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Associated Students, Inc. Student Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2

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October 2011

Recap of Homecoming Week! Cross Cultural Center


Introduction to 3 Civility Student of the Month

Cougar Athletics


Our Greek Community


ASI Calendar for October


This Month’s Student Org Highlight


Positive Personal Ads


CSUSM just celebrated its Third Annual Homecoming week. The students, staff, and campus community were invited to celebrate in the festivities that were even bigger and better than last year. The campus welcomed new exciting events, the 1st ever Homecoming Court, and also expanded on previous events such as the 2nd Annual CougarFest which proved to be a huge hit among students. To kick off the week, ASI, along with USUAB, BAPS, Kamalayan Alliance, College Radio, KPDL, APIFSA, and PIFA hosted the 1st Annual Polynesian Festival. The event featured many student performers, a limbo contest, free Polynesian tattoos, and of course free Hawaiian Barbeque. The event was a huge success with students who were enthusiastic about the event and loved watching the performers while learning about the culture. The next day, ASI Campus Activities Board (CAB) put on a Cougar Spirit Day event where students were able to collect free CSUSM swag, hang out with Crash, and talk to some athletes on campus. On Thursday, September 29th, ASI CAB and USUAB brought back “CougarFest”, the 2nd Annual Homecoming Carnival. This was definitely the highlight of the week for many students, staff, and the campus community. CougarFest was more central to campus this year and featured free carnival games and prizes, a photo

booth, dunk tank, rock wall, and food trucks for students to grab lunch. It was at CougarFest that the first ever Homecoming Court was announced. The majority student vote decided the top three Kings and Queens. The crowd applauded the Homecoming Court onto stage. The top nominated Queens were Stacey Hildebrand, Donna Loya, and Arthur Silverstein III. The top three nominated Kings were Bryan ten Bosch, Adam Hayes, and Kenneth Lalonde. The nominees would have to wait in anticipation to see who won King and Queen until the Homecoming Soccer Game on Saturday. The week ended with the Homecoming Soccer Game and BBQ during the day and closed the night out with Masquerade Ball at House of Blues in Downtown San Diego. During the game the Alumni Association along with USUAB made many students happy with the free bar-

beque from Hunter’s Steakhouse. The women’s team swept Bethesda University 11-0. After the women’s game, the Homecoming King and Queen were announced. Congratulations to Kenneth Lalonde and Donna Loya. The men’s soccer team put up a good battle but unfortunately lost the game 2-1. To wrap up the week 537 Cougars attended Masquerade Ball at HOB. The night was filled with dancing, friends, and lasting memories!

Homecoming Court 2011: Arthur Silverstein, Donna Loya, Kenneth LaLonde, Brian ten Bosch, Adam Hayes. Not pictured: Stacey Hildebrand

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Associated Students, Inc. Student Magazine

Cross Cultural Center The cross cultural center is dedicated to supporting the students of CSUSM. We provide services and implement programs that foster an inclusive environment to encourage full and equal participation of all students. Our dedication to supporting students

aligns with the university's commitment to respecting and modeling the diversity of our region within a context of social justice. We

seek involvement of all students and welcome suggestions, dialogue, feedback, and opportunities for collaboration.

Question of the Month What is SOAR? SOAR or, Student Outreach And Referral, is a one stop shop for any questions you may have. Don’t know where the CLARKE is? Call (760)750SOAR and get your answer in seconds. Student Outreach And Referral is a centralized service look(Left )Flyer for SOAR (Right) Ryan Thomson, 1st year, Pre-Business who asked the “Question of the Month”

ing to give you all the answers, resolve all concerns, identify opportunities within the campus, support student success, and help first generation families and students. You can find SOAR at Craven Hall 3600 if you have any personal questions.

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Introduction of Civility Student of the Month Civility can mean a number of

at 3600 Craven Hall and/or future

demonstrate the highest

things for many individuals; it can

Civility events.

attributions of “care,

be an act or a way of behaving.

respect, and empathy

Care, Respect, Empathy, Culture,

The value of community here at

while acknowledging

and Humanity are the guiding

our school and empowering other

the culture and human-

themes for the Civility Campaign

students to take part in the

ity of others” as stated in the

here at Cal State San Marcos. The

“Civility, Civility, Civility Pass it

CSUSM civility campaign page.

civility campaign is led by the

on” tradition which is the passing

Civility Committee which is repre-

of bracelets to others for acts of

sented by CSUSM faculty, staff,

civility. If you see someone who

and students from multiple depart-

embodies the tenants of Civility,

“...the Starting October 4th, there will be T -shirts and giveaways that will be available for all, and every first

ments. The campaign is housed in

please give them a bracelet and Tuesday of the month will be the

the Dean of Students Office.

inform them of the Civility cam-

you to tell us your bracelet stories

Dean of Students, Dr. Greg Toya,

on the CSUSM Civility Facebook

stated “the objective of the cam-


paign is to create a culture of civility at CSUSM.” The campaign

All members of the community

began through presentations at

who are awarded bracelets will be

Orientation for every new first-year

deemed “Civility Champions.”

and transfer student. New students

Each month, our school is selected

recited the civility pledge. The

a student, faculty, or staff members

committee invites you to officially

as Civility ICONS (Initiating Civil-

join by reciting the Civility pledge

ity Opportunities Now). ICONS

the campaign is to create a

Civility T-shirt day! If you want to

culture of

join the Civility Campaign, please

civility at

go to


paign. The committee encourages The committee chair, Associate

objective of

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Associated Students, Inc. Student Magazine

Cougar Athletics! This fall semester has brought on one of CSUSM’s best attributes: its athletics! In the fall, the students of Cal State fill with pride to watch men and women’s soccer, our nationally ranked cross-country team, and our newly acquired women’s volleyball team. Each team has started strong so far in the month of September and they hope to continue it going into October.

ing game last week on Saturday, as well as games on October 14th, 16th, and 19th but unfortunately none of them are at home. The women’s volleyball team has their next game on the 6th and then on the 12th, both of which will be at home.

The men and women’s soccer team We hope to see you all there at had their much awaited Homecom-

CSUSM’s next home games, and also to be at our new men’s basketball team’s first game happening in November!

Our Greek Community With the first month of school already underway, members of the Greek community at CSUSM have mapped out what should be an eventful month of activities.

munity is proud to welcome the addition of Alpha Psi Rho, Nu Alpha Kappa, and Alpha Omicron Pi. Greek Leadership Council meetings will be held every Tuesday the 6th, 13th and First and foremost, the Greek com- 27th and on October 7th the

Alpha Pi Sigma sorority will be hosting their annual bowling night. For all members of the Greek community, the annual Greek Week will kickoff on the 18th, followed by the All Greek Semi Formal Saturday the 22nd. The winning chapter for this event will be announced at 6 pm on the 25th.

The Greek community will also be participating in the VIBE event on the 15th. Interviews for the Greek Leadership Council reThis story can fit 75-125 cruitment team will be words. th Selecting pictures or graphics is conducted on the 19 , and the team will be anan important part of adding nounced on the 22nd. Alcontent to your newsletter. pha Pi Sigma will be parThink about your article and ask yourself if the picture sup- ticipating in two philanports or enhances the message thropy events; the Ameriyou’re trying to convey. Avoid can Diabetes Walk in Misselecting images that appear to sion Bay and will be going be out of context. to the Ronal McDonald Microsoft Publisher includes house. thousands of clip art images from which you can choose

Volume 1, Issue 2

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This Month’s Student Org Highlight:

TUE OCT 18 @ 6pm The Clarke Field House, Room 113 In 1968, 100-meter Bronze medalist John Carlos stood on the medal stand at the Mexico City Olympic

The 1968 Mexico City Olympics Black Power Salute: Past, Present, & Future

Games, and with his teammate, Gold medalist Tommy Smith, raised a blackgloved fist. Learn more about the significance of this iconic moment and Civil Rights history directly from the

source of an Olympic champion. Cosponsors: USUAB, SLL, Athletics, Ethnic Studies and Global Studies Programs, and Communication, History, and Sociology Departments.

Tommy Smith and teammate John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics.

ASI Calendar

“To Serve, Engage, and Empower Students”

Positive Personal Ads

333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd. San Marcos, CA 92096-0001 (760) 750-4000

Have something nice or funny or thoughtful you want to tell someone? Send your Positive Personal Ad to and we’ll publish it in the next ASI Student Magazine! Keep it short and anonymous! It can be to anyone! So have fun with it and send thanks to someone who made your day. To my lovely roommates of B-310. I love you girls with all my heart. I am so blessed to have you girls as my roommates and now life long friends. To the guy always playing his guitar and harmonica throughout campus, you make my day! -- The girl with the yellow rainboots

We’re on the Web! calstatesanmarcosasi

Thank you to all the CSUSM community that came out to support all the Homecoming events. To my amazing floor partner, you brighten my day with you beautiful smile and positive attitude. I am sooooo lucky to have you! C2 for life! ;) Raven, I think you're amazing and so so fun to be around. I miss seeing you more often, but when I do see you it really makes my day. Cipriano! You are so talented and I really look up to you. Everyone notices how hard you work, can't wait to see what other fantastic things you do on campus!!

morning, and just smile thank you! Big shout out to the people who made Homecoming Week a big success and a lot of fun! Let’s keep the tradition goin’ :) To the guy that sits in front of me in bio … I think your glasses make you look really cute and smart. To the best RA partner in the world, I would be lost in a lonely state of depression without your guidance. SARA! You are amazing and the best co-worker. This is going to a be fun year. Hope you like the flowers! Dear non-Red Bull-liking BOD member: thank you for always snagging a Red Bull when they’re on campus & bringing it to the office share.  Dear Homecoming Queen, Our CLAW dreams came true! Haha...balling!—Homecoming King

USUAB—you are one hot group of students. Keep up your hard work on campus! To my roommate/coworker/best friend, thanks for always making me laugh and for not getting on my nerves since we are together all the time! Oh and for always having a rave in the office :) To the community service specialist, you are the sweetest person ever and brighten my day on the daily! Jennnayyyyyyyyy from SLL, you are simply amazing! God bless America! Hey Danny in ASI, your dreeeeaaaammmmyyyy :) Hugo from Campus Rec, your so legit, keep up the great events! Is it just me or do we have the best looking people at the school? To the buff Jose who always wears a tank top, why are you so good looking? Dear ASI President, I can’t help but get lost in your beautiful eyes while you give your long, long speeches.

Thank you to my B2 residents for simply being amazing! I love you all Thank you to my Business professor for always taking the extra time to help me after class. To the girl who works at Starbucks, thanks for always giving me extra whipped cream! I just want to say thank you to the people that do the little things ; holding the door open, say good

Hunan is a well-established restaurant that has been in its current location in the RB Food Park for over 20 years, serving authentic Chinese food for both in-house and take-out dining. Over the years the restaurant has become a fixture in the community and has established a good reputation for the best value Asian food in the area. Hunan Chinese Restaurant 16719 Bernardo Center Dr, Suite B San Diego

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