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We have certainly had a very busy term! On Wednesday 15 May we had the opportunity to invite the acclaimed author Alan Gibbons in to our library. Alan turned out to be an inspiration to all; he delivered an amazing creative writing session, interjected with stories of his time as a teacher and of his travels visiting schools all over the world. He captivated our audience and certainly gave them lots of creative writing ideas. The comments below give testimony to his visit. “Alan Gibbons was an incredibly funny, entertaining, and inspiring person. The opportunity to meet him was an honour, and proved an experience I shall never forget- his tips and help I shall use throughout my work.” Callum Daniels “When Alan Gibbons visited our library, it was inspirational. He helped me to make my stories more interesting. He was really fun and told good jokes about his childhood. He has inspired me to do more with my writing and what I could achieve. He has made me believe that maybe, one day, I could actually become an author. He was a real inspiration to me and, probably to the whole group that was there, to carry on writing.” Rebecca Foster “I really enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to meet a really talented author like Alan Gibbons. He is an inspiration, he has achieved so much. I was honoured to be chosen to meet him.” Taswinee Kissoondoyal Miss Barton Librarian


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