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ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES CalSouthern offers associate, bachelors, masters, doctoral and Juris Doctor Degrees in programs designed to meet the needs of adult Learners. Meeting the admission requirements is one indicator that a Learner is qualified to enter and able complete the degree program. In general, a high school diploma or GED or the equivalent is required for admission to the associate or bachelor's degree programs; a bachelor's degree or equivalent 120 credits is required for admission to the graduate programs towards a master's or doctorate degrees. The admission policies are intended to encourage mature adults, whether employed or not, who may or may not be constrained by place of residence or travel or time or finances or prior educational experiences to have an opportunity to earn a coveted academic credential. Admission should not be made difficult or unnecessarily exclusive. To accomplish this "field of opportunity" the university has established the following admission categories and requirements.

Non-Discrimination in Admissions Policy All admission decisions are based solely on potential benefits to the applicant/learner and are free of any bias such as age, ancestry, disability, color, national origin, marital status, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other discriminatory measure.

Academic, Administrative, and Financial Policies The Academic, Administrative, and Financial Policies and Procedures sections of the university catalog apply to all schools within the university. Each school has additional policies and procedures that pertain only to its programs. Please refer to the section in this catalog for each academic program for full information on policies and procedures.

Official Transcripts Defined To properly evaluate an applicant’s prior academic achievements and to develop a CalSouthern Degree Plan it is necessary for the applicant to provide official documents/transcripts for evaluation. An official transcript is a document that is sent from the issuing educational institution directly to CalSouthern. In today’s telecommunication age, CalSouthern will accept transcripts and documents transmitted by email or fax directly from the issuing institution as official. CalSouthern recognizes that the process of requesting and obtaining official transcripts may involve some delay in enrolling and starting classes. Therefore, CalSouthern accepts unofficial copies when available to enable applicants to begin classes as a Conditional/non-matriculating learner who may take our courses on a course-by-course basis to allow time for the official transcripts to arrive.

International Official Transcripts CalSouthern welcomes international learners from all over the world. Official documents of the applicant’s previous educational achievements must be submitted in English. Official transcripts must be issued directly to the Registrar at CalSouthern directly, in a sealed envelope, or by electronic transmission. The international sending institution must be approved by the country’s Ministry of Education or the responsible governmental agency.

Community College Student Admission CalSouthern welcomes Community College Students to continue their college studies toward a bachelor’s degree. The university recognizes a particular problem that many CC students face; the problem of transferring the courses and credits earned at the CC to a senior 4-year institution. CalSouthern has developed a bachelor’s program to solve this problem: the

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