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and how to utilize it a presentation by Cal

Every color has a different meaning and a different impact on the viewer.


purity, simplicity, refinement Conveys a sense of clarity.


simple, non-invasive Conveys a sense of neutrality.


empty Conveys a sense of mystery Sophisticated when coupled with white and gray.

Brown warm, mature

Conveys a sense of comfort.

Purple pride, ambition

Conveys a sense of creativity and power.

Blue nostalgia, peace

Conveys a sense of freedom.

Green prosperity, luck

Conveys a sense of efficiency.

Yellow aspiration, imagination

Conveys a sense of innovation.

Orange charisma, flexibility

Conveys a sense of confidence.


love, hope, admiration Conveys a sense of understanding.


aggression, boldness Conveys a sense of devotion.

Every color has a counterpart that create attractive pairs.

These colors are called complimentary colors. They are often used together.

When arranged across from each other, these colors from the color wheel.

The correct utilization of color meanings and pairings creates a much more visually appealing and relevant color scheme and website as a whole; use them right.

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