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Doing 2015-2016 ANNUAL REPORT

Learn by Doing, Lead with Innovation

The current workshop is more than a building: it's my Cal Poly home. Even as the only woman on the Baja team, I was immediately welcomed. I spent 350 hours in the workshop my freshman year. As a shop tech now, I want other students to be fearless!


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Doing 2015-2016 ANNUAL REPORT

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4 Message from Dean’s Advisory 16 The Engineering Projects Center Council Chair Tom Lebens 18 College of Engineering 5 College of Engineering Numbers Individual Donors 6 College of Engineering Highlights

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Message from

Debra Larson | Dean, College of Engineering

Dean Larson inspects the progress of a college enhancement project. This summer, the formerly cheerless courtyard of Building 13 was transformed into a welcoming space for collaboration and an area for students to relax and study between classes.


The College of Engineering has advanced on many fronts this year thanks to the dedication of faculty and staff, and the generous support of alumni, friends and corporate partners. We are so grateful for this support! These gifts provide the resources we need to keep up with the supersonic pace of change in our field. I confess that what wakes me up at night is the question of how to keep our curricula relevant and learning environments current with the relentlessly changing landscape of today’s technology! Thankfully, we have corporate partners that help keep us up-to-date — and, more importantly, help ensure the qualifications and success of our graduates as they enter evolving workplaces and industries. Keysight and Northrop Grumman — highlighted in this annual report — are two of the 195 corporations and foundations that provided gifts to the college this year. With the $1.3 million in software and hardware donated by Keysight, Cal Poly students and researchers will be at the forefront of the transition from 4G to 5G communications that will take place in the next decade. Talk about relevant! Likewise, Northrop Grumman partners with the College of Engineering in fostering a progressive, hands-on learning environment that impacts our students during their time on campus and long after they graduate. The company supports key focus areas, including our cybersecurity program, the Autonomous Flight Lab and student unmanned aerial

vehicle (UAV) team, a collaborative UAV project with Cal Poly Pomona, and faculty applied research. We’ve also received help with initiatives that promote diversity, a universitywide priority. These industry partnerships illustrate our path to the future: Incorporate Learn by Doing into emerging areas and into new ways of teaching and learning. Develop the infrastructure that supports new technologies and allows students to acquire skills and familiarity with processes, practices and platforms they will encounter in industry. And make sure that Learn by Doing projects and pedagogy include teaming and risk taking. In fact, because we fervently understand that Learn by Doing is both our history and our future, we’ve begun a building campaign that will set the stage for a renewal and transformation of our Learn by Doing lab and shop foundation: the Engineering Projects Center, a state-of-the-art, handson facility that will serve as the gateway to the College of Engineering. You can read more about the Engineering Projects Center (EPC) on page 16. We hope you will take an active part in realizing the EPC. After all, we’re confident that you’ve either taken your Learn by Doing problemsolving into your own professional work, or you recognize the vital mark that this ethos has made — via Cal Poly Engineering — on industry, the economy and our society. Learn by Doing is your legacy. We invite you to be a part of the next chapter.

Message from

Tom Lebens | Chair, Dean's Advisory Council

I am new to the role of chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council, but my history with Cal Poly goes back to the 1970s when my dad earned his bachelor’s and M.B.A. degrees. He went on to work in university administration, ending his career as vice president for administration and finance. Growing up, I was touched by Cal Poly in many ways, from Dad’s employment to enjoying Dean Phil Bailey’s magic shows at Open House to having Cal Poly mentors volunteer with my Boy Scout troop. When I became a student, I entered into Cal Poly life through groups like Associated Students Inc., where I served as president and board member, and the Engineering Student Council. I benefited from encouragement by then-Dean Peter Y. Lee, who valued the “whole engineer,” combining technical expertise with leadership skills. I always say I earned two degrees at Cal Poly — one in engineering and one in leadership. These dual degrees have served me well, and when I returned to town after earning my law degree, I re-engaged with Cal Poly, serving on the Cal Poly Corporation Board and then as president of the Alumni Association. I’ve been a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council since 2011.

I guess you’d say I am highly motivated to support Cal Poly! There are a number of reasons behind my involvement. On a personal level, I derive a lot of pleasure in serving the institution. It’s fun! And there are so many ways to connect and contribute to student success: You can mentor clubs needing professional expertise; give to the on-campus food pantry; recycle business wardrobe items with Career Services for students needing interview outfits; join your local Cal Poly Alumni Association chapter; come back to campus for Homecoming; support student clubs like Engineers Without Borders or PolyHouse; welcome freshmen by participating in New Student Move-in Day. The list is endless. As an alumnus, I have benefited greatly from this incredible university. My diploma is a valuable credential and asset. The time, talent, dollars and advocacy I lend to Cal Poly adds to the value of my own degree and to those of generations of graduates going forward. Finally, from a global perspective, I believe strongly that we have a duty to support education. Education lifts our whole society; it’s vitally important to the future of our planet. Because of education — and especially higher education — individuals not only better their own lives, but they acquire the deeper thinking skills that makes them better citizens and better able to participate in and contribute to their communities. We all have an opportunity to create a better world — I hope you’ll seek ways to give back to Cal Poly! Simply ask how you can help. There’s a place for everyone, all alumni, parents and friends, who have willing hearts.

I always say I earned two degrees at Cal Poly — one in engineering and one in leadership.


Cal Poly Engineering | Numbers College of Engineering Donors

Consistent with giving trends in higher education nationally, the number of gifts to the College of Engineering has remained steady while the gift total has increased.


# Gifts

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2,537 2,280 2,279 2,378 2,382 3,466 3,542 3,212 3,333 3,683 3,412

Gift Total*


# Donors 2,445






*Gift total includes cash, in-kind gifts, bequests and pledges.

College of Engineering Expenses

College of Engineering Budget Sources

$30,000,000 $30,000,000

Expenses exceed budget sources because non-state sources were used to cover expenses.

State Support Dollars

$25,000,000 $25,000,000

College Based Fee*

Cal Poly Plan Fee*


$20,000,000 Student Success Fee*

$15,000,000 $15,000,000

Lottery Funds *Student funded


$10,000,000 $10,000,000

$5,000,000 Administration

Total O&E

15 -16


14 -15


13 -14




12 -13





11 -12 12 -13 20 13 -14 20 14 -15 20 15 -16 20 Pr 16 oj 1 ec 7




11 -12


Budget sources represent state sources only and do not include private, non-state sources such as endowments and gifts.

Endowment Impact

Cal Poly Foundation Endowment Fiscal year 2016 investment returns for the endowment were slightly down, consistent with globally diversified portfolios. U.S. large company stocks and bonds earned low singledigit returns this fiscal year, and other assets generated negative results.

200 M 180 M 160 M 140 M 120 M 100 M

$5.5 M


$6.4 M


$7.3 M


$8.1. M


$7.8 M

'15-'16 0














As of Dec. 31, 2015

The Cal Poly Endowment has paid out more than $35.1 million over the past five academic years directly benefiting university programs, faculty development and student scholarships.


C A L P O LY E N G I N E E R I N G 2 015 -2 016 H I G H L I G H T S n For the fourth consecutive year, Cal Poly College of Engineering was named the nation’s top state-funded undergraduate engineering program by U.S. News & World Report. For 23 years, Cal Poly as a whole has been rated the best public-master’s university in the West.



n Among state-funded universities, Cal Poly ranked number one for its civil, electrical and mechanical engineering programs. n The college welcomed 1,246 new freshmen, who presented an average high school GPA of 4.08, average SAT’s of 686 (math) and 633 (reading), and 30 ACT. Total enrollment included 5,692 undergraduates and 390 graduate students. n The College of Engineering dedicated the Haas Netshape Laboratory and the Haas Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory. n Donors to the College of Engineering made gifts and pledges totaling $15,412,696. n Cal Poly’s regenerative medicine program received a five-year, $2.6 million grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). n A donation of a rolling road and test section from All American Racers and a gift from the Raintree Foundation helped transform Cal Poly’s Low-Speed Wind Tunnel. n The college dedicated the Keysight Advanced Communications Laboratory in recognition of a $1.3 million technology gift from Keysight Technologies. n The Human Motion Biomechanics program received grants totaling $863,600 from the W.M. Keck Foundation and the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition for biomechanics research. n Engineering Possibilities in College (EPIC) summer camp collaborated with the Migrant Education Program to enable 6 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

1 — The Cal Poly regenerative medicine program received a $2.6 million grant. 2 — The College of Engineering's Applications in Autonomous Flight program received the gift of a Puma unmanned aircraft. 3 — Cal Poly's Low-Speed Wind Tunnel was transformed by the donation of a rolling road test section.

participation by 79 children of migrant California farmworkers. n A realized $500,000 bequest made by Mary King helped assure the future for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigerating program. n The College of Engineering’s Applications in Autonomous Flight program received a Puma unmanned aircraft system from AeroVironment Inc.


n Cal Poly was found to be one of the top computer science schools in the U.S. for graduates’ earning potential according to the compensation specialist firm PayScale.

n College of Engineering student awards went to: Nathaniel Carson (Electrical Engineering), Academic Excellence Award; Katherine Chambers (Environmental Engineering), Outstanding Senior for Contributions to the College; Jocelyn De Leon (Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies), Outstanding Senior for Contributions to the University; Melanie Thatcher (Materials Engineering), Outstanding Senior for Service to the Community; and Carlos Flores, Student Volunteer of the Year.

n General Engineering and Biomedical Engineering became two independent programs.

n Cal Poly again played a pivotal role in testing the Planetary Society’s LightSail CubeSat.

n Cal Poly and Munich University of Applied Sciences expanded their partnership to include joint teaching, learning and research activities.

n Student startups Higea Inc. and Mantis Composites were the first Cal Poly teams to receive grants from VentureWell, a nonprofit that supports innovation and entrepreneurship.

TEAM HIGHLIGHTS n For the fifth consecutive year, the Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers (SWE) earned the Gold Award as a top student chapter in the nation. Cal Poly SWE also won first place in the Team Tech competition. n For the 53rd time, the Cal Poly Rose Float earned special honors at the Tournament of Roses Parade — the Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy for the most beautiful noncommercial entry.


4 — The Cal Poly Steel Bridge team placed second in the nation, its highest finish ever. 5 — Cal Poly Rose Float won special honors at the 2016 Tournament of Roses Parade. 6 — Cal Poly's INhouse finished third overall at the Solar Decathlon. 5.

n The Cal Poly Institute of Transportation Engineers was named the top student chapter.

n Cal Poly won the 2016 Premier Project Award from Engineers Without Borders.

n Cal Poly won first place in ASHRAE’s Applied Engineering Challenge, the second win in a row by a team from the Cal Poly’s Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigerating concentration.

n Cal Poly Engineering students played a key role in the design and construction of the INhouse, a 1,000-squarefoot, solar-powered home that finished third overall at the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015.

n Cal Poly won the efficiency challenge at the Parker Chainless Challenge with a new clutch design for a bicycle propelled by fluid power.

n In its highest finish ever, Cal Poly placed second overall at the American Society of Civil Engineers National Student Steel Bridge Competition.

n Cal Poly students swept the Residential Energy Modeling Competition sponsored by the California Association of Building Energy Consultants.

n Cal Poly's Supermileage Team placed third overall and was the first American team across the finish line at the Shell Eco-marathon.



the DC House project, which can bring electricity to people living in remote areas.

n Frederick W. Mowrer, director of Cal Poly’s Fire Protection Engineering Programs, was awarded the 2015 John L. Bryan Mentoring Award by the Society of Fire Protection Engineering.

n Materials Engineering Professor Linda Vanasupa won the Women in Engineering ProActive Network Leader in Engineering Education Award.

n The Don & Paula Heye Award for Outstanding Club Advisor was presented to Garrett Hall (Civil Engineering). The Don & Paula Heye Award for Outstanding Teaching was presented to Gary Perks, lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Department. n Electrical Engineering Professor Taufik visited 19 universities in Indonesia to promote

n Jose Macedo, chair of the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department, was named a Fellow by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering. n Mechanical Engineering Professors Brian Self and James Widmann received Learn by Doing Scholar Awards for their research on “InquiryBased Learning Activities in Dynamics.” ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU | 7

C A L P O LY E N G I N E E R I N G 2 015 -2 016 H I G H L I G H T S n Computer Science Professor David Janzen was named a Faculty Fellow by the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


n Environmental Engineering Professor Tryg Lundquist was awarded the Raytheon Excellence in Teaching and Applied Research Award. n Mechanical Engineering Professor Patrick Lemieux was awarded a patent for an automotive air cycle machine.

ALUMNI SUCCESS n A champion of women in technology, Kim Vorrath (B.S., Computer Science, 1988) was named the College of Engineering Honored Alumna. Vorrath is responsible for program management, power, performance and quality assurance for every new release of iOS for Apple.



n The DayOne Waterbag, a portable water purifier coinvented by Tricia CompasMarkman (B.S./M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2009) and Professor Tryg Lundquist, received the Intel Environment Award. n Christina Diaz (B.S./M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2013), a systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was featured in Vanity Fair Mexico as a Latina who “embodies power.”




n Carolyn Berg (B.S., Civil Engineering, 2008) and Eric Veium (B.S., Industrial Engineering, 2008) were among the “Top 20 Under 40” young professionals honored by The Tribune newspaper. n Karen Bartleson (B.S., Engineering Science, 1980), senior director of corporate programs and initiatives at Synopsys, is the 2016 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers president-elect. n Kate Van Dellen (B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2008), won the SWE Distinguished New Engineer Award. 8 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

1 — The Cal Poly Supermileage team placed third overall in the 2016 Shell Eco-marathon. 2 — Nathanial Carson (electrical engineering) was honored by Dean Debra Larson with the Academic Excellence Award. 3 — Cal Poly mechanical engineering students won the Parker Chainless Challenge. 4 — Kim Vorrath was named the college's Honored Alumna. 5 — The EPIC Summer Camp included 79 children from the Migrant Education Program. 6 — Alumni Carolyn Berg and Eric Veium were among the “Top 20 Under 40” in the Tribune Newspaper.

n Will Fletcher (B.S., Civil Engineering, 2010; M.S., Fire Protection Engineering, 2012) was recognized among the top “40 Under 40” young building and engineering profession-

als by Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine. n One of the world's foremost authorities on wheelchair design, Rory Cooper (B.S. and

M.S., Electrical Engineering, 1985-86) was issued a patent for the Robotic Strong Arm that assists people with highlevel injuries to live and travel more independently. n

Donor | Northrop Grumman

COMPANY'S PARTNERSHIP WITH CAL POLY COVERS WIDE SPECTRUM n Charles Volk, director of Northrop Grumman advanced technologies and products, met with Cal Poly's RMAX unmanned aerial vehicle team members. From left, Olivia Lockhart, Mike Nothem, Kobbie Farwick and Andrew Mercier. Over the summer, Lockhart and Nothem traveled to Australia to learn to pilot the RMAX, which was a gift from Northrop Grumman.


Why does Northrop Grumman identify Cal Poly as one of its Enterprise Focus Universities? “Cal Poly is an important partner whose emphasis on Learn by Doing helps to build strong graduates who can have a significant impact in the workforce,” said Doug Young, vice president of missile defense and advanced systems at Northrop Grumman. In fact, more than 450 Cal Poly alumni work at Northrop Grumman, including 22 of its top executives. And with gifts totaling more than $200,000 in 2015 alone, Northrop Grumman’s support for the College of Engineering reflects extraordinary generosity and breadth. The company provided gifts to college departments and programs, labs, senior projects, scholarships, applied research and student professional societies. “Northrop Grumman serves as a model for corporate interaction, with a relationship that spans the University and involves many individuals who enjoy working together,” said College of Engineering Dean Debra Larson. “Above all, this special partnership is founded on our mutual commitment to the student-to-employee pipeline. “Northrop Grumman is helping us educate graduates who possess state-of-practice skills in fields like cybersecurity, autonomous flight, small satellites, big data, composites and advanced manufacturing, safety, and innovation. We are also working together to bring more diversity to engineering and computer science.” Areas of support that especially signify Northrop Grumman’s leadership in engineering education include the Cal Poly CubeSat, cybersecurity and autonomous flight. The CubeSat program prepares students for industry by providing opportunities to design, build, test, launch and track miniature satellites. The team-based program involves collaboration with other universities,

scientists and government. Northrop Grumman’s $13,000 in support last year, for instance, helped Cal Poly play a pivotal role in testing the Planetary Society’s LightSail CubeSat. Northrop Grumman has also made significant investments in Cal Poly’s cybersecurity program. In 2014, the company helped found Cal Poly’s cyber lab. “Our computer science and software engineering students absolutely know the Northrop Grumman name — they are developing sophisticated cyber literacy because of the lab and company support of the student White Hat club,” noted Larson. In the area of autonomous flight, Northrop Grumman has promoted the training of unmanned aerial systems operators through support of Cal Poly’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) team and the Autonomous Flight Lab dedicated to the establishment of a flight research program. Additionally, an autonomous vehicle project, now in its fifth year, aims to fulfill Northrop Grumman’s goal of providing students with a large, system-level, multidisciplinary design experience. With the help and mentorship of Northrop Grumman experts like Charles Volk, director of advanced technologies and products, teams of students and faculty from Cal Poly and Cal Poly Pomona work to develop a collaborative system between UAVs and an unmanned ground vehicle. Diversity is another important initiative for both Cal Poly and Northrop Grumman. Not only does Northrop Grumman support the Cal Poly Scholars program for low-income, first-generation students, but it is part of a three-way partnership with Cal Poly and DaVinci Schools to bring highly qualified, diverse students to and through Cal Poly Engineering and into jobs at top-tier companies, including Northrop Grumman. Young summarized, “Northrop Grumman’s support has focused on stimulating and nurturing a diverse pool of graduates in technology fields that are important to global security.” ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU | 9

DONOR HONOR ROLL Corporation & Foundation Donors

3C Engineering Inc. ACCO Engineered Systems Air Treatment Corp. Airflow Distribution Company American Institute of Steel Construction American Society of Civil Engineers Amgen Inc. Anheuser-Busch Foundation Anritsu Company Apple Inc. Athena Engineering Inc. Atlas Civil Design Inc. Bay Area Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association Bender Dean Engineering Inc. BHE Renewables Biowish Technologies Inc. Blach Construction BMA Inc. BNBuilders Inc. The Boeing Company Boston Scientific C. A. Davis Engineering Cameronblue Capital LLC Cannon Capital Engineering Consultants Inc. Chevron Corp. 10 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

Cisco Systems Inc. Clark Construction Group LLC Climatec Condon Johnson & Associates Inc. Conservation Mechanical Systems Inc. Control Air Conditioning Corp. The Covello Group Inc. Cowi North America Inc. Critchfield Mechanical Inc. Cuesta Construction Company Cypress Semiconductor Corp. D. H. Charles Engineering Inc. Daikin North America Dawson Company Dittmann Associates Inc. DMG Corp. Donald F. Dickerson Associates The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Dunham-Bush Americas Eaton Corp. Ecos Research LLC Energy Labs Inc. Enterprise Vision Technologies Inc. Federal Aviation Administration Fluor Enterprises Inc. Forchini Vineyards Frito-Lay Inc. GE Bently Nevada

Gene Haas Foundation Geosyntec Consultants Ghilotti Brothers Contractor GoDaddy Goodman Manufacturing Company LLP Google Inc. Granite Construction Inc. Graniterock Grant M. Brown Memorial Foundation Greenheck Fan Corp. Grinds LLC Hanson Aggregates Hatch Mott MacDonald Hewlett-Packard Company Hilmar Cheese Company Inc. Honeywell Husmith Inc. iFixit Ingersoll Rand/Trane Company Intel Corp. Intuitive Surgical Ironridge Inc. Johl Company Johnson Controls Inc. Johnson Debois & Forrest Keiser Corp. Key Air Conditioning Contractors Inc. Keysight Technologies

Kiewit Infrastructure West Co Knecht's Plumbing & Heating Inc. KS Industries LP KSR Associates LLC Lab126 Lam Research Corp. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Linkpendium Lockheed Martin Corp. Logos Systems International LS Larsen Studios Maltese Environmental Services LLC Mammoth Venmar Maxim Integrated Products Inc. Mazzetti Melfred Borzall Inc. Micro-Vu Corp. Mid State Concrete Products MNS Engineers Inc. National Aerospace Supply Co National Fluid Power Assoc. Nibbi Brothers General Contractors No Calif-Western Nevada Chapter of ACI Northern California Mechanical Contractors Association Norman S. Wright-Duckworth Continued on P. 13

Donor | Tony Domit



When Tony Domit worked as a senior engineer at Scientific Data Systems in the mid-1960s, the company built computers that were the size of refrigerators. The same level of computing power is now cellphone-sized. “My junior and senior courses in electronics focused on transistor technology, but by the time I graduated, the industry had switched to integrated circuits,” noted Domit, a 1963 graduate. Although he faced daunting and rapid change in his industry, Domit was successful in holding leadership positions for 22 years with Xerox and founding two companies: Advanced Workstation Products and Document Sciences Corporation. “It is hard to stay ahead of the curve in business and technology today,” admits Domit, “but my College of Engineering education taught me how to adapt. Learn by Doing taught me how to apply textbook material to actual problems and find real solutions. The experience was invaluable in learning how to rapidly integrate concepts into concrete results, which is critical in fast-evolving technologies and markets.” Being proud of and grateful for his Cal Poly education, Domit was happy to serve as one of the founding members of the Dean’s Advisory Council, established in 1995 by thenDean Peter Y. Lee. “I really got to know the college as a member of the council for 10 years,” said Domit, “and I got a lot of satisfaction in being able to contribute to its success.” “The council provided input on industry requirements — part of the process in keeping the curriculum current — and I especially enjoyed meeting students. As an alumnus, I am very pleased by the strong ties the College of Engineering has developed with industry, and I truly admire how the college has been able to attract superb students and turn them into wonderful engineers, many of whom I hired in my years at Xerox.” In addition to his volunteer service, Domit has been a longtime donor to the Annual Fund; and this year, Domit and his wife Gail established a generous bequest to aid his department, Electrical Engineering. “The bequest represents a big thank you to Cal Poly,” said

n Tony Domit celebrates fishing success on the Kenai River in Alaska with his grandsons, Matthew McGown, left, and Nicholas Fynaardt.

Domit. “I came from a lower middle-class family. I worked, received scholarships and went into the Naval Reserves to help pay for my education. Still, I remember having $3.15 to my name after filling up my car at the end of my junior year! “I have had a good life, better than I would have expected. Cal Poly changed my trajectory.”

My College of Engineering education taught me how to adapt. Learn by Doing taught me how to apply textbook material to actual problems and find real solutions. The experience was invaluable in learning how to rapidly integrate concepts into concrete results.


Scholarship recipient | Alian Ali



Alian Ali’s father inspired him to become a civil engineer. “My father was born to parents who were illiterate, but understood the value of education. To study at night, he had to go to a neighbor’s house that had electricity; for paper, he tore sheets off election posters in his Pakistani village,” said Ali. With scholarship aid, Ali’s father attended the University of Engineering & Technology in Lahore, and after immigrating to the U.S., he earned a master’s degree in structural engineering at Sacramento State. “Ever since I was in elementary school, Dad has judged science and engineering fair contests — I still have contest tee shirts from nine years ago! I guess all of us are following his footsteps because out of my five siblings, four are studying civil engineering, including my twin brother, Sanan, here at Cal Poly.” Ali did well in high school as a student and athlete, playing defensive tackle and lineman on the football squad. He chose to attend Cal Poly because of its excellent reputation and because its hands-on program appealed to a guy who, in his words, “doesn’t mind wearing a white-collared shirt to a job, if I can wear boots to do the work.” To help pay for college, Ali has served as a resident advisor on campus and had summer jobs ranging from babysitting to delivering pizzas. His most rewarding employment, though, has been as a staff engineer intern at his dad’s company, TSI Engineering. “I’ve gotten experience with AutoCAD, working on proposals and bids, gathering quotes and cost estimates and drafting complete project schedules,” explains Ali. “My favorite thing has been site supervision. “Last summer, I supervised a project to replace a septic tank at a veterans cemetery — it was exciting! I needed to fully understand the scope, minimize expenses, ensure quality control, oversee safety, follow best management practices … even make sure the crew was well hydrated. And when needed, I put on gloves and jumped in the pit! My TSI experience has made me want to work with a designbuild approach as a professional engineer. “In fact, I used funds from the Clark Construction Scholarship to join the Design-Build Institute and to sign up for the EIT (Engineer-In-Training) exam. The scholarship has taken a ton off my shoulders!” The Clark scholarship has also made Ali think about giving back. “I would like to help connect alumni to Cal Poly,” he says. “As the alumni relations officer for the Cal Poly

Society of Civil Engineers, I intend to reach out to fellow Mustangs, perhaps inviting them to offer scholarships. “Having received a scholarship that makes college fiscally bearable, I can see myself offering scholarships to ambitious students once I, too, have the means.” Alian Ali Civil Engineering Senior ————————————————————— Clark Construction Scholarship

Last summer, I supervised a project to replace a septic tank at a veterans cemetery — it was exciting! 12 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

DONOR HONOR ROLL Northrop Grumman NOVA Group Inc. Oliver Racing Parts Oliveria Engineering Pacific Coast Trane Service Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Pacific Imaging Management LLC Parker Hannifin Foundation Parsons Corp. Paxton Engineering Inc. Peterson Mechanical Inc. Phillips 66 Plastikon Industries Platinum Performance Inc. Power Engineering Construction Co. Precision Castparts Corp Proactive Physical Therapy, PC Quartus Engineering The Raintree Foundation Raven Lining Systems Inc. Raymond James & Associates Inc. Raytheon Company The Reinhold Foundation RNM Engineering Robert R Sprague Foundation Rockwell International Ross M. Brown Family Foundation Rotary Club of Pismo Beach/ Five Cities

Ruskin Company Russel Sigler Inc. Santa Fe Road Properties Santiago Roofing Co. Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association Shimada Lee Foundation Shimmick Construction Co. Inc. Siemens Building Technologies Inc. Silicon Valley Mechanical Simpson Manufacturing Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. Skyworks Solutions Inc. Smith Structural Group LLP Snowden Engineering Society of Women Engineers Solar Turbines Inc. Southern California Edison Southland Industries Space Systems/Loral Inc. Specialized Bicycle Components Specialty Silicone Fabricators Inc. Sport Dimensions Inc. St. Jude Medical Stratus Environmental Inc. Sunrun LLC Sunshine Metal Clad Inc. Texas Instruments Inc. TJM Properties

IN-KIND GIFTS AeroVironment Anritsu Company Applied Medical David & Lisa Beck Campbell Company Century Tubes Inc. Cisco Systems Inc. Rosemary Cochran James & Jeanette Efird Anthony & Susan Estrada Matt Friedman Futura Industries Intel Corp. Keysight Technologies

tk1sc Trane Industrial Refrigeration Traylor Bros. Inc. Twining Inc. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. United Mechanical Inc. US Air Conditioning Distributors Inc. Verco Decking Inc. ViaSat Inc. Vibro-Acoustics W.M. Keck Foundation Waste Connections Inc. Webcor Builders West Yost Associates

Kollmorgan Jon & Tamara Krause Micro-Vu Corp. Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop Frances Pangburn Promate Solutions Raptor Workholding Products Ann & Robert Schiebelhut SLO Chamber of Commerce Bill & Cheryl Swanson Texas Instruments Inc. Linda & Tom Thompson Tolosa Winery Mario & Dona Wijtman n

Western Allied Corp. Western Allied Mechanical Inc. Western Digital Technologies Weston & Associates Mechanical Engineers Wingate Foundation Wolfe Engineering Inc. Wood Rodgers Inc. Wood-N-Peg Ranch XCEL Mechanical Systems Inc. XL Construction ZFA Structural Engineers n

M AT C H I N G G I F T S The following companies and foundations have generously matched gifts from their employees to the College of Engineering

AT&T Foundation Abbott Laboratories Foundation AerojetRocketdyne Foundation Agilent Technologies Inc. Alloy Product Development Amgen Foundation Apple Computer Inc. Autodesk Inc. BAE Systems Ball Aerospace & Technologies Inc. Bank of America Bank of the West Bechtel Group Foundation Becton Dickinson and Company Brocade Communications Systems Inc. CIENA Corp. Caterpillar Foundation Chevron Corp.

Cisco Foundation Citrix Systems Inc. Costco Wholesale Corp. Deloitte eBay Foundation Edison International Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Emerson Electric Company FM Global Foundation Fluor Foundation Gap Foundation Genentech Inc. General Electric Foundation General Mills Foundation Goodrich Foundation Google Grainger Hewlett-Packard Company IBM International Foundation Intel Foundation Intuit Foundation

JBT JLL Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Juniper Networks Inc. KLA-Tencor Keysight Technologies Lam Research Corp. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Lockheed Martin Corp. Logitech Medtronic Foundation Microsoft Corp. NVIDIA Netflix Inc. Northrop Grumman Foundation Oracle Corp. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. PNM Inc. Parker Hannifin Foundation

PricewaterhouseCoopers Qualcomm Inc. Raytheon Company SanDisk Sempra Energy Shell Oil Company Foundation Synopsys Outreach Foundation Tesoro Petroleum Corp. Texas Instruments Foundation The Boeing Company Toyota Motor Sales UBS Union Bank Verizon Foundation ViaSat Inc. Walt Disney Company Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Western Digital Technologies Workday Inc. n


Donor | Computer Science & Software Engineering Parents and Alumni


In one short year, generous alumni, parents and industry affiliates made an enormous impact on the Computer Science & Software Engineering Department (CSSE). These donors stepped up to help establish a unique facility: a Massively Parallel Accelerated Computing (MPAC) lab. “CSSE’s strategic initiatives in cybersecurity, data science, computational art and interactive entertainment all require high-performance computing,” noted Chair Ignatios Vakalis. With the opening of the MPAC Lab in fall 2015, students now have the opportunity to work with two massively parallel architectures, a state-of-the-art multicore central processing unit, large memory, high-definition displays and advanced software development tools. The facility supports new curriculum, including undergraduate courses in applied parallel computing and computer graphics and rendering, and a graduate course on distributed systems. “In addition to specialized courses, the MPAC lab serves the needs of core courses, providing students at all levels access to this cutting-edge facility” said Associate Professor Chris Lupo. “The MPAC lab also supports research in which students and faculty collaborate on interdisciplinary computational projects in many applications,” Lupo added. In fact, CSSE is engaged in high-performance computing research projects with students and faculty in other programs, including aerospace engineering, biology, chemistry, applied mathematics, statistics, marketing and art and design. “Demand for students with skills in high-performance computing is only increasing,” he said. 14 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

The MPAC lab also supports research in which students and faculty collaborate on interdisciplinary computational projects in many applications. Demand for students with skills in highperformance computing is only increasing.

When alumni and parents learned that CSSE had identified MPAC as its number one priority in keeping students abreast of new technology, they responded with gifts ranging from $20 to $40,000. In all, approximately 120 donors made gifts totaling $345,000. Intel Corporation also helped build and configure the lab. “We are immensely grateful to our donors — the MPAC campaign shows how small donors can have an enormous impact,” said Lupo, who teaches Applied Parallel Computing. “The MPAC facility is truly unique, and it’s the most advanced computational laboratory in the entire California State University System. “Cal Poly’s MPAC lab is really something to be proud of.”

Scholarship recipient | Valeria Salazar



Valeria Salazar has never taken her education for granted. Although she grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, she commuted across the border to attend a public charter high school in San Diego because she knew she wanted to apply to the best aerospace engineering colleges in the States. “In elementary school, we researched careers — the awesome facts I learned about aerospace engineering stuck with me,” she said. “I’m good with math and science, and when I told my parents I wanted to be an astronaut, they said ‘Go for it.’” Go for it, she did. In high school, Salazar reached out to an air traffic controller, who became a mentor and helped her land an internship at the Federal Aviation Administration. In only her second year at Cal Poly, she has also landed a summer internship at Northrop Grumman. “I learned there was an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle club on campus working with Northrop Grumman and Cal Poly Pomona on a collaborative project,” Salazar explained. “I got involved last quarter, working on the hardware side. We presented our progress in a design review at the company in Woodland Hills, which opened the possibility for a paid internship.” Salazar clearly understands how networking can advance her educational and professional goals. She’s active with the Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) and an officer in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). “I’m really grateful to MEP for giving me opportunities to connect to projects and design competitions with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Northrop Grumman. Plus, I’ve found a welcoming community in SHPE, one that is passionate about engineering,” she says. As chair of

the SHPE Jr. Committee, Salazar heads efforts to inspire local Hispanic high school students to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). “It’s very rewarding to give back by working with younger students — hopefully, I can help open doors like my mentors did for me,” comments Salazar. “I also want to do what I can to make engineering more diverse.” The first in her family who will earn a bachelor’s degree — and, knowing her, probably a master’s as well — Salazar finances 100 percent of her education through financial aid, grants, loans and scholarships. This year, she was one of 10 recipients of Society of Women Engineers scholarships funded through the generosity of Bert and Candace Forbes. “Because of this scholarship, I’ll be able to focus in on my studies and get closer to accomplishing my goals. That’s a great gift.” Valeria Salazar Aerospace Engineering sophomore ————————————————————— Forbes Society of Women Engineers Scholarship ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU | 15



Learn by Doing is hardwired into Cal Poly’s project-based curriculum — and a campaign is underway to bring a new epicenter for Learn by Doing to future generations: The Engineering Projects Center. The shop experience — learning ground for countless multidisciplinary clubs and project teams — fosters graduates who are renowned worldwide for their ingenuity, know-how and ability to get things done. Students learn about safety, design and fabrication in an inclusive, welcoming shop environment.

ready innovators, engineering professionals and leaders. Vital to this mission — and serving as the heart of hands-on learning — is a progressive Engineering Projects Center that provides the space and tools needed to bring an idea from concept to finished product. Showcasing the latest technologies, the Engineering Projects Center will be an epicenter for “doing” that fosters collaboration and innovation — a core environment for investigating, designing and fabricating cutting-edge products and systems.

These hands-on facilities nurture teamwork, problem solving and leadership skills that prepare students to be Day One-

Strategically located at the corner of the Engineering Quad

“ ” “ vital to a successful career” “ helps transition students to industry culture ” increased efficiencies “ ” follow their passion ” “ The shop experience empowers

students to think and dream big.

In the workshop, I learned about safety, design and fabrication

— all


The interaction between students and shop technicians


It's exciting to see the


possibilities and opportunities that a new workshop will bring. The new building will allow students to



— Comments from students, faculty, alumni and staff on the importance of workshops to a Cal Poly Engineering education and the proposed Engineering Projects Center.

E n g i n ee r i n g P r o j ect s CENTER It’s our history. It’s our future.

FACILITY HIGHLIGHTS • Advanced manufacturing and fabrication shops • Design and ideation space • Flexible workspaces for clubs, project design and assembly • State-of-the-art technologies and leading-edge equipment • Faculty and student applied research space • Student-operated shops

across from Kennedy Library, the Engineering Projects Center will create a crossroads for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and liberal arts disciplines.

• 24/7 access for all students and faculty

The new Engineering Projects Center and Bonderson Projects Center will be fully integrated to enhance synergy, efficiency and student-learning opportunities. It will foster convergence and collaboration between students, faculty and industry, while supporting development of forward-looking curricula that addresses the needs of industry and maximizes hands-on, applied research.

Ideation Suite Ideation and design are essentials of Learn by Doing. The ideation spaces will allow students to get a hands-on snapshot of the creative development process in a collaborative arena.

The Engineering Projects Center will be the new gateway to campus and to Cal Poly’s unparalleled Learn by Doing education.

BE A PART OF THE FUTURE Make a gift: Be a part of this exciting new building project. Recent shifts in spending priorities by the State of California means that this facility must be wholly financed with private funding. We invite you to join us in this campaign for the Engineering Projects Center — it’s core to our mission and vital to our Learn by Doing future.


Advanced Shop A Learn by Doing epicenter, the Advanced Shop provides the infrastructure, capacity, space flexibility, and the latest equipment and technology for the creation of hundreds of student projects across campus. Advanced Material Fabrication Consisting of simulation, fabrication and testing environments for cutting-edge technologies, the Advanced Material Fabrication space serves as the venue for exploring emerging materials and manufacturing processes. Advanced Electronics Shop In the Advanced Electronics Shop, students will fabricate and test projects related to electronics, mechatronics and the “Internet of Things.”

For more information and to make a gift, contact:

Project Testing Area The Project Testing Area is where the “rubber meets the road” for projects ranging from full-sized chassis dynamometers for national competition vehicles to micro-scale strain gauges.

Richard LeRoy, Assistant Dean 805-756-7108

Engineering Club Spaces These areas provide secure, flexible and easily reconfigured space scaled to the needs of various student clubs across many majors.


INDIVIDUAL DONORS Gifts made to the College of Engineering**

$100,000 & above Paul & Sandra Bonderson Susan Pfeiler Brown & Robert Brown Ross & Sherron Brown James A. Frank Brian Jacobs & Allison Lewis-Jacobs Ted* & Sharon Melsheimer Bill & Cheryl Swanson Joanna N. Tracey

$50,000 to $99,999 Richard & Jacqueline Boberg Richard E. Gainer Donald J. Hatfield Donald & Paula Heye

$25,000 to $49,999 Michael J. Adams Carson & Helen Chen Jane Rosenberg & Steve Deas Gary & Michelle Dillabough Martin R. Engler Jr. Eileen F. Gaiser Joseph & Mary Grimes Charles & Diane Harrington Douglas & Susan Herthel Jon & Tamara Krause Karen J. Martini Chris & Cyndi O’Reilly Alfred J. Paolucci* Guiv D. Soofer Matthew & Nancy South

$10,000 to $24,999 Richard Bergquist & Lynn Loughry Mary Ann Beyster Diane & Stephen Ciesinski Charles H. Dana Jr. Bert & Candace Forbes Jonnie & Nancy Galloway Philip & Lillian Heintz Erika & Mark Herthel Michael & Aimee Hirahara Dennis & Gyl Keiser Ken Lindberg Diane & Stephen Madison Paul & Christine Martin Richard & Patricia Melsheimer John & Constance Nielsen Steven & Carol Pearson 18 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

Frank E. Pilling Jr. The Reding Family The Reinhold Foundation Elaine & Stanley Rosenfield Joseph & Katherine Rumsey Stanley & Sherill Sass Benjamin L. Sheldon Joel R. Sprague Colleen & Geoff Tate Charles & Kathryn Terhune Donald & Jean Williams Todd Wingate Richard F. Yonash

$5,000 to $9,999 Ralph & Elizabeth Acaba David & Cheryl Alexander Barbra Barker-Brown David & Lisa Beck Bakir Begovic Daniel & Diane Benjamin Joann & Stan Benson C. D. Botos David & Laura Byers Michael F. Cannon George & Linda Cattey Houston & Aida Chen Nancy Critchfield Jodi & Theodore Gerlach Jon E. Gundersen Kenneth & Laura Hovden

Mark A. Jackson Maggie Leach Kevin & Sandra McEntee Catherine & Gary Miller Jo Anne & Richard Miller Kirstin & Tony Paloma Jennifer L. Rezell Stephen C. Sass Rolland & Isabel Sears Cheri & Dale Swanson Bonnie & Ronald Swenson Deveney & Lawrence Totten Dan & Toni Weeks Bransby & Jessica Whitton Mario & Dona Wijtman John P. Wolfe Jr. Gerald & Sheila Wroblewski

$2,000 to $4,999 Charles & Karen Adamson Beth & Thomas Anderson Susan Armstrong & Keith Marzullo Maureen Bagley & Dennis Doughty K. N. & Meera Balasubramanian Mike & Barbara Belfield Marni & Michael Blakely

Delton & Elizabeth Boardman Matthew C. Canepa Dave R. Casuncad Alyssa & Evan Caulley Hal & Judy Cota Salvatore Cristofano & Laura Gosper Darrell & Jean Cummings Lisa & Steven d’Alencon Brian & Cynthia DerMatoian Descary Family Nirmala & Prithviraj Dharmaraja Adam S. Eberwein Gayle Ewy & Jeff Grimm Cristina L. Formaini Georgia & Jay Graham Daniel & Karen Hancock Daniel & Kathleen Hedigan Kathleen & Robert Holmgren Charlene & David Kelley Chan J. Kim Candace & Matthew Kraemer Jamie & John Krakowski Alexander Liang Allison & Guy Martin David B. McDonald

Kelly F. McInerney Christophe & Virginie Metivier Scott A. Miner Gordon D. Morrison Phillip C. Morsing Gary & Florence Motoyama John Nakata Michael N. Norem Chris & Linda Ostrom Jessica N. Pease David B. Pedersen Patrick M. Pezet Gretchen & Howell Poe Stephen D. Poe Fred & Nina Powell Marion & Michael Quinn Jesse & Nicole Chubb Ralston David & Sarah Ricci Julie & Christopher Ridley Sherry A. Sarmiento Laurie & Mark Schmid Kenneth A. Shamordola F. Walter Shaw Rebecca & Robert Sippel Isabel & Lawrence Smith Paul Sterne & Svetlana Bulyzhkina Bob & Kathleen Thomson Richard & Shirley Vernon

* Deceased **Anonymous donors not listed

Scholarship recipient | Mason Garcia



As the lead welder for the 2016 Cal Poly Rose Parade Float, Mason Garcia found inspiration in family role models. He attended the Rose Parade with his family throughout his childhood. “In 1973, my great aunt was a Rose Princess, which was a huge deal,” he said. “It showed that we had exceeded expectations for an immigrant family that arrived in the U.S. with my greatgrandfather.”

Garcia’s grandfather, meanwhile, was a welder in the aerospace sector. “As a child, I got to spend a lot of time with him, and his influence has stayed with me,” said Garcia. “Knowing him whetted my interest in welding: I’ve hoped that I might ‘live the legacy.’ I’ve been able to explore that possibility at Cal Poly.” The first grandchild in his extended family, and the first of his immediate family who will earn a bachelor’s degree, Garcia has thrived at Cal Poly thanks in part to the communities, opportunities and support he found in the Rose Float team, his department and the Cal Poly Scholars program. “Working on the Rose Float for three years has been amazing,” Garcia noted. “This year, I was lead welder, but the team has offered me other opportunities as well. I’m an industrial engineer but I’ve also planted seed plugs and harvested flowers. We’re all involved in construction, design, decoration, marketing, soliciting donations and social media. Everyone learns something about everything.” Garcia’s appetite for learning has also been fed by his major. “I’ve taken machining courses, such as welding, early on in my studies, and I was able to get access to machine shops,” he notes. “I started handling manual machines by my third year, and am getting into CNC this year. “Professor Karen Bangs opened the doors to the industrial engineering concept of process improvement and threw us into a project with NextIntent. Now I’m involved in manufacturing automation, which is where the industry is heading.” Without the Cal Poly Scholars program, however, Garcia might not have attended Cal Poly. He was weighing the choice between USC and Cal Poly when he received notification of the scholarship. Targeted at high achieving, low-income and first generation California students, the Cal Poly Scholars program offers living and programmatic support to see these promising students through to graduation. “The letter from the Cal Poly Scholars Program brought a sigh of relief — it was a sign that Cal Poly was the one for me,” said Garcia. “The financial support, along with an environment to help accelerate personal, academic and professional growth, has made all the difference. I was among the 12 or so freshmen who made up the first cohort of the program, and it’s been true to all that was promised. Its support has allowed me to really branch out and expand my world.” Mason Garcia Industrial Engineering Senior ————————————————————— Cal Poly Scholar

The letter from the Cal Poly Scholars Program brought a sigh of relief — it was a sign that Cal Poly was the one for me.


Donor | Keysight Technologies


engineer Ben Smythe (B.S., Electrical Engineering, 2012) and Satish Dhanasekaran, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Wireless Device and Operator Segment, discuss the equipment that will allow Cal Poly Engineering students to study 5G communication signals.


On May 6, Cal Poly dedicated the Keysight Advanced Communications Laboratory in recognition of a key industry partner and the transformative support it provided to the College of Engineering. Over the next decade, industry will transition from 4G to 5G communications. Thanks to Keysight Technologies Inc., Cal Poly students and researchers will help design that transition.

Keysight, a manufacturer of test and measurement equipment and software, donated $1.3 million in technology that will allow students and faculty to generate, receive and analyze 4G and emerging 5G wireless signals. With this gift, the Advanced Communications Lab will support Cal Poly’s College of Engineering interdisciplinary strategic initiative in mobile computing and the Electrical Engineering Department’s initiatives in mobile computing and communications. “The overall goal of the Advanced Communication System lab is to enable our students to be part of the mobile communications explosion that has fostered implementation of data-intensive wireless networks,” said Dennis Derickson, chair of the Electrical Engineering Department.

“All 650 electrical engineering students will use the Keysight vector signal analyzers and generators as part of their curriculum, a unique opportunity for undergraduates worldwide. “With this versatile instrumentation, our students, even at the undergraduate level, will be able to experiment with systems that will enable 5G communications,” he said. “In effect, Cal Poly will be part of the discourse regarding the next generation in communications, making our graduates ever more valuable as professionals.” “We are confident the integration of Keysight wireless test hardware and libraries with the engineering curriculum will offer a truly rich learning platform for the next generation of engineers,” said Satish Dhanasekaran, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Wireless Device and Operator Segment and a Cal Poly industry advisory board member.

In effect, Cal Poly will be part of the discourse regarding the next generation in communications, making our graduates ever more valuable as professionals.


INDIVIDUAL DONORS Jennifer & Jock Williams Eric & Yolanda Wong Fred & Helene Wright Robert & Kathleen Wulf

$1,000 to $1,999 Samuel L. Aborne Dana Anderson & Stanford Au Tracy L. Anderson Kerri & Todd Antes Margaret Barrett-Blach & Michael Blach Roger & Laurie Benham Louis & Kathy Bertolini Anne S. Beug Lisa & Paul Bialek Michelle & Oliver Blackburn Mary Borromeo & Dean Stephens Gay & Robert Boynton Elizabeth & Peter Breunig Nicole M. Brower Laurie A. Burgett Heinz & Sharon Butner David Cantu & Laurie Button-Cantu Brian & Jeanne Carter Bambi Cask & Stephen Patterson John & Irene Chan Sherman J. Chan Carolyn & Mark Chandler Rada T. Charles Douglas & Laraine Christensen David & Cecilia Coe Linda & Thomas Coffey Lucas H. David Steven & Robin DeJarnett Gregory & Miriam Dexter Mark Dietz & Carey Holubar Catherine & Frank Donohoe David & Wendy Dorn Diane Downend & Vince Zunino Paul E. Duckworth Charles E. Duvall Jennifer & Stephan Ebert David P. Eickhoff Anthony & Susan Estrada Ray & Sydney Feeney Eric C. Firestone Gregory & Amanda Fisher Alexandra M. Francis Guy & Sandra Fuchs Kiyoto & Joy Fujita Amy & Brett Garrett Todd W. Gebhart Daniel F. Gerrity Eric M. Gollmyer

Anthony & Sonja Granatelli Marc S. Greenberg Thomas & Kim Haas James Harris & Anna Fraker Kevin & Patricia Hill Kimloan V. Hill Ruth Holly & David Kennedy Dave Houghton Michael Humnicky Manly Kirk & Sandi Johnson Amy & Peter Kardel Julie & Rob Kassan Randy & Kathy Keiser Lothar W. Kleiner James & Rachelle Klepper Hans-Peter Klett Erik & Kathy Klitzner Jennifer Kordas Daniel F. Krach William R. LaFontaine Jr. Colin T. Lee Norman & Patricia Lee Phillip C. Lee Andrew D. Lehmer Lenz Family Richard LeRoy & Jill LeMieux Keith & Suzeline Lescure Monica L. James Stein Andrew P. Mascsak Jr. Marilyn V. Mascsak Tom Mase George & Barbara Mason Lawrence & Nancy McCracken Jamie & Neal McDougal Michael J. McDowelll Stephen C. McIntyre Kevin P. McSweeney Donald & Laura Midkiff Lori E. Mizuguchi Jon N. Monett Dennis & Wendy Mores Mike Morisoli Glenn & Jocelyn Mork David & Jill Muhs Kendall H. Murakami Davy & Hilary Muxlow Catherine & Tri Nguyen Jill & Thomas Nilan Blanca & John O’Leary Patrick & Sandra O’Meara David Ohst & Catherine Tonne Charles & Candiss Partridge Paul E. Perry Eric & Suzanne Phelps Brandon T. Plum John & Melanie Randolph Raymon & Sandy Ravizza

James & Suzanne Rivers Peter & Rhonda Rubcic Hanna Lee Sanchez April & Richard Schmiedt Elizabeth & Warren Shimada Mostafa & Naoko Shirazi Cynthia Garretson Shurtleff Hugh Smith & Kathleen Schwanitz Richard & Birgit Smith Vivian & Peter Solodkin Luke W. Soules Judy & Scott South Bill Starritt Eric Steger & Donna Bernstein Steger Lawrence Sun John Sweeney & Stacey Stevens Jameson J. Thornton Nathan & Julie Tsoi Richard Udd & Kittie* Udd Michael D. Urhausen Ronald & Ruth Vasconcellos Maria & Saul Villanueva Guillermo & Olivia Viveros Thomas B. Watson Mark W. Weaver Donald & Jennifer Welch Harold J. Welch Mark Whatley & Danuta Zaroda Eileen & Paul Whitmee Andrew C. Widin Kyle M. Wiens Austin W. Wylie Elisabeth & Steve Zahm

$500 to $999 Robert Addis & Kristen Ivani Robert J. Akins Stanley W. Anderes Cynthia & Michael Armour Iris & Jacob Avidan Glen W. Balzer Harry G. Banks III Donald G. Barth Joseph E. Bayless Massimo J. Becker Steven P. Beeks Steven Bettencourt & Judith Gardiner Mark & Virginia Bigelow Colin & Erika Blaney Barbara & Todd Bolinger Bradford & Emily Boyes Donald & Donna Brand Chet & Cindy Brandenburg Thomas B. Bridgwater Richard J. Brockett Barry L. Bruins Douglas & Kelly Bush William & Susan Carlson

Daniel M. Chapiro Christine Chau & Julian Lau Ying-Lin Chen David Clark & Kevin Wood Richard & Sharon Clauss James & Dorothy Collard Carol & Ian Colrain Jerry Condon Eugene A. Cooper Kimi & Paul Cousins Michael D. Crawford Michael A. Crowley Shandor & Heather Daroczi Phillip Davies Drew Davol & Michelle Duero Suran De Silva & Jun Yan John A. Descary Carl & Louise Dietrich Tri Q. Dinh Jeffrey Doar & Martha Donbroski-Doar Daniel & Sarah Dunst Thomas & Susan Duval Lynda S. Elliott Ryan K. Engebrethson Donald & Marguerite Erickson Peter E. Faiman Art Fernandez & Leah Stanley Royce Fletcher & Patricia Wilson Ed L. Foley William Foley & Lori Stasukelis Mark & Theresa Forrest Linda & Richard Frasch Karl & Jennifer Freeman Andrew & Connie Fremier Richard L. Fuchslin Scott & Paula Furgerson William H. Gage Robert P. Gardella Kevin & Mary Garrison Adam & Maureen Gavin James & Michelle Gharib David & Shanda Gibbs John & Judi Gingerich Steven R. Glasser Cyndi & John Goble David C. Gonzalez Stephen A. Grana John & Nancy Grant Elizabeth Green & Jonathan Orndorff Sean & Stacy Greenwood Christopher & Heidi Hagler Jason P. Hanlon Paul R. Hawthorne Timothy & Susan Hayes Louise & Michael Hertel Ethan M. Hoewisch Susan M. Holz Kenny Hom

Dennis L. Howland David G. Intersimone Randell H. Iwasaki Robert & Marilyn Jake Frederick C. Jen Christopher R. Jenney James E. Johnson Jeffrey & Anne Katz James W. Kirstein Samuel L. Kligman William H. Korger Hratch A. Krikorian Ursula C. Krummel David & Christine Lafranconi Debra Larson Geoffrey M. Lawson Lois & Tony Lazar Jin S. Lee Philip & Susianna Lee James & Wendy Leutgens Jackson Lew & Nancy J. Young Ulrich & Susan Lippuner Lawrence C. Loh Jeffrey & Rita Lollock Stephen Lopez & Molly Morrison-Lopez Lawrence W. Louie Benjamin & Lara Lower Carole L. Lucas James R. Luddon Jr. Diane & Gary Luka Megan Mahar & Jason Mansfield Edward & Ruthanne Marble Roberta N. Marshall Maureen Maxwell Christopher L. McCollam Chris McLorg Margret S. McWilliams Pauline Menon David & Shelly Meny Lisa Merenda Christopher & Mary Kate Metzger William F. Mitchell Verner A. Mize Mark K. Montgomery Joseph & Lucy Morgan Douglas & Linda Morrow Abesh S. Mubaraki Harry & Marianne Mueggenburg Manuel L. Munoz Bruce E. Naylor Kevin T. Neifert Daniel & Karen Nitta Michael & Joy Norgard John Oberon Catherine Ong & Earl Yerina Neal & Diane Openshaw ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU | 21

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Dale & Carol Ouimette Darleen C. Payne Richard & Jane Peattie Andrew & Juliana Perrucci Chi & Pauline Pien Elisabeth & James Pirkle David A. Pohl Nancy L. Pon Vivian Poon & Jack Kwan Johanda Pramana & Meredith Lynn Serra Eldon & Marjorie Price Michael J. Prickett John S. Purlia Leonard & Phuong Reder Glen & Marliese Reeves Gretchen Renshaw & Robert Zwissler Dennis W. Riddle Julia & John Riss Bradley K. Roberts Dorothy & Roger Roberts Steven D. Roberts Eugene E. Robinson Lisa A. Robles Anthony Ruh Christopher & Lynne Rumery Kevin & Sandra Ryan Leslie H. Sandiland Douglas & Lacinda Scott Larry & Susan Sebastian Milton & Birgitte Shannon Shankar Shenoi Consuelo J. Sichon Barry & Joanne Silken Thomas & Laura Slavin Mike F. Smith Hamid & Susana Sobouti Allan A. Soriano Andrew & Emily Steen Joseph & Meike Stefani John & Leslie Steinbeck Danielle & Michael Stell Richard M. Stellina Jr. Eric B. Stenson Jason A. Swanson Michelle M. Tanaka Taufik & Made Hartanti Michael S. Taylor Daniel & Mae Tornio Nannette & Bill Van Antwerp Christina & James VanBeveren Catharine & Gary Visser Louis Volk John & Marion Walker Connie & Jay Walter Kevin L. Walter William A. Webb Philip & Barbara Wenger Arnaud Weyrich Diana & Stephen White 22 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

Lisa & Neil Willard Helen M. Williams Joscelyn & Vincent Wong William & Yan Woo Keith F. Wood Spencer W. Woodworth Craig & Denise Woolston David A. Wright Richard D. Yates Urn H. Yeo Lamont H. Youngborg Irene A. Zong

$250 to $499 Steven & Cindy Aaron Mary & Sidney Abbott Andrew P. Abranches John & Ann Algeo Jennifer E. Aochi Andrew & Victoria Ausonio Rogelio Avalos Mark C. Bailey Blair Baker & Christopher Pasillas Bret & Lisa Ballou Lisa M. Barneby Todd & Irene Barth Karen Bartleson Steven F. Bayles Stefania M. Beauchamp Michael & Susan Bechtol Mark R. Bender George & Dorothy Benford David A. Benham Stephanie & Stephen Bluestein Will E. Blumhardt Paul Boberg & Emily Greene Michelle & Nicholas Bonfilio Sheila & Robert Bonstead Joanne & John Bovee Miljenko Bradaric David C. Brandt Erin & Mark Broersma Keith Brummel Edward L. Burnett Dylan V. Burns Donna & Gary Busching Raulin & Sarah Butler Michael C. Cadet Manuel A. Carrasco Henry & Susan Chang Cathrine & John Chen Bae S. Chon William & Helena Chow Thomas & Elizabeth Christensen Alan & Peggy Claassen Mark Cliggett & Janet Vogelzang Steven H. Conkle Steven Cooper & Clara Martinez Marc & Carrie Cope

Christine Corbett Robert J. Cortelyou Laura A. Cyr Darin Daskarolis Carlotta & Robert Dathe Craig A. Davis Jack & Barbara Dawson Kathy & Louis De Martini Andrew E. Deal Stephen M. Decker Daniel P. Dennies Gary P. Dews John & Rita Dietrich Daryl A. Dimalanta Thanh V. Do Bret W. Dotts Ronald & Roxanne Drees George & Nancy Dunn Dennis & Barbara Elliot Douglas Elmer & Bonnie Tuggle Casey A. Elwell Allen & Jill Ennis Kristin N. Erickson Cheri Farrell Todd E. Feather Kenneth E. Fisher Scott A. Fogle Marie-Jeanne & Lance Forbes Lynn Foster Tom Foster Benedict J. Froelich Andrew M. Garcia Lisa & Michael Ghilotti Paul V. Giannini Lance Gorman & Linna Thomas Dan & Veronica Gross Scott & Rosemary Guthrie Richard & Vera Hagler Scott Hancock & Stephanie Ludi Jens & Linda Hansen Michelle & Raymond Harlow Peter M. Haug Robert G. Heilman Karen & Ross Heitkamp Annie & Bill Henzel Glenn & Kaye Hermanson James & Rebecca Hillmann Geoffrey M. Ho James & Marjorie Hodel Jay & Larkin Holavarri Seokjune Hong William & Cathleen Hopper Eileen Hsieh Al Hunter Jeslin M. James Edmund & Judith Jensen Craig & Cathy Johnson William M. Johnson David E. Jones Delores M. Jorge

Benjamin N. Ju David M. Kane Dean & Deanne Kanenaga Jeremey L. Karas Catherine & Robert Karcher Brian & Nancy Kawahara Paul J. Keas Samuel & Donna Kelly John B. Kerman Gregory H. Kimball Richard S. Kinney Donald P. Kline Chris L. Knecht Gerald L. Knecht Monika & Volker Koch Lisa & Robert Konigsberg John & Nellie Koopmans David & Melanie Krueger Dirk & Liz Krueger Kimberly Krueger Thomas & Debra Kuehl William & Ryann Langtry Karen A. Larsen Kathryn & Ty Lee Winston H. Lee Calvin T. Leong Kunmin Li Milly Lierman Troy & Mavis Lombardi James & Trudi Lootens Dale J. Lorincz Holly C. Lowe John & Wylie Lunsford Cecilia & Sean Lyon Santiago Madrigal Haruko & Yoshi Makitani Pamela & Rudy Marquez Robert H. Masch Kevin & Cheryl Mather Dan & Lisa Mattos David & Dena McFadden Kip D. McGuire Indiana Mead Nicholas J. Mehas Elaine & Rick Menz Margie Mercier Matthew L. Milburn Richard & Judy Miliauskas Bridget & Dale Miller Michael & Vita Miller Carolyn A. Mink Gilbert B. Mink Kush & Munisha Mirchandani Edward & Elizabeth Mohr Arthur Moon & Carla Keefe Ray & Mariko Motoyama Vaughn S. Moyer Dan Muhlfelder Larry Myrick Carl & Gwen Nail Rex T. Namba Darrell S. Naruto De X. Nguyen

Robert L. Nibbi Cherie R. Nixon Craig & Gina Nobili Chieko N. Nozaki Earl J. O’Grady Richard O’Neill & Kirsten Zeydel Richard & Nancy Ochs Jeffrey T. Okamoto Robert & Martha Olds Glenn L. Oliveria Jean & Michael Orth Dorothy & Patrick Ota Cynthia & Tod Palm Frank F. Palmaymesa Jr. Andrew P. Pangelinan Jere W. Patterson Amy & Sean Payne David & Shannon Perdue Giselle & Rizal Pestano Eric & Mary Ellen Petrich Marty & Nancy Plaskett Carlos & Sherri Plaza Lori & Steven Plummer Mark S. Powers Timothy D. Proschold Amy & Richard Pugel Walter Pyle & Gloria Randriakoto Barry & Tamir Reagan Val G. Rebhahn Robert A. Richards Glenn M. Ritter William & Janice Roberts Deborah & Kenneth Robertson Wyndham & Ma Ana Robertson Kelly T. Robinson Binh G. Robles Michael L. Rogers Carmen & Jay Rollins Frank L. Rollo Victor & Diana Romero Frank M. Rosenblum Earl & Susan Ruby Gary & Shari Runnells Richard & Susan Russell Connie & Richard Saldin Tejal N. Saraiya-Patel Scott A. Saunders Larry R. Scarborough Linda & Timothy Schilke Marissa B. Schmidt Eric & Karen Schroter Geoff & Susie Shavey William & Donna Shepard Nadine & Oscar Siguenza Glenn F. Simenson Greggory W. Simms Ronald E. Simms Kieron J. Slaughter Steven T. Snyder Thomas A. Solomon William & Michele Sooy

Scholarship recipients | National Society of Black Engineers



Last March, 27 members of the Cal Poly chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) attended the five-day NSBE national convention in Boston. This was remarkable representation from a West Coast university, and a record contingent for Cal Poly.

What helped speed the NSBE members on their journey to the prestigious leadership and networking forum were the small donations made by alumni, parents, faculty and staff during the 24-hour #GivingTuesday campaign. For two years, the College of Engineering has made a special call to action to support the Learn by Doing promise on #GivingTuesday, the national day of giving following Thanksgiving. This year, the event garnered almost $64,000 to support labs, student projects and engineering clubs. Because of the generous gifts provided by more than 300 donors, the college was able to cut a check when NSBE requested support for its trip to Boston. In addition to NSBE, #GivingTuesday donations provided funds for participation in national conferences by members of Engineers Without Borders, the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the Radio Frequency Identification Club, and the Sales Engineering Club. What does participation in a national conference mean to students? Because the NSBE event, like other professional society conventions, includes professional development workshops and a career fair with more than 200 companies, students can hone their professional devel-

opment skills and interview with a host of potential employers. In fact, every one of the Cal Poly NSBE attendees talked to multiple company representatives at the convention and a third received interviews. For Braxton Cullors, past-president of NSBE, watching her fellow chapter members navigate the conference reinforced the importance of the club itself. “Throughout the year, NSBE works to build the professional skills of our members,” she said. “Seeing my NSBE colleagues in professional attire giving elevator pitches or hearing about their interviews makes it clear that NSBE provides vital support.” “Personally, seeing so many people like me — first-generation black engineering students — gives me hope for the future and hope that NSBE will continue to increase the number of diverse engineers.” Hope for the future is what philanthropy is all about — and the impact made by donors to #GivingTuesday includes hope and inspiration for the members of NSBE. “NSBE is absolutely ecstatic that we’ve seen so much support from donors, and small ones at that!” exclaimed Cullors. “Donating money that benefits our club definitely helps us realize that we’re all part of a cycle: when we can give back, we will, to continue pulling others up with us, elevating the masses and the many at Cal Poly needing our support.” n Cal Poly National Society of Black Engineers officers Brandon Diggs (president), Dejah Hilliard (vice president), Braxton Cullors (president emeritus), Kyle Neeley (programs) and Jeana Osburn (secretary) traveled to the organization’s national conference in Boston with support from the #GivingTuesday campaign.


Donor | Jeslin James



When she became a computer engineer, Jeslin James went against expectations — society’s, her family’s and her own. But even before she officially graduated, she had landed a job in human interface devices at a software company in Cupertino, Calif. And before she had been employed a year, she had given back to Cal Poly. “Everyone in my family is in the medical field, and my parents hoped that I would become a doctor,” she said. “But I wanted to follow my own path. I discovered computer engineering, researched Cal Poly’s program and it all seemed to fit. The campus was the right size, the university was welcoming and friendly — and I didn’t need to have prior experience programming.” By the end of her freshman year, though, James hated computer engineering. She pushed through, telling herself that she could always switch majors, and in her third year, the curriculum started to click. “My all-time favorite class was Professor Lupo’s computer architecture course,” James said. “He’s an awesome teacher. I took the course with two other friends and we all killed it.” That confidence boost helped set James up for success in the Computer Engineering (CPE) capstone course, which brought all her education together. “My team built a library of coding for radio-frequency identification readers,” explained James. “Looking back, that was my first taste of what the workforce would be like.” Another confidence-builder for James was her participation in WISH (Women Involved in Software and Hardware), a support group for female computing majors, and her experience at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists — 15,000 are expected to attend the 2016 fall conference. “I brought 50 resumes with me to pass out to company recruiters at the conference, and I went through them all,” said James. “My first-choice employer reached out to interview me at the conference, and then I had conversations by email with company engineers before a final interview that lasted five hours. They wanted detailed information about class projects. “I was offered the job in January, less than four years after I entered as a freshman. Now I work 20 minutes from my home in San Jose and my folks are very much okay that I’m not a doctor! “I would not be where I am without being a Cal Poly computer engineer.” That’s why James responded with a gift when she received an email from CPE Director John Oliver asking new alumni to “pay it forward” by purchasing Nexys boards for incoming freshmen. “I thought, ‘I can do that!’” said James. “I can help someone get a leg up in the program because Cal Poly did so well by me. It’s a small thanks.”

I would not be where I am without being a Cal Poly computer engineer.


INDIVIDUAL DONORS Janyce & William Spencer Marsha A. Steinfield Ruth A. Stellina Roy & Alexandra Stratton Anne-Marie & Trevor Strohman Roger & Sheryl Svendsen Eric & Shannon Sweeney Alex & Daisy Tain Marvin & Ina Tanner Bernard S. Tatera Jr. Laura J. Taynton Gail & Kenneth Thompson Michael & Kena Thompson David Toralez Jennifer L. Totten Khai T. Tran Bill & Patricia Tsai James & Patricia Turdici Becky J. Turk Robert & Cynthia Tusan Andy H. Uchida Nolan M. Uchizono Frank & Lisa Usuki Sean & Terry Vahey Mark & Jeanne Van Emmerik T. William & Khanh Van Oss Daniel & Carla Vargas Marlon G. Viduya Phuong T. Vu Hilary & Richard Wade Donald & Nancy Wagenbach Bret & Rebecca Wahl Sonny & Suk Wai Martin M. Waters Robert C. Webb Jennifer & Ryan Weber Robert & Susan Weiss Phillip L. Wheeler Jeffrey & Victoria Whitaker Kenton J. Williams Karen Wilson Mona Wong Teebay & Richard Teebay Gary & Winnie Wong Prentice Wongvibulsin Jenny & Kin Woo Dennis & Margaret Woodrich Heather & Stephen Woolery Carrie C. Wurlitzer Russell & Alice Yensen Pak Yim & Betty Zhang Sandi Yolland

$100 to $249 Scott J. Abercrombie Karina Acevedo & Eric Rosenberg Joseph A. Aguilar Christopher B. Aldern

Linda & Leonard Ambrosini Karen A. Andersen Jason L. Anderson Michael & Vivian Anthony Derek & Gaye Arakaki Debbie Arden Kurt A. Arends Christopher M. Arntzen Bernal A. Arroyo Albert Arustamov Jane Ashe David & Renee Athey Jane T. Babbitt Martin R. Bader Deborah Baker Helen & Ronald Baker Arnold & Leni Balbido Colleen & Dwight Balough Barry R. Banducci Phillip Bartholo Kathleen G. Batac David Bavo David & Valerie Beard Marau K. Beck Dana & Samuel Bell Lou & Patty Bellardo Deborah & Hugh Bello Margaret & James Bennett Christopher S. Benson Donald & Sandra Berezin Mark S. Bernstein David A. Berry Barbara Beverly & Art Langlois John T. Biddle Paul R. Biggins Richard Bilheimer & Sarah Minahan Bonnie Bilich Linman O. Bjerken Grace & Tom Blackburn Joseph M. Blaha John & Elizabeth Blasius Trisha Blau Kurt & Susan Blessinger James & Alice Blois Brian & Jeannette Blomquist Jennifer & Michael Blumenberg Dale & Debbie Boettcher Victoria Borjesson Brian E. Bosso John & Nancy Bouldry Jason S. Boyle Ashanti D. Branch Michael & Anne Marie Branch Todd L. Brand Sarah & Scott Brandenberg George A. Brennan Dawn & Matthew Brenner Roger L. Brier Wayne & Sylvia* Brigden Alex C. Bronstein

Andrew & Jennifer Brooks Christine & Jesse Brough Kathy Brower Charlene & Jeffrey Brown Gregory M. Brown Leonard J. Brugger Neil A. Bruskin Gregory Buchanan & Christine Kolberg Maria Bulanadi Gladys Burger Leon C. Cai Timothy & Heather Calder Julie & Kevin Calderwood Percy & Alicia Calkins Bruce & Doria Campbell Manuel & Sandra Cardosa Daniel & Kendyl Carley Bernard J. Carr IV Robert & Virginia Carr Wayne M. Carriere Jay & Lisa Carskaden Liliana A. Castro Stacy R. Caswell Walter & Jeannie Cecka Robert K. Chan Ishaq & Nasreen Chanda Harish & Simmi Chander Christine Chang & Jacob Lin Edward & Meimei Chang Victor Chang Preedee Chenhansa Don S. Chin Mimi Chin Amy & Thomas Choi Mary Chooljian-Vance & Robert Vance Kevin D. Chung Carol S. Clark David J. Clark David K. Clark Carus & Lucille Clarke Hans J. Clausen Nicole E. Cleveland Joseph Cloutier & Danielle Datoc David & Laura Coleman Lisa & Michael Colety James & Pattie Colhour Brian T. Connolly Joan R. Connolly David & Michele Cooper Kimberly Corrigan Hermelinda P. Cortes James & Mary Counter James & Tricia Cowles Brian L. Coykendall Christopher C. Coyne Marjorie & Paul Coyne Paul & Valerie Croxton John D. Cummins Flora Cunningham Karee & Steven Cunningham Richard Cunningham

Adam T. Currie Gene E. Curry Donald & Martha Curtis Richard & Sharon Curulla Louis & Anne Dachs Elisabeth Dagorrette & Vincent Paternoster Jeanette & John Daley David & Linda Danis Jeffrey R. Dankwerth Jeffrey & Kristina Davids Brad Davis & Vickie Hix Sandra de Anquin Constance & Fred DePiero Rebecca DeCesaro Stephen & M. D. DeGrey Jose L. Delgado Sandra E. Dellafiora Jayson B. Delos Santos Larry & Susan Delpit Richard & Patricia Demers Mike & Karen Denholm Dennis & Sara Derickson Michael A. Detmers Barbara & Douglas Deuitch Roger & Miriam Devaney Mark Devincenzi Donna L. DiFerdinando Philip Dimitriou Mary Diroll-Jones & Randy Jones Thinh V. Doan Sean W. Dobbins Cary M. Dobeck John & Geraldine Donnellan Matthew J. Donnelly Richard & Mari Dreyer Adam M. Dukovich Chris & Marianne Dundon James & Melodie Dunn Jack & Marsha Dupre Donald & Susan Duquette David Duran Daniel A. Durbin Joe Dusel & Katsuyama Fukuyama Philip E. Dutton Helen & Robert Dycus William F. Dykes John & Patricia Eaton Marie Eberwein James & Patricia Eddy Sherwin P. Edra Kurt Eichstaedt Marylynn & Michael Eipper Gregory & Linda Eisenbarth Robert E. Eissler James S. Elsberry Daniel M. Empey Peggy & Carlos Enriquez Genny & Irina Epshteyn Richard L. Erhardt Alesia & Joseph Erickson Donald A. Erickson Jon & Karin Ericson

Michael A. Errotabere Joseph & Katrina Erwin Paul Q. Escudero Janice & Victor Espinosa Martha Evans & William Lukens Robert Evans Julie & Keith Even Timothy Fairbank & Seema Shah-Fairbank Stephen D. Fassler Aaron M. Feathers Kevin Fedor & Donna Williams Victor W. Fehlberg Ted A. Fehlhaber Chris Fernandes Thomas Finlayson & Carolyn Adler Dave & Jennifer Fisher Kimberly & Tom Fiske Carol & Michael Fleischer Gregory L. Floyd David Flynn & Ann Hall Fred A. Fong Cynthia Foo & Daryl Sugasawara David & Robin Foorman Anita & James Forchini Ed & Marya Forster Chris & Kathy Frederickson Allen L. Fremier Christopher M. Friedenbach Michael & Terri Frost Gary & Sandra Fryer Felipe & Karen Fuentes Michio Furukawa George P. Futas Jason & Terri Gale Eric G. Gardner Scott & Joell Gardner Adam T. Garelli Harold & Myrtle Garfield Mukesh & Seema Garg Denise & Eric Garlick George & Audrey Garrels Janet L. Garrett Katherine Garrison & David Norris Yemane M. Gebreyesus Harold H. Gee Gregory George Dawn & Steven Gerdt Anne Gifford Michael & Andrea Gilbert Dennis & Julianne Gilles Kristine & Michael Goldberg Floyd & Tammie Goldstein Virginia R. Gollery M. Grace Gonzalez & Gustavo Gonzalez Hector A. Gonzalez Thomas & Felicity Goodell Alexander & Paula Gooseff Julie & Terry Gorman ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU | 25

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Martyn Goulding & Johanna Leenders-Goulding Betty J. Grant Chris & Christy Grant Gary & Debby Gravier James & Marla Gravitt Charles Green & Olivia Shen Green Duncan Greig Darrell & Michele Griffith Doug Griffith John & Lissa Griffith Sandra L. Gross William & Judy Guernsey Karlos J. Guzman Sandor Gyetvai & Gina Swarez-Gyetvai Ana & Stanley Haar Laura Hadley Barry & Hilary Hager Robert L. Halbach John & Elizabeth Hale Gregory J. Hamerly Stephen A. Hamrick Thomas & Leona Hanlon Jorge Haro Alex G. Harp Donald W. Harris David & Tracy Hartman Mattia & Thomas Healy Joanne & Ric Heinzen Ryan L. Heise James R. Helmer Craig A. Henderson Debra L. Henderson Douglas O. Henry John M. Herald John A. Hernandez Jr. Manuel & Nora Hernandez Almandina Herrera & David Phillips Amy Hewes & Kevin Clark Clifton & Rose Mary Highman Dean J. Hill Angela M. Ho Harry Y. Ho Gregory & Nancy Hobbs Beverly & William Hobson Richard & Mary Holladay Joilynn & Ritchie Hollingsworth Dana & Mark Hoppe Gary & Debr. Hubbard Antonia & Curtis Hume Paul & Barbara Huse Maaz A. Hussaini Judy Huynh Joseph & Lorraine Iannelli Janet & Robert Irish Aparna & Srinivasan Iyengar Ellen L. Izant Terry Jackson 26 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

Adam N. Jacobvitz Rambod Jacoby Steven & Melissa Jankowski Dean & Shirley Jansen Richard J. Jewett Rosie Jimenez & Estevan Negrete Tom & Judith Johansing Sarb & Parmjit Johl Albert L. Johnson Gary L. Johnson James & Rosana Johnson Mary & Michael Johnson Alex & Kristin Johnston Steven & Tracy Jolly Catherine & Russell Jones James R. Jones Jason & Melissa Jones Kathryn & Paul Jones Leanne M. Jones Gregory S. Kadorian Bryan S. Kallenbaugh Amit K. Kapadia Yuri Kapulkin Ashley & Jeremy Kellogg Alain & Mary Kerfs Todd & Tessa Keys Brian & Kimberly Kidd Randy K. Kihara Denis & Betty Killen Joan King Ann Kingsbury Michael J. Kirby James & Patricia Kirkpatrick Kevin R. Kirkpatrick Darin Kishiyama & Cindy Sato Kevin & Wendy Kishiyama William Kloster & Deborah Rice Dale E. Knutsen Gary & Tomoko Kobara Kevin & Theresa Koch Paul Kohls Marie A. Koiwai Douglas S. Kokawa Jacob W. Kooi John & Lisa Korsmo Charles & Kim Korstad Charles R. Krebs Bruce & Lori Krein Gary A. Kuepper Angela & Tom Kwan Stephen G. Kyle Wade Kyono Ronald & Cynthia Lafferty Steven Lagna Clayton A. Lampman Kenneth Landau & Victoria Whitney Joe Lang Joshua H. Lange Donald C. Larsen Elizabeth & William Larsen Robert & Monica LaRue

Jason Lau Barbara A. Le Sage Dan C. Le Lydia T. Le Steven Y. Lee Garen M. Lencioni David & Ellen Lennon Jack D. Leonard David L. Leong Cherry Leslie Eugene Leung & Charlene Lee Oleg & Tatiana Levitsky Jonathan D. Lew Scott J. Lewis Katrina T. Lieu Ross W. Light Kenneth L. Lim Robert & Wendy Lipske Michael A. Livezey George J. Liviakis Robert & Patricia Lock Henry Loehner & Debra Offill Martin M. Loewenthal Beate M. Lohser Gregory & Jill Longoria Donald & Nancy Lorenzen Benjamin Louwaert Mary Lovely & James Quanci James & Carol Low John C. Lu Stephen H. Lum John & Wendy Lunardi Andrew B. Lund Lilian Luu & Harlan Nguyen Carolyn D. Lyon Josie & Noli Macasaet Duncan A. MacTavish Leah Maddock Frances G. Magtira Daniel & Karen Mahoney Manjula Manjunath Christina Manley Jeffrey A. Manson Robin S. Manuguid Eduardo Maramba Margaret Marbury Paul R. Marciniak Deana & Gary Mariani Glen Marks Thomas J. Marostica Donald & Christy Marquez Maurice D. Marshall Richard E. Marshall Steven A. Marston Angela & Nicholas Martin Gary & Jeannette Martin Phillip M. Martin Timothy J. Martini Millie & Robert Mastromattei Charles & Hilliary Mathews

John C. Mathieson Kinu & Tad Matsumoto Kevin I. Matsunaga Floyd Mattern Nancy Maurer David Mayeda & W. J. Hom Kent W. Mazzia Nancy A. McCasland Joseph & Rachel McDougald Charles McDowell & Linda L. Werner Catherine A. McGhee Lawrence & Susan McGourty Suzanne McKenzie-Hawtrey Brian & Christie McQuade Ralph & Judith Meacham James M. Meagher Lily Mei Tyson C. Messori Gary W. Metzer Anne Meyer Larry & Dolores Meyer Cynthia & Hugues Meyrath Laura & Rick Miller Robert G. Miller Tamara & Eric Miller Glen M. Mills Asghar & Syeda Mirza Brian L. Mitchell David L. Mitchell Traci Ann Miwa David M. Miyakawa Ronald M. Miyasaki Joel R. Mizuguchi Toshiko Mizuguchi Douglas N. Modlin Nelson R. Monterroso Gregory & Mary Montevideo Mark I. Montrose John & Angela Moran Eric R. Morey Jeffrey & Michele Moriyama F. Byron & Diane Morris Robert & Kathleen Morris Steven J. Moskalik Gerald & Linda Most August & Shirley Motmans Ronald L. Mueller Cynthia L. Muirhead Jodi & Richard Muirhead Susan Ezzell Murgia & Marco Murgia Sky & Shawn Murphy Stephen J. Murphy Jonathan E. Myers Kirk Myers Mark A. Nakata David Neisius Dale & Ingrid Nelson Marcus Ng Jason Nguyen

Kimngan Nguyen & Ashwath Shridhar Ashley A. Nichols Malkiat Nijjar & Kamaljit Sangha Tadao & April Nishioka Judith & Larry Nora Lynn H. Norman Jamie J. O’Bryan Kuldip S. Oberoi Brian L. Okamoto Ross A. Okazaki Robert & Kathleen Oleson John Y. Oliver Reid M. Olsen Alan & Wanda Oppenheim Alexander & Carol Orosz Michael L. Osborn Edwin & Patricia Oto Izabella & Steven Ottoboni Boian & Magdalena Pachev Kevin Palani Craig & Julie Pampeyan Michael & Sherrie Pantalon Laxmi & Sushil Panthari Dirk W. Pantone Sr. Jeannette & Robert Papadakis Michael & Jean Parcher Maximillian L. Parelius James & Mary Parker David Parrone Ed J. Patague Reena Pathania Jeffrey D. Pathman Linda Patterson Smith & Michael Smith Elizabeth Pawek-Shaw & Brian Shaw Allen & Martha Paxton Lee & Bonnie Paxton James & Janice Peak Scott & Susan Peck Heather & Scott Pedersen Luisito & Cie Perez Trevor J. Peterson Philip L. Philbin Manning H. Phillips John & Margaret Pianca Pauline L. Pierce Leonard & Brenda Pieroni Beverly & Douglas Pink Geoffrey A. Pitzer Craig & Sharon Pluim Gordon & Doris Porter David J. Pott John & Lori Power Adam & Carrie Poytress Connie & Gordon Preecs Linda S. Price Paul & Patricia Price David & Sharyl Proscia Harry & Marjorie Pursel

Scholarship recipient | Charly Flores



His own involvement in Boys & Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor made Charly Flores realize that he can make a difference in the lives of others. At Cal Poly, his dedication and enthusiasm for outreach has made him a standout volunteer with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). A second-year transfer from Los Angeles Harbor College, Flores first gave back as an academic tutor for the Boys & Girls Club.

“I realized that I could set an example for young students,” said Flores. “I was also personally influenced by a club mentor, an electrical engineer, who encouraged me to go to Cal Poly. He pushed me like my parents did. “They have degrees from Mexico, but we moved here so that my siblings and I would have better opportunities. My mom took me to work to show me what it is like cleaning houses; my dad is a driver. My brother is now getting his doctorate in neurological science from the University of Texas and my sister has a business degree from Cal State Long Beach. We’re all driven to go above and beyond.” Cal Poly and especially his involvement with SHPE has been more than he hoped for. “Besides the fact that we are a familia, I appreciate the opportunities SHPE gives member to network with industry, and I was really excited to attend the national conference in Baltimore,” said Flores. “While there, I attended an event to empower Latinas — it made me want to help bring more women into engineering.” More than anything, Flores’ work with SHPE made him fall in love with outreach. He participated in an event at Santa Maria High School in which half of the 12 SHPE volunteers worked with students on engineering activities and the other half, Flores included, provided information on how to finance college to parents in Spanish. “They were so grateful!” he noted. “It really stuck with me.” This coming year, Flores will serve as SHPE’s president, having served as vice president of community affairs last year coordinating outreach events for students ranging from elementary to high school levels. His ultimate goal is to encourage younger students to pursue a higher education, with an emphasis in engineering-related fields, and to help the Cal Poly chapter membership to excel

academically and grow professionally. “The Chevron scholarship means I don’t have to work so much, so I have more time for school and SHPE. I give back because it makes me happy, but it’s nice to know that Chevron and others recognize my efforts.” Charly Flores Electrical Engineering Senior ————————————————————— Chevron MEP Scholarship


C O L L E G E O F E N G I N E E R I N G L O YA L D O N O R S Those who have made gifts to the College of Engineering for 25 years or more — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

David & Jeannine Barneby Bechtel Group Foundation Louis & Janet Behrens Keith & Kathleen Belmont Richard Bergquist & Lynn Loughry Steven Bettencourt & Judith Gardiner Linman O. Bjerken The Boeing Company Philip & Carolyn Bowers Bradford & Emily Boyes William & Susan Carlson Robert & Virginia Carr Bambi Cask & Stephen Patterson Robert & Jeanne Cathaway Thomas & Elizabeth Christensen Donald & Tomasita Chu Jeffrey S. Claes James & Dorothy Collard Hal & Judy Cota Charles H. Dana Jr. Jane Rosenberg & Steve Deas Stephen & M. D. DeGrey Daniel P. Dennies John & Rita Dietrich Diane & Kenneth Dostalek Charles E. Duvall

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Elaine & Yuntao Qu Allan & Millie Quan Kathleen & Dan Quick Jeff & Laura Raab Bertrand Racine & Lina Urbain Iris Rado Catherine & Robert Ragle Rick & Sheila Raives Nisha & Pandu Raju Kai & Pamela Ramsing Robert & Kristina Randig Rafael G. Rangel Lisa Ray Cary & Suzanne Redfearn Robert E. Rickleffs Janice L. Rideg Louis & Lena Rinaldi Linda & Ronald Ringsrud Gregory Ripa & John Vu Gail & Steven Ristow Kristin & Scott Ritsema Leslie T. Rivera Joseph & Monique Roberts 28 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

Douglas Elmer & Bonnie Tuggle Fred A. Fong Edna & Goro Fujiwara Robert P. Gardella Robert & Denise Glenn Glen & Stacy Goto Susan Graham & Bruce Mengler Greg & Margaret Griffitts Scott & Rosemary Guthrie Christopher & Heidi Hagler John & Peggy Halcomb James & Doris Hanan Jens & Linda Hansen Warren & Kathleen Harms Al & Deanna Haro Alex G. Harp James Harris & Anna Fraker James & Marjorie Hodel William & Cathleen Hopper Dennis L. Howland Jeffrey & Anne Katz Dennis & Gyl Keiser David & Melanie Krueger Calvin & Suzanne Laws Calvin T. Leong Michael & Carol Maguire Edward & Ruthanne Marble Richard E. Marshall

Emily Robertson Lori & Richard Robertson Betsy & Todd Robertus Marianne & Peter Robinson Cheryl & Patrick Roche Kelly A. Rolls Jeffrey & Amy Romanelli Agustin Rosales Richard A. Rossi Howard & Kelly Royer Jose D. Ruiz Ann & Theodore Rupley Robinson C. Russell Larry K.Armine Rustigian Bill Ryder Steven & Vivienne Rystrom Robert & Sheila Sakamoto Kim G. Sakata Michael E. Salazar Juli & Anthony Salcedo Duane & Carol Sanborn Gerardo C. Sanchez Matthew J. Sanders Rene R. Santos Anabela & Joseph Sardo Julie & Paul Savage

Kinu & Tad Matsumoto Thomas & Joan McBride Jamie & Neal McDougal Richard & Patricia Melsheimer Ted* & Sharon Melsheimer Elaine & Rick Menz Donald & Laura Midkiff Tamara & Eric Miller Thomas E. Mitch Phillip C. Morsing August & Shirley Motmans Gary & Florence Motoyama Ray & Mariko Motoyama John Nakata Darrell S. Naruto Daniel & Karen Nitta Brian L. Okamoto Robert & Martha Olds Robert & Kathleen Oleson Glenn L. Oliveria David Parrone Charles & Shari Pollard Walter Pyle & Gloria Randriakoto Allan & Millie Quan Catherine & Robert Ragle Leonard & Phuong Reder David & Sarah Ricci Kevin & Marti Rimbault Louis & Lena Rinaldi

Heather M. Savage-Erickson Fred E. Schanke John & Lisa Schlesselmann John & Paula Schoorl Katrina & Ray Schouten Randall & Terry Scott Robert C. Seroka Paul & Heidi Shankwiler Julie & Russell Sharer Dana & Wantana Shatts Richard E. Shawlee Patrick & Robin Shehane Anna L. Silliman Claudia Bravo Silverman & Alan Silverman Barrie Simpson & Nancy White Michelle Siu Sheila Skae Christie & Todd Slatcher Anthony J. Slupko Atlund R. Smith Kenneth R. Smith Kenneth & Sally Smyth Dianna & Patrick Snyder Eric A. Solie

Glenn M. Ritter Kevin & Sandra Ryan Philip D. Saxe William & Kathy Scheiber Rolland & Isabel Sears Kenneth A. Shamordola F. Walter Shaw Waymon D. Shehane Jr. Cynthia Garretson Shurtleff Thomas A. Solomon Tracy A. Stavig C. G. & Norma E. Stuck Andrew & Elizabeth Tait Marvin & Ina Tanner Hal D. Tenney Scott Thomas Raymond D. Tsztoo Richard Udd & Kittie* Udd Mary & Lee VanderLinden Maria & Saul Villanueva John & Marion Walker John S. Ward Philip & Barbara Wenger Edward & Marjorie Whitney Eric & Yolanda Wong Donald E. Woodbridge Gerald & Sheila Wroblewski Gerald & Kay Young n

John & Laurie Somers Chad & Sandra Sontag Carl & Gloria Sorensen Stephen J. Sorensen James J. Souza David & Janice Spahn Scott & Sandra Spencer Scott & Valerie Spierling Matthew J. Staniszewski Bradd & Catherine Statley Tracy A. Stavig Chris & Wendy Steele Robert L. Stehr Craig & Karen Stevens Anthony & Mignon Stevenson Michael J. Stewart Roy & Elizabeth Stier Mark & Brenda Stiles Gerald & Elizabeth Stillman Ignatius & Esther Stockhausen Erin & Ronald Strand C. G. & Norma Stuck Alan & Jodi Subel Darren G. Suen

* Deceased

Audrey D. Sundin John Sundin Richard & Stephanie Sutton Lylis & Michael Taggart Andrew & Elizabeth Tait Eric S. Taylor Louis C. Taylor William C. Taylor Jr. Tsoliang P. Teng Ryan W. Termath Brandon C. Terry Michael & Jeanette Thatcher Patrick S. Thomas Shelley & Todd Thomas Herman F. Thoms Jr. James T. Thornberry Chris Tirpak Glenn L. Todd Jr. Cynthia M. Toland Edison Tom Russell Y. Tom Charles D. Towne Bryan M. Tracy Cindy & Matthew Treichler Alvin W. Trivelpiece

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Nancy & Thomas Truszkowski Raymond D. Tsztoo Thomas E. Tuchscherer Eydie & Michael Tumer Peter W. Turner Dirk & Judith Tysmans Jon & Pauline Uota Abhijith P. Vaishnav Eric & Cass&ra Valdivia Jack M. Van Den Bogaerde Jill E. Van Huystee Bob & Petra Vankeppel Laura & Troy Vannucci Patricia Vanoss David Vargas Shelagh J. Verco Frank & Diane Vervoort Karen N. Villalpando John J. Vink Andrew L. Vocaire-Tramposch Sandra & William Vogel Steven & Margaret Vonk Rick A. Votaw John & Patrice Waidner Ronald H. Walecki Gordon & Carol Wall Michael E. Walneuski J. Alan Walti Michael & Deborah Walton Yung S. Wang Douglas Wardwell & Saundra Carboni-Wardwell James Wason Jeffrey Weinstein John & Jill Weisinger David & Jo Ann Weiss Michael S. Weiss Sharlene M. Weiss Nathaniel D. Welch Kenneth & Elizabeth Wells Gregory Welsh & Cynthia Jaen Donald L. Westhafer David A. Weston Robert M. Wharton Mary Lou Wilhelm Spencer S. Williams Sandra & William Williamson David L. Willson Dawn & Randall Wilson Joan & William Winner Gail A. Winzenried Michael A. Witmer Steven & Dinah Witten Aaron M. Wong Anita Wong Deborah & Paul Wong John & Leanne Wong Lawrence Wong Michael C. Wong Pauline Wong Tony Woo

Ping Xie Eric W. Yang Ray K. Yeung Sean G. Yost Gerald & Kay Young Henry & Jeannette Young Jana & James Young Edward & Teresa Zabrek Oscar J. Zuniga

Up to $99 Lilly C. Abercrombie Gina & Michael Abernathy Kristi A. Abrams Diane & Peter Adams Neal C. Adler Scott G. Aguilar Joy Allen Angela Ambrose Douglas & Kathleen Anberg Dale & Elizabeth Anderson Joseph S. Anderson Richard Anderson & Sharon Shell Robert & Susan Andrews Kanna Aoki James Arao & Yoshiko Matsushita-Arao Paul & Cynthia Ardison Cheri Arenas John A. Armanini Kevin M. Armato Jordana Ash & Oliver Lignell Craig & Helen Austin Richard & Judith Ayres Richard & Florence Baerresen Bradley J. Bailey Bruce & Deborah Baker Carolina & Rene Balance Hoang Bao Joseph H. Barget Jr. David & Jeannine Barneby Brooke & Loren Barr Brian & Stacie Barrera Charles S. Beard Roger A. Beardsley William R. Beck C. K. & Margie Becker Heidi & Jeffrey Becker Robyn A. Beckwith Louis & Janet Behrens Frederick & Virginia Bergthold Janine Biancalana Judith & Ronald Bickart Diane & Philip Biggs Brian Bigham Charles & Diana Bishop David & Meridith Bishton George Blair Eric Blank Michael O. Bodine Evelyn S. & John Bolton Cuc D. Boyer

Antoinette & Bill Brandt Bruce & Marjorie Breneman Karen & Dan Briley Gladyce J. Brunner Robert A. Brunner Natalie J. Bruton Meredith H. Brynteson Craig E. Buckley Blair J. Budai Christopher & Shirley Bundros Spence Burton & Donna Keefe Matthew L. Butler David & Kristin Calia Victoria T. Campana Leon M. Canziani Virginia Carroll Michelle L. Case Thomas & Teresa Castle Carlos B. Cea Kin Chan & Vicky Chung Maria & Michael Chan Daniel & Linda Chaplin Gordon & Mary Chapman Melodee & Willis Chapman Joel & Theresa Chase Jeff Chen & Ying Long Katherine C. Chen Kenneth & Lisa Cheng Alec W. Cheung Mun-Chiu Cheung & Fung Lei So Taylor T. Cheung Yu-Jin Chia Michele B. Chimene Brian & Joan Chinn George & Marcia Christiansen Ryan E. Chun Jeffrey S. Claes Colleen A. Cohen Janet & Jeffrey Cohen John A. Combs John & Martha Conti Matthew P. Coughlin Laurie & Bradley Craig Bruce M. Cruikshank Elizabeth Cruz Andrea & Ross Cummings Richard W. Curry Jr. Regina Damore Glenn & Claire Dang Stephen P. Daniel Aram & June Darmanian Roderick & Judith Davis Robert J. Daw Michele M. Dedic Bruce & Kathy Deeter Aldo & Dorothy Del Col Felix A. Delgado Jr. John & Betty Dennis Dagmar J. Derickson Kevin C. Desrosiers Sashi & Tara Dev Phillip J. Diaz

Kenneth E. Dildine Annika & Michael Divittorio Fred Dixon Edward E. Dolendo Laura & Michael Donaghu Donna & Vito DonGiovanni Diane & Kenneth Dostalek Carole & Dennis Dotson Drew Dougherty Brian & Susan Dowey Linda & Michael Downs Mark D. Drake Luis G. Duazo Michael & Nancy Dudley Patrick N. Dumas Carolyn & Gerald Dybsetter Bruce N. Edman Steven Elkins & Julie Matsuda Munir H. Eltal Elizabeth N. Eskildsen Andrea & Andrew Evans Gary & Harriett Fernstrom John & Lorraine Figueira Fran & Irwin Finelt Cynthia & Ken Fischer Tammy Fisher Huson Anthony B. Fong Lena & Greg Ford David E. Formosa William & Julie Forsythe Aaron J. Fortier Gerald & Tracy Fortier Karin A. Foster Kenneth & Kimberly Fox Beth & Jon Foy Jeffrey L. Freeman Michael & Julee Freese Jim & Laurie Freitas Herbert & Marilyn Friedman Brittany N. Frost Edward E. Fryk Starlene & Stephen Fryslie Richard & Teresa Fuchs Jeanine L. Fuller Thomas J. & Kerri Fung Mark A. Gallardo Jon & Marcia Garcia Martin J. Gavin Kenneth & Melinda Gelsinger Marcia L. Gerg Jason Q. Gilbert Ryan C. Gilbert Robert & Denise Glenn Louis Goguely & Danielle Vigent Christine E. Goiriz Kathy Golden Joseph C. Goldhammer Dayle & Charlotte Good Rodney R. Goodson Aaron G. Goodwin Cathy M. Goyette Carol & Donald Graves

Joseph M. Graycar David W. Green Joseph & Claudia Green Beth & Tom Griffith Greg & Margaret Griffitts Andrew J. Grubb James & Sandra Gryder James & Judith Haggmark Dan & Lori Halberstadt Max S. Hamilton Amy Hanacek Karl Hansen & Pamela Weaver Davina Harden Karl & DeEtte Hart Wendy N. Hashii Carl & Danielle Hathaway Maziar & Pamela Hayatdavoudi Susan Head Thomas L. Helmers Kian K. Hemmati David & Lynne Hemming Anthony D. Henderson Paul & Susan Henry Philip & Donna Henry Steven & Linda Hess Donald Heuchert & Susan Pasko Heuchert John & Paula Hickey Michael R. Hiebert Kelli M. Hill Dennis J. Hirth Lore Hislop & William Strong Steven D. Hobus Gayle & Jeffrey Hoch Ronald L. Hoffman Cheryll & Roger Holcombe Jeffrey C. Holden Mark E. Horner Lily L. Hou Elizabeth & Keith Howland Jimmy Hua Robert W. Hubbard Stanley & Cheryl Huddleston Clifford & Kathryn Hughes Robert & Vicky Hunter Kathryn & Peter Jantz Spencer A. Jemes Becky Jiang & Jackson Xu Ross Johnson Susan E. Johnson Jason D. Jolly Doug & Janine Jones William Jones & Linda Hynson Alan & Diana Joseph Jeffrey & Veronica Joseph Colette & T. C. Joyce Clement M. Kamo Myoung H. Kang Sonia Kao Monica & Robert Kaseman Louis C. Katsaros ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU | 29

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING LEGAC Y CLUB Bequests play a significant role in sustaining Cal Poly and providing resources for its growth. The College of Engineering Legacy Club recognizes those who have included the College in their estate plans. The plan a possible bequest to Cal Poly, obtain sample language, or notify the University of you intended bequest, please contact Assistant Dean Richard LeRoy at or 805-756-7108. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Donald M. & Kathryn J. Andersen James L. Atkins & Donor Anonymous Amy M. Arroyo xxxxxxxxxx Steven E. Avery Robert S. & Bernice L. Baldwin xxxxxxxx* Glen A. Barnett n Rayxxxxxx Isaac R. & Margaret L. Barpal Tom Bauman Harlan W. Beck John P. Benton* Raymond P. Benton* Thomas A. Benton* Richard A. Bergquist & Lynn A. Loughry Paul R. & Sandra K. Bonderson William V. & Margaret A. Botts Gunilla Ramell Brennan & James E.* Brennan Wayne H. & Sylvia M.* Brigden Douglas L. Brown & Polly Benson Brown Robert F. & Susan Pfeiler Brown Samuel P. Burke Richard L. Burkhalter Family James A. Caine Michael F. Cannon Helga R. Carden William O. & Helena L. Chow Constant J.* & Dorothy F.* Chrones Albert E.* & Gloria R.* Copeland Jerry L. Counts

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Edwin R. Kaufman Rick & Tammy Kaye Jerry & Ann Kellogg Sharon Kelly Pamela & Thomas Kenyon Catherine L. Kilcrease Charles & Ann Kinney Denise & Todd Kinsfather Diana & Peter Kirkham Scott Kissinger Harold & Asako Kitajima Jonathan & Stacey Knapp Gagandeep S. Kohli Peter & Marie Kolda Jeff & Traci Koski Samir K. Kotia Andrew M. Kramar Patricia Kufa Robert N. Kull Nitin S. Kumar Brad & Lisa Kurtz 30 | ENGINEERING.CALPOLY.EDU

Richard D. & Adelle Louise Crawford Charles H. Dana Jr. Jack & Barbara Dawson Lauren E. & Rory B. Davis Richard R. & Marilyn J. Denno Tony & Gail Domit Family Trust Martin R. Engler Jr. Allen L. & Joan C. Evans William D. Evans John B. Fendel Jr. Edward* & Eileen F. Gaiser Alvin Gorenbein* Richard L. Grialou & Patricia D. Burrow John R. & Peggy L. Halcomb Daniel W. & Karen L. Hancock Jens E. & Linda M. Hansen James E. Harris & Anna C. Fraker Raymond S. & Dolores S. Harwood Donald J. Hatfield* George E.* & M. Joyce* Hoffman Melvin A. Holznagel* Kenny Hom Ronald & Doris Jackson Jerome M. Prior Stanley T. Keaney* Dwight C. Kelley* Emmett L.* & Mary H.* King Omer L. King, Jr.* & Claudia L. King

Peter S. Kuykendall Colette M. L’Heureux Manalina & Robert Lake Mark G. Lakes Kenneth & Carmen Lambert Nicholas W. LaRash Gregory & Kym Larsen John C. Larsen Joan M. Lawson Daniel C. Layton Carol & Jeffrey LeGate David C. Lentz Emily LePage Wu & Patrick Wu Francesca J. Lettang Stephen H. Leung Alfio Levy Gina & Ralph Levy Kitty & Moon Lew Wesley S. Lilienthal Leslie D. Limpert Cindy Ling & Jonathan Miller

Michael D. Kleames & Lori S.* Kleames Ursula C. Krummel Jeanne Larson Karin & Richard H. Livezey James N. & Betty Mae Locke Hans N. Mahr* Richard E.* & Margaret A. Martindale Tom Mase George D. & Barbara M. Mason Kent W. Mazzia George C.* & Marilyn* McMahan Robert D. & Maggie McMillion Robert L. Miles* Eric R. Morey George T. & Tonny Murray Paul Newland & Mary Carol Day John K. & Constance B. Nielsen David W. Ohst & Catherine L. Tonne Alfred J. Paolucci* Steven R. & Carol J. Pearson Gregory M. & Kelly T. Pelser Peggy* & Gerald B.* Peterson Charles E. Plummer Jr.* & Jean E.* Plummer Eldon N. & Marjorie A. Price Milo V.* & Merle A.* Price Jerome M. & Diane L. Prior Robert J. & Sandra Reiner The Reinhold Foundation Lawrence B.* & Ruth B.* Renihan

Julie N. Liong Mary E. Lively Michael M. Loleng Sherry T. Lore John & Monica Lougaris James T. Luna Nicholas J. Lynch David & Patricia Lynn Tadao Machida Michael & Carol Maguire Matthew R. Mahony John Maitland & Kathryn Laurenson Matthew D. Manjarrez David J. Marks Eric & Michelle Marnoch Jonathan & Carol Mattson Adrienne D. McCarthy Edward G. McCarthy Patrick J. McCarty Joan Mcconnell Lyn & Mike McCool Paul & Sarah McCullough

Kenneth L. Rothmuller & Lynne O’Connor Kraig H. Scheyer & Marquita Grenot-Scheyer Victor L. Schmidt* Kenneth A. Shamordola Cynthia Garretson Shurtleff Richard M.* & Joan A.* Simpson W. Sheldon* & Carol E. Skiff Matthew T. & Nancy F. South Jack T. & Alice Spaulding Robert E. Steele* Dale N.* & Mary* Strunk Moon Ja Minn & Paul T. Suhr Bill & Cheryl Swanson J. Andy* & Patricia A. Tiura John C.* Tracey, Jr. & Joanna Nehls* Tracey John & Dorthy Trexel Richard L. Udd & Kittie S.* Udd Nannette M. & Bill Van Antwerp Kevin W. & Tracy J. Van Houten John S. Ward Roberta B. Ward* Philip A. & Barbara A. Wenger Harry K. Wolf Dennis H. & Margaret M. Woodrich Paul E. & Virginia P. Wright Albert R.* & Ruth E.* Yackle William J. Young n

Michael & Gloria McElheny Connor A. McGill Kevin B. McGourty Mark & Wendy McGrail Bruce & Suzanne McKenzie Bobby L. Meneses Nanette Millard Arthur W. Miller Michael & Virginia Miller Sharon Miller & Arthur Olsen Janice Mixer Kevin & Toni Mohs Erwin G. Montalvo Todd W. Montgomery Herbert & Janie Morris Christopher S. Mortham Anna Mueller Diane M. Muff Nikil J. Mulakken Dennis H. Murashige Solange & William Murphy Joseph J. Musarra Jr. Diane & Thomas Muscarella

* Deceased

Joe & Lorie Muscat Sajiv S. Nair Eileen & Michael Nakamura Brett & Sue Nelson David Newberry Jeffrey R. Neyhouse Jacky K. Ng Cam & My Nguyen Daniel D. Nguyen Ruc V. Nguyen Tao Nguyen & Le Tran Peter R. Niemann Victoria D. Nier Daniel R. Nunotani Gene & May O’Connell Joshua M. O’Hara Patricia Olesh Wendell L. Olson Anna Omura James Otto & Adelle Visser Kevin Parichan David H. Park Mitesh G. Parmar

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Sneha Parmar & Jason Soares Ronak S. Patel Yogi Patel Richard M. Patteson Brian Payton & Mabel Thong Stephen G. Pearson Elizabeth Penick Julie & Patrick Pereira Mark & Janet Phillips Deidra S. Picciano Herbert & Nancy Pickett Jeff & Jodi Pieczynski Donald L. Pine Donna Piszczor Jennifer Pizot Charles & Shari Pollard Dawn M. Posey Aaron S. Pramana Cynthia Pridmore Todd C. Puckett James & Susan Punches James I. Raber Gordon & Cathlyn Rado Daniel M. Ramos Jennifer Ramos Fereydoon Rassuli Whit T. Ratcliff Sallie Ravenel Kathleen & Troy Reimer Vincent P. Resciniti Oliva L. Reyes

Jeffrey & Carol Richardson Robert F. Richter Janice & Joseph Ritter James A. Roberts Colleen Rogers Nadine L. Rogers Nestor & Patricia Romo Jeffrey M. Roodman Gregory & Robin Rose Richard & Serina Rosenkjar Nicolas S. Rosner Kenneth A. Rossiter Donald J. Rotta Matthew A. Rounds Virginia E. Royer Linda Rubow Barbette Ruffino Sarah A. Russell Paul D. Rutter John R. Sabel Charles E. Sainz Christina L. Salvador Julie & Ulrich Samietz Charles & Danielle Samson Rodney & Vicky Sawall Philip D. Saxe Victor A. Scavino William & Kathy Scheiber Frank R. Schelling Tara & William Scherder Eric & Deborah Schlacks Gary L. Schlaich Kristen & Paul Schmidt Travis K. Schmidt Martin & Carol Schwarzbach

Mary & Michael Seaman Angelina Sell Holly E. Semler Jigar & Darshana Shah Paul E. Shandi Waymon D. Shehane Jr. Clinton & Martha Sherburne Kevin M. Shibley Nikolai P. Shkurkin Louis & Patricia Shrinkle Victor S. Sikora Anurag & Sujata Singh Jean & John Smart Randolph L. Smith Russell J. Smith Kimberley S. Snowden Rudolf E. Snyders Matthew P. Sojka John B. Sorci Jr. Richard & Tamra Sotelo Sarah Soto Mark & Anna Sousa Martin & Ruth Spadaro Daniel A. Spaizman Gary Spawn & Marlis Petersen Spawn Frank & Cathy Springer Kurt C. Staufenberg Andrea & Rick Steele Carolyn Sterrett Caro & Mike Stinson Elijah G. Stiny Mark T. Stollenwerk Rodger & Martha Stone David & Connie Stornetta

Deborah Sullivan Joel & Yesenia Svendsen Connie & David Swanson William R. Swanson Jan & Jim Tamura Neggin Tavana Ann S. Taylor Hal D. Tenney Jon E. Thalman Damon & Beth Thayer Amy F. Thomas Michael J. Thomas Philip Thomas Chavel E. Thompson Rosemary Thompson David A. Thornberry John Thorne Joy & Adam Toal Jamie S. Tomlinson Irene & Thomas Tong Stanley & Wai Ling M. Tong Tan T. Tranngo Merrie & Stan Trujillo Steven Tunick Charles R. Ulk David A. Urquhart Lyle & Marian Van Vleet Kerry Vas Dias Eric T. Vinande Julie Wade Erik & Johnnine Wahl Melanie Z. Wallner Jennifer & Bradley Walston James & Elaine Wanchek Xian D. Wang

John & Carol Ward Sue Warhaftig Robert & Barbara Washington Katrina L. Watkins Darrel & Maureen Watson Stephen M. Weiss Lori M. Weitz Eugene J. West Carole S. White Ron & Mary Whitten Valerie A. Wilgus Douglas A. Williams Ross T. Williams Wynette Winkler & Allen Paneral Michael H. Winter James H. Winters Joseph J. Witczak Benjamin I. Wofford David Wong Rachel E. Wong Melissa K. Woo Penny Woodcock Rick S. Wright Thomas C. Wright Hideko Elizabeth & Stanley Yamaichi David A. Yanagihara Deguang Yang Gene & Rita Yep Catherine J. Young Jonathan H. Yuen n

5 WAYS TO GIVE BACK 1 Mail in your donation or make a gift online

Send a check to the College of Engineering to 1 Grand Ave., San Luis Obispo, Calif. 93407 or visit


Make a gift of securities A gift of securities or mutual funds offers the chance to support students and programs while realizing important tax benefits.


Make payroll deductions and match your gifts Set up a simple payroll deduction through your human resources department — double your gift by leveraging your employ er’s matching program. See


Pledge a gift Pledge a gift paid through multi-year installments.


Plan a gift Include the College of Engineering in your estate plans to leave a legacy on campus. Visit for information.

For more information, contact Assistant Dean Richard LeRoy at 805-756-7108 or

California Polytechnic State University College of Engineering 1 Grand Ave. San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0350 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

n Cal Poly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles team member Andrew Mercier (aerospace engineering) observes a test flight of Cal Poly’s RMAX helicopter over the university’s Chorro Creek Vineyard. A gift from Northrop Grumman, the RMAX is being used to study the vineyard’s irrigation patterns in a multidisciplinary project with the College of Agriculture. For more on the RMAX, see Page 9. • • 805-756-2131

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