & Completion. For complete course outline & to register, visit

Adobe Photoshop Short Courses:

Photoshop Fundamentals Michael Brown, Adobe Certified Instructor

Photoshop Fundamentals is a power packed, one day course that will give learners a sound working knowledge of the essential tools and techniques needed to produce quality enhancements and modifications to their images. This course focuses on efficient, flawless selections, corrections, and enhancement. OVERVIEW: Sorting images in Bridge, crop, straighten, exposure and color correction, basic retouching, easy selection techniques, non-destructive editing, type and type effects, output files, and bonus tips for some exciting image effects. PREREQUISITES: None Gear: Knowledge of digital camera and capture, a laptop with Photoshop CS5 or CS4, Wacom tablet or two button mouse. Tuition: $199 for one day For complete course outline & to register, visit

Photoshop Intermediate Michael Brown, Adobe Certified Instructor

Photoshop Intermediate is a power packed, one day course that further refines basic selecting, correcting, and enhancing techniques, adding new techniques for producing not only flawless and efficient image enhancement, but for creating imagery that cannot be done directly in camera. Overview: Making selections work for you, simplifying the Pen tool, advanced exposure and color corrections, removing color casts, everything about Curves, in depth understanding of the Healing Stamp Tools. Real world photo-retouching of landscape, product, and people, layers, composites, and bonus tips on how to create panoramas and realistic, yet dramatic HDR photos. Prerequisite: Photoshop Fundamentals, Photoshop Complete or other classes that taught the interface, tools, and basic functions. Gear: Knowledge of digital camera and capture, a laptop with Photoshop CS5 or CS4, Wacom tablet or two button mouse. Tuition: $199 for one day For complete course outline & to register, visit

Lightroom Courses:

Lightroom Complete Bob Killen, Adobe Certified Instructor

Lightroom is the Photographer’s “go to” digital toolbox because of its powerful organizational library, exquisite image enhancement tools, and ease of output to print, slide show, or for a quick upload to the web. The two day Lightroom Complete course unlocks many of the creative secrets to take your images to a new level of expression and production performance. It is an excellent course for new and experienced users. OVERVIEW: Complete training in the four modules and the nuances of their workflow: import, rate and label images, manage color and file preferences, easily use all of the image correction and enhancement tools, arrange multiple images, and customize your workspace, correct lens distortion and perspective, resize images, crop, straighten, and creative cropping, produce slideshows, print, and upload your images to the web and so much more. PREREQUISITES: None Gear: Knowledge of digital camera and capture, a laptop with Lightroom 3, a Wacom tablet or three button mouse. Tuition: $199 for two days For complete course outline & to register, visit


A FI V E-PART WORK SHOP SERIES Bob Killen, Adobe Certified Instructor

Bob Killen’s Fine Art Workshops began in November, 2009 with Calumet and many of his students have achieved gallery and publication success. In this course, photographers create images for their own space where new perspectives unfold, provocation and peace collide, the tension between hue and contrast vibrate, and your worldview may shift ever so slightly or sometimes rock and roll with great violence. This academic level course teaches fine art photography theory, themes, visual voice, and the post production practices necessary for exceptional thematic work. These modular workshops progressively grow your creative processes and skills with a working artist as your mentor. For complete course outline & to register, visit

The Fine Art of Creating Fine Art Photography

The Five Workshops: The five learning modules begin with a portfolio review of your current work and ends with your participation in the widely attended Calumet Fine Art Gallery Exhibition for those photographers who successfully complete all modules. Workshops modules may be one to three days depending upon the subject, and occur 2-3 weeks apart, which gives the photographer space to produce his or her thematic project. You can participate in individual workshops but we recommend that you take all five workshops in the order presented for the greatest development of your visual voice and skills.

1) Fine Art Fundamentals Explore contemporary photographic artists while discovering how to find themes within and beyond your emotional range. Gain a solid overview of art processes, art photography workflow and a deeper understanding of how digital imaging techniques can advance your vision. Includes a portfolio review of your current work. One day: $130

2) Vision Beyond Documentation Teaches thematic development, image work planning and Photoshop imaging techniques specific to advancing your vision. Discover your own themes, explore individual artistic wiring, define an emotional tone and outline a project theme for the balance of the course with a creative statement and production schedule. Two days: $199

3) Fine Art Master Tools This hands-on, postproduction class teaches Photoshop tools that affect emotional range and visual message. Discover a Classical Painter’s approach to separating hue, saturation and luminosity. Working with luminosity and contrast masks, you will explore composites and other methods to repurpose an image. At course end, you will have created 3-4 fine art images around a solid conceptual framework and leave with image files that are ready for print and electronic display. Three days: $299

4) Fine Art Output Devoted to the finished product for Fine Art Photographers: The Print. Learn soft proofing, proofing and all of the tools and processes necessary to produce gallery grade digital prints using Epson printers and a variety of substrates. From images created in the previous thematic modules, you will produce stunning, archival grade prints and electronic media. Three days: $299 – plus $25.00 lab fee

5) Fine Art Marketing Learn the secrets of developing an audience, the six portals of entry for audience participation, universal audience marketing methods, gallery presentation methods, portfolio management, photographic product development and much more. Two days: $199

For complete course outline & to register, visit

Workshop Series qualifications: You need a heart for art, a teachable spirit

and a desire for visual self-expression. Also be well versed in Photoshop. Gear: You need a laptop with Photoshop CS5 or 4, a 3 button mouse but a Wacom tablet is preferred. No Touchpads, please.

You’re Investment for Success – $1,499.00 for all five modules. Plus $25.00 lab fee for Fine Art Output.

Our Adobe Certified Instructors:

Bob Killen Bob Killen is an editorial/fine art photographer, an Adobe Certified Instructor and Certified Photoshop Expert based in La Mirada, California. Encouragement and creative thinking are the hallmarks of Killen’s teaching style and many of his fine art students have moved their careers forward with their own gallery shows and publishing credits. He consults for corporate art departments, tutors photographers and graphic artists. His specializes in editorial projects for corporate clients, corporate image artwork, task specific industrial and architectural assignments and photo restoration services for historical images. Killen is an Artist in Residence for the National Park Service and Desert Art collectors in 20 countries own his fine art images. He also is an Affiliated Artist for the National Park Service’s Mojave Arts Program and the Artist Guide for the Desert Light Gallery. Killen’s credits cover numerous trade and professional magazines such as Parade, Life, Look, Roto, and other rack publications. He is currently at work on his new book, The Fine Art of Creating Fine Art Photography, and several fine art projects.

Michael Brown Michael Brown is an award-winning commercial photographer and digital imaging pioneer. He began his career as a motorsports photojournalist in the early 1970s, and earned national recognition for stretching the boundaries of photography. His automotive images garnered numerous awards and for his unique strobe techniques, 60 foot light boxes and styling that led the industry for several decades. In 1988, Brown began experimenting with digital capture while continuing his 4x5 film projects. When Photoshop arrived in 1992, he spent six months teaching himself how to create flawless automotive composites and was one of the first to produce digital images fit for commercial print. He has travelled the country shooting 4x5 landscapes and developing an extensive library of images for his compositing work. His library holds more than 800 automotive photo/composites for advertising, and he has photographed and retouched thousands of other commercial images. Brown has turned his attention to giving back all that he has learned during the last 35 years of photography and computer generated imaging. Today he is a teacher, tutor and trainer dedicated to assisting others in realizing their photo/imaging dreams and goals. His mantra for creative success: “Keep Moving Forward!�

“The first time I saw Bob’s work, I knew within 5 prints that he should be teaching seminars for us at Calumet Photographic. His work is sensitive to the desert that he loves. He knows how to pick out the most important details of the landscape. Beyond that his skill in Photoshop and Lightroom only enhance his delicate and important work. Bob shares his vision and knowledge with passion and compassion, the marks of a true teacher.”

— Richard Newman

“The tips, tricks, tools, shortcuts, and strategies I learned from Mike Brown have made my life with Photoshop SO much easier and more enjoyable! Especially invaluable are his techniques for masking and selecting images: what used to take me hours of drudgery has become far simpler and faster. And his enthusiasm is positively infectious! I couldn’t recommend his workshops more highly.”

— Beth Rosengard

“Bob Killen teaches the complicated and the subjective aspects of digital photography in a way that’s accessible and inspiring. I don’t figure that’s an easy thing to do. I admire his work and I admire his teaching skills. “

­— Bryan C. Frank

“Mike - you are the best photo teacher ever! You teach us more than just photography and Photoshop. You teach us about life. How to keep moving forward and to always do our best. You are a professional model for me and for all the other students. Thank you for everything.”

— Lourival Rodriguez Neto

Calumet Los Angeles | 1135 N. Highland Ave.

Calumet Santa Ana | 1430 Village Way

Los Angeles, CA 90038 | 323.466.1238

Santa Ana, CA 92705 | 714.285.0143

Ignite Your Creativity - Adobe Class Brochure Calumet Learning Annex  

Calumet Learning Annex - Adobe Class Brochure

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