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Do you find your job annoying sometimes? ..considering a lot of residents donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really pay attention to the stuff you do. The job does require a lot of time and commitment, but the it is rewarding and we do it more so to help those willing to be helped. Residents may think others donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t pay attention, but they really do. Most of the programs offered have been successful and helpful. We do programs to offer variety, where as if you lived anywhere else, you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get that




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Stephan Jackson community feel and you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have anyone to go to. Remember, CAs arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just here to put on programs, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re also here to be your guide and help you through the things life throws at you.

Mike Kim Manny Velazco Lexi Watkins

1 ready for finals? pg. healthy life pg. 3 happiest pla ce on Earth pg. 4

are you KIKing it? pg. 4 Q & A for ur CA pg.5


THE HAPPENINGS tips to survive finals week

5. Get enough sleep. Don’t pull an “all nighter.” You will do better if you are rested, and cramming often leads to a superficial and confused knowledge of the material you have studied.

1. Don’t panic (make too much of the final). The first thing you should do is to check what the final is worth in each course. Remember, it is only one component of your final grade. If it is worth 20% or less, you probably won’t be able to bring your final grade up or down by more than one grade level (e.g., B to B+), unless you perform extremely better or worse than you have on other exams and assignments during the quarter. 2. Don’t be too relaxed (make too little of the final). On the other hand, you should try to do as well on the final as you possibly can. Sometimes the final is a big part of your final grade (30% or more), in which case it is more likely to make a significant difference in your final average. It is better not to go into the final with the idea, “I just need to get x number of points to keep my B (or whatever it is) average.” It may not be possible to calculate this accurately anyway, since teachers sometimes compute things like participation grades at the very end.

6. Resist the urge to party on “off” days. Instead, if you have a break in your exam schedule, use it to get a head start on the exams coming up. This can be a time to catch up on missed reading. REMEMBER: if you party, you will need to recover! And research has shown that people who engage in high-risk drinking deaden their cognitive skills (ability to recall and organize information, etc.) 7. Arrive on time for the exam. Be especially careful about setting your alarm the night before. Save yourself the anxiety of arriving late. 8. Follow the instructions of the exam. Nothing may be more important than to follow the instructions. You will lose points for not addressing what is required.

9. Don’t worry about others finishing earlier than you. This could mean ANYTHING. It 3. Make time for “renewing” activities. often means these students have This is NOT the time to stop exercising or written a mediocre or poor exam. doing other things that you find enjoyable. Take the time YOU need. Pace yourself! You will study more effectively if you spread things out and 10. When the exam is over, let it go! take breaks. But watch the proportions Forget it! Move on to the next here. Beware of doing 15 minutes of one, or go enjoy the break! If you studying followed by a two-hour break to do have major concerns, make an play a video game! appointment to see your advisor at a mutually convenient time. 4. Use an effective study method. The key to effective retention is repetition, and not overloading your brain.





Don’t forget to check out PASS on your MyCalPoly Portal. The Office of the Registrar is advising students to check the (PRE)REQUISITES on PASS before your enrollment date. Also, check for HOLDS! You may not register for classes if you have holds, so be sure to get them cleared. Priority: FRIDAY Nov. 12 Continuing Undergrads: Nov. 18 - Dec.2

Estrella, Gypsum win PCV competitions

PCV Energy Competition: Congratulations to Estrella for winning this year’s Energy Competition! Estrella won 2 consecutive weeks, enjoying both the bragging rights and the Monday night pizza. As a result of their energy-saving commitment, the residents will enjoy a prize that is sure to be a nice surprise. Way to go Estrella! PCV Soccer Tournament: Congratulations to Gypsum! The soccer tournament had a awesome turn-out and a lot of building pride! All players wore their building colors with enthusiam and played hard for a victory. Gypsum, with the help of Inyo, shined through the tournament and became champions when they defeated runner-up Aliso! All teams showed incredible talent and we, the CAs who put on the event, encourage more residents to come out and play in the next PCVwide tournaments!

THE HYPE San Luis Obispo: #2 Happiest Place on Earth

According to Parade Magazine, author Dan Buettner’s upcoming book, Thrive, identifies the City of San Luis Obispo as the #2 happiest place on Earth, behind Denmark. The Parade Magazine article reports many of the hallmarks of our community as reasons for the author’s “happiest” conclusions. In fact, the “lessons learned” supporting this designation have long been part of the Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Vision document. From the City’s decades-long greenbelt acquisition program to an empowered population, policies in San Luis Obispo have long sought to protect and enhance the quality of life. This has become an important economic driver often cited as the reason businesses locate here. From the City of SLO’s Economic Development department

What’s Your Opinion of the KIK?

Heard of the latest text messaging technology-KIK? Here’s how it works. Kik steps in as your personal assistant, letting the person texting know that the message has been delivered but not yet read. Or, it may have been read but been ignored. Either way, KIK gives you the info you want. Many Cal Poly students have downloaded the app, which is only available

on certain phones. Talk to your roommates...what do you think about it? Has stalking come to a whole new level?

CAL POLY SPORTS Nov. 18: M. Basketball vs. CSU Monterey Bay @ 7 pm Nov. 19: W. Basketball vs LMU @ 6:00 pm Nov. 24: M. Basketball vs. LMU @ 7 pm Dec. 1: M. Basketball v. Hawai’i @ 7 pm 4

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