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Associated Students, Inc. Student Magazine Volume 1, Issue 3

November-December 2011

A peek into the future: 2014 University Student Union The Quad

The ASI President’s Corner

How to Start an Organization on Campus

Resolution Condemning Hate Speech

Cougar Basketball!






On February 23, 2012 the campus of Cal State San Marcos will begin a new era when it officially breaks ground for the University Student Union. Thanks to students who came before you, this long-term dream is finally becoming a reality. CSUSM students are forward thinkers and have chosen to make this investment in the future of their campus and for students yet to come. This student fee-funded building will change campus life as we currently know it. In fact, this new campus landmark will be much more than just a building. The new USU has some defined goals that it plans to accomplish. With input from students, goals were developed and shared with the team of architects and contractors to ensure that this project would be designed


CSUSM Holiday Toy Drive KickOff


spaces will be abundant, flexible, innovative and accessible. It will allow • CSUSM to build community within and beyond the campus, while creating enduring campus loyalty for our present and future Alumni. This “green” building will be granted with a LEED Gold rating. So what exactly will the new University Student Union look like and what will be in it when the doors open in the Spring Semester of 2014? That’s a great

89,283 sq. ft. – much larger than the 58,376 we had originally hoped for

USU will be located just to the west of the Chavez Stairs Four stories, with the 4th floor being at the Library Plaza Level

indoor & outdoor dining areas Coffee shop & lounge, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, convenience store Quiet Lounge, Spiritual Lounge, TV Lounge, Activity Room and Commuter Lounge

New home to Student Life & Leadership, Tukwut Leadership Center, and ASI, Inc.

Social Justice Centers will expand and come together under one roof: Cross Cultural Center, Pride Center and Women’s Center; also include will be a shared a resource center

A ballroom four times the size of the Clarke Grand Salon in addition to 2 meeting rooms

Office space for the Student Union Operations and the University Corporation

question! Here is a sneak peek:

especially for Cal State San Marcos students. • The new USU will be the “heartbeat” of the campus and make all students feel welcome. Students will be the focus of the USU and it will support the

Board of Directors Meetings

development of Campus Life, as well as support the engagement and reten• tion of students. Student

For more information and to follow the progress of the USU construction visit:

Two towers, connected by a multi-level, outdoor amphitheater Proand a patio with a green roof jects_Construction/25.USU.html

Four food concepts with several

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Associated Students, Inc. Student Magazine

The Quad Opening in Fall 2012 Have you noticed all the construction going on across the street near the Clarke and the UVA? Well get excited because all of that dirt that's being pushed around is going to be our BRAND NEW housing complex! The

Quad is expected to open for residents in fall 2012 and will be housing over 250 residents! Some exciting features of this new building, all of the rooms will have complete kitchen furnishings, flat screen TVs, free WiFi, student lounges

throughout the space, AND a game cave! For more information about the Quad, or if you would like to fill out an application to live there next year, check out www.thequadsanmarc OR "like" The Quad on Facebook.

The ASI President’s Corner The mission of Associated Students Inc. is to Engage, Empower and Serve the students of CSU San Marcos. With that being said I am incredibly proud of the work that all of the entities of ASI are doing, but we still have a lot of work to do in order to serve as many students as possible.

on this campus. Every student pays a fee to ASI and therefore every student should feel engaged by their student representation.

The representatives on the Board of Directors understand this and are working hard to develop new ways of reaching the students on this campus “Every one of It is my belief and incorporating their voices our entities is into advocating for a better that our student campus. Every one of our putting on organizational entities is putting on incredible incredible leaders play a programs that all students can vital role in engage in, and my hope is that stuprograms that creating the dents are getting the all students can campus climate message that ASI is here to serve that is student them. engage in” centered and it is that belief It has been a great honor serving that drives my the student body here at CSU San vision to see a Marcos in the capacity of President collaborative effort from every en- & CEO of ASI and I can assure tity of ASI to reach every student every student on this campus that

their student representatives are hard at work. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the Board of Directors with any suggestions or concerns and good luck with finals!! Sincerely, Travis Wilson

Volume 1, Issue 3

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How to Start an Organization on Campus

Student Life and Leadership (SLL) provides simple guidelines for any CSUSM student who is interested in starting an organization on campus. Student organizations who would like to be recognized need to fill out five forms: online recognition form, officers form, advisor’s form, student organization bank account form, and student organization bank account signature form. In addition to filling out the forms, stu- ing for specific events through ASI. A dents need to submit a constitution successful organization needs a purand/or by-laws. Officers of the student pose, set goals, have and maintain a list of requirements to be part of the ororganization need to meet specific academic requirements and attend the ganization, and publicize their organization well to grow. Student Organization University Recognition Conference (SOURCe). If you are interested, come visit SLL in Student members of the organization Craven Hall 3400 to speak to any staff need to have at least five members who member to start an organization are current CSUSM students. Recog- during the spring semester. SLL also nized organizations need to follow provides an online handbook that CSUSM’s policies, code of conduct, and gives more information on how to represent the campus in a positive man- start an organization, different policies ner. They also have privileges, such as and procedures, event planning, and reserving event spaces, having a mailbox the necessary paperwork to start an in SLL, and receiving full or partial fund- organization.

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Associated Students, Inc. Student Magazine

Resolution Condemning Hate Speech WHEREAS The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) of California State University San Marcos is the representative body, and the official voice of the students of California State University San Marcos; and WHEREAS ASI is dedicated to core values of diversity and social justice, articulated in the Bylaws of the Corporation as commitment to creating, maintaining, and strengthening a respectful, inclusive, safe, and affirming environment for the students of Cal State San Marcos; and WHEREAS The mission of ASI to serve, engage, and empower students; and WHEREAS

The members of the ASI Board of Directors are committed partners in the CSUSM Civility Campaign; and WHEREAS ASI values the right to the Constitutional First Amendment of Freedom of Speech, whether ASI agrees or disagrees with what is being said or expressed, believing that this right enhances education and life in general, creating a diverse society which encourages open dialogue; and WHEREAS Activities and organizations which have the effect of disempowering individuals and communities through a rhetoric of fear, hate, or injustice are inconsistent with the core values and mission of Associated Students, Inc. NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOVED That ASI affirms the importance of care, respect, and empathy in creating and sustaining a supportive campus climate which is both physically and psychologically safe and which acknowledges the dignity, culture, and humanity of others. RESOLVED That ASI adamantly opposes any form of language or behavior which can be construed as hate, which objectifies others based on their cultural and/or community identities, or which can be construed as inciting illegal activity or violence toward any individual or group. RESOLVED That ASI establishes a Social Justice Action Team to generate solutions to the issues and concerns of the students on this campus. In addition ASI will allocate the resources necessary to support the Social Justice Action Team in their efforts to produce action oriented solutions. RESOLVED That the Associated Students, Inc. of California State University San Marcos will distribute copies of this resolution to CSUSM Students, Chancellor Charles B. Reed, the CSU Board of Trustees, California State Student Association, the CSUSM Academic Senate, President Karen S. Haynes, Vice President of Student Affairs Eloise Stiglitz, Associate Vice President for Diversity & Educational Equity Derrick Crawford, and Campus Climate Advocate Scott Gross.

Volume 1, Issue 3

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Cougar Basketball! The months of November and December will be ones that will go down in CSU San Marcos history, as they will see the debut season of our first basketball teams! Many students got a first glance at the team when they played in an exhibition match at SDSU against the Aztecs. Although they lost by 15 points, it was still a victory for all of the students to finally have basketball to support. Our Cougar basketball then started their season on November 5th in their debut match against Vanguard University, and they did not

disappoint! The Cougars dominated over them out and support! and won their first game 86-61. The team has many games coming up but the next home game The lady Cougars have also started their is on November 23rd so do your best to come inaugural season, although to somewhat of a rocky start. They won both their exhibition games against Chico State and Grand Canyon University, but lost their two away games. They will be playing December 8th at home against Point Loma. The game is at 7:30 so make sure to come out! Along with that, the UCSD Classic is November 25th and 26th so head down to UC San Diego to check out the games. For more information on game schedules check the CSUSM website!

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Associated Students, Inc. Student Magazine

Board of Directors Meetings Ever wanted to see how a Board of Directors (BOD) meeting is run? Well, every single BOD meeting is open to the public! If you ever wanted to state your creative ideas, meet the BOD, or just see the agenda in action, make sure to check out the upcoming BOD meetings.

The BOD wants to hear your opinion! Remember, they are here to serve you! If you do want to come to the upcoming meetings as a guest then come to Commons 206 on November 18th and/or December 2nd. The meetings begin at 3:00 PM and end at 5:00 PM. We want to see you there Cougars!

Volume 1, Issue 3

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CSUSM Holiday Toy Drive Kick-Off The holidays are nearing and many kids in San Diego and North County experience the holiday season without any gifts due to financial hardships. Associated Students Inc. Campus Activities Board has teamed up with many organizations on campus to make sure kids in our community have a wonderful holiday season. Join us for the CSUSM Holiday Toy-Drive Kick-off on Tuesday, Nov. 15th, in Library Plaza from 11:30am-1:00pm. There will be free food, activities, relays, giveaways, crafts to be made for the kids, and holiday fun! San Diego’s #1 Country Radio Station, KSON, will also be joining us on campus to kick-off the month long toy drive.

Please bring a NEW UNWRAPPED toy to donate to the Ronald McDonald House San Diego as well as the Vista Unified School District. With the help of CSUSM Students, each child will receive a toy, holiday card, and a holiday ornament. The CSUSM Holiday Toy drive will take place between November 15thDecember 15th, and toys may be dropped off in the ASI Corporate Office, The Clarke, and the University Village Apartments. This program is made possible by ASI Campus Activities Board, USUAB, AXO, AXiD, For The Kids Clothing, and KSON. Your support and contributions make a difference in kid’s lives this Holiday Season. Happy Holidays Cougars!!

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“To Serve, Engage, and Empower Students” Board of Directors 2011-2012

Travis Wilson President & CEO Weston Ryan Vice President of Operations & COO Brandon Losey Vice President of Finance & CFO Scott Silviera Vice President of External Affairs & CCO Kenneth LaLonde Vice President of Marketing & CMO Huliana Poyrazoglu Chair Sarah Do College of Business Representative Mason Smith College of Business Representative Audrey Juarez CHABSS Representative Daniel Mahoney CHABSS Representative Janet Barajas COEHHS Representative Veronica Macias COEHHS Representative Jennifer Ehrhart COSM Representative Jordan Moore COSM Representative Jose Parra Student Representative-at –Large Sammi Carr Student Representative-at –Large Cipriano Vargas Social Justice Officer Advisors Sara Gallegos Associate Executive Director Rodger D’Andreas Executive Director Standing Invitees Lori Brockett Alumni Association Board Representative Wayne Aitken Academic Senate Representative Eloise Stiglitz President's Designee Katy Rees University CFO Designee

Positive Personal Ads Have something nice or funny or thoughtful you want to tell someone? Send your Positive Personal Ad to and we’ll publish it in the next ASI Student Magazine! Keep it short and anonymous! It can be to anyone! So have fun with it and send thanks to someone who made your day. RA in C2...your cool and really I <3 country music really really good looking. BOARD OF DIRECM. Walsh keep doing great TORS UNITE! things! You’re a stud ! I love smiles! I love seeing my roommates do ASI President yoooou are Be grateful for what you weird things! :) soooo hawwtt have! I love when my roommate Can I just say that this person dances online! It makes me makes it fun coming to work Parra you keep on doing every single day?!?! It’s fun talk- what you do. How you smile :) ing to you and also secretly do everything that your facebooking messaging while Nick you have a nice car!! involved with is LEGIT! others are in the room hahaha Ryan Gosling in “Crazy. =) You’re awesome! Stupid. Love.” Yeah do you get sooooo Your awesome Sara G! You enough said. seriously put 100% in everybuff!?!? Seriously your swoll GO Chargersss kill thing you do! Your amazing! Thank you for the smile and itt!!!!!! hows it going every single day! Happy Birthday Marine Corps! God Bless America! =) makes my day! View the barriers of life as challenges, not as obstacles. In challenges, you fight to win. In obstacles, you hinder from progress.

I honestly look up to you man. I don’t know how you do it all but somehow you can balance everything out. If I could be half the leader and man you are I will be content. Keep doing work and good luck with graduate school brother! Mike will be missed. We love you and wish you the best. You were a role model to many and we will all strive to achieve the success that you pushed for every single day. Plain and simple, your work ethic was AMAZING. You were honestly a cheerleader for every single individual. Keep doing sikk things up there!

Good luck on finals Cougars!

ASI CAB...what can’t you do!?

Campus Rec keep up the Great To all the people who hold Work! To my girlfriend, I love you!

doors open..thank you for that!

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ASI Student Magazine November-December 2011  

Come read about the 2014 University Student Union, the Quad, the Resolution Condemning Hate Speech, and much much more! Get excited Cougars!

ASI Student Magazine November-December 2011  

Come read about the 2014 University Student Union, the Quad, the Resolution Condemning Hate Speech, and much much more! Get excited Cougars!