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Rangoli is a Hindu belief which is supposed to bring good luck. Rangoli patterns possess rotational symmetry of at least order 2, and they can have many lines of symmetry, usually 4. When making a Rangoli pattern, you have to take a pinch of your chosen material (sand, rice, flowers) in between your thumb and index finger and then sprinkle it on your design. In

our Rangoli pattern we used dyed rice and lentils so it would create a 3D effect. We really liked using rice to create Rangoli patterns because we had to link it to our maths knowledge of symmetry. 8 groups set to work and produced marvellous pieces of work and the end result of all of them was exquisite. Many teachers, including Mr Williams and Mr German, came by to have a look at the patterns we had created. That’s how we created outstanding Rangoli patterns. You should try it! James Friday and Liam Webb


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