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Cal Preserving Wood Restoration Company

About Us We at Cal Preserving has 25 years of experience in restoring and preserving of all types of wood. We are specialized in maintaining decks, fences, railing and all other exterior wooden surfaces. All our cleaning methods are ECO friendly.

Maintance Process Our maintenance process involves a chain of process to ensure the proper cleaning of your wooden surfaces.

Work area preparation Work area preparation : We remove all the furniture before work start or if not possible to remove them we simply move them to some other side so that they did not affect the near by things.

Surface Preparation Surface Preparation: After finalization of work area we check whether the surface have any kind of stain from the previous work. If they have then we remove them with special stain removing solutions.

Pressure Washing Pressure Washing: It is the most important step of maintance. Pressure washing removes all the dirt and stains in the cracks and give them a fresh look which is free from organic matter.

Repair Work Repair Work : This is not the necessary step. It is done if the wood is rotten or if there is any issue regarding structure.

Sanding Sanding: Sanding gives a superior look to the wooden surface. It also improves the ambience of the home as light reflects more after sanding. And chances of dust collection at the floor becomes very less. Therefore a floor remains clean for the long duration of time.

Bleaching Bleaching: It is done to remove the old dark stains and to enhance the brightness of the wood. It also removes the stains that are caused by nails.

Preserving Preserving: There are two methods for the preservation of deck, oil based and water based. Water based preservation is the modern method and the oil based was used previously. But the customer can choose any option as both leaves very good results.

Before And After Deck Gallery

Siding: Before And After

FENCES, FURNITURE: before & after

BRICKS, CONCRETE: before & after


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1906 Plymouth St.

Mountain View, CA 94043


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Cal Preserving is the famous deck preservation company in Oakland providing you the services of restoration and maintenance of any kind of w...

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