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Music Workshop In English some students took part in exploring musical genres. We explored the world of jazz, rhythm and blues and pop through listening to artists, dissecting the beats, style and lyrics and singing along! The day culminated in students selecting to write and perform a song, selecting a particular genre or designing memorabilia, tickets and album covers. The day was very competitive with many rounds being won and lost. Students showed how creative they are and how effectively they work in a team. Miss Roden Teacher of English

Chocolate bonanza Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Melting it, mixing it, tasting it (chilli flavour not popular - except with Mrs Casey!) and even drinking it! During activities week, approximately sixty students spent the day learning how to design a TV promotion and the packaging/design for their own chocolate product. They also tested out their culinary skills by creating marshmallow rocky roads, chocolate crispies, chocolate brownies and a delicious chocolate cheesecake. The best part was presenting the promotions together with the tasting at the very end. A fattening day was had by all. Mrs Jones Teacher of English


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