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April 2012

Mannum, South Australia 5238

Issue Number 67

A Day Out for Kids With Cancer Mannum Lions Supports the Camp Quality Program he Mannum Lions hosted a day out for kids with cancer – a part of the Camp Quality program – on March 18th. The day started with a one hour boat cruise on the Proud Mary. It was a wonderful trip for everyone but for the kids the highlight was being allowed to steer the boat for a few minutes and being given a ‘Captain for a Day’ certificate to prove it! Back at the Mary Ann Reserve everyone tucked in to the Lions BBQ. Hamburgers, sausages, vegetarian patties and salad were all popular. Everyone got a Lions ice-cream voucher and the kids were thrilled to be able to order “any ice cream of their choice” from the kiosk. After lunch the parents and the carers were able to relax on the Mary Ann Reserve lawns in brilliant sunshine. The kids, however, had more to do! A face painter had them all looking like tigers, or fairies, or vampires, or whatever else their imagination demanded.


Eloise O'Neill (age 9) becomes Captain for a Day

Then the CFS brought their two big trucks to the edge of the river. The kids had great fun blasting water into the river or sitting in the driver’s seat blowing the sirens. Another highlight of the day was the camel rides. Jim and Rosemary from Tarlee brought two of their colourfully decorated camels and the kids took long rides along the reserve. The event has been a feature of the Lions program for 16 years. It was initiated by the late Lester Howie. The Lions were particularly pleased to have Margaret Howie as the guest of honour on the day. Sarah Porcaro, who brought the Camp Quality group to Mannum, was delighted with the event and the perfect weather Mannum always seems to turn on for these occasions. Fred Lowe, the chief organizer of the day, was very appreciative of the Proud Mary, the Mannum CFS, the face painter and Jim and Rosemary Camel Enterprises, all of whom donated their services.

Jae Goodridge (age 14) presents a certificate of appreciation to Lions event organizer, Fred Lowe

Brodie French (age 7) takes control of the CFS truck

Mannum Hot Rod Show hat a Show. What a day. What a success story. The success of the show is due to many people, but our greatest thanks go to Leon Warhurst and Shaun Bartlett who organised the whole kit and caboodle from start to finish. We at the Auxiliary had only to man the gates and even in that we were ably helped by Edmundo and his team from the hospital. The local traders who gave so generously for the raffle prizes go to show what kind of people they are. The prizes are too numerous


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to list, but no doubt you all saw them when you came to the show. The main prize was won by Barry Rolach. The stall holders gladly paid $50 to participate in this event. Even the hot rod owners had to pay to come in even though they gave so generously by coming here; without them we would not have had a show. I personally had never seen a hot rod car and was gob smacked to see such an array of sizes and types, and the colour, well, the rainbow was well represented. The love of their cars was shown very clearly in the

pristine condition of each of them. The winner of the day was the orange XY Ford. I can just see all the followers of Ford grinning over their triumph of Holden. Maybe next time it will be a Holden. We had fun manning the gates; we even got the people boarding the Proud Mary for a cruise to give a donation. Maybe the strangest donation was from a jet skier who wanted to know if he had to pay a fee to use the river. We said no, but would happily accept a donation if he so wished, and he did.

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Neighbourhood Watch

Cadell Harvest Festival

Deadline 27 April 2012 for publication in the May issue

Call for Members

Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition

“Things that you’re li’ble, to read in the Bible” Dear Editor, Vivian Garner (My two Cents Worth, letters and An Understanding, page 23, March 2012) would like to excuse Christian disharmony and the history of mistaken ideas by pointing out that the Bible is lacking in detail. A vague Bible is one thing; incorrect another. Factual error is the greater problem and this is the subject for discussion, sparked by Mike Steicke’s claim of Bible truth in relation to the Creation. Whether ancient minds were ready for the concept of a spherical Earth revolving around the Sun is beside the point; they were misinformed. The Bible tells of lights crossing a dome that covers a fixed Earth (Psalm 104.5) and Christians mounted a dogmatic, irrational, centuries long defence of the idea, that a remnant still uphold. (What Vivian sees as innocence, I call prejudice.) Conversely, to avoid admitting to the error, revisionists deny the Bible’s geocentrism. (Ignoring Joshua 10:12-13 where the Sun is stopped in its path.) Those who take the Bible literally are, once again, in dispute as they fossick through the implausible, in denial of the inevitable. It’s ironic that from amid the subjective confusion Mike should make an objective claim. What support will he offer? Some will object to my questioning but it’s in proportion to Mike’s uninvited statement, that many disagree with. Be sceptical: we demean ourselves when we tolerate those who assert, rather than validate, their opinions. “Doubt is the key to knowledge”.

Beware Belvedere Road Dear Editor, Last Monday as I drove towards Mannum on Belvedere Road, I was passed by a large tip truck driving at speed that showered my vehicle with small stones chipping and cracking my windscreen. The carelessness of this driver and his cavalier attitude towards others on this public thoroughfare has caused me unnecessary anxiety and financial burden. I would like to draw attention to the ongoing road works on Belvedere Road and can only stress to others using this road to take the utmost care. L. Bottroff

Hospital Auxiliary Dear Editor, Accolades and thanks are due to our amazing, dedicated local Hospital Auxiliary. Well done ladies, and all who support them. How fortunate we are to benefit from their incredible commitment and hard work. It behoves us all to remember, when have need of our hospital, that much of the equipment and the extras that make our stay a safer and more comfortable experience have been provided by these ladies. Valorie Bottroff

Thank You Time Dear Editor, The time has come to thank a few good men, my volunteers. The good guys who worked so hard over three days preparing the Country Music site at the Mannum Show on 3rd March. A Dad’s Army they might be, but they’re great. Thanks to Des, Smiley, Geoff and Howard. Thank you. Brian Albino, Convenor

ur membership numbers have become smaller due to retirements or members moving. T h e Ma n num Neighbourhood Watch is asking the public to be involved by joining us as members. You can come along and join in discussions on crime and events which are occurring in our area. To join you need to fill out an application form and send it to the police for a free check and approval. Any members who did not receive their ID cards in the past, could you please contact the area coordinator (0428 813 201) so he can follow them up with SAPOL. Meetings are now every three months on a Monday night in the Senior Citizens Hall. Meetings last for about an hour followed by a cuppa and biscuits. Our next meeting is on Monday May 14th at 7:30pm.


Russ Dellow, Area 597 Coordinator

Easter Saturday 7th April 2012 2:00pm to 7:00pm $3.00, children under 16 free Come and Enjoy... • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Orange and Grape Throwing Carp Tossing Cockroach racing Tug-of-War Easter egg hunt for the children Giant Pumpkin Competition Live Entertainment Wine tasting Pumpkin Scones and Soup Make your own fresh fruit smoothies – Opal Mid-Murray Smoothie Bike Food Stalls and Market Produce Jam and Beer Competition Bar facilities (No BYO) Family fun for everyone



Wall of Remembrance

BREAKFAST from 7:00am SERVICE from 9:00AM

A Well Done Mannum RSL


inally, the plaques have been attached to the Wall of Remembrance. How proud the Mannum RSL. must feel to be able to acknowledge Our Australian Diggers with something that will be everlasting and seen by those who walk and drive around the corner. Again a Well Done.


Annette Coleman, Mannumite

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! PRESENTED BY: ST. MARTIN’S LUTHERAN CHURCH MANNUM BBQ Fish & Bread Rolls, Cereals, Juice, Tea & Coffee Limited alternative sausages available

Black Hill Public Hall Annual Bingo Event

n Sunday 22nd of April the Black Hill Public Hall will hold its annual Bingo event. At this event at 1pm Mid Murray Council Mayor David Burgess will hand over a giant cheque, during a public acknowledgement of the Council’s contribution towards the verandah project.


Graham Boothby

Sabrina Koetsier

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Cadell Oval, Cadell

To accommodate a wide range of comments, short letters have more chance of publication. Longer letters addressing important matters will not necessarily be excluded. In general, aim for about 100 to 150 words, or less. Letters must include contact details for verification.

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 67

Soapbox Plus

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Soapboxing local issues that please and perturb Plus an added touch


hat is happening around you that encourages or dismays you, appals or excites you? In 2010 Mannum Mag published many letters and articles on local problems sent in by readers. Since then people have commented that our magazine needs a column to address general issues in a way that can take Letters to the Editor and articles a further step. Soapbox Plus aims to do just that. This column will draw from material sent to the Soapbox Plus addresses below and offer editorial commentary, plus an added touch. For example, comment might be added from those responsible for fixing a problem, or more information included about a person, business or group you identify as deserving recognition. The focus will always be on making our communities even better places to live

and visit than they already are. Indeed, Soapbox Plus is for all communities regularly receiving the Mag, including Bow Hill, Nildottie, Purnong, Walker Flat, Cambrai and Swan Reach. Mannum is fortunate enough to have a monthly magazine, but this column would do well to extend the boundaries and we might find we have more in common than we think. If you write about something or someone who pleases or perturbs you in our area, Soapbox Plus will try to build on your contribution. Naturally, any suggestions you have for improving situations that need improving will be gladly received. Do share your causes for praise or concern with Soapbox Plus at or Mannum Mag, c/o MMSS/CHIPS office, 71 Randell St, Mannum SA 5238.

Mannum Hot Rod Show From page 1


o each of you who helped we give a big thank you as this is something we could not have organised in a million years. Your help cannot be measured in dollar terms, but the hospital will have gained a lot more understanding from you and, even though no one wants to go into hospital, it’s nice to know there are people in the community willing to make it the best experience they can. So once again we thank all of you who helped to make the day a great success, including our own band of

volunteers who always give generously of their time. Oh, I suppose you would like to know how much was raised. Well, after all expenses were paid, the amount for the Mannum Hospital Auxiliary was $5528.80. Isn’t that incredible? No doubt Edmundo’s list will have lengthened by the next Auxiliary meeting, but at least it will be to the hospital’s benefit. Thanks again Leon and Shaun. How about a repeat next year?


he Rural City of Murray Bridge, in association with Out of the Square, has announced a series of monthly, morning matinees to be held in the Murray Bridge Town Hall. The performances showcase a variety of performers featuring music, comedy and general entertainment. For your chance to win one double pass to the April Matinee, send to your name, address, contact phone number and the title of the April Matinee (see page 15) to: Mannum Mag Ticket Giveaway j Mid Murray Support Services 71 Randell Street Mannum SA 5238 Entries can be posted or delivered in person and must reach Mannum Mag by midday Friday 13th April. The first entry drawn after the closing time will win one double pass to the April Matinee. The winner will be notified by phone, and will be responsible for picking up the pass from MMSS at 71 Randell Street, Mannum.

World’s Greatest Shave Nildottie and Swan Reach Proud of Local Lads


fantastic effort from local lads Nic Mueller and Todd Collins who gave up their gorgeous locks for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. Both boys eagerly took to the stage with Shannon Collins doing the first cut. Professional hair dresser Melissa Gregory was ready to lend a hand. Todd’s eye brows were also shaved and his hair framed which was also auctioned adding to the total. A sensational night was had by all,

Linda Hunter

Cassandra Wiebrecht

Nic Mueller

DISTRICT CHURCH SERVICES For Mannum congregations

Todd Collins

Australian Red Cross

ANGLICAN 6 Adelaide Road. Ph: 8569 2385 Mannum, Sundays 10:30 am BAPTIST William Street. Ph: 8569 6040 Mannum, Sundays 10:30 am CATHOLIC Mau Street. Ph: 8531 1699 Mannum, Mass: 1st Sunday 9:30 am, all others 8:30 am LUTHERAN 79 Cliff Street. Ph: 8569 2863 Mannum, Sundays 9:00 am, Sunday School 9:45 am during school terms. Everyone welcome. RIVER WORD CHRISTIAN CENTRE Greening Street. Ph: 8569 1333 Mannum, Sundays 10:00 am SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 17 King George St. Ph: 9433 734 037 Mannum, Saturdays 9:30 am, Sabbath School 11:00 am UNITING Corner of Greening Street & Walker Avenue Enquiries: Phone one of the Elders. G Gobbett: 8569 1083, M Thomas: 8569 1005 R Marshall: 8569 1737, G McInerney: 8569 2076 Mannum, 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays 11 am, 2nd & 4th Sundays 9 am Issue Number 67

including the boys families and friends. Thank you to everyone who supported this event and all those volunteer workers on the night. Nic Mueller raised $508.15, Todd Collins raised $3551.85 for a grand total of $4060.00. Proudly supported by Nildottie Progress Association Inc, Nildottie Tennis Club, Link SA and the Nildottie and Swan Reach Communities.


Cambrai familystore Main Street Cambrai Wed–Fri and Sun: 10AM–4PM Phone: 8564 5244 Puzzle ow many words of 4 or more letters can you make with these 9 letters? • Each word must include the letter in the centre, shaded box • One word includes all 9 letters Score: 14 Good, 21 Very good, 27 Excellent











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Mannum Hospital’s Director of Nursing would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Executive Officer/Director of Nursing of the Mannum District Hospital. I pay tribute to my predecessor, Eileen Dunn, the staff and the local community who have worked tirelessly over the years to have a great community hospital with so many health services. On a personal note, it is an honour and a privilege to have been appointed to this position, and it is the culmination of years of experience in the Australian health system. This rewarding journey began in 1987 when I arrived in Australia from Italy in search of a brighter future. Australia has blessed me with ample opportunities. I obtained my BSc (Nursing) in 1994 from UniSA, then a Diploma in Clinical Rehabilitation, Diploma in Oncology/Haematology and in 2003 a Master’s degree in Nursing Science. My experience includes working in Acute, Surgical, Accident and Emergency, Rehabilitation, Community Health and Cancer Care departments in public and private sectors, in metropolitan and country hospitals. Over time I have developed a passion for rural health care.


Since coming to Mannum, I have noted the vibrant partnership between doctors and hospital staff, all of whom are committed to the hospital and local community, and striving to provide the best possible service. I appreciate that Mannum Hospital is considered a vital component of the township, and I intend to continue to foster the close links between the community and hospital. In the near future, we hope to see an upgrade of our aged care facility, even as we continue to align our services to the constant changes particularly affecting rural health services. The Mannum Health Advisory Council has developed a 10 year plan for maintaining hospital, mental health and aged care services in our ever-expanding community. A copy of the plan can be seen on . Follow the links to Mannum, or you can ring the hospital on 8569 0200 for a copy. I would like to thank you for your warm welcome, and your ongoing support during this time of transition. If you have any suggestions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact the hospital or myself. Edmondo Palombo

Mid Murray Support Services Keeping you up to date with happenings at Mid Murray Community Support Services and CHIPS

New Classes and A New Location t the end of April we will be moving from our home of many years at 39 Randell Street. The CHIPS shop will be relocating (see below) but in the process we lose our Adult Community Education (ACE) training room. In July we hope to have a new training room available in the Mannum Community Centre at the old Mannum School. In the meantime the folk at St Andrews Anglican Church have graciously allowed us to use their wonderful Church Hall to present our ACE classes. All Adult Community Education classes during term 2 this year will be held at the Anglican Church Hall.


Scrooges is Coming! Scrooges community shop will open on May 1st in the old Mannum Market building, next door to the Mannum Visitor Information Centre. Scrooges will have a wonderful array of pre-loved clothing, f ur n i t u re and bric-a-brac as well as a range of garden products and seedlings. Scrooges is a community op shop and the fundraising arm of Mid Murray Support Services. Your donations of clean and saleable clothing, furniture and

bric-a-brac are always welcome. Sorry no TVs or computers please! Please ring Scrooges’ Shop Manager, Karen Woodhouse on 8569 1892 to arrange inspection and pick-up. Oh! We deliver as well! Why Scrooges? Well Charles Dickens’ Scrooge was a bit of miser who was always looking for a bargain. Do we have bargains! Dickens’ Scrooge eventually became a benefactor who gave to his community. Our Scrooges supports the aged and disadvantaged in the Mannum community through Mid Murray Support Services. New Learning Opportunities Mid Murray Support Services is offering some new learning opportunities through our ACE courses in Term 2. Over the next few months you can learn about the art of card making and paper art; make some beautiful hand-made jewellery; learn more about your computer; find out how the internet, email, social media and eBay work and explore the exciting world of international cooking. See page 16 for starting dates, costs and enrolment details. Tim Clemow, Coordinator Mid Murray Support Services

Aminya Mid Murray Homes for the Aged - A New Director of Care

eference was made in the previous edition of the Mag to the number of residential aged care places that will be available in Mannum if the proposed new 50 places proceed. Regular assessments are made of occupancy levels at Aminya, the Mannum Hospital and other aged care homes in Murray Bridge, Tailem Bend, Karoonda, Meningie, Mt Pleasant, Lobethal. Over recent months there have been many vacancies across these areas with some sites having long term vacant places. It has been clear for some years that the growth in community based services is due to the preference of an increasing number of aged persons to remain in the community in their own home. The increase in communitybased services resulted in a different average care profile of residents in aged care homes. People admitted to residential aged care


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facilities now experience higher care needs than has been the case in the past. The average length of time that people spend in an aged care home has also reduced quite significantly. The expectation is that community based services will continue to grow to meet community preferences thereby limiting the need for large increases in the number of residential aged care places. This need continues to be monitored to assist in long term planning. The Board is currently finalizing an agreement with Housing SA for an exchange of land and properties so that planning for the proposed 25 additional independent living units can proceed. Further details on the development will be provided once the transfers of property have been concluded. Mannum Mag

Last month the Board announced the appointment of Lee Oddy as Director of Care. Lee commenced in early March. Enid Tischer has been appointed as Clinical Nurse. Enid has extensive involvement in aged care with several years experience as a Director of Care in Queensland. Enid also has a background as an Educator. Landscaping of the Adelaide Road frontage is continuing with the support of many volunteers. Other areas around Aminya are also being refreshed to provide residents with improved amenities. Further information on services provided by Aminya can be obtained by contacting either Wendy Gowling or Glen Cooper at Aminya. Glen W Cooper Chief Executive Officer

Issue Number 67

The Sound of Music

Whistle Toot

he Murray Bridge Players and Singers Inc main production for 2012 is one of the world’s most beloved musicals, “The Sound of Music”, based on the story of “The Trapp Family Singers”. We all know and love the film. We point out that film versions and stage versions can be quite different. The MBPS have been in rehearsals since January, and the production is being directed by two first time directors Mari Reu and Robyn Schubert, with musicaldirectionbyChris Hodgen. The production has brought together cast and crew from as far away as Lameroo, Karoonda, Coomandook, Mannum and many places in between, with many first timers joining the MBPS, including some of the Von Trapp children. The production will be held in the Murray Bridge Town Hallfor three weekends in May. Opening night is Friday 11th May. All evening performances are at 8pm, with Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2pm; a total of 10 performances only. Tickets are available from the Local Government Centre in Seventh St, Murray Bridge, on line or phone 8539 1100. Ticket prices are: Children 14 years and under $15.00, Students/Pension concessions $20.00, Adults $25.00. See page 26 for more information.

PS Marion and Mannum Dock Museum


Ken & Chris Melville

Mulga Sanctuary and Wildlife Park


i Mannumites. In February, The Hall took a bus load of very excited people to the Mulga Sanctuary and Wildlife Park, which is just off the Karoonda Road. We alighted from the bus and were met by the owner, Ted. We were surprised by the variety of bird life there, some of which we had never seen or heard of before. Ted has a very versatile way of telling you about his feathered family, and around each turn of the path there were even more beautiful creatures. Ted and his son are doing a wonderfuljobrevampingand creating more room on the 160 acre property for the kangaroos, other wildlife and a very naughty wombat who’s intent on getting Ted off guard for any reason he desires. To finish our tour we sat chatting with the family for about an hour. Their enthusiasm for the future of the Sanctuary is immeasurable. They get no government funding, so what money comes through the gate and some donations are all they get. If you have nothing to do during the week, on weekends or school holidays, consider going and having a wonderful time with Ted and friends. Annette Coleman, The Hall Committee


he PS Marion is back in Mannum after a return cruise to Morgan. During its stay in Morgan, the boat was used for short cruises and community functions. The trips to and from Morgan were fully booked, with passengers enjoying visits to the Swan Reach Museum, Big Bend by Night, and life on board with good food and company, and the constantly changing panorama of picturesque countryside with its abundance of bird life. The boat was skippered by Trevor Bedford who ensured a very safe passage and gentle mooring. The April program begins with short,one-hour Devonshire Teacruises to be held at Easter (7th and 8th), leaving from the Mary Ann Reserve. The next long cruise is in May. This is the History Cruise, departing for

Swan Reach on Monday 7th, returning on Friday 11th. Bookings are still available for this cruise. For further details please ring the Information Centre on 8569 1303/8569 2733 or visit the website

Work on the Museum continues in both the ground floor and upstairs areas. The program for excursions to the proposed children’s museum is currently being drawn up by volunteers Marg Dowley and Jenny Twigden. The Steam Shed is open daily. The Key Beam Engine is started up regularlyandiswellworthviewing.Its next operational day is Monday 7th May, the first day of the History Cruise. Jenny Twigden

Mannum RSL


he next meeting will be held in the River Bar at the Mannum Community Club on Thursday 19th April 2012 at 1100hrs. Anzac Day falls on a Wednesday this year. The Anzac service will be held at The Monument commencing at 0555hrs. You have probably noticed the new plaques that have been affixed to the

wall, so following the Anzac service we will have a short dedication service. Following the Anzac service and the dedication we will retire to the Community Club for a sausage sizzle breakfast at $2 per serve. Coffee and tea will be available, as will the bar. So dust off the medals and we will see you on Anzac Day. The Badge

A phone designed for seniors Testra Easycall 2

• Big buttons and large font for easy dialling • Audible key tones that tell you which number you dialled • T-coil Hearing Aid compatible


pre-paid with $10 starter credit Mannum Chemplus 86 - 88 Randell Street (08) 8569 1504

Flu Vaccine Clinic

27th April 12pm—3pm Ring 8569 1504 to book your appointment now Issue Number 67

Mannum Mag

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On My Bookshelf Diary of A Young Man Adelaide 1890 – April 3rd - April 7th Hot cross buns, church and family; Daniel’s Easter break. APRIL 3RD THURSDAY Bath. Breakfast 8.30. Office 9.30. Commissioners’ office. Sent message per Miss Barker to Randell at Mannum.... Very busy till 5.30. Much bustle and preparation for holidays on every hand. Visited Hairdresser, thence home to tea.... APRIL 4TH FRIDAY GOOD FRIDAY 6.40 Bathed, fed horse etc. Public Holiday. Prayers before breakfast - usual hot cross buns. After reading news cleaned buggy and horse. Cleaned harness, dined. Away in trap with Eliza, Polly and Gracie before 2pm for Tea Tree Gully. Rather hot sun. Attended tea meeting at Baptist Chapel, several N.A. friends present. Walked to hill top and surveyed the plains and sea, under the

setting sun and the rising moon. Drove home, beautiful night, arrived 8.15. Read, supper. Alfred returned from trip to South East with blind singers. Bed about 11. APRIL 5TH SATURDAY 7.15. Bath. (Awoke heavy headed). Read news. Away at 10. Sun hot. Attended service at Synagogue, Rev. Boase conducting. The service was that of the first day of the Passover and also of the Sabbath. Being mostly in the Hebrew tongue I could not follow it - it seemed meaningless and senseless repetition. All gentlemen wore their hats - this seemed very inappropriate. The sermon was in English, brief and common sense in its tone. Walked home with a headache. Dined lightly. Read. Mother unwell. Wrote a codicil to Mother’s will, at her dictation. With Alfred visited

What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies.


Town Hall. Physiological exhibit of models. Dr. Verco visited Mother and prescribed. Tea at 6 - very light. Lay down for an hour or two, Bed about 10. Slept well. APRIL 6TH SUNDAY EASTER SUNDAY Bath 7am. Breakfast at 8. Away at 8.35 with Hendry to Boase’s Stables. Drove to Glen Ewin (Houghton) picking up Sterne at N.A. Half hour late for morn. service. Dined with Robert McEwin and family, whose home and properties are exceedingly nice. Chatted till 2. Drove to afternoon service Sterne preached. Drove back to Glen Ewin for tea - sun warm, dust plentiful. Glen Ewin is very pretty - is a fruitful garden. Hendry preached in evening. Started for home 7.50. Lovely drive by moonlight. Pleasant and profitable conversation on both A rabbit raced a turtle, I’m sure you know who won. Mr Rabbit came in late, A little hot cross bun!


journeys. Home 10.15 feeling well. Supper. Voice a little hoarse. Bed 11. APRIL 7TH MONDAY EASTER MONDAY Bath 6.40. Walk. Family Prayer, breakfast. Warm, cloudy and dusty with N. wind - rain coming. Mended chairs. Tom and family arrived. Read and wrote diary till dinner, and after read, mended gate and visited Botanic Garden with Tom and Alfred. Much interested in the Museum of Economic Botany where we found Lentils (a food referred to by Dr. Allinson in “Medical Essays”).Many other things of interest. Rain now falling, walked home. Tea about 6pm. Read. Tom and family gone. Visited Benner who is still very bad. Bed about 10.30. Jo Kader To be continued

“There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE.”Linda Grayson, The Pickwick Papers “All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” Lucy Van Pelt, Peanuts

CARMEN BUBNER ND Naturopath, Herbalist, Kinesiologist Consulting at

Palmer Family Chiropractic


MANNUM: 22 Adelaide Rd Phone: 8569 1777 (Monday) LOBETHAL: 35A Main St Phone: 8389 5118 (Tuesday) Mobile: 0438 178 861

Porterhouse Steak with your Choice of Gravy, Pepper or Dianne Sauce ONLY $16.50

APRIL BEER SPECIALS W/E Draught Sch $3.60 Pints $5.00 TEDS Sch $3.60 Pints $5.20 Hahn Super Dry Sch $4.20 Pints $5.75 Hahn Light Sch $3.40 Pints $4.85

“Return to a vibrant state of health”

FOOTY SEASON BEER SPECIAL 5-11pm Every Friday Night $5.50 Carlton Draught Pints

LADIES NIGHT OUT BODY HEAT MALE REVUE SHOW Saturday 5th May 9pm til Late 10% off all Drinks for Ticket Holders Tickets $25 each Discounts for Group Bookings See Staff for details 66 Randell Street, Mannum SA 5238 Phone: 8569 1010 – Fax 8569 2700 Email: Website: Page 6

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 67

Artwork Design Competition

Morgan Riverfront Project

Skate Park Drinking Water on Tap


he Mid Murray Council’s OPAL and Fun 4 YOUth programs have partnered together to make fresh, free and accessible drinking water available at the recently opened Mid Murray Sk8 Park. The new system has a drinking fountain and a bottle refill station, so children of all ages can fill up their drink bottles. “The new Mid Murray Sk8 Park has fast become one of the most popular places for our young people to hang out and be active, and the new drinking water system set up on site will create a simple opportunity for our local kids to make a healthy choice about rehydrating their bodies”, Courtney Blacker said, Mid Murray OPAL Manager. “In the past, cool and fresh water has been a favourite drink for kids, but nowadays there is so much choice in drinks, and many are quite unhealthy. The installation of the new drinking fountain at the Sk8 Park offers a simple reminder that water is the best drink of choice for children and their families. Replacing sweetened drinks with plain tap water can reduce

Exciting Steps Forward in the Redevelopment

the risk of tooth decay and assist with having healthy, happy and hydrated kids.” Ms Blacker said the Mid Murray Council’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), which had assisted in designing the Sk8 Park and planning lastyear’s launch event, had indicated that drinking water on site was on their “wish list” for further development of the Sk8 Park site. To gain further youth input, the Mid Murray OPAL team has opened an artwork design competition, where students from across all Mid Murray schools have the chance to create a permanent A3 design to be printed on the bottle refill station. The competition information was delivered to all Mid Murray Schools. The winning student will earn $300 worth of sports equipment for their school, and their design will become a permanent fixture at the skate park. If you require more information on the OPAL drinking water fountain artwork competition, please phone the Mid Murray OPAL team on 8569 0100.

Mannum Ice Works Serving the Mid Murray


he Morgan Riverfront Precinct redevelopment project has taken another step forward with the installation of equipment to complete the first stage of the new-look Morgan Playground. With the success of a grant application to the Mid Murray Council, themed recreational pieces were purchasedand installed to create a dedicated junior play section to capture the history and culture of the precinct and the golden days of rail transport in Morgan. These pieces will complement the existing state heritage-listed rail buildings still standing today, riverside. A Morgan station house fitted with slides, a train depicting the ‘Duchess of Gloucester’, the last train to arrive in Morgan, a swing and wobble bikes have provided life and much needed colour to the existing playground site. “We are thrilled to have assisted the Morgan Community and the Morgan Riverfront Precinct Project Committee with this first stage of the project”, Mayor Dave Burgess said. “The completed playground will attract families from far and wide with the creative and unique concepts set out and provide an excellent recreation venue for young families in Morgan”.

Varnished tree stumps retained from the recent storm damage have been carved to provide seating and stepping blocks around the perimeter of the area which connects the contemporary equipment with a yesteryear feel to compliment the natural and picturesque surroundings. “Many thanks to the volunteers involved in this project to date and special thanks to the Mid Murray Council for their continued support”, Morgan Riverfront Precinct Project Chairman, Rod James said. Mid Murray Council Tourism Project Manager, Deb Alexander said, “One little girl sat next to me on the tree stump and I asked what she liked about the playground. She said it was very colourful compared to the old playground and loved the station master’s house and train.” If you haven’t been to the new-look Morgan Playground, take a drive to the Riverland during the Easter break and make the time to visit and experience the magnificent Morgan Riverfront and experience the fun this riverside playground has to offer. For further information contact the Morgan Internet Centre on 8540 2643 or visit

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Out Of This World

At Your Leisure

Astronomer’s Corner


t around 10pm the Constellation Leo the lion is overhead. The planet Mars is moving through this part of the constellation of the zodiac. Mars has a reddish hue, similar to Antares (from the Greek, effectively meaning “holds it’s own against Mars [Ares]” in reference to its red colour) in the constellation of Scorpio, and sets after 5am. From directly overhead to the eastern horizon are the constellations of Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio on the horizon at this time. Over the past few weeks the largest planet Jupiter and Venus have been very bright, setting together in the west, at one point only 3 degrees apart in the visual sky. Patchy haze cloud over certain areas restricted the time of some views, which were brilliant against the evening sky as they set after 9:30pm. Continuing to drift apart the two planets will stay in visual proximity for the next month or so but in reality are many millions of kilometres apart. Mercury is in Pisces, Venus is in Pisces/Aries/Taurus, Mars is in Leo, Jupiter is in Aries and Saturn is in Virgo. Quite often, with the frequently changing views of the planets, a smaller lightweight telescope or binoculars can ascertain the presence of worthwhile viewing (binoculars of 10 x 50 or more will be more portable, giving a clear view even for Jupiter’s moons). Larger field eyepieces can give a better overall view, taking in the twilight giving a sharper view of the planet, while still using some medium sized scopes. Binoculars will also give a stereoscopic effect for twilight viewing but maybe more expensive initially. Apart from the standard manufacturers eyepieces, there are many to choose from and worth exploring. With better eyepieces and equipment there may be the need for a more substantial tripod. They have become very user friendly and are still light weight as opposed to a permanent pier, which is less mobile.

Moon Phases Last 1/4 13 April

Dave Allen


First 1/4


21 April

29 April

7 April

Volunteers Needed – Help Required he Mannum Leisure Centre is looking to reduce staff costs, but we need volunteers to help maintain the Centre’s opening hours. If you are a regular user of the Centre, or simply interested in the activities at the Centre, would you be willing to become a registered volunteer? Your input would be valuable in allowing the Centre to optimize the benefits of such a wonderful facility to our community. If you are interested, please contact Pam at the Centre. Summer Netball On 26th February, the Chicken Meatballs defeated the MMC Pelicans in an extremely hard-fought grand final. The Pelicans got their beaks in front early and were leading by 4 goals at halftime, but then the Meatballs spiced up their game and, having drawn level at three-quarter time, went on to win by a margin of 4. Congratulations! Special thanks are due to Amy Loechel and her group of umpires for a well-organised and enjoyable season.


Lucy Kendall Wins Best Player

Congratulations are due to Pelicans’ Lucy Kendall for winning the award for the best player of the season, as voted by the umpires. Bazingas’ Tracy Loechel was runner-up. For more information on programs available at the Leisure Centre, contact the Centre on 8569 0185 or Carl Gross

Healthy Murraylands Locals Begin Fitness Instructor Training


ealthy Murraylands has signed up seven enthusiastic Mid Murray residents to undertake training in Certificate III in Fitness through TAFE SA. Locals Jane Adams, Tracy Loechel, Melina Mueller, Emma Schlueter, Kellie Schmidt, Jillian Telford and Jasmine Woods commenced their training last month and are on their way to becoming qualified fitness instructors. Healthy Murraylands has subsidised fifty percent of each trainee’s course fees in order to make training possible. Healthy Murraylands Coordinator Bianca Gazzola said, “We are lucky to have such an enthusiastic, motivated group and Healthy Murraylands is proud to be supporting their training. “Once qualified, the instructors will be able to offer more community fitness programs, and will be great assets to the Mid Murray region.” Page 8

The trainees will also have the opportunity to undertake further specialised fitness training in Certificate IV Fitness, Strength for Life and Heartmoves, two programs which Healthy Murraylands will be rolling out over the next twelve months. With all these new fitness instructors around, there will be more opportunity for fitness and wellbeing programs, and will help to fill gaps in the Mid Murray region. The trainees will be qualified fitness instructors around July this year. Keep an eye out for this group of keen locals and their programs as they begin their careers in fitness. Further information about fitness program training opportunities in the Murraylands can be found online at Kim Smithson

Chicken Meatballs

Mental Musings – Autumn


e’ve probably all done plenty of musing already for this year. Musing can be a positive or negative activity, or a bit of both. There are the what ifs and the resolutions tried or given up or forgotten. Gone like summer. Hopefully some of us made some, or even just one for positive life change or enhancement and are still working on it now it’s April! Results seem to take too long in our world of so many instant things, but maybe just the discipline of doing (or not doing) the thing we’ve mused upon could be good for our mental health, because an achievement has been made in just the doing!

Mannum Mag

The many people recognised either officially or unofficially, within our community and outside, for the Australia Day Awards have probably felt like stopping their efforts at times, or even giving up. But, somehow they’ve gone on all through the year, whether they’ve encouraged themselves or someone else has done it. So let’s all take heart and carry on; or START because it’s never too late to do what you’ve mused on; so long as it’s got a good outcome for someone. Enhancing our own abilities including physical health is good for our mental health and in turn even our community. Have a go! A Community Correspondent

Issue Number 67

Introducing Sergeant Harding

Pause A While with Mannum Interchurch Council


he Easter season brings us a timely reminder of God’s love for us. Looking around the world we see many cases of people treating each other in all sorts of ways. This is generally based on selfishness or greed and can range from an unkind word to acts of terror. The Biblical term for these inappropriate acts is sin, and a holy God cannot tolerate sin in his presence. Since we all sin, this leaves a gulf between us and God. While we were helpless to do anything about this, God showed his love for us by reaching out to us. At Easter we celebrate that Jesus paid the penalty for our sin by dying in our place and was then powerfully proven to be part of the Godhead by rising from the dead. The joy of knowing God’s love is available to anyone who accepts the risen Jesus Christ as Lord of all creation and of their life. The Christian churches of Mannum invite you to join us in celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus at our Easter services. Some people may be hesitant to visit a church because they have previously tried and didn’t like it much. But if you went to a restaurant and didn’t like it, you wouldn’t give up eating, would you? No! You would just go somewhere else. Likewise, if in the past you went to church and didn’t feel like you fitted in, don’t give up on worshippingGod,keeplooking.There are plenty of other churches. Mannum has seven churches, and all believe the same basic things,thatJesus Christ is the risen Son of God and through him we can be reunited with God. But we are also different in the way we worship. Seven choices! There is sure to be one with a place for you. Rev. Colin Nieass

Prayer Meeting for Mannum Wednesday 18th April, 7 pm at Baptist church in William Street.


e haven’t had an article to welcome the new police sergeant to Mannum”, was the comment at the Mag’s AGM, so I was surprised to hear he’s been here since lastMay.Our hour-long conversation left me with the distinct impression that he certainly feels a part of the Mannum community, and has established his style of how our local police should interact with locals and visitors. As an 11-year-old, Sergeant Steve Harding and his family migrated from the UK, settling at Old Noarlunga. After graduating from Fort Largs in 1977, he worked with uniformed patrols, CIB, Major Crime Squad, Major Crime Task Force and then the Tactical Response Group for Murray Bridge/Mount Barker. Clare was the first small station under his command, and he came to Mannum from there. Sgt Harding’s work has taken him into many towns, and he was keen to emphasise that Mannum outshines them all. “By that I mean the calibre of the people, and especially of the young people under 30. They are the hope of the town”, he said. When he first arrived in Mannum, he drew on the experiences of the Tactical Response Group, and now considers that drug cultivation has largely gone, most major crime has been eliminated, and risky behaviour has significantly decreased since the Skate Park opened. It is a very safe town in which to live. Intoxication will be a continuing issue, and the approach Sgt Harding takes is to encourage his officers to have a strong community presence, to be seen around the place. After dark,

this includes visiting the usual haunts, watching from a distance as certain businesses close, and several times during an evening, meeting and greeting customers in the licensed premises. Sgt Harding said, “Most problems come in from outside. An advantage of working in the country is that we have time to engage with people at a more comfortable pace than in the city, and visitors notice that. We need to gauge the temper of the moment, have a constant awareness of the colour, flavour and intensity of communications. We need to listen, start with a low-key approach, have some fun within boundaries where appropriate.” He aims for a style of communic ation that avoids confrontation, and that leads to an excellent chance visitors will return to Mannum. But this man is not ‘all sweetness and light’. He is fluent in present-day graphic language to describe the consequences upon humans and wildlife of unacceptable behaviours, and is apt to do so in gory detail. Then would come a recitation of the legislation and, coming from someone of his height and build, his message will be unforgettable.

A tourist asks a man in uniform, “Are you a policeman?” “No, I am an undercover detective.” “So why are you in uniform?” “Today is my day off.”

Mannum has a complement of 5 full-time officers, although we are down to 4 at the moment waiting for the transfer of the fifth. There is also a sub-station at Karoonda. Their area spans from Tungkillo on the eastern border, south to about Caloote, and north to Caurnamont, near Swan Reach. Sgt Harding has two adult sons and grandchildren from a previous marriage, and a daughter from his present marriage. He enjoys hunting, shooting, fishing, especially fly fishing, and breeds rare birds including black cockatoos, and rare poultry. Our not-so-new Sergeant enjoys stopping for a chat, and being greeted in the street by locals. A little tip, if you’d like to have a pleasant social conversation with him - steer clear of religion and the bureaucracy. He’s a self-confessed talker and very forthright, so you “might” get a sermon. Lyn Gross

Two policemen are in a patrol car; “Would you check if the indicator lights work on your side of the car?” The other policeman, looks out of the window. “Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no...”


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Mount Pleasant Farmers Market Easter Thursday Twilight Market ount Pleasant Farmers Market, now in its second month of operation, has gone from strength to strength with good customer numbers, over 250 market members and new stallholder applications being received every week. In preparation for the Easter break, the Farmers Market Management Committee has planned a Twilight Thursday Market. Instead of the usual Saturday Market, a smorgasbord of the region’s best offerings will be present at the first Twilight Mount Pleasant Farmers Market to be held on Easter Thursday, April 5th from 5pm till 8pm. “Mark the date in your diary as one not to be missed as our local farmers showcase their products. This is a great opportunity to gather your fresh food supplies for Easter with the added satisfaction of meeting and supporting the people who produce and make your food”, Stall Holder Manager Genevieve Hebart said. The market is an opportunity to experience the freshest and most flavoursome produce with a very diverse range of stallholders from cheese and milk, fruit and vegetables, wine, Greek sweets and cupcakes, olive oil and honey, jams and preserves, all at one site. There is ample on-site parking available. Promotions Manager Terese Reeves says “Bring along a picnic rug and enjoy the last of the autumn twilight at the picturesque Mount Pleasant Showground.” The Easter Bunny will be in attendance, and face painting will be available. There will be live entertainment and a chocolate making demonstration to put you in the Easter mood. The internationally famous town crier Tom Benny and his wife Daphne will be there to assist in the festivities of the evening. Support your local Farmers Market, a not-for-profit, community run and managed project.


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Tea Harvest Hazards Plantation Perils Precede Your Relaxing Cup of Tea


n the north east of India in the State of Assam there are numerous tea estates. These are massive “gardens” which specialise in growing basic tea. The tea bush, a relative of the camellia tree, is only grown to waist height. It comes into production at approximately five years of age and has a life span of about 20-25 years. The bushes are pruned vigorously during the monsoon, their fast growing period, to make them produce as much leaf as possible. The bushes are planted in rows with a space of about 6 feet (2 metre) around them, allowingthe tea picker to move with ease between the rows and bushes to continually nip the top three or four leaves from the bush. The rainfall varies from 100 inches to 200 inches annually, depending on the location of the estate and its proximity to the Mikir, Naga and Lushai hills and others. Thus you can imagine that the extreme heat, high rainfall and the intensity of the humidity that is created causes the bushes to grow prolifically through the monsoonal period, which lasts for some 4 to 5 months (April to September).Atintervals through the

lines of bushes huge sal trees grow some hundred feet or more giving the bushes shade from the searing tropical sun. To stand on the edge of these massive tea estates everything looks peaceful, and generally it is so. From time to time, however there is tragedy. That is when a worker accidentally gets too near to, or inadvertently treads on a snake. Their co- workers will call for help and get the victim to the hospital where a doctor is on duty day and night. Every estate has its own hospital and medical staff, although the equipment is basic and medicine is often in short supply. Another threat to the worker in the tea lines is that sometimes, though infrequently, a leopard or tiger can be resting in the shade of the bushes or sal trees and will give no warning of attack. It can be even more dangerous if the animal is nursing cubs. Thus the estate worker is exposed to this enormous danger, and is always on the lookout for any signs that these animals are around. As I have mentioned these attacks are infrequent, nevertheless the danger is always present.

Another concern of all employees is malaria. Malarial medication is available but this will often only suppress the disease and fresh infections can occur if bitten by the anopheles mosquito. Another concern is dysentery, both the bacillary (which can be more easily treated) and the amoebic form (which can become chronic). Both of these conditions are very debilitating. Both cause anaemia and, of course, much suffering to both the worker and their family. All treatment for medical conditions are free to the employee on the tea estates. I wonder when we sit to enjoy our cup of tea in the comfort of our homes or office, do we pause to wonder about the worker on these estates and the type of lives they live in order that we may enjoy one of the pleasures of our daily life? This is just a very brief insight into the lives of these wonderful humans who live so far away and are unknown to us. Perhaps we could all send our warmest greetings to them and hope one day they will enjoy the same standards of living as we do. Joan I Kreiser OAM

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They Speak Dutch


n February I discussed the possibilities of a borderless world, where people could move freely from one region to another. Today more people are doing just that, as barriers are reduced for purposes of trade and tourism especially. Communication advances place global neighbours virtually as close as those who live next door. Issues of common concern are being shared across continents. Some organisations like Avaaz, boasting over 13 million members already, will one day grow larger than any nation and will have a strong voice in world affairs. A universal language will be learnt by everyone from infancy, used in daily conversations and taught in every school. During February on a visit to Monarto Zoo’s great ape building I heard that keepers had to retrain chimps gifted by the Netherlands

because they ‘spoke Dutch’. That is, they only understood simple commands in that language. Humans also need to understand one another. With understanding we can develop tolerance for others’ points of view. That’s the underpinning for Archbishop Elias Chacour’s project ‘Children Of Ibillin’. Elias is a displaced Palestinian Christian born in Biram, a village in East Galilee which is now part of modern Israel. Elias realised the war for equality could only be won by his people through education. That is why he founded Ibillin schools which accept and embrace Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze children, learning together in a caring atmosphere. Last December, Ghadeer Abu Saleh, one of Ibillin’s Muslim students, achieved a score of 778 on an 800 point scale for the extremelydifficult Psychometric Exam

which determines entranceinto Israeli universities. Anything above 700 will open doors to almost any university. Ghadeer wants to study medicine. Israeli medical schools will be fighting to get her to enrol with them. It is illuminating to sit and observe people in Big W’s Market Place of Murray Bridge. “The world” passes you by in different shades and cultures. Last week a group of teenage students plonked their bags outside one store and went in together to check on products offered. One was an Africa-born girl, at ease and confident among her friends despite her obvious skin difference. That is our future! Max Merckenschlager


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Liberal High Tea in Mannum nd

n the 22 of March, residents of Mannum had the chance to have morning tea with Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and the Status of Women, Vickie Chapman and their local State Member, Mr Ivan Venning. The morning tea was organised by the President of the Mannum Branch of the Liberal Party, Ms Julie Metcalfe. The morning tea provided an informal forum for residents to have a chat with not only their local member, but also a Shadow Minister for important portfolio Special guest Shadow Minister for Transport, Vickie areas. Chapman; President, Julie Metcalfe; Secretary, Fiona Six ladies and one


Mann and Member for Schubert, Ivan Venning

gentleman attended the morning tea and many different issues were discussed, including health, lack of transport within the region, employment issues, education and law and order issues. Mr Venning said that it was important for people to take an interest in politics and to have a chance to express their views and opinions about what concerns them and what is important to them. “I think more people need to be involved in the political process in Australia - Liberal, Labor or whatever” Mr Venning said. “If people just sit back and have the attitude that somebody else will put forward their ideas or inform politicians of concerns they have - then how will we ever know what the people really want and what troubles them? “I commend those who attended the morning tea for taking the time to come and have a say.”

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Mannum Mag

Issue Number 67

If this Was Peace

Musical Miscellany Presenting Radio – 2


adio was the principle medium for bringing popular music into our lives. Even into the early sixties radios were not plentiful. They were not yet standard equipment in cars. There might only be one or two receivers in a home. Television was still very much a luxury for many. Workinginthe radioentertainmentworldwasheady times for many young people. Ray Hockey was such a young person. After a couple of years working in shearing sheds around Broken Hill he began work with 2BH Broken Hill asapanel operator in 1964. It was the height of the Beatles and the Mersey sound. Heady stuff for a young man and it had a profound effect on Ray as it imbued him with a love of the music of the times. It is a love he still retains. 2BH had close ties with Adelaide station 5DN. News services, races and hit parades were relayed via landlines to the local listeners. Ray had to ensure the provision of the landlines by the PMG at the proper times. It wasn’t all music either. During the morning the station would broadcast a number of women’s serials such as “Portia Faces Life”. There were other serials late in the afternoon, more for schoolage children.Suchprogramsas“HopHarrigan” were played then. And finally there came the evening programs. Families still gathered around the radio to listen to “Dad and Dave” and “When a Girl Marries” and“The Jungle Doctor”.Allthe materialfor thisform of radio was recorded on a variety of media and in a variety of ways. Some was recorded on large discs, some 16 inches in diameter. These were called transcription discs. Others were recorded on tape. Usually there were

two large tape recorders made by Rola or Byer provided in the panel operators cubicle. Some popular music programs came from interstate and were not broadcast live but replayed from tape. Well known disc jockey of the time, John Laws, was the presenter of one such program broadcast once a week from 2BH. The stationhadarequest program on Saturdays.Ray and a helper would take as many as three hundred requests during the course of the program. Remember that then the station closed at about 11:30 at night. Thursdays were popular listening days and so advertising was at a premium. A great many commercials, as many as the law allowed, might be played in 3 hours. Ray did not become an announcer but remained in the industry as a disc jockey for hire, presenting music at weddings and parties and at events such as the Tunerama in Port Lincoln. Although no longer involved professionally, he can’t entirely leave the industry. Today he presents a type of nostalgia show on community radio. He can be heard playing vinyls and other materials of yesteryear, interviewing the likes of Kevin Johnson (Rock and Roll I Gave you the Best Years of My Life) and Johnny Ashcroft (Little Boy Lost) together with long remembered episodes of “Yes, What?” He will also play old commercials and parts of quiz shows by Bob Dyer and Jack Davey. For the baby boomers and those of around that era the memories come flooding back. Not just of the changing music of the time but of a lifestyle long gone but remembered with fondness. Peter Weir

On 27 February 2003, American peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed when she stood between an Israeli bulldozer and the Palestinian home it demolished. If this Was Peace If this was peace, we’d question her presence on a demolition site. We’d determine whether or not OH&S work requirements were all in place. We’d inquire into the mental state of both victim and dozer driver at the time of the incident. We’d seek a report on the mechanical fitness of the earthmoving equipment. Work would pause out of a respect for the deceased, her family and her friends. Bilateral outpourings of grief and loss would be anticipated and natural. Civil action might later be considered. But this is not peace. And all is fair, they say, in love and war. Max Merckenschlager

The Hall Membership Up, Come Join Us


ounting the Coordinators, Volunteers and Friends of The Hall, we now have 68 Members Woo! Hoo!! Well Done. Haven’t got a lot in your life? Well then come up to The Hall and see what’s going on, you’ll be very surprised. As I write this, I’m about to get ready to go there for a Pamper Morning, sounds good! See you there. Annette Coleman, Committee Member, Volunteer

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Castle in The Sky Built in Four Parts - 3 Regulation hen Django came to The Sky it wasn’t long before he built a small dwelling on land on the opposite side of North Terrace. That street was the northern boundary of the town, one side within the town and the other outside. No one was really sure who owned the land where Django built. All those who thought about it at all presumed that Django knew and had bought a parcel of land. No one bothered to ask him and he didn’t bother to say. Another thing Django didn’t ever discuss was where he got his money from. He didn’t appear to do much work although he had several trucks of various sizes and if asked would undertake carrying work for which he was paid. Every now and then he would disappear for several months then reappear always with money in his pocket. Again no one ever asked him where he had been. The feeling of most of us was that Django perhaps did something illegal in his periods away. Some suggested drugs but that did not appear to fit his image. Others thought he might have a mining claim somewhere, perhaps gold or more likely opal. That could explain his trucks and the other plant such as a small bulldozer which would appear from


Page 14

time to time. All this is really to explain that early in Django’s residence he began to build a castle. When asked why he would reply, “Well, why not?” Over the years the castle grew larger. At some point in time it became a tourist attraction. Buses came from the Big Smoke bringing tourists to see the Castle in The Sky and to visit the now abandoned mine which time and motor travel had brought close to town. Several town blocks opposite the Castle were developed into a restaurant, coffee lounge and car park by an enterprising investor. After some time someone did a title search and found out it was Django. Of course the council felt that the Castle was an offense to their planning laws and must be removed forthwith. So they sent Django a letter telling him to demolish the building forthwith. Django, with perfect reasonableness pointed out that the structure was not within the town boundaries. The council then found that the land that Django had built on was crown land and Django was squatting. After some shady work by the various authorities a letter came summonsing Django to a magistrate’s court. He was

Mannum Mag

charged with stealing government property, namely rock which he had used to build his castle. The hearing took place and the various learned counsel of the Department which controlled the land made long and learned submissions. Django represented himself. When all the legal dust had settled the magistrate asked Django what he had to say. “Well,” said Django, “I don’t see that I have stolen anything, only moved and rearranged them since they are still on the same crown land.” The magistrate agreed with Django and threw the case out of court after awarding costs to Django. Sometime later a government car came into town and several well dressed occupants were seen to approach Django’s castle. Sometime later they were seen to quietly leave. At Wog’s corner that night Django told us that he had been given life tenure on the land he now occupied and that the Castle would be demolished when he died. Around the town the betting was that it would never be demolished because it had become too much of a local landmark. The Diarist

Issue Number 67

Youth of the Year

Do We Need to Dance?


here is surely not a culture in the known world that does not dance. Dancing and music it would seem are woven into the very fabric of our being. It has been a topic of contemplation and literature since man first put pen to paper and some of history’s greatest minds have had something to say on the topic. Confucius (551-479 BC) China’smost famous philosopher and political theorist is quoted as having said, “Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.” I don’t know what he meant by that comment but as Confucius is well known for his wisdom he must have thought dancing worthy of comment and a skill worth acquiring. The same could be said for Voltaire (1694-1778) the well known French philosopher and writer who said, “Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.” Such an erudite mind found time between penning his classic Candide (1759) and writing more than 20 000 letters and more than 2000 books and pamphlets to comment on dancing. He must have thought it important to mention it in the same sentence as reading. He was a man of sophistication, knowledge and refined taste and was known to have been an advocate for coffee; he was purported to have drunk the beverage at least 30 times per day. It has been suggested that high amounts of caffeine acted as a mental stimulant to his creativity. He would have made an energetic dancer, high on philosophy and hyped up on caffeine

he could have danced until the sun came up. George Bernard Shaw the 1925 Nobel Prize winner for Literature said, “If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.” If I didn’t know better I might think he had me in mind when he made that comment; my performance on the dance floor is not unlike a skeleton flapping in a strong wind. I wonder why great men of literature and philosophy found the need to make comment about dancing; it was obviously something they thought worthy of mention. I believe, like music, dancing is food for the soul, you don’t need to do it well, you only need to do it. Mikail Baryshnikov the famous Russian ballet dancer expressed this sentiment most eloquently when he said “I do not try to dance better than anyone else I only try to dance better than myself.” If you are an exponent of this philosophy and think like these well known men that dancing is worth doing even if not done well, come join me at the next Old Style Dance at Saint Martin’s Lutheran Hall in Mannum the 3rd Saturday of every month. The doors open at 7:00pm and for $7.00 you can you can have hours of fun and exercise. There is a 20 minute break at 10:00pm for a shared supper, so bring your plate of goodies and enjoy the fun till 12:00 o’clock. I am confident you will have a good time. Written by Two left feet


he Mannum Lions were the host club for this year’s Youth of the Year District Final. This event saw six students, from as far afield as Darwin, Broken Hill and Naracoorte arrive in Mannum on Saturday, 24th March. Each student came prepared with detailed summaries of their lives and aspirations. They were well credentialed, each having won their own Club Final and Regional Final. All of them had already achieved so much in their young lives - in cultural pursuits, academics, sport and above all community service. In the morning they faced a 35 minute interview, with a panel of five judges. The afternoon was an even sterner test – the speeches. Each student was given two impromptu questions; two minute speeches with no preparation time whatsoever. “What do you think is the fairest solution to the problem of illegal refugees coming into this country?” they were asked. It was followed by “What are the shortcomings of celebrities being role models for youth?” This was a daunting task but most handled the questions well. The

students each followed up with their own chosen topic, this time in a five minute speech. These were superb and the large audience of over 100 people was rapt. The overall winner of the District Youth of the Year award was Nia Kolovos, a student from Immanuel College in Adelaide. Nia, Shaun Crouch and Hayden Zammit progress to the SA - NT Final. There was a separate award for the best Public Speaker and we were delighted with the announcement that this was won by Scott Cleggett, A Unity College student who represented the Murray Bridge Lions Club in our own Region. The State Final for SA and NT is to be held in Gawler on 14th April. The Mannum Lions Club is very appreciative of the dedicated work of the five judges - Tim Clemow from Mid Murray Support Services was the chief judge. He was ably supported by Fiona Mann, Geoff Skein and Carol Greening, with Jenny Adams representing the key sponsor, the NAB. David Dowley Mannum YOTY Chairman

Youth of the Year Finalists (L to R): Scott Cleggett (Langhorne Creek), Hayden Zammit OAM (Broken Hill), Nia Kolovos (Fulham Gardens), Daniel Hamilton (Darwin), Liam Hay (Naracoorte), Shaun Crouch (Renmark)

Living With Wombats . . . Because They Belong


emember the Muddle-HeadedWombatseriesby Ruth Park? The lovely old fellow was a great favourite of my Grade Ones and then of my own little girls. I can still do the voices and make children laugh. Wombatsare grazing animals. They consume a high fibre diet of native herbs and grasses and have a highly efficient metabolism. They require very little moisture to survive, conserving energy and moisture by feeding near their burrows at night, retreating into their cool tunnels during extremes of temperatures and even plugging their burrows to maintain an even temperature and humidity. Unlike humans, an individual wombat’s body weight can safely vary by as much as forty percent to accommodate seasonal conditions. Have you seen one lately? If you have it was possibly lying beside a road which divided its territory. For many years wombats were hunted for food, and not only by Aboriginal man. With their large warrens and foraging behaviour, they are not the Issue Number 67

favourite friend of farmers whose land they share. They often innocently cause considerable damage to fences, crops, livestock, farm machinery, roadways and even buildings. But the wombat is a protected species. They must not be shot or their warrens destroyed without approval from the Dept of Natural Resources. A fine of $2500 or a six month gaol term may apply. However, the plight of farmers is listened to sympathetically by the government authorities who make every effort to reduce the problem, sometimes by relocation of animals to a natural environment, and they may issue a landowner a limited licence. Wombat habitat destruction and fragmentation has reduced the overall numbers and limited their genetic diversity throughout Australia. One result of this is the recent outbreak of a devastating disease which causes severe dermatitis, haemorrhaging, jaundice and liver damage. Studies have revealed that degraded pastures with heavy Mannum Mag

infestations of onion weed, ward’s weed and the toxic potato weed, Heliotropium europaeum, seem to be strong factors in this scenario. The de-stocking of some grazing properties, combined with a series of wetter years, contributed to the dramatic increase in these weeds, as in wet years they can compete more successfully with drought tolerant native grasses. With other Landcare members, I attended a ‘Living with Wombats’ Workshop at Cambrai on 27th March and was impressed by the wealth of knowledge which a small number of dedicated researchers and volunteers shared with us. Would you like to learn more about these remarkable animals, our state’s emblem? Maybe join one of the monthly tours to Brookfield Conservation Park? To reserve your spot contact CVA on 08 8212 0777 o r e m a i l:

Jacqui Merckenschlager

Page 15

Murray Bridge Matinee Series – April

Ageing in the Murraylands

ut of the Square and the Rural City of Murray Bridge are pleased to present the April performance of the monthly Matinee Series. Patrons are invited to meet in the Town Hall foyer at 10:00 am for morning tea. A one hour performance will then start at 11 am. This is followed by a guided tour of the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery. The all inclusive price is $15.00 per ticket.

with Millie Does Mannum need to address Volunteering as a community challenge?


“Favourites” with Tasso and Annamaria Thursday 19th April 2012 Annamaria Bani and Tasso Bouyessis, a young Adelaide based tenor and soprano duo, have won many awards and are well known for their beautiful renditions of operatic arias as well as songs from musicals including “Phantom of the Opera” and “West Side Story”.

The Gallery has three exhibitions: Different Blokes, Different Strokes showcases two South Australian artists, Neil Hann and Marek Herburt, who paint landscapes in their own distinct styles; Recent Works by Richard Rigney reveals exquisite detail and a unique approach to the technique of painting with dots; Bra Art is an inspirational exhibition intended to tantalise and amuse, presented by the Murraylands Arts and Crafts Collective. Proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to breast cancer charities. Tickets are available at the Local Government Centre, 2 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge or by calling 8539 1100. You can also book online at

Mannum United Locally owned & independent

FUEL & HIRE EQUIPMENT Why buy a tool when you only need it for a couple of hours. Whether you are looking to demolish or build, improve or maintain you can Gear Up with the right tool for the job at Mannum United Service Station.

Concrete/metal saw Brick/paver saw Mitre saw Vibrating plate Concrete mixers General plant & tools

     

Jack hammer Hammer drills Rotary hoe Lawn corer/aerator Lawn thatch remover Generators 600w to 6.5kVa

Half day, full day and long term hire rates available. Bookings should now be made in advance. Contact Brenton & Brett on 8569 1207. Page 16

s there competition in Mannum for signing up volunteers, or is there co-operation? That’s not a question I can answer. Since writing about recruiting volunteers last month, I’ve been thinking about the bigger picture. Should the Mannum community as a whole – churches, health and welfare bodies, special interest groups, clubs – join forces in considering Volunteering in the town? I’ve heard at least 6 people from different groups, each doing wonderful work arranging and supporting events and activities that contribute so much to Mannum’s success and our enjoyment say, “We don’t know how we can keep this going much longer. We’re all getting old.” (Well, to be totally frank, they say, “older”. That’s a convenient euphemism to avoid a response of, “but you’re not old”, and the rejoinder - “I sure feel it, especially after doing all this.”) Rather than each doing our bit in our corner and getting worn out and frustrated, could we try something else? Something that understands and fits in with the busy lifestyles of our potential volunteers; younger people with 21st century habits and ideas? A new way of thinking? You bet, and we’re not too long in the tooth to have open minds and change, surely. Here are some ideas: • National Volunteers’ Week is from 14 -20 May this year. How about a community celebration, rather than some groups doing their own, and others doing nothing? • A Community Breakfast with speakers who challenge us to think differently. • A great resource for speakers,

trainers, funding options, etc., is VolunteeringSA. They are there to be used. ( • Is the Murray Mallee Ageing Taskforce an appropriate forum for considering a community approach for recruitment, training, etc.? • The new CEO of Mid Murray Council seems to be coming with visions and ideas. There are new senior staff with Aminya, the hospital and the police. Others have local experience, have been in Mannum longer, or are based elsewhere, like Murray Bridge. How could they be involved? What contributions might they have to make? How can we use their insights? • And, most radical of all, ask potential volunteers what would work for them.

So many resources to learn from and tap. Anyone interested in ‘picking up the ball and running with it’? Finally, a very strong plea that any e v e n t ope n to c om m un i t y participation or involving volunteers is advertised in the Mag. Each issue has forthcoming publication deadlines, details of the website, and phone numbers for enquiries, so there is little excuse for poor advertising. The Mag is compiled and read by many people outside of Mannum; many are not on email mailing lists or in town to look at noticeboards, so please consider us. Millie

Sillie Millie says: “Look, I don’t want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you’re alive you’ve got to flap your arms and legs, you’ve got to jump around a lot, for life is the very opposite of death, and therefore you must at very least think noisy and colourfully, or you’re not alive.” (Mel Brooks)

2012 Term 1 Adult Community Education Courses - for everyone



ART WITH EVELEIN Begins Monday April 23rd Noon - 3pm - Learn to paint or draw, at your own pace. 5 x 3hr workshops. Cost $25 INTERNET SKILLS Begins Monday April 23rd 1pm - 4pm - Google, email, buying/selling, social media. 5 x 3hr workshops. Cost is $30. COMPUTER BASICS Begins Monday April 23rd 6pm - 9pm - For beginners. 5 x 3hr workshops. Cost is $30. CARD CRAFT Begins Tuesday April 24th 12:30pm - 2:30pm - Handicraft card making and paper crafts. 4 x 2hr workshops. Cost is $40. BLAKRAI JEWELLERY CLASS Begins Tuesday April 24th 3pm - 5pm - Learn the art of jewellery making. 4 x 2hr workshops. Cost is $40. GLOBAL KITCHEN Begins Thursday April 26th 6pm - 9pm - new and exciting International cooking ideas! 5 x 3hr kitchen workshops. Cost is $50. INTERMEDIATE COMPUTER Begins Wednesday May 30th at 9am - When you’ve done the Basics. 5 x 3hr workshops. Cost is $30 *Please note that Computer Basics is a pre-requisite for this course.  8569 2129 or visit MMSS 71 Randell Street for more information, a brochure and enrolment form

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 67

Natural Wellness

The Taylor Foundation



utumn is the perfect time to start preparing our body for the winter months, it is a time we need to support and nurture our organs and build our blood. In this season we are likely to experience drier skin, coughs, breathing difficulties and gastrointestinal complaints like loose stools or constipation. Autumn is the time to look at improving our immune system so that it copes with the added stress of the winter months ahead. In summer we tend to eat colder and lighter foods, now is the time to add more pungent flavours of ginger, garlic and coriander to your cooking. Foods that can help prevent and reduce symptoms relating to the lungs, skin and digestive system are foods that nourish and moisten. Such foods are nuts, seeds, wholegrains including barley and millet, apples, pears, avocado and the nourishing oils of olive, almond and flaxseed. Foods that can help to build up your blood in preparation for winter include figs, pears, pumpkin and beetroot. It is interesting to note that the sulphur component in beetroot cleanses the digestive system and also protects against infections by

cleansing the lymphatic system. Be aware that canned beetroot does not contribute to the nutritious benefits. Therefore beetroot is best consumed grated, freshly juiced or roasted. Autumn is the time for slow cooking, so steam or gently simmer your food. Towards the end of autumn is a good time to start making casseroles and stews as this helps to build up your blood. You may also like to use herbs that help to improve your immune system; such herbs include Echinacea root and Astragalus. Both herbs are especially useful for those who tend to regularly get colds and flu because they are both immune enhancing and very beneficial in preventing infection. Both Echinacea and Astragalus can be taken long term, but Astragalus is contraindicated in acute infections. Other beneficial supplements include vitamin C, Olive leaf, zinc, probiotics, and B complex vitamins which all supply nutritional support for healthy immune function. Remember a little preparation can make a big difference to your health in the coming winter months. Carmen Bubner Naturopath, Herbalist, Kinesiologist


n a beautiful calm autumn evening guests of Margaret Haythorpe and Joan Kreiser OAM gathered at the Woolshed Art Gallery to enjoy a charity evening for the Taylor Foundation. This foundation was established by Peter and Leanne Hague in memory of their late daughter Taylor, who died tragically aged only fifteen months. It is a branch of Donate Life SA, whose sole purpose is to support both emotionally and financially those giving or needing human organs. Joan welcomed everyone on behalf of herself and Margaret and took the opportunity to introduce Edmondo Palomba, the recently appointed new Executive Officer and Director of Nursing at the Mannum Hospital. Ed Mondo has joined us from the Strathalbyn Hospital. Joan also welcomed Eileen Dunn. Eileen has recently retired from the hospital, being replaced by Ed Mondo. Everyone wished Eileen a long retirement after more than forty years of devoted service to Mannum. Eileen is beloved by everyone. A warm welcome was also extend to Lexie Juill, a doctor with the local medical team. On behalf of everyone Joan wished Lexie and her fiancé Gerard lots of good wishes and a long happy life. They will be married in Mannum

in a week and everyone hopes they will remain in Mannum for many years to come. Joan then handed over to compere Gaynor Pitcher. Exquisite fine wines and gourmet finger food, generously donated by Margaret, was served to guests throughout the evening by Margaret and her many helpers. During the evening Joan entertained the guests with the eerie “The Raven” by Edgar Alan Poe and later the frivolous “I’ve Been to a Marvellous Party” by Noel Coward. These items were by popular request and as usual Joan created a wonderful aura of theatre with her performance. Later in the evening Joan presented Peter and Leanne with $1145.00, the total paid by those attending the evening. Leanne graciously accepted the money and thanked everyone on behalf of the local foundation and Donate Life SA. Neville Bottroff had generously donated a door prize of wine and a connoisseurs book on wine. Neville has always supported Joan and Margaret throughout the years and both gave him a huge thank you. Joan concluded the evening by thanking everyone for their attendance and generosity and looks forward to giving more events to support this deserving charity. Gaynor Pitcher

AIR CONDITIONING & ELECTRICAL For all sales, installations, quotes or enquiries Phone:

0408075440 DARREN JENKINS Qualified installer *FUJITSU




Mannum Mag

ARC LICENCE: LO55815 Page 17

MCC Class of 2011 We’re Proud of You Shaiden Rochow Student Leader

James Whittaker Student Leader

Accepted to Bachelor of Speech Therapy -Flinders University Working at Mannum Motel and Mannum United

Accepted to Bachelor of Law - Charles Darwin University Working at Temme’s Hardware

Tamika Ashton Deputy Student Leader Accepted to Certificate Childcare at TAFE

Nick Bormann

Skye Blythe Traineeship Beautician at Absolute Tranquillity

Apprentice Baker Lovell’s Bakery

Chris Scanlon Deputy Student Leader in

Aaron Bullard Traineeship Pretoria Hotel

Working at Rivapak Applying for an Apprenticeship


Andy Crow

Nathan Godleman

Working part time At Community Bridging

Working at Big W Applying to Air Force

Josh Hancock

Donna Hansford

Sean Harmer

Karina Harris

Accepted to Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement -University of SA City East

Accepted to Bachelor of Writing and Creative Communication -University of SA Magill

Accepted to Certificate in Creative Writing at TAFE Working at BP

Accepted to Bachelor of Art and Social Science - University of SA City West

Jayden Kelly Accepted to Bachelor of Information Technology, Digital Media - Flinders University

Leith Klose Apprentice upholster Pfeiffer Hill Upholstery

f o r

Jacque Johns Accepted to Bachelor of Arts - Adelaide University

Jacob Matthews

Sam McKinnon

Ashleigh Mobbs

Applying to the Army as an Electronic Technician Working at ‘The Boatel’

Accepted to Diploma in Accounting at TAFE Working part time at Mangelsdorf Accounting

Applying for employment with ‘Doggy Daycare’

Chloe Rose

Bradley Stephens

Dale Strauss

Sam Ward

Accepted to Certificate 4 in Real Estate and Property Sales at TAFE

Completing Yr 12 at the Independent Learning Centre

Courier Driver for Mannum Express

Accepted into Bachelor of Science Biotechnology -Flinders University


annum Neighbourhood Watch meet every three months on a Monday night in the Senior Citizens Rooms at the Leisure Centre. All community members are encouraged to come along and be involved. It is an opportunity to hear what has been occurring in the district and to learn what role you can play in making Mannum and the district a safe place to live and work. Page 18

Jake Green L o o k i n g employment

Mannum Mag

Shayne Webley Working at Big W Applying to work in mines

Next Meeting Monday May 14th, 7:30 pm in the Senior Citizens’ Room Mannum Leisure Centre All welcome, especially new members. Tea and coffee provided after the meeting. Coordinator: 0428 813 201 For Police assistance and/or attendance phone: 13 14 44

Issue Number 67

From Your Local Member

Love begins at 50

Mr Ivan Venning MP, Member for Schubert Interim Grains Group Chairman fter a very stormy week over the issue of grain levy collection, Mr Ivan Venning was pleased with the appointment of Mr Rob Kerin as the interim independent Chairman of South Australian Farmers Federation (SAFF) Grains Group. During his Address in Reply on Tuesday 28th February, Mr Venning spoke about the problems between SAFF and the previous SAFF Grains Committee, which administered the grains levies. Under the new arrangement, grower levy expenditures will now be a Primary Industries Funding Scheme administered by the Minister for Agriculture, Gail Gago. “I note the appointment (of Rob Kerin) is to help repair relations in the state grains industry between SAFF and a breakaway group Grain Producers SA”, Mr Venning said. “I believe that Rob Kerin would be well-placed to broker a peace treaty between the warring parties,” he continued, “but it’s a great shame that it has had to come to this - we don’t want two organisations.” Sporting grants available NOW Round 33 of the Active Club Program and the 2012-2013 round of the Community and Recreation and Sports Facilities Program are now open for applications. The Active Club Program provides grants of up to $5000 for equipment and programs or up to $20 000 for facilities upgrades. The Community and Recreation and Sports Facilities Program provides grants of up to $5000 for planning and development of sporting and recreation facilities. Mr Venning is encouraging sporting organisations and clubs from within the Schubert Electorate to apply.


“The Barossa Valley Hockey Association received $500 000 for a new turf hockey pitch and the Tanunda Netball and Tennis Clubs were awarded $200 000 for upgrading their court surfaces”, said Mr Venning. Grants to run training initiatives and purchase equipment can be accessed through the Active Club Program. “I encourage all clubs to submit an application for funds - a detailed and rationale based submission will give you a good chance of sharing in the funds on offer”, said Mr Venning. Applications close for both programs on Monday 30th April. Information is available from the Schubert Electorate Office or from the Office for Recreation and Sport website (see below). Smart State PC Donation Program The Smart State PC Donation Program offering not-for-profit organisations recycled PCs is again open for applications. There are two rounds of the program each year and with the current round closing on the 13th April. Organisations can apply for up to three computers in each round. PCs are offered on an as is basis, without modems, sound cards or CD drives, but they will have a Microsoft operating system installed. Mr Ivan Venning encourages eligible organisations to apply. Successful applications will save hard-earned funds being spent on costly computer equipment. Application forms are available from the Schubert Electorate Office or the website listed below.

Electorate Office: 129A Murray St, Tanunda. Ph: 8563 3636


ith his marriage stagnating and about to turn 50, Clive de Banks decides to spice up his life with an affair”. Laugh at his attempts at interviewing prospective love interests gleaned from Lonely Hearts columns. You can be sure you will be entertained by Top of the Torrens Theatre Group’s forthcoming play “Love Begins at 50: A Farce in Two Acts”, written by Raymond Hopkins. The play is being directed by local Williamstown resident Graham Todd. Rehearsals with the talented cast are well underway. Check out our May performance dates in our advertisement on page 27. We are also happy to announce a Special Mothers’ Day Matinee on Sunday 13th May 2012. Bring Mum to enjoy an afternoon of fun. All Performances will be staged at the Gumeracha Town Hall. Seating is cabaret style, with BYO drinks and nibbles. Hot soup, drinks and Chockies will be on sale. Tickets are just $17 so contact Andrew on 8568 2281 to book a seat. Look for our advertising flyers to be distributed early April.

Meralyn Schaeffer

MID - MURRAY SELF STORAGE Specialising in Container and Machinery Transport JOHN WHITE Postal Address: PO Box 491 Mannum SA 5238 Mobiles: 0417 938 828 0439 838 504 Email:

Suitable For Storing Boats/Caravans Ideal For Storing Furniture Etc. Individual Shed With Own Key Yard Storage Available Shed Size 7.5m × 3m Other Sizes Available

6 WALKER AVE. MANNUM PHONE 8569 1726 MOBILE 0408 813 726

* Recommended Insurance Repairer * Owner Operated and Servicing Mannum since 1985 Bake Oven for factory finish Chassis straightening All work Guaranteed

Windscreen replacement Private and Insurance work Local pickup and delivery available

24 Hour 7 Day TOWING PH 8569 1151 or A/H 0412 644 736 Issue Number 67

Mannum Mag

Page 19

Angel School From the Notice Board for Staff and Students, Angel School, Eternity Memo From: Gabriella, Angel School Matron To: Staff and students

There’s something I’d like to clear up. ‘Angel’ is a job description, not an award. It means ‘messenger’. It means messenger in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Persian on earth and it means messenger here. We recruit from earth and heaven and places in between. There are no ‘real’ angels and ‘others’. There has been a disturbing tendency among some departments to assume they had ‘higher’ positions. Get over it. We’re in Heaven. There is no ‘up’ or ‘down’ and there is no ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ either. If this keeps up I will have to refer some of you for retraining. You will be sent to the lower levels for prolonged sessions and you will not return until you are experts in feet washing, human style. We have been asked to supply two messengers for a special Easter mission and there is no room for this jockeying for position in the recruitment process. Each department is asked to survey their available students and forward their recommendations to me. Students with assignments already are not to be recommended, no matter how keen they may be for the mission. There are no preferred positions here. Criteria are as follows: 1. Energetic and physically able - strange perhaps but this mission requires some manipulation of material in the earth environment by actual physical, not psychic means. 2. Appearance - able to present as human, male, vigorous. The era requires it. 3. Relationship skills - comfortable with close human contact; relate well to widely differing human

types, including aggressive male military and distressed female citizenry; able to project vocally in a positive and comforting manner or give strong admonition when warranted. 4. Preferably, an enthusiastic appreciation of the salvation model operating at present in the human sphere. Understanding or gracious acceptance will do. It’s not a model that inspires everyone to the same degree.

Applicants will present themselves to my office ASAP. Mission Report From: Angel Earthwatch Dept. To: Matron of Angel School

I am pleased to report that your two messengers completed their mission successfully and on time and budget. The stone was rolled away with a minimum of fuss and just enough show of lightning and thunder to impress the guards. It was debatable whether the use of lightning was necessary, but that decision was left to the messengers to make at the time. They showed remarkable restraint, given the aggression with which they were initially met and managed to use a minimum of resources for successful completion. The Announcement was also handled well. It was presented in a manner the women were able to receive, if a trifle overdone by your enthusiastic emissary who could not refrain from repeating The Saviour’s prediction almost verbatim. The slightly excited tone of the junior of the team in relating that “He is risen” is, I believe, forgivable in view of the fact that he was chosen for his enthusiasm. He

Annette Coleman

A Profile After 10 years of marriage, we moved to Purnong Landing with our two sons Grant and Glen. We were involved with a church in Murray Bridge until moving to Clare in the Mid North.

Vivian Garner

Mannum Bowling Club - 9th May at 10 am

We became Pastors of a church in Clare, and served for ten years. There we saw many blessings and miracles from God. During this time both our sons got married. Our eldest, Grant, and his wife and three children are still living in the Clare Valley, while our other son, Glen, and his wife and three children are living in Mount Barker. After 13 years in Clare, we were called to Tasmania, where we ministered over a period of 12 years. God spoke to us and said it was time for us to come back to SA, where we joined the Living Waters Community Church in Murray Bridge. We spent two years as Secretary/Administrator until God called us to Mannum. We come with expectant hearts, believing for Gods blessing and presence in our call to River Word Christian Church.

RWCC pastors Trevor and Anne Goodwin

The Saviour wishes me to express to all His appreciation of your support in His recent endeavours on earth. You did all that was requested in a good and timely manner and it left Him free to concentrate on His Task. We welcome Him home and ask your co-operation as He will be spending some time between Earth and Heaven and may not have time to stop for a chat just yet. This has been a wearying experience for Him and we know you will respect His privacy. The Saviour has fulfilled this mission but remember, our job is far from done. Hold yourselves ready. It has been a busy three decades in terms of public earth presentations and Saviour support. What happens next God only knows, but He will be calling on us. All present assignments are ongoing, attendance at training will be ongoing, recruitment will be ongoing. You know what the humans say, “There shall be no furlough granted in the army of the Lord.”

or Australia’s Biggest Quilting Bee

New Pastors Trevor and Anne Goodwin

astors Trevorand Anne Goodwin have been inducted into our church (RWCC) as our new pastors. Thank you Lord for sending them to us.

Announcement From: Angel Oversight Inc. Cc: To Matron and students

Biggest Morning Tea

River Word Christian Centre


could barely contain his excitement, when he was sitting on that stone and I think we all can relate to that. He managed to avoid frightening anyone; well, anyone we didn’t want frightened. The Earth Team reports that your two were a valuable addition to their efforts on the day. All in all, I am confident they will receive a commendation for a job well done.


his annual event raises awareness of BreastCancer across Australia. Shared Stitches of Mannum is going further and offers you a Devonshire Morning Tea and a Lunch of soup, sandwiches and slices with tea or coffee for $10. Joan Thomas from Camp Quality is joining us to give us insight into what their group does for children with cancer. The members of Community Quilts will present Camp Qualitywith some beautiful locally-made quilts. Currently we are selling raffle tickets for a High Tea Bed Quilt, valued at $1000, along with a Beauty Hamper and a Tote Bag at $2 a ticket. The raffle will be drawn on the day. Raffle tickets are available from Pam Gray at 0418 894 947 or from other Shared Stitches members. Community Quilts will have a Trading Table of quality goods made by our members. Lucky Door prizes will also be drawn. Tickets are available from Wendy

(85692363), Susan (85691696) or other Shared Stitches members. Prebuying tickets is essential to assist in catering. Get a group of friends together and help us to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. At the AGM in February, Wendy Hensley took on the role of President of our group with Marion Foster as secretary and Myrene Ridge-Cooke as Treasurer. We are looking forward to an exciting, fun-filled year. If you are looking for a new craft, contact Wendy or Susan and come along to the Lions Den from 9 am to 4 pm on one of the days listed below. Shared Stitches is in it’s 21st year. This is something to celebrate. If you have any information or photos from those years, please contact us. It would be lovely to have a get-together with past and present members. April 11 - Shared Stitches May 9 - Australia’s Biggest Quilting Bee June 13 - Shared Stitches Marion Foster

See Issue 66, March 2012 for details about the Mannum Hospital Programs and the Mannum Day Centre

Page 20

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 67

Food is Life is Food ating the colours of the rainbow is great meal planning to assist in maintaining nutritional balance in your diet. Specific coloured whole foods can provide a certain set of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and in some cases high levels of antioxidants and/or fibre. To reinforce this concept the next seven articles will feature information on food for each colour of the rainbow, but not necessarily in order. The first colour featured will be violet. Blueberries, black cherries, purple cabbage, beetroot, blackberries, purple carrots, black currents, figs, eggplants just to name a few come into this colour group. Anthocyanins, the antioxidants found in purple foods, claim many health benefits including protecting the heart and vision and promoting mental focus. My reading revealed that claimed high levels of antioxidants are available in vitro (test tube experiments) but inconclusive evidence is found to verify availability in vivo (experiments/trials conducted with living organisms, animals or humans). The proven health benefits of consuming fresh, in-season produce should not be overlooked. It will deliver fibre, various vitamins and minerals assisting to maintain nutritional balance in your diet. Black rice (dark purple when cooked) was the topic of a study presented at the August 2010 American Chemical Society Meeting. This study showed that one spoonful of black rice bran contained more anthocyanin


antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries, had more fibre and vitamin E, but less sugar a big tick of approval in my book for black rice. I found a recipe for Purple Rice Pudding with Rose Water Dates by Maria Speck on the foodie site Epicurious and, as is my way, have switched it up to suit me. The curious can check out the original recipe at

This is a switch up really from the traditional rice puddings we were brought up on and delivers the benefits of containing vitamin E and a great fibre hit. Black rice is a specialty food which may be found locally at the Asian Supermarket on Standen Street in Murray Bridge or at Asian food stores in the Central Market Adelaide. As a curious foodie, discovering foods that deliver something a little different with a healthy twist gives me enough incentive to try it out (not discounting that being a confessed ‘purple freak’ certainly sparked an interest in this purple food). 1¼ ½ ¼ 6 1-1½ 1¼ 2 1 1 ½

Purple Rice with Apricots cups water cup Chinese black rice cup finely chopped dried apricots extra dried apricots, cut into thin strips cups boiling water cups milk tbsp honey pinch salt tsp lemon zest cinnamon stick (approx 5cm) tsp vanilla extract

Place water and rice in a small - medium sized saucepan, bring to the boil. Turn down

temperature to a simmer, cover, and cook until the rice is tender yet still slightly chewy, about 30 minutes. There will be some water remaining, after the cooking time (do not drain). While the rice is cooking, prepare the apricot topping. Place the apricot strips in a heat proof bowl and pour over boiling water, set aside. Add the milk, honey, salt, lemon zest, cinnamon stick, finely chopped apricots and vanilla to the rice. Return to the heat and bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring several times. Turn down the heat to a gentle bubble and cook, uncovered, for 15 more minutes, stirring every few minutes or so. Note, the consistency should be creamy yet a little soupy and will thicken as it cools. Remove the saucepan from the heat and remove the cinnamon stick. Drain the apricot strips. Serve Purple Rice in bowls topped with the apricot strips. If you too are a curious foodie and give this recipe a go, I would be very interested to know what you thought of it. Cheers and happy cooking. If you have any suggestions for future articles or would like information on a food related topic, feel free to contact me at; MMSS 71 Randell St Mannum Phone 8569 2129 or Email References: and 240th American Chemical Society Meeting Nutrition Journal Angie Roesler


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I Love the ABC


oesanyone else love the LionsClubandthe amazingservice theyprovide tothe community, but hate that they have a sponsor plaque on Santa’s chair for the Mannum ChristmasPageant? Ilove thatthe friendsofTrishUzzellorganisedaseat and shelter to honour their friend who left an indelible mark on their lives, but has anyone else noticed that there are four brandings of the furniture manufacturer on the structure. Why? Why did the ritual of Christmas Eve at Mannum become a pageant with sponsors and prize money? Brandingeverythinginsightwillnotmake the worldmore beautiful,interesting or richer (in the spiritual sense of the word). In fact it can contribute to fundamental issues that make us creatively and socially poorer. Just look at the “Gruen Transfer” or “Gruen Planet” on the ABC. I love ABC TV and I love ABC RadioNational.RecentlyonSaturdayExtrawithGeraldineDooge,Saturday25th February 2012, they discussed a fascinating topic. “Speaking Truth to Power”. How timely then to read the article in the Murray Valley Standard dated March 15th 2012, that talks about the visual pollution of signage in the Murraylands highlightedinthefinalreportofMurraylands,TouristandServicesRoadSignage. The article doesn’t mention who compiled the report or who financed it but it speaks about the negative impacts of unnecessary, unmaintained and out dated signage and information. I must say it feels good to have my thoughts and beliefs vindicated.Unfortunatelythe acting CEO, Robin Bourne voiceshisopinionabout his council being unlikely to take heed of the report. It’s hard to speak truth to power.Whymake changeswhenthere have beenhabitualpatternsthatpeople have tolerated for a long time? It’s hard to see any reason for change. So when and how does someone give frank and fearless advice or opinion to people in authority? And what if they don’t listen? Think about that for a while and consider the implications. The former CEO Dean Gollan once told me that it was vital to brand the Mid Murray region. I did not and still do not agree. I do not recall visiting any other council area and being visually assaulted by their logos on rubbish bins or buildings and signage then thinking wow, I really want to come back here. I do recall visiting towns and regions where their street bins and street furniture are beautifully decorated. Beach Road in Christies Beach is an amazing example of a street scape that has been transformed with beautiful mosaics on benches, bins and footpaths. WhenIvisitplacesIremember the experiencesIhave,the natural beauty of a place and the locals I meet. I believe whoever has been advising council on tourism and development issues is behind the 8 ball in their old fashioned 1980s thinking. Ugly Mannum Waters signage on the drive in to Mannum. For sale! For sale! For sale! “Weekends that last forever” and “Your dreams, our goals”. Excuse me please and pass the bucket. I believe the Mid Murray Council and the communities they represent would

benefit if they convened public meetings on tourism for residents and ratepayers to inform them of their tourism policy and get feedback on local tourism issues. What works and what doesn’t. I believe the issues of public safety, environmental degradation of the River Murray and the issue of Peak Oil will see an end to the careless use of the River by some selfish users i.e. jet skiers, wake boarders and boom boxing speedboats that ply the waters. And let’s not forget the dirt and quad bikers who are invited to buy properties (often pristine bush) in our district by real estate agents whose only motivation is profit. A point in case is Adrian Davis of Raine and Horne Real Estate and his blatant self-promotion at Christmas time with the Raine and Horne Christmas tree for the disadvantagedandthe front page of a recentMannum Magpleadingfor volunteers to help landscape the Mannum skate park. He states his intention of volunteering his time and pledging money for the park. Sounds noble enough but he goes on to sign the document Adrian Davis of Raine and Horne real estate. From what I understand of business, any donation of resources can be used as a tax deduction. Where is the charity of volunteering if one stands to benefit financially. Why not do something nice without the branding. And please, please, no sponsorship of the Golden Stairs. Fill it with amazing art that will be a drawcard in its own right and something the locals can enjoy and be proud of too. On the issue of the skate park, I would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of Joy Marks in supporting the local youth in their desire to establish a facility in the area. I would also like to acknowledge that although Eichler Earthmoving helped with the final earthworks (and received credit on a boring sponsors board placed at the skate park) that Brian Willis of B and C Excavations initially offered his services for free when the skate park was at an earlier stage of development. What of all the others who offered support of various kinds over the 12 years that it took for the Skate Park to get built? I take my hat off to you all for being unacknowledgedheroesofthe park.Andaspecialshoutouttoallthe youngpeople who moved through the ranks and gave up out of frustration at the lack of progress. At least the kids have a place to skate and scoot now. Regarding my last writing, I was sad but not surprised that there was no response from the Mid Murray Council to my letter in the January Mannum Mag. Perhapsour new CEO, Russell Peate, has an opinionthathe canarticulate without resorting to spin doctoring or a rehashed media release. I would have thought that if Mayor Dave had the time to go the Clipsal 500 as a guest of the Premier, he could have spent a few minutes to come up with a response to my last article. And for those of you who may think that I am just a whinger, I refer to the ABC once again where they, as I do, value deep thinking and a questioning outlook that explore the shades of grey not just accept the shades of beige. Media Watch Fan

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Marion’s Boutique Mini Fashion Parade

Murray Darlings The Murray Darlings wear GREEN! ur Red Hatters group had the opportunity to change our colours last month at our St Patrick’s Day celebration on the 17th March. We had a lovely St Pat’s lunch at the Mannum Hotel, who really looked after us, thank you. Queen Marion did a wonderful job of decorating the room, and Andy the chef did a lovely green spread for us, including green mashed potato (one member asked him, where does he get the green potatoes from?) Green ‘slushies’ were on tap at the bar, and several of our members were caught unawares, not realizing that the ‘slushies’ contained quite a bit of vodka! We shared jokes, had a show and tell of anything Irish, and gave out lots of prizes; but we all agree that the highlight of the day was when one of the barmen (no names!) came out in his very special St Pat’s outfit - a lime green ‘man-kini’!! We all went home with aching faces from laughing and smiling so much! The Murray Darlings wear PINK! We are very excited to


announce that we now have TWO pink hatters in our midst, with a possible third joining us very soon. So what is a pink hatter? For those of us who have reached the magnificent age of 50, we are entitled to wear a red hat and purple, but for the under 50s it’s a pink hat and lavender, because they haven’t reached their full bloom yet! But of course when a pink hatter turns 50, we celebrate with a REDuation party to change from a pink hat to a red one. Having been a pink hatter for 5 years, I can honestly say that I really looked forward to turning 50, not just because of the wonderful party our group threw for me, but also because I got to wear the real colours - I just couldn’t wait to wear red and purple! Mannum to turn RED and PURPLE! We are looking forward in anticipation to our annual ‘Christmas in June’ (which is coming around far too quickly; it is hard to believe that it is time to start planning for mid-year

events already, wasn’t New Years eve just last week?) The invites have gone out to all the South Australian red hatters groups (now 16!) and we are hoping for a large wave of red and purple to hit our town on Monday 25th June. In the meantime, we are having lots of fun, with events including a visit to the Murray Bridge Regional Art Gallery for the opening night of their Bra Art exhibition, and our annual visit to the ‘Riverland Red Hatters Down Under’, as well as a movie night, and of course the highlight for April, our 4th Birthday Party - retro 60s style, for which we will dress in every colour of the rainbow! If you would like to know more about our red hatters group, please contact either Karyn (Queen of Polkadots and Chocalots) phone 8569 1438, email or Marion (Queen Marion of Merlot) phone 8570 8170. Queen of Polkadots and Chocalots


id you know that Marion has owned her shop for nine years, has two children, her second name is Gladys and she is learning to play the piano? These things I learned last week in a “getting-to-know Marion” quiz at her mini Fashion Parade. What a fun night we had, we three local ladies and a large group of visiting quilters who were staying at the Caravan Park. I enjoyed meeting the jolly quilters and also two friendly ladies, Helen and Fran, who have lived in our local Retirement Village for two years. Our local “model” Bev, as always did a great job and the new season’s clothes were lovely and very reasonably priced. In fact I bought a complete outfit (top and bottom) for $42. There were games and prizes galore, drinks and nibbles and Marion gave generous discounts. We have a shop to be proud of here, with lovely stock for all ages and sizes, even a section of accessories for Red Hatters. Thank you Marion, you do a grand job. If you want to have a very enjoyable night out, watch Mannum Mag for further parades. Jo Kader

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The Hall - In Focus articipation numbers at The Hall for March were good with the daily average attendance being 23.2 for the first 7 days of the month compared to February’s average of 16.3 for the first 6 days. There has also been an increase in membership with 9 new people signing up, bringing the total financial membership to 68. Members of the community are encouraged to come and visit The Hall and participate in the activities on offer or just drop in for a coffee and a chat. Bargain Corner continues to be popular and donations are being received on a regular basis both from the general public and Hall participants; many thanks to the people who have donated goods. Lunches are still well attended with 20 to 25 people regularly attending on Wednesday with Monday and Friday being just a bit quieter. The repertoire of food being served continues to increase and this month homemade lasagne created by Michelle the talented Administration Coordinator, and Cornish pasties skilfully crafted by Julie, Brian and Neil were added to the menu. The Hall has embraced the Healthy Murraylands concept and is attempting to offer only healthy well balanced meal options. The Old Style Dance held on Saturday 17th March in Saint Martin’s Lutheran Hall was a success with 65 people attending; this is a slight decrease on last month’s numbers but


the other Saint. Patrick’s Day activities on offer that night may account for this. Thanks again to Mannum Ice Works for donating ice for the iced water and to keep the soft drinks chilled. Thanks also to Adrian from Murray Bridge Newsagency for his continuing donation of prizes and to the thoughtful people who attended the dance and donated a prize your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. The generosity of the many people who donate either their time or goods and services to the dance make it the success it is. Without their ongoing help The Hall would be unable to continue to run this activity. Activities for the month were well attended; passive exercise is still popular with between 10 and 14 people attending the Monday morning session which commences at 9:00 am. You can bring your own exercise mat or you can borrow one from The Hall. Riding for the Disabled has been added to the activities calendar on a trial basis and will be reviewed at the end of April. Bowling has not been as popular as was hoped so to ensure grant funds are expended on time it is proposed to run a family bowling afternoon on either a Saturday or Sunday some time before the end of the financial year. If members of the community are interested in 10 pin bowling they would


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be welcome to participate. Get a couple of your friends together and give it a try. Bowling is on Monday from 11:00am till 1:00pm in Murray Bridge. Contact Michelle for further details. Computing class times and days will be changed for the next 6 weeks. The classes will now be on Friday afternoon commencing at 1:30pm. There has been some interest from the public in evening computer classes; if there is sufficient interest this will be considered. If you are interested contact the office and leave your name and contact details. The Hall monthly calendar and the Coordinator’s report will no longer be posted to people who are not current financial members of The Hall. If you wish to receive this information and are not currently a member please come in and fill out the membership form and pay the $5.00 or ring Michelle on 8569 1643 and request one to be posted to you. If your membership is not received by the time the May calendar is due for mailing your name will be removed from the list. Members who have e-mail may wish to receive their calendar and Coordinator’s report online. Just send Michelle your request to

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Freestyle Motocross D’Arcy Morris, FMX Enthusiast and Exponent


n adrenaline charged sport where riders roll the dice, push their bikes, equipment and bodies to the limit, a sport that can only be left to the young and fearless. However, D’Arcy Morris a Mannum local says “It’s the only thing I want to do.” D’Arcy is a 20 year old aspiring Freestyle Motocross rider who trains weekly at his Nana’s property near the Mannum Township. FreestyleMotocross, better known as FMX, is a sport where riders launch their dirt bikes 75 feet into the air and perform aerial tricks with their bodies. It is a sport where injuries are plentiful and hospital visits are regular, but also a sport where the elite riders can be generously rewarded with lucrative sponsorship deals and prize money from competitions. D’Arcy got into the sport at a young age watching Crusty Demons movies and going to live shows when the riders toured Australia. “The sport was so new at the time and I was just a kid in awe, and ever since then I’ve wanted to be a part of it”, he says. Starting off on small bikes with small jumps he slowly worked his way up the ladder and began pushing the envelope. “My mum would always take me riding at Port Gawler off road Hire Park, the only place with an FMX course open to the public when I was about 13 or 14, and I would jump the ramps there and try and learn something new every week.” When Port Gawler closed down its FMX facility in 2006 due to insurancedifficulties, aspiring young freestyle riders were left with nowhere to practise unless they owned or knew someone who had their own training ground. “I think that really took the fun out of it for a lot of kids because it just left us with nowhere to further our abilities or dreams.” He went for a couple of years trying to network with as many riders as possible and ride with anyone who would have a stranger out to their property. “I made really close friends in this period and was lucky enough to practice out at a track in Mt Compass for a couple of years.” Issue Number 67

Although still able to practise occasionally,D’Arcy still dreamed of his own training ground and this is where his Nana came in. “She talked about how she was interested in buying some acreage to retire on and it just fitted perfectly.” They looked at many properties and Mannum’s laid back atmosphere and friendly people stood out supreme. Although dirt bike noise and high flying motorcycles is not every 70 year old woman’s retirement utopia, it has been just that for Joyce Morris. “I’m just happy that he has somewhere to do what he loves and pursue his

one of the top motocross riders in the world.” Unfortunately it’s not all fun and games with Freestyle motocross. The reality is that there are significant consequences involved when meeting the ground from such heights. D’Arcy knows this all too well with 3 consecutive broken wrists and the following surgical enhancement in recent years. “It’s definitely disappointing when injuries happen and all the downtime that follows afterwards,” he says, “but in this sport you just learn to accept that and look forward to the time you’re

dreams.” Although she admits she would have rather him take up something slightly less risky such as tennis, “It’s still better than him being out there and doing drugs and crime.” When asked why Mannum, he replied “Mannum’s been great to me. I have great neighbours who have a shared interest in what I do and I have made some great friends up here. I love the township and I will always come back here for the rest of my life whether my bike’s in the back of the ute or not.” Since the introduction of his training facility at Mannum, D’Arcy’s level of riding has improved ten fold. It’s given him the freedom to create what he needs to get to a high level and even more a place to call his home. Although racing was not the path he chose to take, he has always been influenced by the racing greats, and the Mannum locals Brett and Shane Metcalfe. “I used to go and watch supercross masters and see Shane win all the time. Both of the brothers are awesome riders and Brett in particular has had an amazing career living in the US and has shown he is Mannum Mag

back on the bike.” In 2012 D’Arcy approaches his future in FMX with more excitement than ever. He is hoping to broaden his horizons to paid demonstrations and breaking out on the competitive scene. “I am really looking forward to this year as I have some great sponsors on board and I am having more time than ever on the bike. I just want to do this sport as long as I can and progress with it as far as I am able to, while still having fun.” D’Arcy was adamant that he would not be where he is today in FMX riding without the support of family, friends and businesses. He gives his thanks to “my mum, my close friends and my great girlfriend; Jackson Performance Motorsport, Yamaha World, Ipone Oils, Dunlop Tyres, BrummyFilms; Daniel, Geoff and Heather Simons of Mannum and most of all my Nana for letting me do all this on her property and being so supportive. Thanks for letting me chase my dreams.”

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PS Marion, Mannum and the Murray River In Praise of All PS Marion Volunteers, Past and Present




rom Friday 16 to Sunday 18 March this year, my wife and I travelled on the PS Marion from Mannum to Morgan. We were accompanied by our son and daughter-in-law. The three day cruise was absolutely MAGIC. So much did we enjoy ourselves that I felt it incumbent on me to write to your fine monthly paper to publicly express our appreciation to all those who made this experience so enjoyable and our admiration for all those volunteers who restored the Marion and now keep her in magnificent working condition for the enjoyment of the public. Before expanding on this theme I would like to share with your readers some of my memorable experiences of the Marion and the Murray over 65 years. In 1946, when I was ten, I went with my parents from Morgan to Mildura and back, travelling day and night, on the Marion. It was the absolute highlight of my childhood. Living inAdelaide, with the war just over, rationing still in force and no family car, I had never seen the River Murray before, let alone a paddle steamer. It was a truly great adventure for a little boy who lived a rather sheltered home life and I fell in love with both the Marion and the Murray. I still have many vivid and happy memories of that wonderful week. In 1970, by which time I was married and with three children of my own, I was transferred by the Department of Correctional Services, for whom I worked, to the Riverland as the resident Probation and Parole Officer for the District. We lived close to the river and, for the next three years, I travelled extensively and frequently between Waikerie and

Renmark in the course of my duties. My love for the Murray was rekindled; this time taking on a keen interest in the wonderful bird life of the river. This marked the beginning of a passion for bird watching which has lasted to the present day. Some years later again we bought a shack at Caloote and over the next several years we spent most weekends boating and bird watching on that lovely bend of the river. It was then that I was reintroduced to the Marion. She was a rather sad sight, gradually decaying in the dry dock at nearby Mannum. In 1997 my wife and I boarded the Marion, now fully and faithfully restored to her former glory, for her 100th birthday celebratory cruise over four days and three nights from Mannum to Wellington and back. Happy memories from 1946 flooded back as we journeyed again along the mighty Murray aboard the proud old lady, the PS Marion. Over the years I have read and learned a great deal about river boat history on the Murray and now here I was again in 2012 and 66 years after my memorable and very happy introduction to the river and the Marion, being happily re-united with them once more. Having previously travelled from Morgan to Mildura and later from Mannum to Wellington on the Marion, I was now cruising the remaining mid section of the river between Mannum and Morgan. Thus I have now travelled the whole distance of the Murray in South Australia from the border to Lake Alexandrina, all of it on board the PS Marion! Regretfully, this will be my swan song, so although this final cruise was tinged

with poignant feelings, I do have a storehouse of wonderful memories of that lovely old lady, the PS Marion, and the mighty Murray with its magnificent cliffs, grand old river red gums and wonderful bird life. I would like in closing to voice my great admiration for those many wonderful volunteers of the 1980s and 90s who gave thousands of hours of time and hard work to restore the Marion to her former glory. You have done Mannum and South Australia proud. You have preserved an important piece of our colonial history which otherwise would have been lost for ever. South Australia now has the last side paddle, steam driven, wood fired, passenger carrying and accommodating paddle steamer IN THE WORLD. We South Aussies can be proud, and it is all due to the efforts of those many wonderful volunteers who gave so much time and hard work to restore the lovely lady Marion. Thank you and well done! Finally I wish to publicly thank the wonderful members of the crew – volunteers all – on this my last voyage on the Marion who contributed so significantly to the trip being so memorable and enjoyable. To captain, purser and every other member of the crew a very big Thank You for being so friendly, kind, helpful and just simply wonderful. You made our three days aboard the Marion a truly magic experience. People of Mannum, you have much to be proud of. Charles Cornwall

“The Sound of Music” is presented by permission of ORIGIN TM Theatrical On behalf of


“The Story of the Trapp Family Singers” RESERVATIONS Local Govt. Centre South Terrace, Murray Bridge Phone: 8539 1100 Online: Booking fees may apply Page 26

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71 Randell Street, 10 am - 4 pm. Ph: 8569 2129, Email:

April 3rd Men’s Breakfast. 8:30am–10am. River Bar, Mannum Community Club May 1st Scrooges community shop opens next to the Mannum Visitor Information Centre 1st Men’s Breakfast 8:30am–10am. River Bar, Mannum Community Club

Weekly Passenger Service Mannum to Murray Bridge For information or bookings: 18 Alma Avenue, Murray Bridge SA 5253 Ph: 08 8532 2633


6:30pm Mannum Mens Discussion Group.Mike McDowell. 8569 2818

Every Three Months

Last Wednesday

Mannum Sundry Sale and Auction Mannum Showgrounds Sunday 6th, 10:00am Contact: Kim Loechel Phone: 0427 054 336

Mid Murray Support Services Contact MMSS for details about these special events.

9:30am Prayer & Bible Study, and 10:30am Friendship Group, River Word Christian Centre, 3 Greening St. 8569 1333

Alternate Fridays

Phone: 8569 2541

Anzac Day Dawn Service The Monument Wednesday 25th, 5:55 am Followed by a dedication service for the Wall of Remembrance. Then to Mannum Community Club for sausage sizzle breakfast. Cost $2.

10:00am–3:00pm The Hall, 5 Greening St. 8569 1643

Noon Mannum Mag, Showground. 8569 2385

2012 Community Calendar MAY Easter Breakfast and Community Worship Market/Trash’n Treasure Arnold Park Mannum Showgrounds th Easter Sunday 8 Sunday 6th, 9:00am - 2:00pm Breakfast from 7:00 am Free Admission. Sites Available. Service from 9:00 am Contact: Irene Lovell Black Hill Bingo Black Hill Public Hall Sunday 22nd, 1:00 pm


7:30pm Mannum Show Committee, Showground

1:30pm Senior Citizens Club, Club Rooms. 8569 2795 7:30pm Neighbourhood Watch. Leisure Centre. Coordinator Russ Dellow 0428 813 201

Palmer Gem & Mineral Craft Fair Palmer Oval Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th Contact: 8569 2262 Biggest Morning Tea Mannum Bowling Club Wednesday 9th, 10:00am Devonshire Morning tea and lunch. See page 20. Cost: $10 Mannum Lions Auction Mannum Showgrounds Saturday 26th 10:00am

Mannum Leisure Centre Opening Hours Mornings Mon to Fri: 8:00 am - 12 noon Sat: 9:00 am - 11:00 am Afternoons Mon to Fri: 3:00 pm till close of program or activity Squash courts, gym, and cardio room available at all opening times. Stadium, Clubroom and Meeting room are available for hire. Further information: 8569 0185 Pam Cutjar, Centre Manager

Activities: Basketball, netball carpet bowls, card games, gym, tai chi, squash, tennis, soccer, roller disco, Mannum Movers exercise for the 50+ and Zumba. Mon: 5pm to 6pm Drama Class 6pm to 9pm Mixed Netball 6:30pm Zumba Tues: 5:45pm Aerobic & Fitness Instructor Wed: 6pm to 7pm Mixed Soccer Thur: 9:30am Mannum Movers 5:45pm Aerobics 6pm to 7pm Mixed Vollyball Fri: 6pm to 8pm Roller Disco or Family Fun Night in alternate weeks

Every Thursday: Mannum Information Centre  Pine Park Murray Bridge Depart Arrive Depart Return Mannum 10.00am Murray Bridge 10.45am Murray Bridge 2.30pm Mannum 3.10pm 1st and 3rd Tuesday: Mannum Information Centre  Pine Park Murray Bridge Mannum 10.00am Murray Bridge 10.30am Murray Bridge 1.30pm Mannum 2.00pm

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Mannum Mag Issue 67 April 2012  

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