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SUMMER 2017 / 2018

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CALOUNDRA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY INC. A Level 1, 74 Bulcock St (PO Box 177) Caloundra 4551 P 07 5492 5977 E ADVERTISING AND CONTENT SUBMISSIONS To enquire about advertising space, or discuss content, please contact the Editor of Caloundra Buzz magazine | GRAPHIC DESIGN AND PRODUCTION BY: Marx Design | FRONT COVER: Toni & Chris Nightingale from My Teddy with the Made in Caloundra Christmas Hamper IMAGE CREDIT: Tracie Sanim, Splash Marketing & PR



BUSINESS NETWORKING The Chamber recently hosted a number of functions and events which presented a great opportunity to mix and mingle with other professionals. The Better Business Breakfast event for 2017 was held at The Events Centre Caloundra with Elaine Jobson, the guest speaker. Held in November at the Hub Shared Space and Malarkey Artisan Coffee, Business After Hours was another successful Chamber event celebrating and supporting entrepreneurial businesses. Michael Shadforth, President of Caloundra Chamber Of Commerce

Photos courtesy of Whisper Images

INVEST IN BUSINESS We are entering an unprecedented phase of residential growth on the Sunshine Coast and the numbers are showing there is definite potential for businesses to captialise on this. With all growth comes opportunities, and it’s time for business owners to consider investing in businesses to build quality, quantity or reach in order to truly benefit from the extra 50,000 residents who will call Aura home in the next 30 years and the 14,000 who are predicted to move to the greater Sunshine Coast region every year until 2031.

Cate Milton (Smoochie's Fudge & Ice Cream), Peter Milton (Smoochie's Fudge & Ice Cream) & Jeanette Marshall (Blend Hair & Spa)

With such population increase, you can invest in your business with growing confidence that there will be a greater market share and these new residents will be on the lookout to engage with businesses that have flair, innovation and a strong direction. As they say, ‘while the sun shines, it’s time to make hay’. On another front, there has been a big push by Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace to encourage more Caloundra businesses to examine the possibility of tendering for work with the Australian Defence Force. This is something every business could consider as a way to diversify and future-proof. With the Federal Government committing $200 billion in capital investment to over the next ten years, the largest amount allocated in our country’s history during peace time, and a desire to move away from the traditional prime contractors to seek out innovative small to medium businesses around the country, there has never been a more opportune time to look at this option.

Bob Vander-Wal (Sunshine Business Systems) & Wade Ambrose (Tursa Employment and Training)

Caloundra has already become a hotspot for defence contracts, with HeliMods being awarded its first defence contract earlier this year to provide wet decks for the Australian Navy. Praesidium Global also received a contract worth over $1 million to produce unmanned vehicles for the Australian Army, and Eniquest have been working studiously under the radar, providing the defence force with generators and power units for 15 years. Read more about how you can get started in this edition, and remember, now is the time to move forward with confidence that the future is looking bright for the Caloundra business community. 4 Caloundrabuzz

Anne Lawrence (Sunshine Coast Council), Elaine Jobson (CEO Jetts Global) & Michael Shadforth (Ray White Commercial)


Paula Duke (Duke Environmental), Beth Berghan (Beth Berghan Coach), Deb Shelton & Deb Poida (The Hub Shared Space)

Sally Douglas (Fed for Wellness), Loraine Martin (Mercedes-Benz Sunshine Coast) & Richie Leech (Mercedes-Benz Sunshine Coast)

Deb Poida, Glenda Pitt & Jo Dixon (The Hub Shared Spaces)

Nantha Lingam, Elke Rupp & David Horne (Bartercard Sunshine Coast)

Gemma Layfield (Empyrean Lighting) & Tonina Smith (Buslink)

Susie Morris (The Source Bulk Foods Caloundra), Ann Ferguson (Olive Design) & Norm Foord (The Source Bulk Foods Caloundra)

Hayley Tremain (Ballistic Training), Kimberley Lynch (Workplace Central) & Catherine Craig (Simple and Savvy Property Styling)

John Orning (Best Western Plus Lake Kawana Hotel) & Andrew Wallace (Member for Fisher)

Elizabeth Shaw (Workplace Central) & Mandy Napier (Mindset for Success)


THE HAMPERS FEATURE... • A summer in Caloundra 2017 teddy bear • A House of Dawes handmade wall clock featuring deck chairs for summer • Alexami locally made bath bombs • Locally made Red Hot Chilli Pepper spices and couscous • Personalised wall plaques from The Sticker Mob • A decadent fudge selection from Smoochies Handmade Fudge and Ice Cream • Ink and wash artworks from illustrator Kerry Ide • An immersive puzzle experience for four with Escape Room Oz • A selection of scented Caloundra soaps from Oska and Willow • 2018 calendar of local surf spots from Caloundra surf photographer Angell Surf Photography

6 Caloundrabuzz

A JOLLY CHRISTMAS COLLABORATION Collaboration and innovation is driving the growth of Caloundra’s diverse business community.

2017 has emerged as a bonanza year for local businesses, with scaling new markets firmly on the horizon for 2018. A shift from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast six years ago has driven growth of more than 300% for Caloundra’s My Teddy. Boasting a global social media community of more than 102,000, the personalised teddy bear manufacturer plans to drive exponential growth in 2018 with a focus on the corporate sector.

Developing this initiative has been wonderfully exciting. “Earlier this year we set down plans to double our market reach within the next three years… and we are well on track to achieve beyond that goal,” My Teddy founder Chris Nightingale said. “We expect to hire more local people next year and invest in more machinery to support our focus on securing clients across Australia’s corporate sector. “We’ve seen first-hand in our business that building a culture of innovation – a focus on growing, improving, streamlining, creating new products and reaching new markets - strengthens the broader business environment.” According to Chris, the key to success lies in collaboration. “As a united business community we present a much stronger force,” Chris said.

“So many of our local ventures each add value or leveraging opportunities for each other. Our challenge is to seek out those partnership opportunities and to showcase our offerings.” In meeting that challenge Chris and his wife Toni this year are spearheading a “Made In Caloundra” Christmas 2017 campaign – a partnership with a range of other local ventures to engage our local community and summer visitors to our region. The opportunity to win one of these hampers will be available by commenting on the Caloundra, Sunshine Coast Facebook page 'Made in Caloundra' post. In 50 words or less, comment 'What you love most about summer in Caloundra'. The Chamber will pick 10 responses to be put to a public vote, with the final 4 being selected to receive a hamper. These hampers can be picked up by winners from the Caloundra Street Fair on Sunday 24 December. “Developing this initiative has been wonderfully exciting,” My Teddy partner Toni Nightingale said. “Being able to begin a small showcase of our talent as a collective to our summer visitors and local community we hope will help drive interest in our local creators, businesses and in our Southern Sunshine Coast region.” Alexami creator Alison Kenny targeted Caloundra for her sustainable organic skincare business two years ago. “Before we relocated our family and business here we did a lot of research and determined that Caloundra was emerging as the up and coming hub of the Sunshine Coast,” Alison said.

“Aside from the business potential of this area, we also saw that its many key features – including a clean and healthy environment – were closely aligned with what was important to both ourselves and our goals for our business.” Alexami - based in Bulcock Street - sells its range of Queensland-made organic skin care across Australia, Korea and Belgium. It is set to expand its international market towards Asia after its showcase to key distributors in Hong Kong as part of an Austrade opportunity several weeks ago. Meanwhile, handmade fudge specialist Smoochies – based in the Aussie World precinct - is set to expand its online business presence after opening its second shop in Cotton Tree this July.

As a united business community, we present a much stronger force. “Our online sales will help us reach a national market and to grow our future in Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast,” Smoochies owner Cate Milton said. “While the online business offers significant growth opportunity it is also incredibly important to be connected with the Caloundra and Sunshine Coast business community – being able to each add value to the other and to leverage opportunities should be a continuum.”

This is a SMSF success story. Is yours?

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SMALL BUSINESS GETS A SLICE OF THE DEFENCE FUNDING PIE The Sunshine Coast Council identified the region’s seven high value industries in early 2017, but HeliMods founder Will Shrapnel says it may not be long before defence industries can join the likes of agribusiness, clean technologies, health, sport and tourism, education, aviation and knowledge to become the eighth.

Helimods, which employs around 25 fulltime staff and specialises in developing mission systems and equipment for helicopters, was among the first Coast business to capitalise on the Turnbull Government’s $200 billion, 10-year commitment to defence. It follows the release of the 2016 Defence White Paper and the subsequent Integrated Investment Program and the Defence Industry Policy Statement, which is effectively encouraging the military to move away from prime defence (multi-national) contractors to support Australian SMEs with innovative solutions to the military.

Local businesses can consider the defence industry as a great way to diversify their supply options

8 Caloundrabuzz

Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace led several forums and industry workshops at the University of the Sunshine Coast throughout 2017. The first attracted more than 150 local businesses with the aim of kickstarting a drive among Coast enterprises to secure a slice of the defence spending. Helimods was recently recognised for their contribution to the Sunshine Coast manufacturing industry at the 2017 Sunshine Coast Business Awards where they took out the awards for Excellence in Innovation, Employee of the Year, Business Person of the Year and the big award, Business of the Year. HeliMods has invested a lot of time and effort over the last five years to become defence ready and begin tendering and competing for defence work. Their efforts were finally recognized earlier this year when HeliMods was awarded a $154,000 contract to manufacture 14 aircraft cabin wet decks for Navy's MH-60R Seahawk Romeo helicopters.

A wet deck reduces a protective floor liner that reduces an aircraft cabin floor’s exposure to salt water and surface wear caused by search and rescue operations and equipment.

HeliMods fits the bill perfectly - they are an absolute shining light on high tech industry on the Sunshine Coast. Mr Shrapnel says although the contract is small when compared to their civil contract work, it is substantial in that it has provided the business with an opportunity to show the Australian Defence Force what they are capable of. “I have been actively involved with the forums and workshops at the university. Local businesses can consider the defence industry as a great way to diversify their supply options to give them more resilience to market up-turns and down-turns that can have a


significant impact on businesses that are only supplying into the civil sector,” Mr Shrapnel says. “The nature of the defence work is longer term and often it’s enduring, budgets are large and committed well in advance, and they are generally spent. It is important for businesses to consider entry into the defence space as a strategic investment, and while you may not see a high financial return in the short term, this is a big market and if you perform, you will create enduring, long term value for your business.” Mr Wallace has been a big driver for Coast enterprises to seize the bull by the horns while the change is afoot within the government to expand their spending reach and investigate innovative proposals.

There is a big market and if you perform, you will create enduring, long term value for your business.

“I would like to see at least $200 million of that government funding spent on the Sunshine Coast,” he says.

The defence work is longer term...budgets are large and committed well in advance and they are generally spent. “I don’t want to see it all go to South Australia and whilst I’m not insisting we are going to build ships and aircraft on the Coast, what we can do is take advantage of our high-tech industries and build things like componentry. Military is not all about bombs and bullets, just about every one of the high value industries from the Coast can have military applications. “Businesses have still got to demonstrate not only value for money, but also that they are a world-leader and have something no one else is doing. HeliMods fits the bill perfectly, they are an absolute shining light on high tech industry on the Sunshine Coast. And there must be so many other little pearls,” he says.

Praesidium Global was also successful in obtaining a recent defence contract. The Caloundra enterprise designs and manufactures unmanned ground vehicles to get wounded soldiers to safety and has a contract worth more than $1.3 million to supply these vehicles for the Australian Army. Then, there is Eniquest, which has been providing reliable power distribution, DC Generators, AC Generators, Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s) and in-service generator repairs to the Australian Military for around 15 years. Businesses who would like to find out more about defence industry opportunities can contact Mr Wallace’s office, or the CDIC, which has government-funded advisors that can help businesses to navigate the tender process. Visit or


CONNECTING CALOUNDRA TO THE WORLD SECURELY AND SAFELY The convergence of two super highways in Caloundra is revitalising Caloundra as the premier business and logistics hub at the southern gateway to the Sunshine Coast.

The long-awaited upgrade to the Bruce Highway including a massive new interchange will make both southern and northern approaches to Caloundra safer and more navigable for visitors and commercial transport. The other highway undergoing an upgrade is one that has been a greater source of irritation for the Sunshine Coast business community and visitors alike – the gridlocked information super highway.

My team gets a buzz from seeing the reactions of our clients once they have been connected to fibre...

While the interchange under construction on the Bruce Highway will be a source of traffic congestion into 2018, the days of slow internet speeds and lagging web pages on the internet are virtually over for Caloundra businesses,

10 Caloundrabuzz

thanks to the installation of fibre beneath the pavements of the CBD. Private telecommunications carrier Elypsys has recently connected Caloundra’s business brain to the world, bringing the benefits of fibre to both businesses and visitors. Elypsys CEO Adrian Madjeric describes fibre as the “last mile” in modern telecommunications because it brings down the curtain on obsolete technology. “My team gets a buzz from seeing the reactions of our clients once they have been connected to fibre because they have had to endure poor business connectivity for such a long time,” he said. “For example, we had to install an interim fixed wireless solution for clients adjacent to the interchange at the Caloundra turnoff. However, now that we have installed fibre at the Sunshine Coast Industrial Park (SCIP), our clients in the logistics hub there have already made the transition and are very happy with fast, affordable internet and the savings.”

SCIP is adjacent to AURA, Stockland’s massive master-planned residential community under construction between the interchange and the Caloundra CBD. Here, too, Elypsys will make fibre available to the business heart servicing Aura’s 20,000 future residents.

Our clients have already made the transition and are very happy with fast, affordable internet and the savings. Elypsys CEO Adrian Madjeric is a disruptive entrepreneur, a relative minnow in the telecommunications industry dominated by the telco giants. He was recently acknowledged by the Sunshine Coast University’s Innovation Centre for his innovative methods of overcoming problems that have tormented Sunshine Coast businesses for many years.

Elypsys reduces developer and buyer costs in commercial apartment complexes whereby the savings made through the installation of fibre pass on to buyers and tenants of projects such the ultra-modern apartment complexes at Oceanside in the Health Hub adjacent to the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Caloundra CBD is a magnet for visitors to the coast, with its multitude of specialty shops, waterfront restaurants, and high-rise accommodation. “Fibre is crucial for hotels and apartment complexes,” said Mr Madjeric. “Customers expect to have complimentary wifi available to multiple communication devices. This is now achievable through savings made from installing fibre to the premises.”

This is now achievable through savings made from installing fibre to the premises.

We love mixing



“Accountants, lawyers and medical practitioners typically rely upon maintaining confidentiality, privacy and security, yet fewer than five percent of the Sunshine Coast’s 35,000 small businesses are connected to fibre,” said Mr Madjeric. From humble beginnings as an IT startup two years ago, Elypsys has recently graduated from being a tenant at the Sunshine Coast University’s Innovation Centre to being a sponsor, supporting the startups eager to be a part of the development surge on the Coast. The new international airport and the Smart City Centre under construction in Maroochydore are but two of many state-of-the-art developments that will connect the Sunshine Coast to the world. It is ironic that, as the coast reaches for the sky, the very fibre of its being is what lies concealed underground, carrying everybody’s business. For more information


GAME ON: LASERZONE LAUNCHES VIRTUAL REALITY Running a successful family entertainment centre may look like a dream job, but it is far from child’s play – especially if you want to be at the top of the game.

Laserzone Family Entertainment Centre, formerly Zone 3, has been operating on the Sunshine Coast for 22 years. But since Annette and Leigh Lasek and co-owner Katie Tealby took the reins, the popular laser tag venue’s success has reached the stratosphere. Ms Lasek came on board as the business improvement consultant for the former owners 12 years ago and says the venue has always had so much potential. After taking ownership of half of the business, a comprehensive renovation plan was developed and the team spent the next 18 months bringing their dreams to life. More than $100,000 was invested last year to re-do the lighting, widen windows to create more natural light, improve the laser tag maze, install a laser light show, repaint the entire venue and upgrade the party rooms and bathrooms. On June 1, Laserzone became the first Coast venue to offer social Virtual Reality Experience gaming, with private pods that can be hired out by groups to watch on large TV screens as they take turns to experience the power of the total immersion gaming. No expense was spared in bringing the technology to the region, with top-of-therange HTC Vive equipment being paired with a custom-designed system that is lightning fast and allows groups of people to get involved as players become fruit ninjas, a rock climber, boxer, zombie shooter or Star Wars Jedi. 12 Caloundrabuzz

“We are always updating and always changing. After 22 years in business, revenue is increasing and instead of counting that as profit, we are investing it back into the business. As a result of the improvements we have made, birthday party bookings over the last 12 months have doubled,” Ms Lasek says. While Laserzone is a great leisure venue, the international-standard maze has major competitive league events. The Kawana venue hosts the south-east Queensland league competition each month and has hosted national and international competitions, including the 2009 Australasian Laser Tag Titles, the 2014 World Laser Tag Titles and is set to host the upcoming 2019 World Laser Tag Titles. Ms Lasek says these events bring hundreds of players and their families to the region, providing a welcome boost to the local economy as they stay, eat, and play at other local attractions. But success is not just about the appearance and the technology on offer at Laserzone, Ms Lasek says it is also about the culture of the staff. The family-run business has 13 staff, including Ms Lasek’s sons Jonathan and Michael Pastorello, who live and breathe laser tag and have enjoyed great success as competitors and business managers within Laserzone. Ms Lasek says there is no shortage of young people who wish to call Laserzone their place

of work, with each call for new staff attracting around 600 resumes from hopefuls. These are whittled down to a group of 30 and existing staff help to select the final candidates to move on to a three-month trial. Ms Lasek says once the trial is up, the teens are offered a choice of a name badge and a position, or $500 and the chance to leave. “Not a single person has taken the money,” she says. “We do this because we want people to work here because they want to, not for the money.” Laserzone recently entered into a partnership with STEPS to give young people with disabilities access to the Virtual Reality Experience and an opportunity to enjoy activities they wouldn’t normally get the chance to do. “It’s increasingly more important in these busy modern times that we find new and creative ways to bring people together in order for them to reconnect, exercise their bodies and minds, and just enjoy themselves,” Ms Lasek says. “This really can help in creating a healthier, happier world, which is actually our mission statement and at the core of everything we do at Laserzone.” For more information

THE SKY'S THE LIMIT FOR LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS Young Caloundra entrepreneurs are taking a leaf out of the great Sir Richard Branson’s book and saying “yes” when opportunities arise… then figuring out the rest on the run.

The owners of Malarkey Artisan Coffee said ‘Yes’ and within a week, owned a café that has become a hidden gem for locals. The owner of Hinton Fitness said ‘Yes’ and within two days had registered a business name and began renovating to open a gym unlike anything Caloundra had seen before. They are among a new generation of entrepreneurs that have proven age is not a determining factor when it comes to ambition and a drive to succeed.

Then it was just a case of one foot after the other and before we knew it, we were running. Lawren Collins was 24 and her business partner Aaron Gibson was 25 when they were offered an out-of-the-blue opportunity to start up a café in The Hub, a small business collective that has taken shape on the corner of Third and Oval avenues.

14 Caloundrabuzz

Ms Collins says owning a café was something they had considered for at least 18 months, but hadn’t yet found the right fit for their vision.

The networks are so amazing. “The biggest hurdle for us was simply whether or not we were going to do it, then it was just a case of one foot after the other and before we knew it, we were running,” she says. Mr Gibson says landlords Jill and Chris Brearley and management from the Pocket Espresso Bar in Moffat Beach had been tremendous business mentors. Tucked behind a large navy blue Besser brick wall, many passersby have done a double-take when they glimpse Malarkey’s vintage-chic styling and surrounding idyllic lush gardens through the gate.

Ms Collins says they did have some initial reservations about the “random” location, but the success of their July 28 opening and continued customer growth proves it is ideal. “The Hub is a unique space and Caloundra has such a high percentage of small businesses, which is what makes Caloundra so amazing. We support smaller businesses, selling Guru Life Coffee that is roasted in Rosemount and homemade cakes from local mums, and they support us in return. The networks are so amazing,” she says.

The Hub is a unique space and Caloundra has such a high percentage of small businesses, which is what makes Caloundra so amazing. The founder and director of Hinton Fitness was even younger, just 21 years old, when he took the leap and opened the Sydal Street gym at the site of the former Skidaddle kids playcenter in April, 2015.

The 24-year-old now owns three businesses, with a café quickly following the opening of the gym, and a newly-launched fresh food delivery service. Mr Hinton says his road to success saw him overcome many age-based obstacles.

I'd rather pay a little bit more... and know that money is going directly into the pocket of someone who is local. “There was a lot of negative attitudes from some people in the beginning, because they didn’t want to enroll here and risk losing their membership if we closed down. Being a completely new business and being young, I had to build their trust,” he says. “It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Six months after opening, my accountant was advising me that I should start winding things up, but that was a big red flag for me and I just pushed to make it better.” Now, less than six months out from the third anniversary, Hinton Fitness is preparing to welcome its 300th member and Mr Hinton has expanded from a one-man enterprise to now employing five staff, with plans to continue to expand as capital allows. “I just know that anything is possible and if anyone’s going to do it, it’s going to be me,” he says.

Being a completely new business and being young, I had to build their trust. Knowing how tough it is to build up a business, Mr Hinton is passionate about supporting other small business owners, building strong partnerships with Amazonia for acai berries, Caloundra’s Deliciously Clean Eats, and muesli company BRKFST, just to name a few.

The Hinton Fitness Crew driving their Movember promotion

“I’d rather pay a little bit more for a product and know that money is going directly into the pocket of someone who is local to help to build them up as well,” he says. Having worked in the health and fitness industry for many years, Mr Hinton says he has a clear idea of what a gym should be and has focused on providing excellent customer

service, personable staff, and complimenting businesses that encourage healthy eating. Follow Malarkey Artisan Coffee on Facebook and Instagram and to find out more about Hinton Fitness, check them out on Facebook.

These business owners have tax strategies in place. Do you?

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HOW SPINNERS KEEP THE BALL ROLLING Trish and David Mullins have only been in business in Caloundra for a little over a year, but they bring a wealth of business knowledge with them.

The couple, along with business partners Colleen and Fred Minehan, own Spinners Bar and Bowl Caloundra, the region’s newest bowling alley, offering state of the art facilities and a complete entertainment experience. Ms Mullins shares her insights into setting up the business with the Caloundra Buzz… Is Spinners your first business? No, David and I ran a successful transport company back in Melbourne for over 20 years before moving to country Victoria, where we also ran a holiday accommodation business on Lake Nillahcootie. And if two businesses weren’t enough, it was here in Mansfield that Spinners Bar and Bowl was established. When was the business officially opened? In February 2014 the business opened in Victoria and then relocated to the Sunshine Coast and opened in Caloundra in late November 2016. Why did you feel Caloundra was the perfect location for your business? AMF helped us with some locations they thought a ten-pin bowl and bar would be successful. We checked out a few locations, but as soon as we arrived in Caloundra we knew it was the place where we wanted to live. What are some of the challenges you had to overcome to establish the business? Finding the right building in the right location is always the hardest obstacle is overcome. We were lucky enough to find our building, which we could extend on the length and rebuild the toilet block to make it work. These extensions proved very challenging. We moved the family up from Victoria in February (2016) in time for the new school year

16 Caloundrabuzz

and hoped to be opened before Easter. However, there seemed to be one hurdle after another to jump through and our extensions didn’t start until October, hence the late November opening. What is your business's biggest point of difference? Unlike regular bowling alleys our business model is quite unique as it is small and intimate. We offer a great night out for all ages and it brings families together. Where else can you go with minors and enjoy a game of ten pin, a drink, a game of pool and a dance? We get a lot of customers through the door to play pool and the arcade games. Others love the music video clips on the big screen and the atmosphere created with the glow in the dark and effect lighting and smoke machine. What is the biggest business lesson you have learned over the years? There’s a couple of lessons I have learnt over the past 25 years, the first is to learn from past mistakes and not be afraid to look back. Your past performance actually does reflect future performance. Everyone makes mistakes and we need to learn from them to not only become a better individual, but build up a better business. The other lesson I have learnt is that it’s important to take risks, but they need to be calculated risks, where all options have been weighed to result in the best possible outcome. And of course, customer service is paramount. For more information

The street fair is a must-do experience offering live music, locally-made art and craft, homewares, gourmet street food, delicious sweets, fresh produce, fashion and street entertainment.


ON A SUNDAY 8am to 1pm


Caloundra Street Fair





December 10 Crummunda Park, Currimundi

December 16 Kings Beach

Enjoy entertainment, kids activities, market stalls and the parade of boats lit up with lights paddling around Currimundi Lake. Prizes to be won for the best decorated boat! Ending with a stunning laser light show, a great family event to start the festive season.

Get in the festive spirit with the Calvary Christian Church brings Carols on Kings. Come and enjoy a wonderful Christmas celebration with entertainment, food and fun (and a visit from Santa!) from 4.30pm at Kings Beach Ampitheatre.




December 27 - January 1 Woodford

December 31 Kings Beach

January 6 - 10 Caloundra Arts Centre

Woodford Folk Festival has become a legendary place where artists inspire, community spirit soars and memories are made. Ring in the New Year with more than 2,000 performers and plenty of events programmed over the 6 day festival.

Ring in the New Year at Caloundra’s King of beaches, Kings Beach with a massive display of fireworks that’ll have you impressed. A great family event for all ages. Plenty of entertainment before the main firework show goes off with a bang!

This is a biennial exhibition which enables artists to accumulate fresh, original and exciting works of art. Visitors can expect to view approximately 200 paintings in all mediums from at least 45 local artists.



January 12 - 14 Caloundra Indoor Stadium

January 13 Queensland Air Museum

Held at Caloundra over 3 days, this world class wheelchair basketball tournament showcases the athletes' stunning skills in basketball and sportsmanship.

The day includes a collection of over 70 aircraft and other displays. Engines run from 11am, 12pm and 2pm on the day. FREE jumping castle for the kids. WW2 jeep rides also available. Hot and cold drinks as well as BBQ sausage sizzle available.



January 26 Bulcock Beach

January 26 Aussie World

Markets will be operating over the holiday period with artisan, craft, homemade and food stalls with truly unique offerings. Get out and enjoy a Friday evening by the beach with Australia Day celebrations taking place.

Australia Day at Aussie World attracts people looking for family fun. Filled with true blue events, live entertainment and food for the whole family, the day includes the famous Dunny Races, Pie Eating cotest and more!


18 Caloundrabuzz



January 26 - 28 Sunshine Coast Stadium, Kawana

February 11 Golden Beach

Teams from all over Queensland will compete for the 2018 Junior State Cup. A fun sport with competitions running throughout Australia, the game is thrilling to watch as well as participate in. Get ready to welcome competitors, officials and supporters.

The Qld Triathlon Series welcomes athletes of all ages and abilities to compete in a fun, friendly environment. From the Kool Kids 7+ races, to beginners getting a feel for it, to challenging yourself to take on the sprint and super sprint races. Get ready to tri!

KARL ANGELL MAKES WAVES IN SURF PHOTOGRAPHY Not all of us are lucky enough to combine our passion with our day job but Caloundra local Karl Angell is the luckiest guy around.

His surf photography work means he gets to work with his two great passions of surfing and photography. Angell Surf Photography has taken off and has given Karl the opportunity to sell his work on prints in the Caloundra Street Fair and seasonal Twilight Markets. His prints have gained international attention which is quite amazing for this business that started from the humble shores of Caloundra’s local beaches. “I had a dream 5 years ago to start selling my images at local markets and I never dreamt how far it would take me! I now do this on a full-time basis providing for my wife and 2 kids and it’s all thanks to the support of a lot of locals and tourists visiting the area. Each week I get people returning to buy a second, third or fourth print because

they fall in love with a new image that I’ve posted online” he said. Once you get a glimpse of Karl’s talent in photography you won’t be surprised to hear that his work is hanging overseas . Many of his prints are hanging on the walls in a ski lodge in Aspen, USA and in a resort in Dubai. The latter came about after a patron at the Caloundra Street Fair spotted his work and told a relative who manages a resort in Dubai. Now 25 small prints hang on the walls in an international resort in Dubai and Karl couldn’t be happier. “I love that these exotic locations around the world now have a little piece of the Sunshine Coast taking pride of place in their hotel lobbies and suites”.

It’s just the beginning for this local surf lover with big things coming next year. “2018 is looking to be a big year with the hopes of opening our first gallery here on the Sunshine Coast! We will still have our usual setup at the Caloundra Street Fair but the gallery will be a permanent shop showcasing the best of the coast along with a few other surf themed clothing/items”. You can check out Karl’s work on his Facebook and Instagram pages (Angell Surf Photography), or you can find him every Sunday at the Caloundra Street Fair where he has a pop up gallery on display. Also don’t miss him at the Twilight Markets Caloundra over the summer season every Friday from December 8 to January 26. Just look for the “picturesque” old VW Beetle.

The Esplanade, Bulcock Beach twilightmarketscaloundra Presented by

FRIDAY NIGHTS 5pm – 9pm DEC 8, 15, 22 & 29. JAN 5, 12, 19 & 26.



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Alpha Health Promotion Health program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 0429 926 693

ARB Maroochydore provides the Sunshine Coast with the right advice and fitment of Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors of 4wd accessories. 5475 4011

Ashbrooke Law Provide tailored legal advice to businesses of all sizes, working sideby-side with you to help to achieve your business goals and overcome any hurdles.

Caloundra Arts Centre Association

GHD Pty Ltd

Offers 20 different Arts and Crafts groups for the local community including painting, sewing, pottery, quilting and more!

One of the world's leading professional services companies operating in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation.

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CLK Business Services

Grow Accounting

CLK Business Services offer cloud based remote and onsite bookkeeping services for small to medium sized businesses.

Provides supportive partnerships and advice across all aspects of Accounting, Structuring, Tax & Planning for business owners and property investors.

0407 421 641

Eclipse Wedding and Event Planning Creating dream weddings or putting together an exquisite event for your special occasion 0427 598 066

Eire Entertainment

5448 9600

HeliMods Pty Ltd HeliMods provides aircraft operators with specialist engineering services to deliver customised and fully integrated helicopter solutions. 5491 7990

The Hub Shared Space

07 3360 0253

Production and entertainment company.

A collection of several business and services in the one location (including a salon, art gallery and café).

Asset Electrical

0449 896 085

5492 6486

Evolve Accounting & Advice

Insuring theProduct

Tailored Tax Solutions, Tax planning, practical business solutions and self managed super funds (SMSF) services.

Deliver on-site personalised visits to businesses to help understand and create insurance programs to suit businesses individual needs.

Commercial and residential electrical services 5491 2473

Baci Gelati Delicious gelato and frozen treats. Finalists in the Gelato World Tour 2014 0449 871 831

Battery Hill Dental Whether fixing your broken tooth or giving you confidence through cosmetic procedures, Battery Hill Dental can assist with all your dental needs. 5358 0413

Bowen Consulting Corporate event management for your perfect function! 0422 470 598

5319 0010

Fit in 20 Fit In 20 uses scientifically proven EMS technology to train your body within 20 minutes. 5492 5287

Flourish Health and Wellness Design goals for clients that are congruent with their values, brainstorming options to stay on track and overcome. 0412 241 683

5313 7871

K2 Private Specialist commercial real estate agency with an exceptional reputation for delivering outstanding results. 3229 7955

Lifesaboutyou Business performance and behavioural change coach that works with you and your employess to maximise productivity. 0450 445 258

Mercedes-Benz Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast dealership for Mercedes Benz, luxury range of automotive vehicles from cars, coupes and luxury vans. 5409 0100

Mortgage Choice Currimundi Local home loan experts who help guide you through the mortgage maze and make the right move to protect your future. 5436 6177 caron.robinson

Multum Tech Pty Ltd

Play Fitness

Think Office Technology

Play Fun Fitness and Performance is the premier boutique personal training and fitness training studio. Perfect for busy adults who want exceptional service and results which works in with their life.

Supply solutions for today's office delivering solutions that make life easier at work.

0403 991 816

Victoria Fitzgibbon

Regatta 1 Business Centre Sunshine Coast’s premier business centre. Serviced office convenient, require less commitment and are more cost effective than leasing a commercial office. 5413 9200

Work with you to ensure you’re achieving the greatest return on IT investment, and leveraging technologies which make your business systems more efficient.

RTR Claims

1300 685 886

0427 199 893

NATURAL Beautiful range of non-toxic, cruelty free products from Australian owned companies. 0420 882 322 Australia-565101117162316

Nashcom Electrical Electrical services catering for the Sunshine Coast including domestic and commercial as well as Air Conditioning and more.

Helping customers get back what they deserve. RTR claims identify any mis-sell that has happened or unfair treatment at work.

Spectacular World Travel & Events Fully accredited and licensed travel agency, we provide a full travel service which offers management of flights, accommodation, transfers, car hire, touring options, cruises, travel insurance. 0418 986 493

Suncoast HR Services Provides support to businesses on practical human resource management.

0438 044 257

0411 164 431

Neotec Australia

Sunshine Coast French Festival

Neotec is a tag that attaches most types of hats to your shirt, rashy or bikini with snap fastening clips to prevent you losing it in the wind or water. 0413 051 319

Pacific Haven Bakery Artisan café and bakery which caters for the savoury and sweet tooth in all of us! 5438 0531

The festival will offer a blend of entertainment, education, dining experiences, master classes and shopping opportunities that typify the French style. 0410 530 761

The Savings Centre

5390 3000

Supports business through growth in events, workshops, automation, system and processes. These solutions are tailored for each individual business.

Viva Digital Offer real-world solutions that best fit your business, from a mix of search engine optimisation, paid advertising, social reach and email marketing. 1800 99 39 69

The Vitality Coach HQ Nikki Fogden-Moore specialises in working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and high achievers in creating the life they want, private coaching, boardroom retreats, workshops and corporate programs. 0428 198 911

Viva Digital Offer real-world solutions that best fit your business, from a mix of Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising, Social Reach and Email Marketing. 1800 99 39 69

Wellness Coach Sally is a Wellness Coach with over a decade of experience working with and empowering women. Sally is committed to helping women overcome stress, doubt and feeling stuck - to ooze with confidence, boundless energy and truly fulfilled 0412 449 983

White Oak Developments Pty Ltd

Mortgage broking business, offering loan products from the big four banks along with more than 30 other financiers.

Sunshine Coast shopfitters have the knowledge and proficiency to provide retail customers and incoming tenants with assistance and support for the alteration and fit out process.

0412 515 949

5437 7147

Your Talent Strategies Helping businesses scale-up through innovative resource strategies. 0424 152 250

CALOUNDRA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBER DIRECTORY The Caloundra Chamber has well over 500 members who come from a broad variety of industries. The full list of members and their contact details is available online at in our Business Directory. To become a member, visit


Affinity Services

07 5413 9257 0417 794 254

Asset Accounting

Balanced Bookkeeping

Bentleys Sunshine Coast Pty Ltd

07 5436 0300

CLK Business Services

0407 421 641

Core Business Accountants Pty Ltd

07 5438 8088

Evolve Accounting & Advice

07 5319 0010

Ferrari Bookkeeping

07 5491 3750

0412 486 523

First Class Accounts Caloundra

0430 099 073

Focus Professional Group

07 5479 2833

Greenhalgh Pickard Solicitors & Accountants

07 5444 1022

Grow Accounting

07 5448 9600

Initiative Accounting Group

07 5437 8888

Insuring the Product

07 5313 7871

Intersect Bookkeeping Services

0481 065 908

JK Accounting Services

07 5492 4396

KBAS Bookkeeping

07 5437 3754

Mobbs & Company Accountants

07 5437 9566

Nexgen Accounting

0416 105 888

Pickering Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

0401 717 630

PJT Accountants

07 5413 9300

PMCN Consulting Pty Ltd

07 5492 8825

Poole Group

07 5437 9900

SV Partners

07 5414 3000

Tinworth Business Solutions

07 5354 6016

Wardle Partners Pty Ltd

07 5492 0300

Williams Hall Chadwick Accountants

07 5491 6711


0403 144 989

Adventure Empire

5391 1722

Aussie World

07 5494 5444

Australia Zoo

07 5436 2000

Big Kart Track

07 5494 1613

Bill's Boat & Bike Hire

0408 783 338

Caloundra Jetski

0434 330 660

Caloundra Lighthouses

5491 7654

Caloundra RSL

07 5438 5800

Club Central Caloundra Caloundra Bowls Club)

07 5491 1961

The Events Centre Caloundra

07 5491 4240

Laserzone Sunshine Coast

07 5493 6333

Queensland Air Museum

07 5492 5930

Spinners Bar and Bowl

07 5438 2360

Sunshine Coast Turf Club

07 5491 6788


UPCOMING CHAMBER EVENTS To view our full Events Calendar, or to register to attend, visit






Tuesday 30

Business After Hours



Tuesday 6

Membership Introduction

Caloundra Chamber Office


Monday 12

Smart Lunch Club

Rumba Beach Resort


Tuesday 26

Caloundra Tourism Pow Wow


22 Caloundrabuzz

Move your home up the wanted list.

You come to McGrath because you want the best price for your home. You also should come because you want the least stress. McGrath has developed a six-step system over the last 28 years to make it easy to get a great result. Refined by John McGrath constantly over that time, it covers all the vital elements to achieving a true premium sale price. Our approach will deliver more buyers to your door, present your home in the best possible light, and create more competition for a better end result. It leaves nothing to chance and everything to gain. We’d love you to experience the McGrath advantage, just call us today.

McGrath Caloundra 07 5438 8548

Caloundra BUZZ Summer 17/18  
Caloundra BUZZ Summer 17/18  

Caloundra Buzz magazine provides the Chamber's members and the local community with current information on events and business achievements...