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Mandarin Chinese 你们! - nimen hao! Hello everyone! J Caludon’s MFL department was privileged to have a native Chinese speaker, Yidan, run a session for a group of students in activities week. She showed us some interesting clips and spoke passionately about Chinese culture, folklore and the country’s history. Students learnt some basic Mandarin and very quickly grasped the new language; particularly difficult as Mandarin uses 4 tones to clarify the meanings of words! Since many characters have the same sound, tones are used to differentiate words from each other. (For example, the word ‘ma’ can have 4 different meanings, depending on its pronunciation: mā mother, má - hemp, ma - horse and mà - scold.)

The Great Wall is believed to be around 2,300

Students had fun learning how to use chopsticks and had a competition to see who could pick up the most sweets in 30 seconds - congratulations again to our winner, Nicolas Bennett, an amazing effort! We also had the opportunity to practise our calligraphy writing skills and students were able to discuss the significance of the panda in China, too. A great day and excellent effort from all students involved - well done! Ms Paddock and Mrs Mitchell

The giant panda is native to southwest China

再見/再见! - Zài jiàn! Goodbye! J

Chinese temples are a common sight outside of Mainland China

Chinese dragons are divine mythical animals that are the ultimate symbol representing good fortune and long life


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