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At the 10110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010 101110011001010110 dedication, Dean Debra Larson said: “Cal Poly is now part of an elite group of mostly East Coast univer010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000 sities that are becoming known as the providers of cybersecurity professionals.” On the cover, Jessie 010101110010011010 Pease, president of the student club Women in Software & Hardware (WISH), is one of dozens of computer 100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100 science and engineering students already immersed in binary code, malware, encryption, cyber attacks 010110111001100111 00110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111 and cryptology in the new lab. At right: Cal Poly Engineering in binary code. l Poly Engineering 0110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111C a010000110110000101101100001 00000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101 10110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010 10 Honor Roll of Donors 3 Message from the Dean 010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000 100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100 13 In-Kind Gifts 4 College of Engineering Highlights 00110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111 0110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001 14 Matching Donors 6 Message from Dean’s Advisory 00000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 Council Chair Beth Anderson 10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101 16 Individual Donors 10110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010 8 College of Engineering Students 010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000 31 College of Engineering Legacy Club Engineer Success in 2013-2014 100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100 00110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110 0110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001 CAL POLY ENGINEERING EDITORIAL SOCIAL MEDIA 0110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011001110100001101100001 00000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 n Amy Hewes | Publication Director n San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 0110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001 10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011 n Galen Ricard | Staff Writer n 805-756-2131 0110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110011101000011011000010110110000100000 01100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 n Dennis Steers | Photography & Design n YouTube • 0101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101 10110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010 0110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111 0010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001



EACH YEAR, WE RECOGNIZE OUR individual, corporate and foundation donors by listing them in this report. Providing the names of our donors doesn’t, however, fully explain the tremendous impact they have on students, faculty, staff and administrators. They are the hand on our shoulder that propels us forward in our quest to be the nation’s top undergraduate engineering program. It is through publicprivate partnerships with donors and stakeholders, in fact, that we advance the college’s key strategic directions and initiatives. What are some of the impacts of giving this year? The Raintree Foundation, a family trust, provided a sizable gift to support our efforts in applied autonomous flight. In particular, the gift encouraged us to make a commitment to hire a new faculty member. When Dr. Aaron Drake arrives on campus, students will be able to choose from expanded course offerings in the field, and the college will begin to develop a longterm plan around this exciting new strategic initiative. Support from Northrop Grumman allowed us to open the Cal Poly – Northrop Grumman Cyber Lab. But the impact Northrop Grumman has made is less about a cash gift to establish a facility and more about boosting Cal Poly’s stake in this cutting-edge field. An initial gift from Stantec to support an Earn by Doing student safety tech position has already made a big difference in making our labs available to more students. Students in electrical engineering, industrial and manufacturing engineering, and computer science, in particular, have benefited from added safety training hours, experience that they will carry with them into their professional practices. These are only a few of the many outcomes I could cite from company and foundation gifts — but I want to also emphasize the importance of gifts from individuals. Indeed, large and small gifts from individuals lay the


Dean Debra Larson


Learn by Doing, Lead with Innovation Our Vision: As a national leader in engineering education, the College of Engineering transforms students into world class, innovative and collaborative engineers to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our Mission: The College of Engineering provides an excellent Learn by Doing education and graduates in-demand, Day One-ready professionals.


Engage alumni, parents, friends and industry partners in meaningful activities. Collaborate on the following initiatives: • New Projects Building • Applications in Autonomous Flight • Cybersecurity • Innovation and Entrepreneurship • Big Data and Data Science • Sustainable Energy Systems • Infrastructure Sustainability • Advanced Manufacturing and 3-D Printing • Innovations in Engineering Education




n Support emerging initiatives that address contemporary needs.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS n Ensure educational excellence and the successful reviews of our undergraduate and graduate programs through continuous improvement. n Promote diversity and inclusivity with attention to wellbeing. n Expand high-impact practices that foster student success and improve graduation rates.

OPERATIONS AND PRACTICES n Foster a culture of safety and professionalism drawing from the best practices in industry. n Grow opportunities through funded student and faculty projects and extended education. n Empower teacher-scholar activities. n Establish common workload principles and evaluation criteria for retention, tenure, promotion and periodic review.


Message from


foundation for our institutional health. We profile a handful of these donors in this magazine: Richard Giuli, who has made generous gifts to the Computer Science Department; Bob and Susan Brown, who made a bequest to the college and provided an endowment for an Earn by Doing student shop technician; and recent graduate, Eric Taylor, whose monthly gifts-to-fit-his-budget will build into a lifetime legacy. We have also highlighted Michael Haworth and Christy Carter, students whose efforts as volunteers will serve to showcase the college to visitors for decades to come.

If we had the space to do so, I could cite outcomes from the gifts made by all the individuals listed. While that’s not possible, I hope all our donors realize how much we value their support and welcome their insights. Your gifts initiate conversations about new pathways and give us the confidence to explore new initiatives founded on our undergraduate mission. You’re the hand on our shoulder that gives us the courage to make our own future.

01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 01101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010 10100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101 10110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011 00000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110 1110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100 n Cal Poly College of En00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000 gineering was named the 010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111 nation’s top state-funded 0011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001 undergraduate engineer110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 ing program by U.S. News 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 & World Report. 01101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010 n Among public universi10100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101 ties, Cal Poly ranked num10110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011 ber one for its computer 00000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110 and mechanical engineer1110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100 ing programs; its electrical 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000 engineering and civil engi010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111 neering programs ranked 0011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001 second in the nation. 110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 CAL POLY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING NEWS n For 21 years, Cal Poly 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 as a whole has been rated 01101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010 the best public-master’s while, Cal Poly Foundarity Center; added faculty; 10100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101 university in the West. tion's endowment reached offered “Defense Against n A new concentration 01000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011 a record total of $198.4 the Dark Arts,” a unique in manufacturing in the 00101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101 n The college welcomed million, increasing by $22 course presented in colMechanical Engineering 0000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110 1,414 new freshmen, who million this year. Cal Poly's laboration with McAfee Department will help stupresented an average 01000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001 endowment is now the industry professionals; dents incorporate manuhigh school GPA of 4.03 second largest nationand dedicated a new lab. facturability into product 00100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100 and average SATs of 685 ally for a public-master's and component designs. 00010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110 (math) and 624 (reading). university. n A gift from the Raintree 00001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111 n Cal Poly began offering Total College of EngineerFoundation helped launch 10000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011 a graduate certificate proing enrollment for the year n Cal Poly launched a new Applications in Autono00001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111 gram in Space Systems included 5,288 undergradeducational initiative in mous Flight, a strategic 01010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010 Technology. uates and 391 graduate cybersecurity. As part of initiative to position the 11011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001 students. the effort to make the uniCollege of Engineering as n Stantec provided funds 10000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011 versity the leading supplier a leader in the emerging for the College’s first Earn n Donors to the College of of cyber professionals and field of civilian uses for 01110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110 by Doing student safety Engineering made gifts toinnovators, the College esairborne vehicles. 01000011011000010110110000100 100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 technician. taling $13,642,824. Meantablished the Cybersecu- 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011 1010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 n Women in Engineering 10011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001 STUDENT ProActive Network (WESUCCESS 110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 PAN) presented its annual 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 Women in Engineering n College of Engineer01101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010 Program Award to ing student awards went Cal Poly Women’s Engito: Tanner Stevenson, the 10100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101 neering Program (WEP). topmost senior for aca10110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011 demic excellence; Jenna 00000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110 n The first named Cal Poly Becker, Outstanding 1110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100 Scholar was established Senior for Contributions 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 with a gift from Ron010000110110000101101100001000 Smith to the College; Shaun Villa 010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111 (B.S., Electronic EngineerKoide, Outstanding Senior 0011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001 ing, 1983). for Contributions to the 110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 University; and Cecilia Can The College established denas, Outstanding Senior 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 the Systems Integration for Service to the Com01101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010 n A gift of more than 1,000 solar voltaic panels from SunPower Engineering (SIE) program, munity. Michael Haworth 10100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101 will spur student projects while also providing energy for the an online graduate program and Christy Carter were campus. Above: Professor Dale Dolan and electrical engineering 10110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011 for working engineers. named College of Engistudents test the new panels. 00000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110 1110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100 4 | CAL POLY ENGINEERING 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000 010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111

2013-2014 HIGHLIGHTS

011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001 01101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000 110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101 1010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001 neering Student VolunSan Luis Obispo County’s and Assembly for their ALUMNI SUCCESS 00111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110 teers of the Year. Women’s Legacy Fund. achievements in national n Beth Anderson (B.S., She also received nacompetitions. 00010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Aerospace Engineering, n Computer science tional recognition from 00001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001 1985) was named the Coljunior Michelle Lam was the American Society of n Samantha Rawlins, an 11011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001 lege of Engineering Honawarded the 2014 CaliforEngineering Education aerospace engineering 1111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010ored Alumna. Anderson nia State University Trust(ASEE): she was named senior, was inducted into 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 serves as vice president of ees' Award for Outstandthe Outstanding CounNASA’s Student Ambas011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 supply chain0100001101100001 rate capabiling Achievement, one of selor of the Year, and she sadors Virtual Community ity for commercial airplane 01101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 the highest distinctions in won an award for010000110110000101101100001000000 research (NSAVC). supplier management 110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101 the university. conducted in collaboraFACULTY at Boeing Commercial tion with Jane Lehr (Ethnic 1010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001 ACHIEVEMENTS Airplanes. n Civil engineering graduStudies and Women 00111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110 ate student Jason Cox & Gender Studies) on n Two College of En00010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 n Tricia Compas-Markearned first place in the improving the recruitment gineering professors 00001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001 man (B.S., Civil Engineergraduate Engineering of female engineering received the University’s 11011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001 ing, 2009; M.S., Civil & and Computer Science majors. Distinguished Scholarship Environmental Engineer1111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010category at the statewide Award. Stephen Klisch ing, 2009) was honored as n Lily Laiho (Biomedi00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 California State University (Mechanical Engineering) a Mother of 0100001101100001 Invention by cal Engineering) won the (CSU) Student Research 011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 is known as a pioneer in Toyota. Compas-Markman Raytheon Excellence in Competition for his work the theoretical biome01101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000 is known worldwide for her Teaching and Applied to develop a costchanical computer 10011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001 1100101011100 development of the DayResearch Award, and was effective modeling of 100101011100 10011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000 One Waterbag, a portable, also named director of system to the growth and 101100101011 10010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 low-cost device that prointerdisciplinary projects. optimize remodeling of vides clean drinking water 010101100101 01110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000 compaction cartilage. David to disaster victims. n The College’s initiative 1100101011001 0101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100 in landfills. Marshall (Aeroin Sustainable Energy & 0110010101100 10101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110 space Engineern Sofia Leon (B.S, Civil Infrastructure gained tracn The eighth ing) focuses on 0011001010110 010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011 Engineering, 2008), a doction with the appointment CubeSat deimproved mod1001100101011 0010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101 toral student at the Univerof co-coordinators, Dale veloped by Cal eling techniques 110011001010110 010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011 sity of Illinois at UrbanaDolan (Electrical EngineerPoly students was to design quieter and 100110010101100101 01110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000 Champaign, was named ing) and Dennis Elliot, Cal launched into space. more fuel-efficient aircraft, 0110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110 the Outstanding Collegiate Poly’s assistant director IPEX (Intelligent Payload work that has the potential Member by the Society of of energy, utilities and 11010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100 Experiement), pictured at to transform commercial Women Engineers. n sustainability. right, was sponsored by 100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011 air transportation. NASA’s Jet Propulsion 00001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110 Laboratory. n Electrical Engineering 00000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100 Professor John Oliver, 11101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100 n Materials engineering director of the Computer 1111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010senior Matthew Vance reEngineering Program, 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 ceived the Undergraduate was named the Univer011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001 Student Award from the sity’s Outstanding Faculty 01101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000 Pacific Southwest section Advisor. of the American Society of 110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101 Engineering Education. n Computer Science 1010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001 Chair Ignatios Vakalis re00111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110 n Civil engineering senior ceived Cal Poly’s Leader00010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Chao Yang participated in ship Award for Partnership 00001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001 the Clinton Global Initiative in Philanthropy. 11011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001 University (CGI U). 1111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010n Helene Finger, director n Northrop Grumman CEO Wes Bush, right, spoke with n Seventeen Cal Poly 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 of the Women’s EngineerPresident Jeffrey D. Armstrong and other dignitaries at the students — five from the ing Program, received 011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001 opening of the Cal Poly – Northrop Grumman Cyber Lab, which College of Engineering — a Women of Distinction will enable intensive training in malware, encryption, cyber 01101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000 received special recogniattacks and cryptography. The facility was built with the award sponsored by 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101 110010101110010011010010110111001100111 support of a $150,000 grant from the Northrup Grumman tion on the floors of the Cuesta College and the 1010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001 Foundation and links engineering students to the defense California State Senate Community Foundation company’s Virtual Cyber Lab in Virginia. 00111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110 00010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 CENG.CALPOLY.EDU | 5 00001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001 11011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001

Message from

Chair, Dean’s Advisory Council Beth Anderson I BECAME A VOLUNTEER FOR CAL POLY 20 YEARS ago when I was recruited by my boss at McDonnell Douglas, Jim Phillips, who was the company’s campus liaison at the time. Having graduated from Cal Poly in 1985 with a degree in aerospace engineering, I jumped at the chance to return to campus. I joined the Women’s Engineering Program Advisory Board because I felt I could make a difference in growing the number of women in engineering. Back then, women accounted for about 13 percent of the College of Engineering enrollment — it’s exciting that we’re now at almost 20 percent! That increase represents a concerted effort by the college and companies like Boeing that are seeking, more and more, to align important strategic objectives with those of universities. These collaborative partnerships go beyond a transactional relationship that has the singular goal of employee recruitment. In fact, I and other members of the College of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council and department-level industry advisory boards hope to stimulate deeper connections with the College of Engineering — relationships that create new educational programs and student learning opportunities. For instance, Boeing is very involved in funding student and faculty applied research projects. Recently, we supported projects in the areas of optimized air traffic planning, ultraviolet light-energized bio-fuel, a humanpowered helicopter, micro hydropower, electric vehicles and many more. Boeing is also providing multidisciplinary scholarships, offering technical and business internships, supporting student societies and assisting in curriculum development. The new paradigm in industry-university interaction results, we believe, in a larger, more diverse and more broadly skilled talent pool entering the profession. Personally, I think that the best engineers in the world come from Cal Poly — I am proud to say that more than 1,000 Cal Poly alumni work at Boeing. Like me, these individuals are passionate about their alma mater. What can these individuals do to help Cal Poly and simultaneously support student success and a robust engineering workforce? Write a check, of course! But also step forward to facilitate strategic alliances with the uni-

versity, create joint ventures, team projects and mentorprotégé relationships. My message to my professional colleagues and all Cal Poly Engineering alumni is get involved! I have discovered rich rewards in establishing a meaningful relationship with my college. It’s been a journey that has created opportunities for the college, for my company, and for me and my family — you’ll have great fun introducing your kids to Cal Poly! n Beth Anderson (B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1985) — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Vice President, Supply Chain Rate Capability The Boeing Company

Donors 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 # Donors 2,461 2,421 2,519 2,445 2,537 2,280 2,279 # Gifts 3,486 3,418 3,502 3,466 3,542 3,212 3,333 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Gift Total* $4,232,836 $5,865,899 $5,170,616 $4,687,577 $8,845,483 $6,025,603 $13,642,824

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As of June 30, 2014, Cal Poly Foundation's endowment reached a record total of $198.4 million. The endowment increased by $22 million during the 2013-14 fiscal year, with market value gains of $25 million and payouts to the university for programs and scholarships of $7.3 million. Cal Poly's endowment is the second largest nationally for a public master's university.

Over the last two decades, support of the 23-campus state university system by the state of California has eroded significantly. In 1987, the state contributed more than 80 percent of the cost of attending; today, that portion is 38 percent.


01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 11011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101 01000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011 01100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110 00000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100 110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 0101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000 10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111 011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 11011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101 01000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011 01100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110 00000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100 110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 0101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000 10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111 011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 11011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101 01000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011 01100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110 00000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100 110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 0101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000 10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111 011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 0110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 11011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101 01000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011 n Engineering students Gordon Belyea, Garret Gudgel, Ethan Juhnke and Eric Dreischerf fly the “Sky Barge” drone that won an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle competition sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 01100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110 00000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100 110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 0101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000 n In only its first year as a campus orAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and 10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111 Team Highlights ganization, Cal Poly’s student chapter Astronautics Foundation Undergradu011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 of the California Geotechnical Engiate Team Aircraft Design competition. n For the third year in a row and the 110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 The winning entries continue more 10th time since 2002, Cal Poly Society neers Association (CalGeo) received 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 the professional organization’s Rising than a decade of remarkable Cal Poly of Women Engineers (SWE) received 11011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101 Star Award for expanding its member- finishes in the most prestigious nationthe Outstanding Collegiate Section 01000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011 ship base. al collegiate contest in the aeronautiGold Award. The Cal Poly SWE Team cal engineering design industry. Tech was also honored, taking third 01100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110 n The Cal Poly’s Institute of Transporplace for its pharmaceutical recovery 00000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100 tation Engineers (ITE) was named the n A multidisciplinary team of Cal Poly and rescue project. 110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 top student chapter in the nation for engineering students won the Un0101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000 n The Cal Poly float co-constructed being the driving force behind ITE’s manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) com10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111 by Cal Poly and Cal Poly Pomona first-ever conference designed specifi- petition sponsored by the American 011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000 received the Crown City Innovation cally for students. Cal Poly hosted the Society of Mechanical Engineers at its 110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 Trophy at the 125th Rose Parade. Western District ITE Student Leaderannual regional student conference. The only float designed and built by ship Summit with attendees from 35 The contest challenged students to 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 students, the project was certified universities across 13 western states. build and fly a radio-controlled vehicle 11011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101 as California-Grown. The float also that maneuvered through obstacles 01000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011 featured flowers that moved, creating n Cal Poly aerospace seniors won and dropped a payload, simulating a 01100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110 a water-like ripple effect. UAV firefighting mission. first- and second-place awards in the 00000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100 110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 8 | CAL POLY ENGINEERING 0101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000 10110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111


011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010 1101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001 10010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011 010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010 0111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101 00101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010 00010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 10110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010 00111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010 1101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001 10010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011 010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010 n The Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers received the Outstanding Collegiate Section Gold Award for the third 0111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101 year in a row and 10th time since 2002. 00101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010 00010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 10110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010 00111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 n Cal Poly CalGeo Club received the Ris011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010 ing Star award from 1101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001 the California Geo10010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011 technical Engineers Association. Pictured 010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010 above are, from left: 0111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101 Fred Potthast, president/CEO, Earth Sys00101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010 tems Pacific; Keegan 00010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 Arnt, club president; 10110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010 Jim Hanson, civil engineering professor and 00111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001 club advisor; and club 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 members Olivia Davis, 011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010 Quintin Flores and Max Rossiter. 1101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001 10010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011 n Cal Poly's Concrete Canoe team placed second overall at the National Concrete Canoe Competition. 010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010 0111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101 00101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010 00010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 second overall at the n Cal Poly engineering and graphic 101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011 011001010110010101110010 National Concrete communications students, along 00111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001 Canoe Competition with 15 University of Munich stu00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 held in Johnstown, dents, produced a waterproof timer 011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010 Penn. This is the ninth that won the Freestyle Demonstra1101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001 consecutive year tor award at the 2014 Large-Area, 10010101110010011010010110111001100111 that Cal Poly010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011 has Organic & Printed Electronics placed in the top five Convention in Munich, the01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010 leading 010010110111001100111 at the “America’s Cup international conference for printed 0111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101 of Civil Engineering.” electronics. 00101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010 00010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 n Cal Poly collected n Cal Poly’s American Society of 10110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010 every award in the Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student 01111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010concrete canoe Chapter was awarded the 2014 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 competition at the Distinguished Chapter Award for n Cal Poly Engineering students again played a key role with the Cal Poly Rose American Society of Civil Region 9. (Region 9 includes 25 011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010 Float, which won the Crown City InnovaASCE student chapters). Engineers (ASCE) Pacific Southwest 1101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010000001 tion Trophy at the 125th Rose Parade in Regional Conference. The team has 10010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011 Pasadena, Calif. n Cal Poly’s concrete canoe took placed first in 17 of the last 19 years 010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010 first place in oral presentation and of the conference. n 0111 0100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101 00101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010 CENG.CALPOLY.EDU | 9 00010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010 10110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010

R THE GOLD IN 2013-2014

010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110011101000011011000 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 001011011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011001110100001101100001011011000010 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 1110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 10110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 3C Engineering Inc. 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 407 El Cajon Blvd LLC 0011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 ACCO Engineered Systems 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Aerojet Rocketdyne 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 Agilent Technologies Inc. 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 AIAA Foundation Inc. Air System Components Inc. 001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 Air Systems Inc. 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 Air Treatment Corp. 111001001101001 110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 Airbus Group NV 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 Aledyne Engineering 10110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 n More than 1,200 All Green new Cal Poly 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 Allen Property Management engineers went ALPAC Southern California 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 through spring and Chapter 0011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 winter commenceAlpha Omega Engineering Inc. ment ceremonies in 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Inc. 2013-14. The figures 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 included more than American Endowment 1,000 undergraduate 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 Foundation and 200 graduate degrees awarded from the College American Institute of Steel 001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 of Engineering's 13 degree programs. Construction 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 American Society of Civil 1110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 Cindy's Cafe Corp. Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring Grant M. Brown Memorial Engineers 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 Cisco Systems Inc. Inc. Foundation Anritsu Company 10110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 The Clark Construction East Bay Community Greenheck Fan Corp. Apple Inc. Group LLC Foundation Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc. 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 Applebee's Restaurant Climatec Eaton Corp. Grinds LLC Aspire Physical Therapy 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 Condon Johnson & Edison International Hatch Mott MacDonald Associated Pacific 0011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 Associates Inc. Energy Labs Inc. Hearst Ranch Constructors Inc. 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Conservation Mechanical ENGPAC Northrop Grumman Hellmann Construction Co Inc. ASTRA Industrial Services Inc. 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 Systems Inc. Farrell Design-Build Hewlett-Packard Company Avocet Environmental Inc. 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 Control Air Conditioning Corp. Companies Inc. Hilmar Cheese Company Inc. BT&D Construction Control Air North Inc. Fattoush Honeywell 00101011001010111001001101001 110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 Ball Aerospace & Cornerstone Earth Group Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Humboldt Area Foundation Technologies Inc. 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 Creekside Orthopedic FirmCloud Corp. Hutkin Law Firm Bay Area Sheet Metal & 1110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 Rehabilitation Inc. Fluor Enterprises Inc. Hyle Engineering Co Inc. Air Conditioning Contractors 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 Critchfield Mechanical Inc. Forchini Vineyards iFixit National Association 10110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 Crown Valley Precision Founders Community Bank Ingersoll Rand Industrial Bayhill Advisors Inc. Cryogentic Experts Inc. Frito-Lay Inc. Refrigeration 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 Bender Dean Engineering Inc. Cuesta Construction Company G.S. Engineering Inc. Ingersoll Rand/Trane Company Blois Construction Inc. 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 Cunningham Engineering Gene Haas Foundation Innovation Inc. Blue Heron Antiques & Art 0011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111Quest 01000011011000 Corp. General & Electric Lift Repair International Filters The Boeing Company 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Custom Mechanical Sales Co. Jevan Dhara Foundation Boston Scientific, 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 Cypress Semiconductor Corp. General Atomics Aeronautical JM Smucker Company Neuromodulation Corp. 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 D. H. Charles Engineering Inc. Systems Inc. Johl Company Cannon Daikin AC Geosyntec Consultants Johnson Controls Inc. 001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 Capital Engineering Dawson Company Ghilotti Brothers Contractor Johnson Debois & Forrest Consultants Inc. 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 Deloitte Consulting GoDaddy Karagozian & Case CDM Constructors Inc. 1110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 Desert Aire by Hall Goldman Sachs Philanthropy K D Anderson & Associates CH2M Hill Companies Ltd. 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 Dittmann Associates Inc. Fund Inc. Chevron Corp. 10110111001100111 DMG Corp. Graniterock Keiser Corp. Chipotle Mexican Grill 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 10 | CAL POLY ENGINEERING 11001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101 10110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011




Donor Rich Giuli


0100001101100001011011000 0100000010100000110111101 1011000111100100100000010 0001101101111011011010111 0000011101010111010001100 10101110010001000000101001101100011011010010110010 1011011100110001101100101 Cal Poly Computer Science



COMPUTER SCIENCE GRADUATE RICH GIULI, NOW working at Apple, was a chief architect at Apple-owned Siri, the artificial intelligence personal assistant app acquired in 2010. A self-taught programmer since the age of 14, Giuli thrived at Cal Poly, where students get to “figure things out” under the guidance of professors like Clint Staley. Giuli enjoyed his classes with Staley (“the hardest in the program”), and the professor also helped launch Giuli’s career by connecting him to a job while still a student. “I was hired because of an individual study project that got me out of taking a final,” Giuli stated. “I worked at a software company for three years developing noise-control simulation software, 3-D modeling for scenarios like the noise impact of an airport runway extension.” After graduating, Giuli stepped into another dot-com startup before switching to SRI International where he worked on artificial intelligence projects, the most notable being CALO, the government-funded cognitive assistant project that led to Siri. “I’ve worked on all stages of Siri from prototype to full product. When we hit 1 million users, we were acquired by Apple. I think it says something about Cal Poly and the quality of engineers coming out of it that three of the original Siri Inc. engineers were Cal Poly graduates, including the two chief architects,” noted Giuli.

I think it says something about Cal Poly and the quality of engineers coming out of it that three of the original Siri Inc. engineers were Cal Poly graduates.

“Those were stressful years, when we were scaling production massively, but I did what I learned at Cal Poly: you take on a challenge and do your best by immersing yourself in the project, even though you don’t exactly have the answers you need. “All my jobs spin back to Cal Poly and the day in class when Professor Staley opened a professional opportunity. He and other Cal Poly professors are so available to students; they’re great teachers and mentors.” In thanks for financial assistance he received from the university and the guidance he received from Staley and other faculty members, Giuli has provided generous gifts to the Computer Science Department (CSC) over the last three years. He hopes his support will help CSC thrive into the future. “I want my children to go there!” he said. “I hope to help the program be the best that it can be by funding labs and equipment — I’d be happy to even help pay for the salaries of professors like Clint Staley.” n n Cal Poly Engineering graduate Rich Giuli, left, and professor Clint Staley check out an Apple lab in the Computer Science Department.


Scholarship recipient Youlen Ghazalian BLAZING A TRAIL FOR A NEW GENERATION YOULEN GHAZALIAN LIVES BY AN ARMENIAN SCOUTS Cisco Scholarship motto: Rise and Raise — Elevate Yourself and Elevate Others with You. Ghazalian is a first-generation U.S. citizen, the first in her family to attend a four-year college and the first to move away from home. Her parents emigrated from Iran 24 years ago and settled in an Armenian enclave in Burbank, where they own a small coffee shop. “For many first-generation Armenians and Iranians, college is not an option, especially for girls,” said Ghazalian. “Although my parents want my brother and I to pursue our education, they would have liked me to attend a local community college.” But Ghazalian was the rebel of the family and chose to “rise” and make her own path. In high school, she loved calculus and “getting her hands dirty.” She was accepted for an internship at UCLA, where her professor told her that she should consider Cal Poly. Growing up, Ghazalian had never heard of San Luis Obispo — the transition to campus from her Armenian community was something of a shock. “I didn’t realize what a big deal it is to be first generation,” she admitted. “Other parents who have college degrees advise their children about classes and schedules; they have means. One of my professors told us to ask our parents for help getting internships, and I thought, ‘What??’” Ghazalian found support and resources in the Multicultural Engineering Program, and she lost no time in establishing community. She reached out to other Armenian students and restarted the Cal Poly Armenian Student Association. She also became active in the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the EngiIn the future, neering Student Council. And she found jobs that not only help her pay I want to establish a for college tuition and expenses, but also give her mentorship and scholarship a way to “raise” others in her community. She works as a peer advisor in Engineering Advising, program for first-generation helping students make arrangements to study girls. I want to tell them that I abroad, and she is the resident advisor in Yosemite Hall. She cares deeply about her residents, succeeded — and they and the feeling is obviously mutual. In fact, her can, too. residents call her “Mom,” a role she embraces. The scholarships Ghazalian has received have opened doors of opportunity, helped set her on a 0100001101100001011011000010 000001010000011011110110110 path to success, and furthered her vow to elevate 0011110010010000001001001011 others as well. 011100110010001110101011100 1101110100011100100110100101 “In the future, I want to establish a mentorship and schol1000010110110000100000010001 arship program for first-generation girls,” she said. “I want to 010110111001100111011010010 110111001100101011001010111 tell them that I succeeded — and they can, too.” n



Youlen Ghazalian Industrial Engineering senior — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Parker Aerospace Scholarship 12 | CAL POLY ENGINEERING

0010011010010110111001100111 Cal Poly Industrial Engineering

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GIVE YOUR GIFT A HAND Maximize the impact of your investment in Cal Poly through your employer’s matching gift program. More than 13,000 companies have programs that match employee charitable contributions. By signing up, you can potentially double your gift to our Learn by Doing programs. Many companies also match gifts from retirees and spouses, and some will automatically match gifts made through payroll deductions. For more information, see or contact Linda Stark at (805) 7562713 or

Donors Christy Carter & Michael Haworth

THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO GIVE BACK TO CAL POLY 0100001101100001011011000010 000001010000011011110110110 0011110010010000001001101011 001010110001101101000011000 0101101110011010010110001101 1000010110110000100000010001 010110111001100111011010010 110111001100101011001010111 0010011010010110111001100111 Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering


Cal Poly feels like extended family. We wanted to do what we could to ignite that passion in others.


MICHAEL HAWORTH GRADUATED IN JUNE WITH A BACHELOR’S IN MECHANICAL engineering and an engineering master’s degree specializing in integrated technology management. Christy Carter earned her bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering last year and is now enrolled as a dual graduate student in business administration and engineering management. Before stepping off campus to begin their careers, Haworth and Carter made a difference that will affect current students and showcase the college to all visitors for years to come. Both Haworth and Carter served as Engineering Amabassadors, with six years of combined experience leading tours and representing the College of Engineering. The pair acknowledged, however, that ambassadors can’t accommodate all requests. Despite a corps of 40 student volunteers, during finals, academic holidays or summer, there is often no one available to give tours. Plus, Carter and Haworth knew that because Building 192 lacked signage, many guests are unsure about where to congregate. “We’ve had the idea that it would be great to n Cal Poly engineers Christy Carter and Michael Haworth check out facilitate self-guided tours, the new furniture in the lobby of Building 192 which will serve as the Engineering Welcome Center. so we initiated a project to develop brochures that would allow anyone to get a feel for each department, whether you’re a prospective student, parent, alum, corporate sponsor, current student looking to change majors, or just curious,” said Carter. “Then we needed a place to put them,” said Haworth. “In a larger sense, Christy and I felt that the college needed a welcome center, a place for students and visitors to gather.” The welcome center project was large in scope, especially considering all the approvals needed from nine departments, the dean, Facilities Department and fire warden, along with input from fellow students. “From a learning perspective, we designed and coordinated everything, from signage and space design to brochures that represent each degree program,” said Carter. “We came up with a template that includes a program overview, career paths, clubs, course flow chart, map, and descriptive lab list and contact information.” “I never thought I’d spend my last few months at Cal Poly choosing carpet and furniture,” laughed Haworth, “but the experience has been fun and we know it’s the right thing — there is so much to showcase! We hope that the college keeps adding to the project, like an app that incorporates the brochure information.” “Cal Poly feels like extended family,” said Carter. “We wanted to do what we could to ignite that passion in others. We’re grateful that our experience as ambassadors gave us the skill set to undertake a project like this.” n

010000110110000101101100001000 000101000001101111011011000111 100100100000010000010110010101 110010011011110111001101110000 011000010110001101100101001000000100010101101110011001110110 100101101110011001010110010101 110010011010010110111001100111 Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering


01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 11001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101 10110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011 01110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101 00000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100 Gifts made to the College of Engineering 10101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011 00011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 10110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 Douglas & Laraine Brian & Cynthia DerMatoian John Spielman & $100,000 to $999,999 Benjamin L. Sheldon 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 Christensen Cheri & Dale Swanson Descary Family Deena Sheridan Paul & Sandra Bonderson Benjamin & Jennifer Clark Charles & Kathryn Terhune Michael A. Detmers Bill Starritt 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 Robert & Susan Brown David & Cecilia Coe Donald & Jean Williams Gregory Miriam Dexter Paul Sterne & 0011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 &01000011011000 Richard & Adelle Louise Salvatore Cristofano & Todd Wingate Catherine & Frank Donohoe Svetlana Bulyzhkina 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Crawford Laura Gosper Richard F. Yonash Charles E. Duvall Desmond & Julie Stevens 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 James A. Frank Ronald C. Dabbah Jennifer & Stephan Ebert Jill & Richard Stollmeyer Alfred J. Paolucci 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 $5,000 to $9,999 Jane Rosenberg & Anthony & Susan Estrada Donna L. Sullivan Bill & Cheryl Swanson 001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 Steve Deas Eric C. Firestone Lawrence Sun Linda & Michael Applegate Steven & Robin DeJarnett Gregory & Amanda Fisher Bob & Kathleen Thomson 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 Cayse & Rodney Babcock $50,000 to $99,999 David P. Eickhoff Megan Fitzgerald & Mark Whatley & 1110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 Rick & Judi Baker Donald & Marguerite Alexander Kushnir Danuta Zaroda Donald & Paula Heye 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 John Bates & Carolyn Corvi Erickson Ed L. Foley Bransby & Jessica Whitton James & Betty Mae Locke Daniel & Diane Benjamin 1 110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 Michael J. Fiorito William Foley & Arthur C. Williams Jr. Julie & Christopher Ridley Michael & Stacy Cannon 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 Bert & Candace Forbes Lori Stasukelis James & Pamela Cartland $1,000 to $1,999 Marie-Jeanne & Andrew & Connie Fremier 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 $25,000 to $49,999 Carson C. Chen Lance Forbes Kiyoto & Joy Fujita Anonymous Donor 0011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 Tom M. Farrell Michael J. Adams Marie & Mark Freeman Philip R. Glebow Laurence N. Abcede 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Eileen F. Gaiser Charles H. Dana Jr. Jodi & Theodore Gerlach Susan Graham & Ralph & Elizabeth Acaba Jon E. Gundersen 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 Gary & Michelle Dillabough Ann & Jeffrey Goettman Bruce Mengler Barbara & Richard Anderson David & Jill Hampton Richard & Patricia 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 Eric M. Gollmyer Anthony & Sonja Granatelli Dana Anderson & James Hannah & Melsheimer 001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 Daniel & Kathleen Hedigan John M. Gregg Stanford Au Jo Ellen Hose Colleen & Geoff Tate Ronald & Doris Jackson Thomas & Kim Haas Tracy L. Anderson 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 Richard F. Hartung Dennis K. Van Dalsen Larry & Denise Kaprielian Alan & Holli Hanson Kimberly Arbuthnot & 1110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 Manly Kirk & John S. Ward Randy & Kathy Keiser Michael & Marion Hmelar Frederick Mowrer 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 Sandi Johnson Dan & Toni Weeks Anup Keval Ruth Holly & David Kennedy Iris & Jacob Avidan Koji & Susan Kasuyama 10110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 John P. Wolfe Jr. Lothar W. Kleiner Kathleen & Robert Holmgren Maureen Bagley & Jon & Tamara Krause Robert & Kathleen Wulf 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 Jamie & John Krakowski Randell H. Iwasaki Dennis Doughty John & Sheila Lake 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 Ken Lindberg Brian Jacobs & Steven P. Beeks $10,000 to $24,999 Maggie Leach Diane & Gary Luka Allison Lewis-Jacobs Margaret & James Bennett 0011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 John H. Madok Lisa & Nicholas Massman Daniel & Rebecca Jansen Anonymous Donor Louis & Kathy Bertolini 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Stanley & Sherill Sass Kevin & Sandra McEntee William M. Johnson Mary & Sidney Abbott Alla & Edward Bezkrovny Estate of Dale & Mary Strunk 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 Jon Monett Paul Juhnke & Richard Bergquist & Lisa & Paul Bialek Bonnie & Ronald Swenson 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 Aldrin K. Montana Marie McCormack Lynn Loughry Carol & Lars Boeryd Deveney & Lawrence Totten 001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 Gordon D. Morrison 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 Jay & Christine King Mary Ann Beyster Charles & Dori Boyles Kimberly & Darren Vorrath Phillip C. Morsing George & Patricia Kirkpatrick Richard & Jacqueline Boberg 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 Dean & Joelle Budney Edward & Marjorie Whitney Gary & Florence Motoyama Erik & Kathy Klitzner Diane & Stephen Ciesinski 110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 Linda & Jon Burt 111001001101001 Gerald & Sheila Wroblewski Kendall H. Murakami Bruce & Judith Kronmiller Katrina L. Dickson Heinz & Sharon Butner 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 Davy & Hilary Muxlow Ursula C. Krummel Martin R. Engler Jr. Mark A. Cabaj $2,000 to $4,999 10110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 John Nakata William R. LaFontaine Jr. Richard Giuli & Amie Bend David Cantu & 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 Charles & Karen Adamson Michael N. Norem Martha & Sam Lazarakis Daniel & Karen Hancock Laurie Button-Cantu 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111 Susan Armstrong & Brian M. Oppenheim Norman & Patricia Lee Charles & Diane Harrington Brian & Jeanne Carter Keith Marzullo Chris & Linda Ostrom Lenz Family Donald T. Heikkinen Bambi Cask & 0011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000 Eriq A. Augustine Laura & Mike Patnode James & Wendy Leutgens Philip & Lillian Heintz Stephen Patterson 010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101 Michael & Ilene Avella Steven & Carol Pearson Alexander Liang Kimloan V. Hill Dave R. Casuncad 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 0100001101100001011011000010 K. N. & Meera Gretchen & Howell Poe Lawrence & Nancy William H. Hitt Victor Chan & Linda Yip 000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011 Balasubramanian Dick & Darlene Polder McCracken Patricia A. Larson Daniel M. Chapiro 001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 Joanne D. Becker Marion & Michael Quinn Jamie & Neal McDougal Paul & Christine Martin James & Dorothy Collard Larry A. Bergman 101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010 Jennifer L. Rezell Ted & Sharon K. Melsheimer Thelmon & Georgia Copeland Kelly F. McInerney Debbie & Peter Brim David & Sarah Ricci Lisa Merenda John & Constance Nielsen Hal & Judy Cota 1110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100 Rebecca & Salvatore Bruno Stephen C. Sass Christophe & Virginie Metivier Gerardo Okhuysen & Jerry L. Counts 011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100 Laurie A. Burgett Rolland & Isabel Sears Donald & Laura Midkiff Christopher Pounds Chuck Cunningham & 10110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 Cathy & Jim Canaday Isabel & Lawrence Smith Glen M. Mills Eric & Suzanne Phelps Deborah Dunham 00100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 George & Linda Cattey Glenn H. Snyder Benjamin R. Montgomery Reding Family Mary Dameron & 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100 Alyssa & Evan Caulley Matthew & Nancy South Mark K. Montgomery Joshua & Rachel Roe Edward Murawsky 11001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010 11011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101 16 | CAL POLY ENGINEERING 1011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011001110100001101100001011011000010000001 0100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101



0100001101100001011011000010 000001010000011011110110110 0011110010010000001001101011 001010110001101101000011000 0101101110011010010110001101 1000010110110000100000010001 010110111001100111011010010 110111001100101011001010111 0010011010010110111001100111 Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering


My physics professor, Carlos Figueroa, said, ‘Look around. How many Hispanics do you see in my class?’ There were maybe four. ‘This is where you belong to make a difference.’

SOMETIMES, JOSE LEMUS’S PARENTS WOULD TAKE HIM WITH THEM when they worked in the fields around Watsonville, Calif. The lesson was clear: “You don’t want to be doing this when you grow up.” Instead, Lemus and his sisters pursued higher education; first, though, Lemus joined the U.S. Army to pay for college and fight for his country. He enlisted two days before he turned 17 and two weeks before 9/11. Six months after high school graduation, Lemus was fighting in a remote eastern province in Afghanistan, where his unit was attacked weekly. Following his deployment in Afghanistan, Lemus was sent — twice — to Iraq, which was more developed with TVs and cell phones, but also deadlier because of roadside bombs and IEDs. “October is tough because that’s when I lost five brothers in seven days,” said Lemus. Returning home, he latched onto school while on inactive reserve. Because he could still be called up, he attended community college, where he easily passed through the math series. Then he received word that another buddy from his unit had been killed. “I was moments from dropping out — I felt I owed it to my fellow soldiers to return to battle,” Lemus recounted. “But my physics professor, Carlos Figueroa, said, ‘Look around. How many Hispanics do you see in my class?’ There were maybe four. ‘This is where you belong to make a difference,’ he said. He made me realize how far I’d come.” Instead of returning to war, Lemus came to Cal Poly on the G.I. Bill and a scholarship from the DFK Foundation, which awards scholarships to veterans who have served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He connected with other transfer students through the Multicultural Engineering Program, and he became involved in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). In particular, he led a SHPE program to install solar panels on low-income homes. “We raised money to pay for a portion of the cost — 19 members participated,” said Lemus. “I was really proud. This year, we installed panels on two homes in King City.” When it came time to elect a new slate of SHPE officers, numerous members nominated Lemus for president. “It’s an honor to serve,” he said. “SHPE has allowed me to develop leadership and networking skills; it helped me get a job with Northrop Grumman this summer, working on unmanned vehicles.” Although Lemus still suffers from his war experiences and grieves for lost comrades, he has found a way to cope and make a difference. In fact, under his leadership, SHPE sent a care package to Afghanistan this year. n

Jose Lemus Mechanical Engineering senior — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — DFK Veterans Assistance Foundation CENG.CALPOLY.EDU | 17


Donors Bob & Susan Brown



0100001101100001011011000010 000001010000011011110110110 0011110010010000001001101011 001010110001101101000011000 0101101110011010010110001101 1000010110110000100000010001 010110111001100111011010010 110111001100101011001010111 0010011010010110111001100111 Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering


We never dreamed we’d be able to provide gifts like this to honor our parents and help Cal Poly.


BOB AND SUSAN BROWN COME FROM PIONEERING AND SELF-RELIANT FAMILY stock. As a teenager, Bob’s father rode the rails to California; Susan’s ancestors traveled west in Conestoga wagons on the Oregon Trail and eventually established a ranch in Oxnard, Calif. These forbears succeeded, in part, because of a strong work ethic and a practical, self-reliant and down-to-earth approach to life. “My dad also drilled into us kids that you never quit, no matter how difficult the challenge,” noted Susan. These are the same values the Browns found at Cal Poly, where they received degrees in mechanical engineering and home economics in 1962. “Our parents were not collegeeducated; our fathers didn’t see the point of college for work on a farm or, in my dad’s case, oil fields,” said Bob. Added Susan, “My dad thought women should be wives and mothers — when I arrived at Cal Poly women were expected to be secretaries, nurses or teachers.” But even if their parents were dubious about college, the Browns felt at home at Cal Poly and in sync with its Learn by Doing philosophy. They met on campus, married, and Bob went on to become a research engineer with companies like Lockheed Martin, Rocketdyne and Northrop. They signed up for a 401K and invested for the long-term. When Susan benefited from the sale of the family ranch, they discovered that they had money to donate to a worthy cause. In 2001, the Browns established a charitable remainder trust (CRT) to support the College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Science. Later, Bob started another CRT to aid the College of Engineering. This year, the Browns made bequest plans for endowments in both colleges. “After researching options initially, we realized that contributing through a CRT provided tax benefits and would allow us to also receive income,” said Bob. “Over the years, we’ve been impressed with how well Cal Poly has done with the investments — despite the economic turndown, the university fund managers stayed a steady course and we’ve been very pleased with our quarterly payouts.” “We never dreamed we’d be able to provide gifts like this to honor our parents and help Cal Poly,” said Susan. “We feel very lucky that we’ve been able to make this investment — the university has kept in touch and worked with us closely over the years. We have great confidence that our gift is well-placed.” Their giving also spurred the Browns into reconnecting with Cal Poly. They’ve become fans of the award-winning Concrete Canoe team and the Rose Parade float. Last spring, they visited the College of Engineering Project Expo and toured the student shops. “We’re so impressed with the students,” said Susan. “I got such a kick watching women work on projects and multitask while using equipment. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to endow a student shop technician?” As a birthday present to Susan, the Browns recently gave an additional $100,000 gift to endow an Earn by Doing student shop tech position, an investment in future Cal Poly Engineering “pioneers.” n

n Cal Poly alumni Susan and Bob Brown check out the chassis of the Cal Poly Rose Float during a summer visit to campus.

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Dennis & Wendy Mores Mike Morisoli David & Jill Muhs Gordon & Susan Nielsen Brian & Susyn Normington Lorraine & Mark Noronha Steven R. Nunamaker David W. Ohst Kirstin & Tony Paloma William & Louise Parker Brian & Kristen Peters Nancy L. Pon Alfred H. Qoyawayma John & Melanie Randolph Kelly T. Robinson Joseph D. Russo Hanna L. Sanchez Sherry A. Sarmiento April & Richard Schmiedt Kevin K. Shey Cynthia Garretson Shurtleff Hugh Smith & Kathleen Schwanitz Richard & Birgit Smith Luke W. Soules Eric Steger & Donna Bernstein Steger Crystal & Larry Steinke Steven & Deborah Strickland Anne-Marie & Trevor Strohman John Sweeney & Stacey Stevens Richard S. Taipale Daniel & Mae Tornio Richard Udd Ronald & Ruth Vasconcellos Richard & Shirley Vernon Diane & John Villa Mark W. Weaver Philip & Barbara Wenger Kyle M. Wiens Jennifer & Jock Williams Harry K. Wolf Keith F. Wood Dennis & Sandra Yamauchi

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$250 to $499 Anonymous Donor Steven & Cindy Aaron Jack E. Abbott MaryAnne C. Akpala

Lillie & Taghi Alereza Karen A. Andersen Beth & Thomas Anderson Kenneth & Kimberly Anderson Casey & Dianna Andrews Bernal A. Arroyo Geoff & Catherine Austin Ryan W. Averill Mark C. Bailey John & Rose Barr Donald G. Barth Karen Bartleson Araceli & Mariano Bautista Patrick W. Bay Lou & Patty Bellardo George & Dorothy Benford Anne S. Beug Raymond & Laura Bishop Maureen Blaes Kevin Blasingame John D. Blattner Brian & Jeannette Blomquist Barbara E. Blum Michelle & Nicholas Bonfilio Michelle & Scott Boyd Michael E. Buerli Edward L. Burnett Robert B. Cameron Bruce & Doria Campbell Tracy & Vicki Canales Joseph & Warenne Casano Robert & Jeanne Cathaway Gabriela & Juan Cepeda-Rizo Allan Chan & Florence Fong Rada T. Charles Stanley S. Choy Thomas & Elizabeth Christensen Alan & Peggy Claassen Christopher & Susan Clark David Clark & Kevin Wood Jerry Condon Steven Cooper & Clara Martinez Marc & Carrie Cope Christine Corbett Andrew G. Crown Stephen E. Cruft Stephen D’Angelo & Julie Hall Steven & Kathleen Davis Jack & Barbara Dawson Alan & Nadine Dei Rossi Daniel P. Dennies Dennis & Maria Dermody Gary P. Dews John & Rita Dietrich Steven H. Dittmann Jeffrey Doar & Martha Donbroski-Doar Michelle & Patrick Donahue John & Geraldine Donnellan David & Wendy Dorn CENG.CALPOLY.EDU | 19

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Langdon C. Parrill Jere W. Patterson Jean Paul Amy & Sean Payne Darleen Payne Scott & Susan Peck David & Shannon Perdue Eric & Mary Ellen Petrich Dennis & Sherry Phillips Vivian Poon & Jack Kwan Johanda Pramana & Meredith Lynn Serra Amy & Richard Pugel Catherine & Robert Ragle Daniel M. Ramos Gretchen Renshaw & Robert Zwissler Glenn M. Ritter William & Janice Roberts Eugene E. Robinson Leroy & Shauna Rodrigues Nadine Rogers Frank M. Rosenblum Earl & Susan Ruby Matthew T. Ryan Morgen Sagen Robert & Sheila Sakamoto Scott A. Saunders Alex & Anna Schernig Richard C. Schmidt Todd E. Schoenberger Jason Schulberg Julie Schwerdtfeger Michael & Margaret Scrobonia Milton & Birgitte Shannon F. Walter Shaw Patrick & Robin Shehane William & Donna Shepard Norman S. Shirakata Thomas & Laura Slavin Timothy D. Souza Andrew & Emily Steen Danielle & Michael Stell Rex Steward Michael J. Stewart Robert S. Street Roger & Sheryl Svendsen Marvin E. Tanner Frank & Nina Taylor Charles & Phyllis Telfer Gregory C. Thomas Jeff H. Truong William & Patricia Tsai Eydie & Michael Tumer James & Patricia R. Turdici Robert & Cynthia Tusan Gregory & Shawnie Ulmer Michael D. Urhausen Sean & Terry Vahey Christina & James VanBeveren

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Scholarship recipient Jessie Pease GIVING PEASE A CHANCE

Jessica Pease Computer Science senior — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Society of Women Engineers NetApp Scholarship Apple Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security (SWSIS)

0100001101100001011011000 0100000010100000110111101 1011000111100100100000010 0001101101111011011010111 0000011101010111010001100 10101110010001000000101001101100011011010010110010 1011011100110001101100101 Cal Poly Computer Science


I want to give back — I want to make a difference in the tech world. I want to be a mentor and serve on the IAB.


AS A WOMAN IN THE WORLD OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, JESSIE PEASE IS OFTEN an anomaly. But she aims to change that. As a freshman, Pease found it somewhat difficult navigating the male-dominated environment. “You’re the only girl in the room and your peers can often talk down to you,” said Pease. “In fact, there are times you feel you’re not actually visible at all.” Efforts of the Computer Science Department (CSC) and mentorship programs have helped make Pease comfortable, happy and successful in her major. Women in Software & Hardware (WISH), a student club, pairs female undergrads with juniorand senior-level “big sisters.” Said Pease, “I had an automatic best friend.” CSC also provides female students with mentors, professionals who serve on the department’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB). Pease spent time with her mentor, Julia Grace, at PyCon in Montreal, an annual Python programming language gathering. “Julia is vice president for engineering at Tindie and she’s amazing, totally energized,” Pease said. “I told her that male classmates often assume I don’t know the answer, and when I attended my first White Hat Cybersecurity Club meeting, the tech topics seemed way over my head. But Julia said, ‘That’s the Imposter Syndrome — you feel like you don’t belong, but you do!’” Notably, Pease now serves as president of White Hat. Pease appreciates that CSC Chair Ignatios Vakalis, “Dr. V,” has “made it his personal goal to have more minds in the room.” In fact, the department sponsors female students to attend the Grace Hopper Conference, the world’s largest meeting of women in computing. Pease cites her Grace Hopper experience as the highlight so far in her Cal Poly career. Grace Hopper, WISH and White Hat have all contributed to Pease’s leadership skills and confidence. An internship at Apple also affirmed her technical abilities. Last summer, she worked on the product security team; this year, she’ll be part of the privacy engineering team. “I loved Apple,” said Pease. “My team helped me learn and made me feel like I was contributing.” While loans and her job at Apple pay Pease’s tuition, scholarship support makes up the difference in her total academic costs. “That extra money is so important,” she said. “It has made it possible to have these great club experiences. Through them — and because I want to give back — I want to make a difference in the tech world, I want to be a mentor and serve on the IAB. I want to see more women in positions of leadership in the field.” n


Scholarship recipient Salvador Navarro



0100001101100001011011000010 000001010000011011110110110 0011110010010000001000101011 011000110010101100011011101 0001110010011010010110001101 1000010110110000100000010001 010110111001100111011010010 110111001100101011001010111 0010011010010110111001100111 Cal Poly Electrical Engineering


I never thought I’d be here. I’m the first of all my siblings and cousins to earn a bachelor’s degree. It’s a powerful tool and I hope my example encourages others.


INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE HAD AN IMPACT ON SAL NAVARRO INCLUDE HIS OLDER brother, his instructors at Allan Hancock College, his Cal Poly electrical engineering advisor and his dad. Most of all, his dad. Growing up, the person Navarro most wanted to be like was his older brother Miguel. “We had lots in common,” said Navarro. “He loved the Dodgers, I love the Dodgers; he loved math, I love math.” Like many Hispanics in Buellton, Calif., neither Miguel nor Sal considered college. But Navarro’s father told him he had to either work or go to school full-time. “My dad has only a fourth- or fifth-grade education,” explained Navarro. “When he was young, he loved reading and tried to buy books when he started working at the age of 6. But with 10 siblings, school was not possible. He told me, ‘If I had money, I would have continued my education.’ My dad is the main reason I’m at Cal Poly.” Navarro enrolled at Allan Hancock College without much direction. Then, in his third year, his father was diagnosed with cancer. “It hit me: I had to make a difference, I had to go to a four-year university,” he said. Hancock instructors Dom Dal Bello and Rob Jorstad introduced Navarro to engineering. “They and a course in circuit analysis changed my life,” he said. His teachers also recommended that he enroll in Cal Poly’s electrical engineering program. Although his father’s illness and the quarter system made Cal Poly very challenging, he found his place on campus. He relished his electrical engineering classes with Taufik, his “all-time favorite” Cal Poly professor. “Dr. Taufik has a passion for the subject,” he noted. Having discovered his own academic passion, Navarro was also able to focus on his studies, thanks to scholarship aid. “I financed school with savings, loans and scholarships,” he explained. “Not working means I can concentrate on grades and participate in clubs and projects, which helps professionally.” An officer in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Navarro is also active in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Power & Energy Society. His leadership activities helped capture the attention of employers — he landed an internship with San Diego Gas & Electric and has been hired by PG&E for his first full-time job after graduation. Looking forward to commencement, Navarro reflected, “I never thought I’d be here. I’m the first of all my siblings and cousins to earn a bachelor’s degree. It’s a powerful tool, and I hope my example encourages others. “Commencement was on Father’s Day, and it was also my dad’s birthday. I’m just so grateful.” n Salvador Navarro Electrical Engineering graduate — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — National Science Foundation • Chevron, Xerox MEP Scholarships Hispanic Scholarship Fund / Northrop Grumman

n Salvadore Navarro was flanked by his parents, Maria Carmen and Jose Luis Navarro, at Cal Poly commencement.

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Donor Eric Taylor


n Cal Poly mechanical engineering graduate Eric Taylor checks out the Oracle Team USA 17 catamaran, winner of the America’s Cup yacht race in 2013. Taylor is a sales consultant for Oracle software.

Then Taylor received his first Cal Poly Fund Phonathon call. “They made it so easy to set up a recurring gift on my credit card, and I realized that this was the way to make a gift but still stay within what I can afford,” he explained. “I want to grow my contribution and impact over time, and with a system in place to make regular gifts, that will be much easier to do. There’s probably no magic point at which you say, ‘Okay, I’ve made it, and I can make a donation now.’ In fact, starting small is better than not starting at all, and there’s no better time to start giving back than the present. “I hope to be engaged with Cal Poly and active in the alumni community all my life. My gifts may seem small now, but they’ll add up over a year, over a lifetime. The important point is to just get started.” n


ERIC TAYLOR (B.S., MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 2013) has been working at his first job for six months, but he’s already starting to build a philanthropic legacy by making an automatic, monthly gift to Cal Poly. When the Colorado native was deciding on college, he had three criteria. He wanted to attend a top engineering program at a university that was affordable and offered a rich campus and community environment. Cal Poly came to his attention because of its U.S. News ranking as the nation’s best statefunded undergraduate engineering school — and he fell in love from his first step on campus. Taylor had what he calls an “iconic” Cal Poly student experience, and was involved in the Sales Engineering Club (SEC) and SLO Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ. He also served as a resident advisor, WOW leader and Poly Rep. SEC introduced him to the field of technical sales and landed him an internship with Eaton Corp., one of the club’s sponsors. Taylor now works as a sales consultant for Oracle Direct, demonstrating the value of Oracle software products. Taylor knew that he wanted to contribute to Cal Poly after he graduated. In his words, “All Cal Poly grads have tremendous potential for success, so it’s our responsibility to give back. I want to make an impact, to help Cal Poly,” he said, but how does one “make an impact” on a beginning salary?


All Cal Poly grads have tremendous potential for success, so it’s our responsibility to give back. I want to make an impact, to help Cal Poly.

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Scholarship recipient Steven Ambers



01000011011000010110110 00010000001010000011011 11011011000111100100100 00001000011011010010111 01100110100101101100001 00000010001010110111001 10011101101001011011100 11001010110010101110010 011010010110111001100111 Cal Poly Civil Engineering


Before I received help myself, the idea of someone giving money for a good cause and someone else receiving the money seemed very abstract.


ISAAC BARPAL (B.S., ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND MATH, 1967) arrived at Cal Poly in 1963 from Israel with little but the shirt on his back. Through perseverance and encouragement from his professors, he graduated with two degrees in just three years. Today, Barpal serves as an example of how hard work and dedication lead to success. He retired in 1998 as senior vice president and chief technology officer of AlliedSignal Inc. Before joining AlliedSignal, he had a distinguished 22-year career at Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Barpal also encourages and rewards high-achieving students through the scholarship program that he established in 2001. Steven Ambers is the 2014 recipient of the Issac R. Barpal Scholarship, which is designated for the engineering student with the best overall GPA at the end of his or her junior year. A civil engineering student who carries a straight 4.0 grade point average, Ambers is grateful that his academic standing has drawn the attention of Barpal. “I feel honored to have been recognized out of the many students in the College of Engineering,” he said. With an interest in geotechnical and structural engineering, Ambers hopes to establish a career that gives him the opportunity to get out of the office, visit job sites and provide public service. “Scholarship support has freed me a bit from needing a summer job and allowed me to seek out internships, instead, which will add to my professional experience,” he said. In addition to academics, Ambers puts faith into action by volunteering with the Newman Catholic Center at the People’s Kitchen, where he prepares and serves a meal for homeless neighbors every month. He finds the work an opportunity to help out the community. “I think it’s important to serve people who may be down on their luck at the moment,” he said. His experience at the People’s Kitchen — along with the scholarship aid he’s received — has given Ambers an understanding of the meaning of philanthropy. “I’ve discovered that despite our various circumstances, ultimately we’re all just people,” he explained. “Before I received help myself, the idea of someone giving money for a good cause and someone else receiving the money seemed very abstract. When I was awarded the Barpal scholarship and looked up Mr. Barpal and his accomplishments, it really drove home that there was an actual person at the other end.” n Steven Ambers Civil Engineering junior — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Isaac R. Barpal Scholarship Litton Industries Engineering Scholarship

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Kevin I. Frias Duane R. Fridley Gregory Froelich Frank Furger Louis T. Gabriel Jr. Jason & Terri Gale Michael R. Garabedian Donald & Melinda Gardner John & Stephanie Garlinghouse Abraham Garza Louis & Vicki Geiger Kenneth & Melinda Gelsinger Sean Genovese & Jennifer Rhoades Joanne D. Gerber Michael C. Gibbons Jason Q. Gilbert Una M. Gilmartin Jeffrey & Andrea Gladstone Robert & Denise Glenn Scott W. Glucs Joseph C. Goldhammer Dayle & Charlotte Good Dorothy & Michael Gordon Paul & Saundra Gori Sean A. Gouw Cindy L. Graham Debra & Mark Green Greg & Margaret Griffitts Andrew J. Grubb Wilfredo Guevara Anuranga S. Gunaratne Kathleen Gunderson Nan & Christopher Hall Roger E. Hall Mary & Robert Hamilton Max S. Hamilton Mark E. Hand Jeffrey S. Hansell Karl Hansen & Pamela Weaver Lynn Harenberg-Miller & Louallen Miller Warren & Kathleen Harms Karl & DeEtte Hart Keith R. Harvey Jeffrey & Margaret Haskett Steven & Terri Haslam Tom & Betty Hedgecock Siobhan M. Heiden Ryan L. Heise Michael D. Henry Pete & Gerilyn Herold Barbara & Thomas Herrinton Steven & Linda Hess Donald Heuchert & Susan Pasko Heuchert Amy Hewes & Kevin Clark Michael R. Hiebert William D. Hill Diane & R. S. Hills Cathy & Jeffrey Hinds Charles L. Hitchcock

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* deceased

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Donors PG&E

UNMATCHED: PG&E IS CAL POLY’S NO. 1 MATCHING GIFTS DONOR 01000011011000010110110 00010000001010000011011 11011011000111100100100 00001000011011010010111 01100110100101101100001 00000010001010110111001 10011101101001011011100 11001010110010101110010 011010010110111001100111 Cal Poly Civil Engineering


Cal Poly is a big part of my own success. I’d be losing out by not taking advantage of PG&E’s matching gift program.


MIKE AVELLA (B.S., CIVIL ENGINEERING, 1980) HAS BEEN GIVING — and PG&E has been matching his gifts — to Cal Poly for almost 20 years. Now an expert engineer in gas system planning, Avella’s 33-year career with PG&E began as a student intern. He started giving back to Cal Poly when he learned about PG&E’s attractive matching gift program. “Back then, I couldn’t give much, but the company’s one-to-one matching gift program made me think, wow, even if I give a small amount, it’s a small gift times two!” he said. With as many as 1,000 Cal Poly alumni employees, PG&E is the university’s largest matching gifts donor. The program is popular because the company provides easy access, enables employees to give via payroll deductions, allows employees to direct their gifts to their educational institution or nonprofit of choice, and matches gifts from both full- and part-time workers up to $2,500 per employee as well as retirees up to $1,000 per retiree. “PG&E considers itself a neighbor in San Luis Obispo and other towns throughout the state,” said Barry Allen, PG&E site vice president at Diablo Canyon Power Plant. “Through our n Cal Poly civil engineering graduate matching gift program and other Mike Avella, left, greets son Ryan, an philanthropic efforts, we contribute to electrical engineering student, at Poly the health and vitality of our communi- Canyon Village. ties — we believe that’s what a good neighbor does.” According to Allen, PG&E believes in its matching gift program because it helps the company as well the community. “It energizes our employees, fosters community involvement, and strengthens the company’s internal and external ties,” he noted. “It builds a sense of pride and accomplishment.” For Avella, his sense of pride in his company dovetails with pride in his alma mater. He values his Learn by Doing education because it helped him learn how to collaborate and communicate with team members, and the lab environment prepared him for practice in the field. “My son Ryan is a third-year electrical engineering student at Cal Poly, and it seems like there are even more high-tech engineering labs now,” he said. “Plus, Ryan tells me that, like in my day, you can walk into a professor’s office and he or she will often know you by name.” “Cal Poly is a big part of my own success,” Avella said. “I’d be losing out by not taking advantage of PG&E’s matching gift program — it’s such a simple way to say ‘Thank you.’” “We’re glad we’re benefiting Cal Poly with matching gifts,” Allen said. “In fact, PG&E supports Cal Poly in numerous ways. We have many company representatives serving on university advisory boards and volunteering in classrooms. We participate in symposiums and we provide funds to support programs. We’re proud of our involvement.” n


Scholarship recipient Ajmal Puyehgar

CIVIL ENGINEERING STUDENT TAKES LONG AND WINDING ROAD TO CAL POLY AJMAL PUYEHGAR’S JOURNEY BEGAN IN AFGHANISTAN, where he was born, and took him to Pakistan, Russia and Irvine, Calif. After Cal Poly, with degree in hand, Puyehgar hopes to return to Afghanistan to build a school and reconnect with the father he hasn’t seen in 12 years. Puyehgar moved to Pakistan when a Taliban bomb exploded a block away from his home. His mother, a teacher, felt she had to ensure her three children’s safety, even if it meant living apart from her husband. Finding living conditions no better in Pakistan, the family took refuge with a relative in Moscow. Eleven years later, when Puyehgar was 12, his mother brought her children to the U.S. in search of safety, opportunity and education. “We lived in a hotel,” remembers Puyehgar. “My mom immediately learned English and walked five miles each way to get licensed as a hairstylist. She sacrificed a lot — my brother, sister and I are determined to get professional jobs so Mom can retire.” Arriving in the U.S. immediately after 9/11, Puyehgar faced discrimination and bullying, but he channeled his energies into a determination to make a difference. Sports also provided lessons about turning pain into strength. He participated in track and field, played football throughout high school and community college, and followed advice from his math professor at Irvine Community College to “push to the limit.” Puyehgar forged ahead to Cal Poly, where he’s majoring in civil engineering with a minor in construction management. He believes these fields will give him tools to help others by building hospitals or the school he hopes to establish in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he’s found ways to serve others, both as a volunteer and through jobs that help pay for college. He volunteers at the Noor Foundation in San Luis Obispo, which provides free health care to low-income residents and undertakes humaniTutoring tarian and health care projects in Mauritania, homeless and Africa and Afghanistan. He also has tutoring jobs at the ECHO homeless shelter and Aaron’s troubled youth makes Boys Home. “Tutoring homeless and troubled me realize how youth makes me realize how fortunate I am,” said Puyehgar. fortunate I am. Without a doubt, Puyehgar’s positive outlook 01000011011000010110110 has helped him make his own fortune, but he’s 00010000001010000011011 keenly aware of the importance of financial aid 11011011000111100100100 00001000011011010010111 and assistance. “Scholarships make it so much 01100110100101101100001 easier to focus on academics,” he stated. “For instance, 00000010001010110111001 thanks to an internship with Clark Construction and a very 10011101101001011011100 11001010110010101110010 generous scholarship from the company, I haven’t had to ask 011010010110111001100111 Mom for a cent all year.” n



Cal Poly Civil Engineering

Ajmal Puyehgar Civil Engineering senior — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Clark Construction Scholarship Mulitcultural Engineering Program Scholarship Chevron Scholarship 30 | CAL POLY ENGINEERING

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Ronald E. Simms Blake & Lynette Simon Maria D. Sklar Julie Smith & Shawn Lammer Mary & Steven Smith Russell J. Smith Stephen W. Snow Rudolf E. Snyders Andrew R. Sofranko Brendon M. Soltis William & Michele Sooy James & Jessica Sorenson Stephan G. Sorger Richard & Tamra Sotelo Mark & Anna Sousa Martin & Ruth Spadaro Michael R. Spahn John & Lisa Spangenberg Christopher J. Sparber Gary Spawn & Marlis Petersen Spawn

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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING LEGACY CLUB Bequests play a significant role in sustaining Cal Poly and providing resources for its growth. The College of Engineering Legacy Club recognizes those who have included the college in their estate plans. To plan a possible bequest to Cal Poly, obtain sample language, or notify the university of your intended bequest, Anonymous Donorplease contact Assistant Dean Richard LeRoy at or 805-756-7108.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — xxxxxxxxxx

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010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111000 110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011001110100001101100001011 101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010111 01110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000000100 100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101101 010101110010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101100 California Polytechnic State University College of Engineering 1 11000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101 San Luis Obispo, CA 001011011100110011101000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000 93407-0350 000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100110 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED 1 10100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110 Parents please note: If your son or daughter 011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101 is no longer at this address, please report his or her current address to the 1 11011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101 College of Engineering 101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101 100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101101 010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011 100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110101 010110111001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000 001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011001111 010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001 11001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000100 110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011 101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101 100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100 0 01010111001001101001011011100110011101000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101 MAKE A GIFT TO SUPPORT ENGINEERING LABS, PROJECTS AND CLUBS 10001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010 00101101110011001110100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000 00001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011000 11101000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011010 11001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110011101000011011001 00101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011011 00101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111 010000110110000101101100001000 00001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011000 10101100101011100100110100101101110011001110100001101100001011011000010000001010000011010 11101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011101 010011010010110111001100111 01000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110 001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110110 0 10011001110100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010 The College of Engineering labs, 0 10110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110011101000011 student projects and clubs are the hallmarks of Cal Poly’s Learn by 011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011100 Doing education. 1 1101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011001110100001101100001011011000 The annual gifts from alumni, 1 0100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100 parents and friends support lab 0 11001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101000001 maintenance, operations and enhancements. Gifts from individual 1 10111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011 donors also help ensure that every 100100110100101101110011001110100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001110 student has the opportunity to 100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011 undertake a project and have 0 11001100111010000110110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001 invaluable club experiences. Please join other alumni and 1 01011011100110011101101001011011100110010101100101011100100110100101101110011001110100001 friends in supporting our Learn by 0 10110000101101100001000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111 Doing curriculum. 011010010110111001100101011001010111001001101001011011100110011101000011011000010110110000 Go to or contact 0 01000000101000001101111011011000111100100100000010001010110111001100111011010010110111001 Assistant Dean Richard LeRoy at or 805-756-7108. 0 10010101100101011100100110100101101110011001110100001101100001011011000010000001010000011 011110110110001111001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101111 001001101001011011100110011101000011011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011111 001001000000100010101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110110 0 10011001110100001101100001011011000010000001010000011011110110110001111001001000000100010 Cal Poly Engineering • • • 805-756-2131 101101110011001110110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000111 011000010110110000100000010100000110111101101100011110010010000001000101011011100110011100 110100101101110011001010110010101110010011010010110111001100111010000110110000101101100000


Cal Poly Engineering 2014  

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Doing — Cal Poly Engineering Annual Report for 2014

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