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I would like to say a huge thank you to Caludon’s Promotions Team for their outstanding dedication and hard work over this year. The group have spent this academic year establishing themselves within the school and setting up systems to effectively advertise and promote student leadership events within the school. They have been eager to report on events by going along to activities and interviewing and photographing what is going on with a view to either writing articles for the Caludon Update or include in their promotional DVD or on the school’s student leadership page on the VLE. They have done all of this with the utmost enthusiasm! So what have these ambassadors achieved? Promotional DVD – they interviewed and filmed other student leaders during a variety of activities and edited it all into an engaging video which they showed to other students to encourage them to take part in student leadership themselves. Assemblies – some members of the group presented assemblies to all the year groups about the importance of taking part in leadership activities. They showed them the DVD and took names of students that were interested in particular activities to pass on to appropriate staff. Caludon Update articles – they have written a range of articles over the year to advertise specific activities with an aim to increase interest. VLE student leadership page – Their latest achievement was to work with staff across the faculties and design a VLE page for them. Each faculty has their own page under the ‘Student Leadership’ section of the VLE. These pages promote what has been going on in these faculties throughout the year. Please access the VLE to check Members of the Promotions this out! VLE – Community – Student Leadership Team are: And on top of all that they proudly presented their work to the school governors during a student leadership event!

Amie Jobe Aneesah Afzal Alex Kenna So, a big ‘well done’ to the students involved in the Promotions Danielle Payne Team. Staff have commented on your conduct and Jasmine Hucthings Amrah Iqbal professionalism and it has been a pleasure to work with you all this year! I look forward to another productive year where we start Parcha Safi to look at student leadership in the classroom! If you would like to join the Promotions Team, please see Miss Sutheran Miss Sutheran in F1!


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