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FESTIVAL Online Event Guide


Friendly Fun, Food Fashion & Free Stuff

Held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union


Admission! Friday, Feb 26th



Students & Supporters Over 80 Sponsors Exhibitors & Restaurants

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Table of Contents

Green Eats – page 9 Exhibitors – page 11 Sponsors – page 13 15 e g a p – s t r o p S l a r u m a r t Green In 7 1 e g a p – s b lu C t r o p S Green 19 e g a p – s e r u t n e v d A l a C Green 1 2 e g a p – t u o k r o W Green RSF 8 2 e g a p – s t r o p S c e R l a Greening C 5

PLAY GREEN, LIVE GREEN Help us make UC Berkeley and the planet a better place to live!

textbook recycling

caring about cartons

Buying and selling used textbooks helps reduce the reliance on natural resources.

Packaging cartons from our shipping facilities are reused or shredded into packing materials.

fair labor association

clothing and supplies

As a member of the FLA, we support protecting workers’ rights and improving working conditions worldwide.

We’re dedicated to bringing in new, environmentally friendly clothing and school supply items.


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How we’re Greening the PLAYgreen Festival Zero Waste­—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Reduce—The majority of our promotional efforts will be online, via Facebook, and through our online event guide! Reuse—We’re going paperless wherever possible and using recyclable materials for the majority of our signage! Recycle—The event will be outfitted with recycling stations, including trash, compost, and recycling bins, throughout the event. Signage will be strategically placed near each recycling station and throughout the facility!

Sustainable Transportation No Idling Rule—During load-in/out, trucks and cars will have designated parking at specified times to avoid idling and promote cleaner air Public Transportation—The link to’s Trip Planner will be provided on the event website, for attendees to find the best method of public transportation to get them to the event

Green Eats—The natural, organic and sustainable way! Compost—Compost bins will be easily accessible both for participating restaurants and attendees Biodegradable—We’ll be providing biodegradable spudware for all Green Eats participants Styrofoam Free—The PLAYgreen Festival will be a Styrofoam Free event!

Reducing PLAYgreen’s Climate Footprint Support the locals—In order to support the Buy Local Berkeley campaign, we are inviting locally owned and operated businesses to be a part of the event. 7


with a new twist!

2600 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704 P 510.845.8981 R 800.238.7268

Green Eats Green Eats Touch, Taste and Experience 12:00–2:00pm Featuring selected local and Bay Area Restaurants

Complete schedule and restaurant line-up available at


Go Green. Get Green.

A $5 Ownership Share Account is required. Free Checking with E-Statements and direct deposit or Online Banking enrollment required to receive cash bonus, which is paid the day you open your accounts. Accounts must remain active for 180 days or you will be required to replay the bonus in full. Minimum deposit is $100. Offer is limited to the first 500 people who respond and is subject to change without notice. Existing members are not eligible for this offer.

PLAYgreen Festival Exhibitors AlterEco Fair Trade Army ROTC Audrey Acosta Designs Berkeley’s Kitchen Berkeley Zimride Rideshare BYOG East Bay Municipal Utility District Farm Fresh To You Food and Water Watch Fresh Snack Pack / Go Fresh, LLC Green Heart Global Hotel Durant Intrepid Travel Kate’s Caring Gifts Klean Kanteen Lotus Foods Love at First Sit Office of Sustainability Organic Beauty Now Organic Valley Peace Corps People Towels Rentalic, Inc. Saturn Café SF Soup Company Silo Ink Theo Chocolate UC Berkeley Career Center UC Botanical Gardens Vaska Whole Foods Market Berkeley

Cal Student Groups ASUC Sustainability Team (STEAM) BARE BEACN Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy Berkeley Roots and Shoots Berkeley Student Food Collective Building Sustainability at Cal Cal Environmental Team CalSol (Outside Vehicle Space— Lower Sproul) Engineers without Borders/ Engineers for a Sustainable World Greening Berkeley, Cal Corps Public Service Center Harnessing Human Power at the RSF Lower Sproul Student Council Refill Revolution Residential Sustainability Program TGIF­—The Green Initiative Fund The Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology Turning Green

Complete Exhibitor listing available at 11

don’t beg the kid with the car. be the kid with the car. cars on campus, by the hour or day. gas & insurance included.

get $ 25 in free driving when you join for $ 25. join at use promo code goldenbear you only need to be 18+ to join.

PLAYgreen Festival brought to you by

with support from the following sponsors

Complete Sponsor listing available at 13

How to Green your Intramural Sports experience

»»Invest in a reusable stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic water bottles »» Recycle your plastic bottles and clean up after yourself and your teammates »» Buy used equipment on Craigslist »» Select Anvil Organic when you purchase your team shirts »» Walk or ride your bike to games instead of driving

Go to for more details!

Green Fact: Over one-third of the UC Berkeley Student Body competes annually in Intramural Sports. 15

How to Green your Sport Club experience: »» Buy carbon credits to offset your trips to away games »» Take as few cars as possible to away games »» Snack on fruit instead of things with wrappers »» Challenge your team to a “no plastic bottle challenge” »» Email your newsletters instead of mailing them Go to for more details!

Green Fact: There are over 1,300 Cal Rec Student Athletes that compete on 28 Sport Club teams. 17

Written by Naomi Iizuka Directed by Les Waters Now–April 11 Tickets $27+ · Under 30? ½-price! Call 510 647-2949 · Click 30 Below post-show party for 20-somethings tonight— free with your half-priced ticket!

At Berkeley Rep our Green Committee advances our agenda for responsible environmental behavior. We promote mass transit, ridesharing and carpooling among audiences. Our audiences recycle and compost at the Theatre. We now compost four yards a week and recycle more than ever. We’ve replaced many incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents or leds. We use fsc lumber in our scene shop. Check us out at Season Sponsors

How to Green your Cal Adventures experience »» Ride your bike down to the marina »» Take the 9 bus from Shattuck down to the marina »» Use eco-friendly sunscreen »» Pack your own organic lunch in an eco-friendly bag »» Bring your friends if you drive and car pool

Go to for more details! 19

How to Green your RSF Workout: »» Use only one towel or none at all »» Invest in a reusable stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic water bottles »» Shorten your shower to save water »» Bike or walk to the RSF…it’s only a couple blocks! »» Donate your old shoes or recycle them instead of throwing them away Go to for more details! 21

How to Green your Workout Tips »» Buy eco-friendly workout clothes »» Limit your use of towels and wash them in cold water »» Use stainless steel bottles instead of plastic water bottles »» Walk or bike to the gym »» Limit your showers Go to Yahoo! Green for more details! Green Fact: Only 10% of plastic water bottles get recycled. The rest end up in landfills.


Cafe Colucci

Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

Voted Express Best of the East Bay Eight Years in a Row!

DELICIOUS VEGAN OptIONS 6427 telegraph Ave • Oakland • 510.601.7999


Make a Difference! It’s as easy as shopping, visiting a museum, or dining at

“Buy, Discover, and Visit” @ Your gateway to all things Cal! We need your help to make a difference! •

Dine at campus restaurants which carry organically grown, sustainable produce Buy licensed logoed merchandise that is produced under fair labor conditions Support the Cal Independent Scholars’ Network, an organization that supports Cal students independent from foster care Participate in public service activities

Links and information are available at Cal Marketplace.

Visit us at the PLAYgreen Festival to learn more about the campus’ socially responsible activities and programs, and for a chance to win prizes! Cal Marketplace is a program of the Office of Marketing & Business Outreach

*See this seal... It’s only on our 32oz. reNEWabottle


How to Green your Vacation Tips »» Take a vacation close to home »» Drive the speed limit »» Stay at a green hotel »» Drive a green rental car »» Check out eco-volunteer vacations Go to Green Your for more details!

Green Fact: A single night in a hotel generates approximately .01 metric tons of greenhouse gases, including CO2. 27

What We Are Doing »» Upgraded RSF lights to high efficiency, high output fluorescent lamps and transformers which will remove 132,000 pounds of CO2 from the air annually and save 252,000 KW hours of electricity »» Shifted our night custodians to the day shift in order to turn the light off at night which cuts our energy use by 10% »» Planted one tree in California forests damaged by fire for every new member of the Cal Rec Sports–RSF Facebook Group »» Upgraded RSF showers to low flow shower heads that use 30 less water

Green Fact: Over 480 pounds of garbage and 270 pounds of recycling were cleared by Cal Rec Sports volunteers on the Coastal Clean Up Day

to Green Cal Rec Sports »» Participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Day with   over 170 Cal Recreational Sports volunteers—the largest   group at the event »» Installed synthetic turf at the new Underhill field. The rubber   pellets in the field are made from recycled truck and car tires,    and the drain mat that the field is on top of, called DBS     Dynamic Base System, is made from recycled rubber as well.      Using an artificial field surface eliminates herbicide use and            reduces water use »» Created Locker Room Only   Memberships to encourage our    workers to commute by biking     or walking 29

How to Green your Commute Tips »» Shift your hours to avoid rush   hour traffic »» Ride public transit »» Carpool to work »» Walk or ride your bike to work »» Join a car sharing program Go to Green Your for more details!

Green Fact: If 10 percent of Americans used public transit every day, the US would decrease its reliance on foreign oil by 40 percent. 33




Stop by our booth to enter the drawing and spin to win other prizes!

Bowditch St. People’s Park

Euclid Ave.

Dwight Way

Hearst Ave.

Telegraph Ave.

Dana St.

Arch St.

Berkeley Way

Police Department

2004 University Avenue

ARTECH BUILDING 2002 Addison Street


Allston Way

California St.

Berkeley Way

Bancroft Way

McGee Ave.


Andronico’s Market

Berkeley Way


Strawberry Creek Park

Curtis St.

BART Station


AC Transit Bus Line


UC Shuttle Bus Line

Bonar St.

Addison St.

Curtis St. Public Library


Public Transportation

Berkeley Adult School

2116 Allston Way

2110 Haste Street

Sacramento St.


Hearst Ave.


Jr. Way

Channing Way

University Ave.

Ohlone Park

Delaware St. Hearst Ave.

Martin Luther King

2119 University Avenue

Grant St.

North Berkeley BART Station

Delaware St.

Milvia St.


City Hall

MLK Jr Civic Center Park

Public Library

Post Office

Durant Ave.


1910 Oxford Street Channing Way


Kittredge St.

Milvia St.


Fulton St.

Shattuck Ave.

Berkeley BART Station

Addison St.

Fire Station

Alliston Way

Center St.

Oxford St.

Shattuck Ave.

Ellsworth St.

Bancroft Way

Leasing Office

February 26th 10am - 4pm Pauley Ballroom in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union

Post Office

1370 University Avenue



How to Green your Party Tips »» Choose reusable dishes and flatware »»   Use biodegradable cups and dishes »» Send out invitations on Facebook   or Evite

Green Fact: In the 50 years or so since its invention, over 1 billion tons of plastic have been produced and nearly all of it is still in the environment.

»» Buy in bulk and look for items   with the least amount of   packaging »» Recycle your empty   cans and bottles   Go to EVO for   more details! 37

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Is Doing Our Part To‌. ~ ~Ensure a bounty of seafood for this and future generations. ~Support Environmentally responsible fishing and fish farming. ~Increase the demand for ocean friendly seafood. ~Give species in peril a break so that they may recover. Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto 1919 Fourth Street Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 845-7771

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How to Green your Gadget Tips »» Use a solar or wind charger for cell phones    and PDAs »» Unplug your cell phone charger when    you phone is not charging »» Adjust your computer’s power    settings to save energy »» Stick with your traditional tube TV    rather than upgrading to LCDs    and Plasma »» Recycle your old electronics Go to Green Your for more details!

Green Fact: Only about 5% of the power consumed by phone chargers is used to charge phones; 95% is consumed by the charger when no phone is plugged in. 41

How to Green your Dorm Room Tips »» Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL bulbs »» Choose bedding made from organic fibers »» Store your stuff instead of shipping it back and forth on breaks »» Install light timers and motion sensors »» Avoid the AC and Mini-Fridge Go to Green Your for more details!

Green Fact: Colleges and universities spend $6 billion each year on electricity. 43

Go Green with Berkeley Summer Sessions Over 500 courses including: - Geography - City & Regional Planning - Earth & Planetary Science -Environmental Design - Environmental Science, Policy, and Management - Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology

Summer International Travel Study Programs Study the environment and ecology in: - Kenya: Environment, Culture and Peacebuilding -London: Intern with an environmental organization (Check out tips on traveling green on our website)

Berkeley Summer Internship Program Our staff will help you find the eco-internship you are looking for. -Research existing environmental and social justice movements on university campuses. -Be an outreach representative at sustainability focused events throughout the west coast. -Track green behavior across the globe as it relates to sustainability; provide recommendations for future initiatives.

How to Green your Studying Tips »» Use recycled paper whenever possible »» Take notes on your laptop »» Use an ecofriendly pencil »» Study at the library because the lights will  be on there regardless if students are there »» Print on both sides of the paper Go to Green Universe City for more details!

Green Fact: The average college student uses over 320 lbs of paper a year, which equals to about 4 trees (forty feet in height and 6–8 inches in diameter). 45

How to Green your Career Tips »» Attend green Networking events »» Work for an environmentally responsible employer »» Seek environmental training and education »» Attend green networking events »» Use teleconferencing services Go to Green Your for more details!

Green Fact: Renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies (RE&EE) created 8.5 million new jobs in 2006 and could generate an additional 40 million jobs by 2030. 47

RECYCLE YOUR PHONE and save hundreds on a new phone can save you money


How to Green your Office Tips »» Work from home »» Keep your emails and documents digital instead of printing them out »» Start a recycling program at work »» Recycle your printer cartridges »» Buy carbon credits or ask your boss to buy carbon credits to offset your commute and business travel Go to Tree Hugger for more details!

Green Fact: Office buildings use approximately 19 percent of all energy consumed in the US, a number that’s proportionately higher than any other country in the world. 49

How to Green your Meal Out Tips »» Try visiting a green certified restaurant by checking »» Keep a set of utensils in your bag for times when you visit take out places »» Bring your own bag and containers for take out or leftovers, if feasible »» Order organic, in season, local, less red meat, or just veggie »» Ask for water only if you intend on drinking it Go to Green Your for more details!

Green Fact: Office buildings use approximately 19 percent of all energy consumed in the US, a number that’s proportionately higher than any other country in the world. 51

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How to Green your Wardrobe Tips »» Take good care of your clothes by mending small holes, sewing on missing buttons »» Cut up, sew and reinvent clothes you already have »» Take a field trip to local thrift stores »» Don’t dry clean unless absolutely necessary »» Buy organic cotton T-Shirts Go to Tree Hugger for more details!

Green Fact: To produce 11 pairs of jeans would take about 20,000 gallons, enough water to fill the average swimming pool. 53

How to Green your Grooming Tips »» Use natural exfoliating substances such as salt, brown sugar, and nuts »» If you can’t recognize or pronounce an ingredient in cosmetics, you probably don’t want it on your face »» Wash with natural soap »» Use a toothbrush with a replaceable head »» Pimples will dry up overnight with a dap of toothpaste Go to Green Your for more details!

Green Fact: On average, 89% of personal care products are not tested by the FDA or any other organization 55

How to Green your Cleaning Tips »» Buy green brands like Method, Seventh Generation, and Simple Green »» Make your own non-toxic homemade cleaning products using natural, everyday ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon »» Replace disposable wipes, sponges, and paper towels with old rags. »» Hang laundry up in the sun to dry for fresh smelling and longer lasting clothes »» Use natural air fresheners like house plants, open windows, and baking soda in the fridge and garbage can to absorb odors Go to Life Learning today   for details!

Green Fact: Green Factoid: The average American uses 40 pounds of toxic cleaning products. Twelve percent ends up in landfills and another 32 million pounds are poured down the drain. 57






How to Green your Groceries Tips »» Invest in an inexpensive reusable cloth bag »» Avoid excess packaging by choosing items with the least amount of packaging »» Check expiration dates and storage instructions to avoid wasting food »» Go to the farmer’s market and buy local »» Shop with a grocery list to avoid buying more than you need Go to Life Learning Today for more details!

Green Fact: Both paper and plastic bags are a strain on the environment. Paper kills more than 14 million trees while plastic requires 12 million barrels of oil. 59

Š 2009 Coca-Cola, LIVE POSITIVELY, the Contour Bottle and the Sustainability Symbols are trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company

Recycling Helps The World Go Round

Coca-Cola is proud to be part of UC Berkeley's PLAYgreen Festival.

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