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Version 2.0 of InfiniDB, Calpont’s signature column oriented database software, has arrived. And not a moment too soon. The underlying value of information is becoming more critical for many businesses as they use massive amounts of data to aggressively identify trends, find patterns, build predictive models of future behavior and act on that analysis. Long gone are the days when the primary function of a Data Warehouse is to serve as an accountant and passively capture summary information of historical events. In the face of these new demands for analysis, traditional database technologies have failed to keep up. Their reliance on technological foundations best suited to find individual records has proven to be ill-suited for driving value out of large data sets. This has resulted in a chasm between the needs of the business and the ability of traditional database technology to deliver. Our customers will tell you that InfiniDB definitely fills the gap; offering performance out of the box, predictable performance, and a future proof solution that will grow in capability with the business. Our automatic vertical and horizontal partitioning, automatic storage indexes, and fully parallel and distributed scalable architecture are immediately available with a simple create table statement. As Jim Tommaney, our CTO, is fond of saying: "with InfiniDB, you get the performance that you paid for instead of what the DBA may or may not deliver". Building on the feedback from the thousands of members of the Calpont InfiniDB Community, our engineers have designed InfiniDB 2.0 with three new performance-enhancing features: •

Data Compression with Real-Time Decompression. Taking advantage of the similarity of data values within a column file, we have designed InfiniDB 2.0 to compress data and free up disk space for faster performance. InfiniDB 2.0 uses real-time decompression algorithms allowing for acceleration of I/O bound queries, enabling larger and more indepth analysis. User-Defined Function (UDF) for In-Database Analytics. The UDF capability of InfiniDB 2.0 allows a user to easily customize the program’s business logic and analytic functions. The result is improved latency for in-database calculations and highthroughput for deep operational and predictive analytics. The ability to create these custom functions allows for extensible business logic to be executed against our extensible, scale-out infrastructure. We look forward to the exciting possibilities, enabling customers to craft their own creative, high performing and scalable solutions on top of the InfiniDB foundation. Partition Drop enhances existing Automatic Partitioning. Partition drop enhances the InfiniDB fast load rate, allowing for even faster removal of data for critical analysis of ever-moving ranges of data.

Discover what our customers have found, that simple administration, tremendous load rates, and the experience of immediately realizing hyper-speed query response times are a liberating experience. When they see a 10x - 1000x performance improvement over their old row-based architecture, at a fraction of the cost, they will also appreciate InfiniDB’s price tag.

Follow this blog in the coming days for an interview with our CEO, Jeff Vogel, about the changes coming in databases, customer case studies and more about InfiniDB 2.0. To learn how much InfiniDB 2.0 can do for you, download a free trial.

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