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On Friday 14 June 2013, the year 8 Enterprise students raised money for charity in record numbers with a whole host of activities and opportunities for all of our students across the school. This week was to help develop students’ Enterprise skills such as decision making, group work, leadership, risk taking and creativity. Over 130 Year 8 students took part to raise money for a good cause and their four weeks of planning raised more than £400, an all-time record! On Friday we opened our doors to the hustle and bustle of the Year 8 Enterprise Fair and the whole school went charity crazy with activities across the school aimed at raising money for good causes. Year 8 students created stalls with unique games, competitions and sales of a variety of goods. The most popular was the chocolate fountain and ice cream stand which raised a record £43 for charity. Perhaps the most talked about stall was Peter’s Place which had everything but the kitchen sink donated by Peter Higham and his now empty house. The students got deep into the spirit of things and spent a lot of their own money making this fair the best yet. We all want to say a huge congratulations to our Year 8 and a big thanks to the Business faculty for organising and supervising the event with a special mention to Mr Byatt, Mr Newsome, Miss Detheridge and Mr Davoile. Each event so far has raised more money than the last, so how much can they raise next time around? Promotions Team


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