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Back in April this year, I gave members of our creative writing group the opportunity to enter a writing competition.

‘Young Writers’ had set a task to write a story about a place in the world in no more than 80 words. For this competition students were asked to write a story on a theme that inspired them, with the added challenge of using 80 words or fewer. I am delighted to report that Kelsey Kennefick’s story has been selected for publication based on imagination, perception, expression and creative use of language. As a result of Kelsey’s story being selected, she received a certificate and bookmark. As a school we will receive a complimentary copy of Around the World in 80 words (11-18) UK adventures. Congratulations Kelsey! THE GHOST Crash! The lightning flashes on the cold winter’s night. John hastily rushes to get to his sister Jane. She has cancer and was told not to expect to survive the next twenty four hours. John was in the middle of the ocean on a boat. Suddenly he saw a light… in front of him appeared a mortifying ghost. It smirked as John screamed. At that moment Jane died. John never returned as he was lost to the Bermuda Triangle. Kelsey Kennefick 7.5 Miss Barton Librarian


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Caludon update  

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