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July 2008

Mannum, South Australia 5238

Issue number 26

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Beijing Bound

Mannum Residents Meet and Eat with Local State MP

Former Mannum Student in Beijing Paralympics

“The job of a citizen is to keep their mouth open.” Gunter Grass

saw a lot of open mouths during a recent dinner at the Mannum Club; however to be fair to the sixteen diners, best table manners were always evident, whether those present were eating or speaking. The idea of a ‘meet, eat and speak with your local MP’ dinner was cooked up by the very civic-minded Joan Kreiser. Joan’s intention was to provide an opportunity for a group of Mannum residents, irrespective of their political leanings, to spend time with our state MP in a convivial setting, with a format which afforded each person the chance to speak about issues of individual or community concern. Among this unusual Mannum mix was our local Chemist, Top Deli owner, a university graduate and her pharmacist partner, a farming couple, one half of R ’n R, a brilliant gum leaf player, a retired teacher, CHIPS coordinator, two principals, a nurse and an OAM. Completing the order of ‘odd’ dinner companions was the Member for Schubert, Ivan Venning, accompanied by his Media and Research Advisor, Susie Reichstein. This combination made for a hearty community hot-pot. While Joan openly declared her position as the new President of the local branch of the Liberal Party, she made it clear as consommé that the dinner was not a Liberal recruiting drive. It was to be an apolitical gathering, with more of an alphabet soup flavour, out of which it was hoped community concerns


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might be clearly distilled. We each had five minutes to speak; general discussion would follow. Words poured forth and a rich concoction of topics emerged-viz. the need for a regular bus service to transport people around Mannum and Murray Bridge; additional support to meet transport costs for people requiring health services at a distance from Mannum; outreach support for lonely, elderly residents; the increase in traffic in the main street and the potential impact of new housing developments on traffic flow; concerns about current methods of student evaluation which discount non-academic qualities and skills. The issues of water, the state of the river, the ferry service and the question of whether to bridge or not to bridge were, as always, simmering away in the background; however since these high-profile issues were accepted as being of significant ongoing focus they were left on the back burner so that other concerns might rise up. One such issue which bubbled into a robust and multi-flavoured discussion was that of HECS debts and the enormous financial pressure these debts place on young individuals and couples. This led onto the topics of full fee paying international students and current skills shortages. Another concern was the lack of services and options for young people, particularly in respect to their leisure time.

irrilee McPherson, who was a Mannum resident and student until she completed Year 12 and sought employment elsewhere, has been selected to represent Australia in the Paralympics in Beijing this year. Kirrilee suffers from mild Cerebral Palsy but it was found that she had talent in track events and will compete in the 100m and 200m events. Kirrilee’s parents, Judy and Garry taught at Mannum for many years and would be remembered by many students and their families. The Mannum Progress Association is supporting Kirrilee by holding a Progressive Dinner on Saturday July 12th to raise funds for her trip. Information and details can be sought from Irene Lovell or Carol Greening. Two raffles are also being run in conjunction with this. Prizes can be seen and tickets purchased at Mannum Hair Designs or Mannum Craft and Collectables. GOOD LUCK KIRRILEE!


Carol Greening

his month we will start a new, feature page: Mannum Matters. It will be devoted to the discussion of local issues. This will be an opportunity for you to express your views on major local issues. Desired changes in the community can involve all levels of Government, Commonwealth, State and Local, so resolution takes time, patience, discussion and a willingness to cooperate. Compromise is often reached when people feel that their views, opinions and concerns are heard. You can initiate a debate by contacting Mannum Mag via a letter to the Editor or one of the contact numbers published on the back page. The new topic, and where possible a background story, will be published in the preceding issue. If necessary the discussion of some topics will be extended beyond a single issue.


Topic for the August issue Should a skate park and BMX track be provided in Mannum? See page 26 for the background story. We want this to be a forum for debating the issue. It will work best and to the advantage of our community if it presents a diversity of views. Take control of the issue. Join the debate and assist in achieving a resolution that has the greatest benefit to the community and support within it.

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Editorial First Things First his issue introduces four firsts without reducing any of our regular features.


Tight Lines Please welcome Andrew Hill and Jacob Strauss. They will be writing a new column revealing some secrets for successful fishing. If you have any tips that you are willing to share, contact them. Read their new column, Tight Lines, on page 9. 100 Word Challenge Did you read all of last month’s issue? Of course you did; and there you read about the 100 Word Challenge. We have our first response. While most of you were still thinking about your entry, Peter Weir wrote his. Read it on page 3 and then start writing yours. Mannum Matters The pièce de résistance for this issue is our new feature Mannum Matters. Read the introduction on page 1 (Isn’t that where you started?) and the background article for the first topic on page 26. The background article for the first Mannum Matters topic was written by Gabriella Cowan, the first article for our new reporter. Next month, the Mannum Matters page will be devoted to your views on the skate park issue. Any comment, either for or against the proposal, will be valuable. All the pros and cons provide information that lead to an informed discussion within the community. Comments on the perceived need, alternatives, funding and location would be particularly useful. I almost forgot to mention this. We also have a new police constable. Meet Kim Gower on page 18.

Deadline 25 July 2008 for publication in the August issue

It’s A Puzzle Dear Editor, I always look forward to Mannum Mag, and specially the puzzle. But last month it was a horror! I think you must have got the letters wrong. I couldn’t get anywhere near 24 words, and only got 6. One of them isn’t in the Dictionary, so could you check it please and give us the right letters. Thank you. Myra J Caleder

[Sorry. See page 28. Using the published grid and following the rules, I can get 8 words: fort frow rolf roll rotl troll trow wort Relaxing the requirement to use the letter R, I can get 6 more. flow fowl loft toff toll wolf Editor.]

Seeking Respite from Sanctuary Dear Editor, We raised no objections to this new development, but the down side of this is affecting the nearby residents. 1. The dust arising from the site works is not good. We are restricted on when we can enjoy the outside. as we have greatly reduced lung function in one member of the family. 2. The dirt has made a mess of the walls of the house and all goods under the veranda. We cannot clean the house as we are not physically able to do so. 3. What is affecting our garden is quite disastrous. We are plagued by grasshoppers, up to 5 cm in length. We have had them identified and the only way to eradicate them is to spray weekly when they are around. This spray is a poison and should not be used where native bees are feeding. Nor should animals be let out within 3 hours of spraying. These pests are in the pine bark and soil so the truly safe way of ridding ourselves of them is to remove all foliage and the top soil, much as has been done to

The viewpoints and opinions of the Authors and Artists that appear in Mannum Mag do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the Mannum Mag Editors, staff and/or affiliates. Mannum Mag assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this publication.

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develop the building site, which is why they have migrated to the nearby gardens. This is way beyond our means being aged pensioners. To date we have lost all our boundary bushes, all ground cover surrounding the edge of the garden as well as several other plants, and we are not over it yet by a long way. We are finding it difficult to spray due to the lung problems but will have to persevere if we wish to have any garden left. We have contacted Sanctuary on Mannum several times to see if help can be given, but to date have had no response. We will do what we can to save our garden but the aged pension does not allow any quick answers for us. If anyone has any ideas would they please respond via your magazine, they would be gratefully appreciated.

incredible staff and much loved doctors, all achieved by mutual nurturing of community and hospital as one unit. Financially, the community input over the years has been astronomically generous, but this again is owed to the love and esteem in which we hold our local hospital. May none of Mr Hill’s kith or kin have the misfortune to need urgent care while out in country SA, as they may just end up in “Shit Creek without a paddle” with this new doctrine. Sincerely, Valorie Bottroff [Ms Chapman read the letter to the Assembly, creating such an uproar at the last paragraph that it made the TV news reports on channels 7 and 10. That’s what I call “taking control of the issue.” Editor]

[Name supplied]

Proposed Hospital Downgrading Dear Editor, May I share with our community the contents of a letter which I wrote to the Hon Vickie Chapman, SA Opposition Spokesperson for Health Dear Ms Chapman, I feel that there is something inherently wrong when an elected Government discriminates against a large portion of its constituents - in this case, much of rural South Australia - with what can only be viewed as political skulduggery having targeted mainly Liberal areas with its downgrading of hospitals. Rural hospitals are without a doubt, the heart and hub of any country town, and with each downgrading less people will populate country areas. Sadly, Mr Hill is oblivious to the meaning of - CommunityCommon Unity - and believe me, SA is full of it in a way most urbanites wouldn’t understand. We have been blessed with a great hospital here in Mannum, To accommodate a wide range of comments, short letters have more chance of publication. Longer letters addressing important matters will not necessarily be excluded. In general, aim for about 100 to 150 words, or less.

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 26

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Issue Number 26

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Tuesday 10:00-11:00 am Tai Chi (advanced) 11:00-12 noon Tai Chi (beginners) 6:30-7:15 pm National Karate Juniors 7:30-8:45 pm National Karate Seniors Wednesday 10:-12 noon Carpet Bowls 12:30-4:30 pm Card Games 4:00-5:00 pm Junior Basketball, 5-12 years 6:30-7:30 pm Aerobics Thursday 9:30-10:30 am M a n n u m M o v e r s Genteel Exercise Class 6:00 pm onwards Social Mixed Badminton, Table Tennis, Indoor Tennis Friday 6:00-8:00 pm Roller Disco As advertised, alternate Fridays (Excluding school holidays)

If your Group, Committee or Club has regular meetings leave the details at the CHIPS Office or e-mail

Squash courts, gym, and cardio room are available during the hours below. Mornings Mon, Wed, Fri: 8:00 am - 12 noon Tue, Thur: 6:00 am - 12 noon Sat: 9:00 am - 11:00 am Afternoons Mon to Fri: 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm Further information:

8569 2534

Pam Cutjar, Centre Manager MMCSS Calendar

Mid Murray Community Support Services

Pop in any time between 10am-4pm at 39 Randell St Mannum or call us on 85692129. Weekly Programme Mondays 1pm-3pm Art Classes with Rosa Milano, 10 weeks 6pm-9pm MYOB (on demand), 10 weeks Tuesdays 1pm-4pm Starting out on your Computer, 10 weeks 5pm-6pm Belly Dancing (at Mannum Club) Wednesdays 9am-12pm Digital Story Telling (on demand), 6 weeks 1pm-4pm Getting the Most out of your Computer, 6 weeks 6pm-9pm Getting the Most out of the Internet, 10 weeks Thursdays 10am-12:30pm Craft Group Knitting, crochet, sewing 1pm-3.30pm Craft Group Beading, scrapbooking, cardmaking Adult Literacy and Numeracy, are available on demand. Please register your interest

Monthly 1st Monday 9.45am Combined Probus, Mannum Club 1st Tuesday 7.00pm Art ’n Soul, Mannum Club 2nd Monday 1:30pm Mannum Red Cross, Hospital Day Care Centre. 7.30pm Neighbourhood Watch, Senior Citizens Centre 2nd Wednesday 9.00am Shared Stitches of Mannum Quilting Group. Ph. 8569 1035 2nd Thursday 7 . 3 0 p m S h o w C o m m i t tee, Showground 3rd Tuesday pm Palmer Card Day, Lutheran Hall Palmer. Ph. 8532 2255 3rd Wednesday 7.00pm Meditation Evening, Day Centre 3rd Thursday 11.00am RSL, Mannum Community Club 4th Thursday 7.30pm Progress Association, Mannum Community College Staff room. All welcome. Last Monday 1.30pm Hospital Auxiliary, Meeting Room, Esmerelda Street Last Wednesday 6.30pm Mens Discussion Group, Day Centre Weekly Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10.00–3.00 MHAL, 5 Greening Street, Mannum. Ph. 8569 1643 Tuesday 9.00am Weight Watchers, Hospital Day Care Centre. Ph. 8569 1123 Tuesday & Friday 8.30am Walkie Talkies, Lions Den, Show Ground Other Alternate Wednesdays 8.00pm Mannum Town Choir, Uniting Church Hall. Ph. 8569 2295 Alternate Fridays 1.30pm Senior Citizens Club, Senior Cit. Rooms (Rear of Leisure Centre). Ph. 85692795 or 0437797231 Showground Expo Programme in conjunction with Sunday Showground Market & Trash ‘n Treasure Sunday 3rd Aug Sunday 7th Sept Sunday 5th Oct

Quilting Expo Photography Expo Gardening Expo

2008 PUBLICATION DEADLINES Submission For Publication in: Deadline (12 noon) July 25 Issue 27 August 5 August 22 Issue 28 September 2 September 26 Issue 29 October 7 October 24 Issue 30 November 4 November 21 Issue 31 December 2 Christmas Pageant Edition Special Visitor Edition Issues Email: Telephone: 8569 2295 (Elf), 8569 8112 (Denise), 8569 1879 (Jo) Drop in to: CHIPS Office Mannum Information Centre 39 Randell Street, Mannum 6 Randell Street, Mannum Ph: 8569 2129

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For Sale TREADMILL Repco Fitness Track Runner Treadmill Great Condition. Not used anymore (Still have manual) $800 negotiable. Please phone after 5pm weekdays Anytime on weekends. 8569 2454 or 0427 406 500

Announcements MURRAY BRIDGE COUNTRY MUSIC CLUB Contact Brian Albino for details about the July activities. 8535 4317. The June puzzle was a real puzzle, but this is the real puzzle for June. Sorry, Ed.

How many words of 4 or more letters can you make with these 9 letters? • Each word must include the letter in the shaded box • One word includes all 9 letters Mannum Football Club Calendar July 2008 5th Rnd 13: Mannum Bye 12th Rnd 14: Mannum vs Imperials

Dance Lessons to prepare for the Mannum Football Club Formal

19th Rnd 15: Mannum Bye

F A W W R T L E O Score: 24 Good 36 Very good 47 Excellent

The Mannum Roos Formal

26th Rnd 16: Tailem Bend vs Mannum To the Community Club for tea August 2008 2nd Rnd 17: Mannum vs Imperials Back to the Footy Club for tea

Function TBA

9th Rnd 18: Mannum vs Jervois

Miss Roo

16th Rnd 19: Meningie vs Mannum Back to the Footy Club for tea

MHAL Calendar The MHAL is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, to all who wish to drop by.

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Mannum Mag

Issue Number 26

DISTRICT CHURCH SERVICES For Mannum congregations LUTHERAN 79 Cliff Street (ph: 8569 2863) Mannum, Sundays 9.00 am, Sunday School 9.45 am during school terms. Everyone welcome.

MMCSS From the Coordinators Desk hat an exciting time to be involved with M id Murray Community Support Service, a busy past month with courses, events and visits. On the 11th June we ran a CPR Update course, this runs for ½ a day, with popular St. John’s instructor Bob Menadue. The CPR update and Senior First Aid courses are organised by demand, so if you require these please contact us and we will make it happen. Mr. Venning MP honoured us with a visit on the 12th June. He was given a tour of our organisation and was very interested and impressed by the projects we have ‘on the go’ and ‘in the wind’. Particularly the proposed Adult Learning Centre, which Mannum desperately needs. We are pleased to have Mr. Venning’s support. On the 17th September we will be going on a Factory Outlet Shopping Trip by bus. Cost is $40.00 per person, this includes the bus fare and lunch. Numbers are limited so it’s essential to secure your seat early. A fantastic opportunity to get some serious retail therapy, and if demand for these trips proves to be popular there will be more to come. We are always open for suggestions!


The Beanie Competition has been held again this year; proceeds go to Camp Quality Charity. The beanies have provided a colourful display in the Front Office. Watch this space to find out who the talented winner is! We will be hosting a High Tea on 2nd September at the Mannum Club. This will be High Tea with a difference, matching different varieties of tea with food, a very interesting concept. Contact us to secure your place if interested. The High Tea will be held in conjunction with Adult Learners Week, during the first week in September, when we will be holding an Open Day as well. This is the perfect opportunity to come in and have a first hand look at our programs. We are currently running, Computer Courses, Art Classes and Craft Classes at 39 Randell Street and Belly Dancing at the Mannum Club. Coming soon to compliment our existing program will be Basic Cooking on a Budget. Once again, keep in mind that if there is a demand for courses on a particular subject we will endeavour to make it happen, so don’t be shy! Marion Wilson, Coordinator

The 100 Word Challenge

A Fatal Blow t had been a single, vicious stroke. There could have been no doubt of its intention. The result was there before his eyes. Was it really his fault? It had been the continuous, nagging, presence which had caused him to snap. What to do now, that was the question. Leave the result for another to find and pretend innocence or try to hide the evidence? He stood irresolute, with the result of his moment of temper still and broken before him. In a moment he was decided, he returned the fly swat to its place and resumed breakfast.



Corner of Greening Street & Walker Avenue (ph: 8569 1187) Mannum, 1st & 3rd Sundays 11 am, 2nd & 4th Sundays 9 am

ANGLICAN 6 Adelaide Road (ph: 8165 0313) Mannum, Sundays 10.30 am ASSEMBLY OF GOD Greening Street (ph: 8569 1333) Mannum, Sundays 10.00 am BAPTIST William Street (ph: 8278 3992) Mannum, Sundays 10.30 am SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST

17 King George St (ph: 0419 855 941) Mannum, Saturdays 9.30 am, Sabbath School 11.00 am

CATHOLIC Mau Street (ph: 8531 1699) Mannum, Mass: 1st Sunday 9.30 am, all others 8.30 am

PUZZLE ow many words of 4 or more letters can you make with these 9 letters? • Each word must include the letter in the shaded box • One word includes all 9 letters



35 Good

53 Very good










70 Excellent

T.O.T.T Notes fter a very successful mid-year Variety Show, T.O.T.T. is able to donate more than $10,000 to the Hanson Centre for Cancer Research. What a great effort! Congratulations to everyone involved in its production! Generally, at some time during each of the performances, an auction of paintings and works of art is held. In the audience one night was a man whose 47 year old daughter Karin, was a patient in Daw House. (Southern Adelaide Palliative Care Services.) He knew how much his daughter loved landscape paintings especially with gum trees, and his bid was successful for one of T.O.T.T. member Liz Filsell’s beautiful art works. After the Show, he told Producer Helen Holliday (Holly) and Liz about his daughter, and he gave it to Karin the next day which was Mother’s Day. Sadly she died two weeks later, but her wish was to share the beauty of that painting with everyone who came to Daw House so T.O.T.T. donated and inscribed the $250 painting as a tribute to Karin, and so it now gives joy to many.


Elfrieda Wallant

Peter Weir

Mannum Mag August 2008 issue Deadline 12:00 noon, Friday 25th July Issue Number 26

Mannum Mag

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Henry Ford dreamt about Henry last night. The TV was full of global warming and the petrol crisis and I really shouldn’t watch the news at bedtime. I guess it set me to thinking what Henry would say about all that. When I was a teenager my grandparents and my aunt took me south of the Canadian border to Detroit to visit the Henry Ford Museum. In those days Henry was regarded as a founder of modern prosperity, the originator of modern motor transport and also assembly line production. That was assumed to be a good thing. In the 1950's the pundits were confidently predicting that modern production methods were about to guarantee us a bonanza of consumer goods and a 20 hour work week. What happened? How times change. I think Henry had our best interests at heart and I’m not sure it’s all his fault that we’ve ended up this way. I can also remember when


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modern snowploughs allowed our town to stay open all winter. Until then it had been the train in and out until the snow cleared. We sure thought it was a good thing. I suspect we went over the top with mechanization and technology. A new thing is not necessarily always better. But that seems to be the human way. I’d like to see a new subject in our schools. (After all, whenever we want to change the future we pick on the school system so why should I be any different?) I’d like to see our kids spend a few hours a week gardening the old fashioned way - with a shovel and hoe. No petrol driven or electric appliances, no petroleum based chemicals - no tractors. I’d recruit Peter Cundle clones for teachers. Let the kids grow things that taste good raw and eat their produce- snow peas, melons, carrots. Later let them get into worm farming and sustainable soil fertility, crop

rotation, etc. once they had a taste for gardening, so to speak. We just might encourage vegie gardens in our back yards that would give up better food than the supermarkets, better exercise than the play station and a clearer understanding of cause and effect than turning a key in the ignition. There are two old fashioned technologies I would see brought back if I ruled the world - elbow grease and shank’s pony. At the moment they’re very undervalued. But I don’t see my name on a ballot for World Ruler, so I suppose I’ll just do what I’ve always done, complain about the politicians and hope for something better.

Mannum Mag

Vivian Garner

Counselling Are you struggling with difficult issues? ! Have you thought about counselling? ! Counselling may give you some clarity. For an appointment contact Ruth Abbott !

Diploma of Professional Counselling

8569 1187

Issue Number 26




FREE QUOTES PHONE TONY Mob: 0407 846 867 Tel: 8569 1373 I Like Poetry ot the pretty kind, my favourite poets have some bite in them. There’s a fellow called A. E. Housman, better know for writing about cherry blossoms. But I relate to his more sceptical stuff. Like this quotation The laws of God, the laws of man, he may keep that will and can. Not I, let God and may decree laws for themselves and not for me. Their deeds I judge and much condemn yet when did I make laws for them? … Though both are foolish, both are strong … So keep we must, if keep we can these, foreign laws of God and man. I don’t think A. E. wanted much to do with politicians or churches. But he took it with a sense of humour. Now that’s a cynic I can like - not always agree with - but then what good is a friend who always agrees with you. You may as well settle for an echo. Poetry is a kind of shorthand that does away with the pretense. You can really get to know a poet. Poetry happens when people get down to the core of it


Issue Number 26

Mannum Mag

- whatever “it” is at the time. Poetry strips away all the preliminaries, the justifications, the research and reports, the politics, and just spits out what the poet is thinking or feeling, at least the ones I read. Housman is a mixed bag of beauty and bitterness that I can really relate to. This man can in one poem give such a hair-raisingly beautiful description of the world as “the ship of sunrise burning, strands upon the eastern rims” and in another, speak of life and say “I’d face it as a wise man would and train for ill and not for good.” I’d say he was inconsistent if I hadn’t sometimes felt the same way myself. I have a different approach to solving the conflict. I’ve decided to give God the benefit of the doubt but I realise that - like the poet- there’s a bite in Him. Vivian Garner

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Should a skate park and BMX track be provided in Mannum? Introductory story and photographs - Gabriella Cowan

Mannum Skate Park Youths Start Petition interviewed three young boys Chris Scanlon, Jayden May and Sam Waters who started a petition approximately seven weeks ago. They have collected nearly 700 signatures by themselves. The boys are worried about having a place to ride their bikes and skate boards. These young people want a safe environment to ride and skate board, somewhere that’s easily accessible to the whole community.


Solving the issue of the skate park for the youth of the Mannum community seems like a very long distance plan. By the time the local and state government actually listen to these young people they will have moved onto bigger and better things. I hope that the community gets behind these inspired young people’s idea. They have done this off their own backs, with their parents support. In some communities it takes years. Some of the public concerns are: • Where will the money come from? • Will enough kids actually use it? • Is the cost justifiable? One of the other issues being raised is safety. Parents want to know where their children are. The state of the old school grounds is a perfect example of

the lack of supervision. Who will be picking up the bill for that? I’m pretty sure the whole community. According to Steve Hicks the principal of M a n n u m Community College, the facility needs to be somewhere that isnear a shop, toilets, phone, and in a public space. Steve Hicks commented that whilst there is a great need for a skate park, which he fully supports, it will not for fulfill the needs for all the kids. That is, not all the kids will want to use a skate park. We also need to be careful that, if a skate park is built, we don’t just tick the box that says ‘Yes, we have done something for the youth in the town’, and ignore them from then on. Other kids also need stuff to do. He thought that maybe 20% will use the skate park. What about the other 80%? I also spoke to Robin Bourne from the Mannum Council. His initial comment was that some people will remember the previous committees that have been formed. Eventually interest is lost as the progress is slow and youth who start proceedings grow older; there is an ebb and flow of support, until the next generation. The possibilities of this going ahead rely on the support of State Government funding and Council and community support.

Jayden May I would like a skate park in Mannum to keep people out of trouble and maybe if we had one earlier the old school wouldn’t have got trashed. Page 26

It took three years for Shane Thompson, a youth worker, to muster the support and get the skate park in Murray Bridge. Mannum unfortunately does not have that resource, due to once again luck of funding in a very vital area that should be a very high priority for the community. Even that does not automatically mean the children will get the skate park.

bikes don’t seem a like an option any more for this cotton wool generation.

The photographs show how the kids have been using their energy and time at the old school grounds to make their own informal ramps and jumps.

There are a few options for the location of the skate park. One is the old space that is by the pipe line, as pictured, but some parents do not like the idea because it’s hidden away. Other possibilities are on the river front or next to the Leisure centre. There was also a proposal for a mobile skate park mounted on a trailer, available for other communities to use, such as Cambrai and Palmer. As for other recreational activities the options are pretty limited for children in town. Sure its fine in summer they swim, ski, wake board, and enjoy water activities in general, but the decline in the state of the river is going to cause a lot of that to become an issue. In winter there is football, netball or golf, if they are budding young Tiger Woods. But unfortunately it’s no longer acceptable to give them as much freedom as previous generations: fishing, hunting for rabbits, riding horses, and motor

Chris Scanlon One of the main reasons I want this skate park is for something to do in my spare time. This will also stop kids from vandalizing Mannum just to make their own jumps and ramps. Mannum Mag

Obviously they are using whatever they can find, but with a bit of help and supervision this could be a place that is a lot less of an eyesore. The Council has shown support for this type of venture but obviously they will need sponsorship to help with the funding.

Here’s to helping the community do something to help the youth of the town achieve what they started before it becomes a plight for yet another generation. If anyone in the community has any comments or ideas please e-mail or leave your letters at the CHIPS Office.

Sam Waters I want the skate park to keep kids out of trouble and stop them from riding around at night.

Issue Number 26



GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE IF WE DON’T HAVE IT IN STOCK, WE WILL GET IT FOR YOU. Know How by Net Secretary Microsoft Word Selecting a Font Size ow do I enlarge a font size above 72? Can I change the font size to 20, even though the Font Size box only gives me the option of choosing 18 or 24?


The answer to both questions is yes. It’s true that in the Font Size box in Word, 72 is the largest font size listed there. As well, some programs in some versions don’t have the full list of font sizes in that box. Issue Number 26

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Lions Club of Ridley


eautiful weather provided an ideal backdrop to a great fun event staged by the Ridley Lions in the Black Hill Hall on Sunday May the 18th. Visitors, including well remembered past district resident Heather Payne, came from Murray Bridge for the crazy Mad Hatters Tea Party. As well as the inevitable best hat competition there were games and raffles. Afternoon tea, a sumptuous affair was provided by Lions members and helpers. On arrival, attendees were given a cup and saucer to use for tea and coffee, other refreshments were BYO. “Crunch time” came at the conclusion of the afternoon when all were invited to smash their crockery in the “Trailer of Destruction” just outside the building. Teapots collected with the cups and saucers by members over many months were available for purchase for a nominal sum, all being available for smashing or taking home. Most enjoyed smashing the old pieces but many were bought to be spirited away and appreciated. Lions wish to thank the many who help when called upon. President of the Black Hill Hall Committee and past Lions member Dell Henderson received the warm thanks of members for her extensive assistance! A sum of $200 was raised for the Lions Charity Activities Fund. April the 19th heralded the Lions ANZAC Dinner Dance, a celebration of peace, which was enjoyed by about 90 patrons in the Nildottie Hall. First and third courses were provided by Lions members and partners, the main course was presented by Neville Hahn Catering of Waikerie. Many complimentary comments were received about the sumptuous food provided. Sonya Friebel of Nildottie provided the dance music, numbers on request, from her extensive music collection while Nildottie Hall Committee members operated the

bar. Members of the local RSL attended and conducted a short ceremony of Remembrance of the Fallen. Lions funds benefited by about $1000 from the occasion. Lions were called upon to cater for a clearing sale at Swan Reach in April which was a great fund raiser for the clubs Charity Activities Fund. The auctioneers advised that an estimated 350 clients would be attending so we stocked with provisions for 400 just to be on the safe side. Imagine our surprise when about 1000 clients arrived and demanded to be fed. As 11 am approached it could be seen that we would have to rapidly obtain further supplies and members were dispatched to Swan Reach, Nildottie and Waikerie to buy as many sausages, bread and burgers as could be found as well as extra soft drinks A move which saved the day and our reputation. The Lions Charity Activities Fund benefited by over $2000. We wish to thank First National for the opportunity to participate. Ridley Lions donated $200 to the Swan Reach Area School Black Swan (Pedal Prix) Racing Team, $300 to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, $250 to the Lions Hearing Dogs Association and $250 to the Salvation Army and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The Swan Reach Progress Association was given $250 towards the cost of a new rainwater tank to be installed at the Swan Reach Hall. In August the Ridley Lions plan to celebrate 30 years of service in the Mid Murray Region with a special dinner to be held at the Swan Reach Hotel. We need some new members to come and enjoy the fun of being a Lion, call membership officer Tony on 8570 1068 or ask any other member for details if you would like to join in.

President Bill Stevenson of Angus Valley wore a very comical hat to the fun filled Ridley Lions Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Marion Wilson, Co-ordinator of Mid Murray Support Services and CHIPS at Mannum and President of the Black Hill Hall Committee with Granddaughter Skye enjoying the fun at the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Enjoying the the Mad Hatters Tea Party at the Black Hill Hall are Viktoria Johns and Dell Henderson both of Black Hill and Helen Hennig of Cambrai. Viktoria works part time for Mid Murray Community Support Services, Dell is Secretary of the Black Hill Hall Committee and Helen is a Lions member and Secretary of the Black Hill CWA.

Geoff Hennig, Publicity Officer

With a very straight throw, Emily Friebel of Nildottie enjoyed crockery smashing in the Trailer of Destruction.

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Mannum Mag

Issue Number 26

A BIT OF R ‘n R [Reflection & Rumination from Rod & Ruth] As the deadline for our July column drew near we both admitted to feeling a bit stuck for something to write about. "Nothing much has happened round here lately" said Rod, in a languid tone reminiscent of the master of ennui, Pa Kettle. "Yea, Pa, you're right, things been pretty quiet" said Ruth, doing a poor impersonation of Ma Kettle. And suddenly there it was! The Ma & Pa Kettle movies were a series of misadventures that usually befell the hapless Pa. Did Pa unwittingly draw the dramas to feel life's energy? Did Ma need to be Pa's rescuer to feel she had a bigger purpose than just managing her large brood? How do scripts like these play out in our lives? This got us thinking. Ruth: I remember the moment I met the young man who would become my (first) husband. I'd just started Teachers' College, having left high school behind with only memories of fleeting infatuations and not a single boyfriend to boast about. Not that my non-attachment was an issue. I was actually quite shy around males. However, over those summer holidays after graduation a guy I'd noticed during endless days at the beach, asked me out. I felt anxious and nervous. He picked me up in his mum's meringue coloured Morris 1100. We went to the pictures. He was quiet, polite, sweet and, I quickly decided, a bit boring! He asked me out again. Not knowing how to say ‘no thank you', my second ever date was a double date with a College friend of his. That friend picked us up in his silver GT striped 2 door Monaro. It was slick, stylish, fast. That friend was charming, lively, risk taking. That friend became my husband! Our life was never dull. It was full, frenetic, sometimes fabulous, but definitely not relationship or family friendly. And the dramas! How I often wished for quiet and boring. When I met Rod, 30 years after that life defining moment, I was just beginning to understand the ‘unconscious' motivations of my earlier choices. Rod was a bit like the boy from the beach. He asked me to the pictures. He was quiet, polite, sweet. Boring? Part of me wanted to say ‘no thank you' to a second date; but the part of me that was growing in self-awareness understood that the ‘boring' person was in fact me. I had needed a partner who was dynamic, energetic, a risk-taker. I was addicted to drama [tension, anxiety, vigilance] because that was all I knew about relationship. Stable and peaceful felt (unconsciously) uncomfortable. Rod and I have struggles and tensions but they are worked through without causing damage. We don't need drama to give us energy; nor do we need a managed ‘peace' to contain our anxieties. Our life is never dull, even if it is quiet and uneventful. It can also be full, frenetic, fabulous. It is always relationship and family friendly. So, are we just two boring people who finally found each other? Maybe, but what we know now is that whether life is a drama or boring play, we are the scriptwriters.

Rod: Too much information! A little girl asks her mum, "What's a Eunuch?" Mum explains in detail, in the most modest way she can, the intricacies of the birds and the bees. When she is finished the little girl, looking very puzzled says, "Why then do they say on the TV cop shows; attention all Units!?" Excess! All we want is a cheese sandwich and a cuppa tea. Instead we get rocket and endive with avocado relish on haloumi fried cheese, on a wood oven baked wholemeal, gluten free foccacia, and a double skim milk, cinnamon covered, de-café Brazilian chai, sweetened with blue gum honey and a dash of lemon! Expectation! I guess it has something to do with the nature of my job. All the special occasions like weddings and funerals and public rituals like blessing the Tour Down Under require careful attention. I have the privilege of exploring deeply the issues in people's lives and in the community, then finding symbols and words to suit each moment. In a sense I'm expected to create drama. I have this deep need or drive to make things special. What I am discovering is, that special and simple are very similar. Looking back over my part in RnR columns I see I have certainly shared my struggles and dramas and given deep, meaningful and special reflections. Probably too much information sometimes, possibly excessive sometimes, and with too much attention to the expectations I have perceived, so you are left wondering what's next for RnR? I realise with Ruth too, that I have often tried too hard to make things special by creating situations and dramas. While we both appreciate those things sometimes, what has become special is an actual lack of drama. Times like talking and listening to the things that we have been doing, watching telly too much, sleeping in, tea and toast in the morning, house-work, budget, familiar things, everyday simple, almost boring things. I am finding more and more that relationship is a place to be tired, quiet, lazy, excited, grumpy, friendly, cluttered, free, deep and shallow, all without too much drama. Simple and not boring, these are the days of our lives.

We believe there is a huge addiction to drama in our society. It's everywhere, we are bombarded by it. There are, of course, dramas we have absolutely no control over; but there are also many that we actually create in our lives, our relationships, our families, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes intentionally. When the days of our lives starts to feel like The Days of Our Lives it may be time to look in the mirror and ask some questions. What is really going on within me that needs this drama? Would life feel boring without it? The script is in your hands. You can always rewrite it to be Bold and Beautiful! Rod is a U.C.A Minister and Spiritual Director,

Ruth has a Diploma of Professional Counselling

TREE & STUMP REMOVAL & GARDEN SERVICE • Felling, Lopping, Trimming, Pruning of trees • Narrow Access Stump Grinding Machine,


• Slashing PHONE JOHN: 0416 308 020 or 8569 1958

• Hydraulic Log Splitting • Firewood For Sale

Issue Number 26

Mannum Mag

Page 23

GrowSA Expansion Into the Murraylands


row SA is proud to announce the establishment of our Murraylands office. Grow SA is the new statewide arm of the Virginia Horticultural Centre, offering many services to growers and other members of the horticulture industry across South Australia. The new office is situated at 9 Randell Street, Mannum. With the region offering such diverse agriculture industries ranging from Br oadacre farm ing, D air y, Horticulture and Viticulture, and this town with a long history of river trade and far m machinery manufacturing, it is ideally suited for the Grow SA office. Centrally located, Grow SA will service clients from as Far as Cadell through to the Murray mouth and all areas in between. Grow SA’s new regional coordinator Therese Reeves will be operating the office. It will be open Monday to Friday. 9am -12am. At all other times she can be contacted on phone 0407 796 295 or 8569 1763. Terese is the newest member of the Grow SA team. Terese is far from home and the chocolate brown paddocks of the North West coast of Tasmania. A daughter of a Tasmanian potato farmer, she has moved to the region in the last few years with partner, farmer and local resident, Robert Stephens. Grow SA has many services to offer, one being our training program. Currently we are promoting our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, for which you can receive recognition for previous hard work and skills. Grow SA has already had some Murraylands farmers in the training program. The training is based “on farm” where possible, thus saving time and money for all

involved. Terese can come out to your property and discuss your options for RPL. RPL is a good back-up plan for those unsure of future employment, and an opportunity to earn some off-farm income, with a RPL certificate to secure that employment. Grow SA is also currently involved with the “Manage Today, Plan for Tomorrow” program which offers assistance to horticulture irrigators to help assess their options and manage their business during reduced water availability. IT’S FREE, confidential and one-on-one. Again, all available “on farm”. Terese Reeves will be implementing our healthy eating ‘Grab 5’ program into rural schools. As well as eating and cooking, children learn about safety, food preparation and nutrition. Look out for her in your nearest Primary School! Terese is available for you to express your views, grievances and problems. Grow SA can also help with any advice you need available government grants, drought assistance forms, strategic planning, value adding, packaging, marketing and other agronomical advice. Grow SA has been admitted to the Ausveg Board, so now, we can represent growers at the highest level. Grow SA has over 850 direct growers already on our membership list and still growing! Membership is


Vehicle performance in one location 1-3 BERRYMAN AVE MANNUM Phone 8569 1602 Mob: 0408 813 268 Wayne & Jo-en Tabe Nathan Strauss, Colin Neville, Scott Rathjen, Clint Warhurst

free and available to all within the farming/rural community.

Feel free to come visit our new office or alternately give Terese a call. She is more than happy to come to you to discuss your requirements. Mob: Office: Fax: Email:

0407 796 295 08 8569 1763 08 8569 1372

Mannum Hair Design 57 Randell Street MANNUM 5238 (08) 8569 1732 WE VALUE YOU AS A CLIENT IN OUR SALON Page 24

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 26

Chippy Chatter HIPS had the pleasure of hosting our second Friendship Lunch for 2008 on 4th June at the Mannum Football Club. Thinking back to the first Friendship Lunch, held at the Swan Reach Hotel with only 24 attending, I reflected on how rewarding it is to see the lunches grow to be so popular. This year 90 guests attended our 24th Friendship Lunch; it’s just too much fun to miss out on! From 11:00 am the Mannum Football Clubrooms started to fill with our clients and volunteers. It was a chilly and frosty day, so everyone was keen to get themselves into the clubrooms. The venue proved to be outstanding, a warm and inviting space, with plenty of room to move and with easy access. This time the Friendship Lunch had a football theme, which was supported by many. With the team colours proudly worn by the faithful, an enthusiastic rendition of the Crows song, and the Footy Quiz, it was quite evident the ‘Footy Spirit’ is well and truly alive in Mannum. We were entertained by ‘Elf


From the Lions Den t the last Club meeting, funds raised over the past twelve months were dispersed. $9,900 was donated to local Groups and projects. A portion of funds raised will be donated to Lions International funds for humanitarian aid. The Lions Youth Exchange Programme arranges visits for young people from overseas countries to live with a host family for a short time, and next month Lion Barry and Lions Lady Joy Burdett will be hosting a girl from Germany. The Club’s hand over dinner will be held on July 8th, when District Governor Tony Bransbury will induct Dave Dowley as President and the new Board Members.


Wally Hammond

Issue Number 26

and Margie’ with various tunes that were familiar to most. The yodelling was marvellous, a technique that only few can master. The happy guests rewarded the musicians with applause. We then enjoyed a most delicious meal, prepared by the talented cooking staff of the Mannum Football Club. An overwhelming response of approval swept the room when the meal was served. A job well done! It was great to see the President Jock Krause getting in amongst it on the fryers, and the washing up! A special thank you to Mick Heward for coordinating the catering, your efforts are appreciated immensely. I would highly recommend to anyone organising a function to seriously consider the Mannum Football Club as a venue. You can’t go wrong. Then more entertainment. ‘The Swimsuit’, beautifully delivered by Joan Kreiser, was received with enthusiasm, hitting the ‘funny bone’ of the guests, with laughter filling the clubrooms. It was definitely a piece to remember. The biggest thank you goes to all that made the effort to attend. Without you, we would not be able to provide you with a fun day out. Marion Wilson, Coordinator

Got time on your hands? Tired of pottering about the house longing for something to do? Want to put your skills to good use?

Young, old, in between - the Mannum Dock Museum & Visitor Information Centre needs you! Whether you’re a long term resident of Mannum or new to the area you are welcome to join us. Sparing as little as half a day a month would make the difference to our busy centre. The Visitor Information Centre is open 7 days a week and there is currently a desperate need for volunteer staff during the winter season as many of our regular volunteers flock to the warmer climates. It’s a great opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in and around Mannum. As well as customer service in the Visitor Information Centre, jobs to be done in and around the Museum include database entry to catalogue the collection, building and construction work of exhibitions and displays, general yard maintenance and so much more. Volunteering on PS Marion is a lot of fun. As well as crewing there are many non operational roles to be filled including Galley Hands, Waiting Staff, Cleaners and House Persons, Ticket Sales and General Maintenance. So whether you enjoy working alone quietly or dealing with the public, there is something for everyone. Drop in and speak to one of our Coordinators or telephone 8569 1303. Ailis Cooke

The Cottage Window

Recipe for A Happier Day Ingredients 1 cup friendly words 2 large cups understanding 3 heaped tables. time & patience 1 handful of humour Dash of warm personality Method Carefully measure words, and add the cups of understanding. Use generous quantities of time and patience. Cook on front burner, keeping temperature low. Do not boil. Use warm personality with gentle humour to taste. Season with spice of life and serve in individual bowls.

Come in and browse Stay and enjoy a coffee, light meal or Devonshire tea Beautiful range of gifts - including ƒ gift packed toiletries ƒ glassware

ƒ teddies ƒ throws

and much more Free Gift Wrapping Open 7 Days You can count on friendly, reliable service from Sharron, Barrie, Joy & Staff

73 Randell Street, Mannum 5238

Ph: 8569 2316


Mannum Mag

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Out Of This World

Summer, Sandhills and Sea

Astronomer’s Corner

(with grandchildren at 28 Mile Crossing, Coorong NP 2004)

eading away from any massive supernova blast is, as one would expect, a mass of material, nuclear in origin and travelling at or near light speed. Our universe is made up by the method of the synthesising such star matter during the end days of stars. Supernova explosions are commonplace in the universe though few are seen because of our outer location on the spiral arm. In 1963 a new word appeared in scientific literature that being the quasar (Dictionary of Astronomy, Pan, 1979). A little later, in 1967 the pulsating emission of a pulsar (p. 162, 1982, Muirden) was discovered. Proving to be sources of powerful radio emissions quasars, of which 600 sources are known, are described as active nuclei or centres of extremely distant galaxies (p. 596, 2004, Sky watching). Quasars are seen as point sources of light, in some cases emitting more light than a hundred supergiant galaxies (Dictionary of Astronomy, Pan, 1979). Moving away from our line of sight at nearly 90% the speed of light these objects are said to be the youngest extra-galactic objects we can observe. Much uncertainty exists about the size of quasars or quasi-stellar objects as they maybe among the most powerful energy sources known. The nature of our physical world must include these objects, as they exist at the extreme limits of our understanding of such objects. It is thought that quasars may be a product of the early universe, which may help to explain why there are not many around, at least as many as say nearby galaxies. Pulsars on the other hand are best described as an active regular pulsing source of radiation almost certainly attached to a neutron star. A neutron star is one that has had most of its material compressed into neutrons, possibly after a supernova explosion (Dictionary of Astronomy, Pan, 1979). If not for the moon and the deterrent of the cold evening air, a clear night will give views of the major planets near the end of the month with Jupiter and Venus being very bright. Don’t forget the planet rise and set times are in the weather section of the Advertiser, daily. If you want to know more about quasars and pulsars these two web sites are a good start. Frequently Asked Questions About Quasars


ver the sand the wind runs free, flowing and folding, filling and falling, scooping hollows and skidding up hillocks. Niamh and Connor lean into the wind, climb the steep, slippery sand between coastal wattle mounds. Once on the crest, they cannot resist tumbling and screaming down the clean slope, filling pockets and pants with sand again and again, and again, and again …. From our evening camp as the sun sank behind high white dunes, the children were amazed that they had created those deep shaded hollows on the drifting surface. We explained that this dune had once been a crossing to the beach for fishermen’s 4WDs and dune buggies. Churning wheels had ultimately tipped the balance. The track was now for feet only. Next morning we walked that track over desert-like expanses. Delicate night creatures had crisscrossed the wind-smoothed sand - lizards and beetles, birds


and a fox - drawing new highways between spinifex hummocks. Down to the inter-coastal flats we strode, four against the wind. Down between calcified roots pointing fingers to a cobalt sky, over crumbling shell and driftwood litter to the fore-dune which protected us momentarily from the roaring Southern Ocean. We crested the narrow dune … and came face to face with four fishermen, parked right there where we emerged. Right there, with long rods set into the beach, they waved stubbies at us and we waved back. Their deep tyre tracks rutted the long beach just above tide-line, where the hooded plovers lay their eggs and a myriad of microorganisms play out their lives; tracks that disappeared in the mist. Soaring terns, squawking gulls, rumbling breakers and fishermen in four wheel drives imp r essed themselves on the ancient, fragile beach. Jacqui Merckenschlager

Frequently Asked Questions About Pulsars Dave Allen

Moon Phases Last 1/4


First 1/4


26 July

3 July

10 July

18 July

Pet Microchipping Day (for dogs and cats) Cost: $30-00 per animal When: Time: Location: Enquiries:

Sunday 24 August, 2008 11-00 a m - 3-00 p m Senior Citizens Clubrooms 51 Adelaide Road, Mannum Brett Stapleton. Ph: 0429 999 641

Facilities to register your dog will also be provided on this day. DH Gollan, Chief Executive Officer Page 8

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 26

Crafts & Hobbies Expo n Sunday 8th June 2008 we enjoyed the Craft & Hobbies Expo which was hailed as a great success. Many Hobbyists entered the expo with such overwhelming work, it was amazing. The local talent again did us proud with a good range of diversified work.


We again held a Popular Vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings: 1st Phil Southam for Judy Anne Paddle

We had a Coin Collection, which was incredible, a huge Dolls display (absolutely fantastic), the “Bluebird” racing boat, a Plane, china painting and many more entries.

Steamer Model

2nd Ladybird Jewelry for Jewelry Display 3rd The Skein Grandchildren for Teddy Bears Picnic and equal third Samuel Trainer & Irene Lovell for Crows


A record number of people ventured into the Dining Hall to see the display and spent time wandering through the Trash & Treasure Market. Our “Quilting” Expo will be held on Sunday, 3rd August, 2008. Rosalie Mead, Show Secretary

Teeth for life Dr. Graham Parry Dr. Emma Burgess Dr. Cheryl Koh Dental Surgeons


93 Randell St MANNUM

By Appointment Monday – Thursday – Friday Issue Number 26

Mannum Mag

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Under The Toadstool A Hunk of Humble Pie with a Wee Dose of Wisdom

or much of the past thirty years, I’ve had a copy of this ancient prayer. It has got lost in countless moves, been given to people who wanted a copy, but always seems to surface when I need a serve of humble pie or a wee dose of its wisdom. Hermann Hesse, the German author of that classic little Buddhist novel “Siddartha”, said that the true profession of man is to find the way to himself. The reflective pleas of this woman of old have given me much insight on the way to myself.

F Mannum Community Club 66 Randell Street, Mannum Phone: 8569 1010 – Fax 8569 2700 Email: Website: FRIDAY 11



ARKIVE 60'S - 80'S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Playing in sunroom FREE ENTRY 7:30pm - LATE SAT 19



BERNIE & THE BANDITS Cabaret style country music Playing in dining room Bookings Essential 7:30pm - LATE FRIDAY 1



17th Century Nun’s Prayer


ord Thou knowest better than I know myself that I am growing older and will someday be old. Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion. Release me from craving to straighten out everybody’s affairs. Make me thoughtful but not moody: helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom, it seems a pity not to use it all, but Thou knowest Lord that I want a few friends at the end. eep my mind free from the recital of endless details; give me wings to get to the point. Seal my lips on my aches and pains. They are increasing, and love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by. I dare not ask for grace enough to enjoy the tales of others pains, but help me to endure them with patience. dare not ask for improved memory, but for a growing humility and a lessoning cocksureness when my memory seems to clash with the memories of others. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be mistaken. eep me reasonably sweet; I do not want to be a Saint - some of them are so hard to live with - but a sour old person is one of the crowning works of the devil. Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places, and talents in unexpected people. And, give me, O Lord, the grace to tell them so.



men. Elf

Mannum Ice Works

PARTY CATS Featuring Peter Tilbrook from Master Apprentices 50'S & 60'S Rock ‘n’ Roll Free Entry 7:30pm - LATE

Serving the Mid Murray Block & Crushed Ice Firewood

Agent for Kleen Heat Gas Bushman Tanks

BINGO WITH BETTY Upcoming dates are 10 th July 24 th July 7 th August Starts at 1 pm

Contact Brian regarding rebates for water saving devices and plumbing rebates on tanks

Ph/Fax Bus 85691813 Ph/Fax A/h 85692040 Props Brian & Jayne Bormann 81 Adelaide Road, Mannum SA 5238 Page 22

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 26

Communities for Children

Tight Lines

Activity Report


t’s been a very busy and exciting term at Mannum for the FACSIA funded Communities for Children initiative. Family Fun Day

This day, held at the Mannum Football club early in May, was filled with FREE activities for families: including face painting, interactive mural, children’s obstacle course, football, canvas painting and a visit from famous entertainer Dan Burt. The Mannum Football club also supplied some yummy sausages. Free workshops

Workshops on story telling and a well attended Kinesiology workshop at the Kindy were held during May and June. Little Bugs

They are still meeting at the Mannum Kindy every Wednesday 10 - 11:30 am. This program provides an opportunity for parents/carers and their children to have fun singing and playing, as well as an opportunity for parents to meet and familiarise themselves with the Kindy facilities.

Community Hubs

Money has been spent in setting up Hubs in the community with new toys purchased for Mini Movers and Mannum Kindy, which includes the Playgroup and Toy Library. I hope you have an opportunity to check out their new gear! Coming Up

There will be FREE courses on

Family Fun Time and Caring for your kids: First Aid for Children.

In the school holidays a Family and Children’s Community Notice Board will be installed near and managed by the operators of ‘Mini Mini Mo’. This will provide a location where families new to the area or those that have just had a baby to come to find out what is happening for children in the Mannum area. More information will follow in the next edition of Mannum Mag. For further information, please contact Suzie Jokic, at Murray Mallee Community Health Service on 85356800 or

ver the coming months we are going to talk about general fishing knowledge such as fish species, baits, tackle and fishing locations where we’ve had success. We hope you enjoy reading our column as much as we enjoy fishing. If you have any fishing tips, hot spots or general fishing information please forward it to As we enter the winter months the amount of fish being caught has decreased due to the colder water temperatures, so the right location, tackle and baits are critical to enhance the number of possible fish being caught. A favourite hotspot of ours is on the walkway directly behind the Mannum bowling green. On the second week of June we headed to this location around dusk, fished for a couple of hours and landed 13 nice sized carp; one tipped the scales at 8lb (4kg). The best fishing rig is the paternoster rig, shown at the right. We recommend the use of size 5 bait-holder hooks and a 45 gram sinker using fresh bread as the bait (discarding the crust). Using light line and small hooks you are assured a good contest. As well documented, the European Carp is a poor table fish and is mainly known as a sport fish throughout the fishing world. During the 1960's, carp illegally imported from Germany into Victoria, escaped into the Murray River when farm dams were flushed by floodwaters. The Boolara and Koi strains are the most widespread and have the most impact in Australia. Four strains of carp are known to exist in Australia: Boolara, Yanco, Prospect and Koi. Due to their impact on the river system throughout Australia the European Carp is a noxious species therefore it must not be returned to the water, dead or alive. See you on the wharf, and remember … Tight lines.


Andrew Hill & Jacob Strauss


Mannum Rowers Success in Championships


our members of the Mannum Rowing Club attended the Australian Masters Rowing Championships on Nagambie Lakes in Victoria from May 29th to June 1st this year. 750 rowers represented 65 Clubs from all Australian states; their ages ranged between 27 and 82 years. Competition was keen, as former Kings Cup and Olympic rowers battled it out. Dean Mobbs, rowing for Riverside, had no rest between some races, and did well to win a Gold Medal in a mixed eight 55-59 age. He also won Gold in a mixed four in the same age group, Silver in a mixed double scull, and Bronze in the men’s quad scull. Mobbs also won Bronze in the 60-64 age four, and Silver in the 65-69 age four with Max Lindsay and John Banks in the latter event, winning two more Silver medals for Mannum The only woman rower representing Mannum, Claire Banks, competed in 6 events, gained Issue Number 26

4 Gold Medals and coxed one crew for a Bronze. Max Lindsay and John Banks went under by 1.3 seconds in the 70-74 coxless pair for Silver. Lindsay won Bronze in a 65-69 age mixed double scull with a member of the Leichardt Rowing Club. John Banks won Gold in the 75-79 age men’s double scull with Dick Bales from Bairnsdale, then again in the same age group single scull. This win qualified him to compete in the Champion of Championships, for which he won Bronze. Unfortunately Banks sustained a gash to his leg and was therefore unable to compete in the 70-74 age double scull with Lindsay. This was a great disappointment as, coached by Dean Mobbs, they had trained hard alongside Brian Borman and Dennis Bock. Mannum Rowers are now in winter training and would welcome any new members for a social row on Sunday mornings at 7.30 am.

WOOLSHED Gallery 3 Randell Street, Mannum Fine Art and Selected Furniture Open Weekends and Public Holidays 11 am – 4 pm

John Banks

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† Choristers Corner † “It Don’t Mean A Thing” h Nostalgia! Who can remember later as more popular than Bing the big band era? The band Crosby. Another, known for his leaders Glenn Miller, Count Basie, musical ability was Freddie Gardiner, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, a master of the saxophone family and Artie Shaw and others. What about the clarinet. In America, while everything some of the great instrumentalists such as Harry James, Gene Krupa, appeared to be congenial there was Lionel Hampton, Lester Young, discrimination particularly in the Benny and Artie and so many more? South. As early as the late twenties it It was the time when jazz was the was possible for black and white to record together. It was not possible popular music of the day. Much of the actual music came from for such to occur in live the Broadway productions of the time performances. Artie Shaw broke the and the films produced in Hollywood. barrier when he hired Billie Holiday Composers of the day included the as band singer. So did Benny Gershwins, Jerome Kern, Richard Goodman when two of his quartet, Rogers and Lorenz Hart, Cole Porter Teddy Wilson and Lionel Hampton, and Irving Berlin. The style of music were black. African Americans still had changed from the rather stiff had to enter through the kitchens of operetta style of those such as the night clubs and couldn’t ask their Rudolph Friml and Sigmund friends to come and hear them. There Romberg to a lighter more American were other forms of discrimination form. The stories were still largely too. Glenn Miller made it to the rank froth and bubble both on stage and of Major. Artie Shaw, who was film. One of the first to move to a Jewish, made it to Chief Petty Officer. more sober note was Pal Joey and it Lester Young, who was black and smoked marijuana, made it to the was not a success initially. The gaiety of the music in the prison compound where he spent thirties, particularly for brief twelve months and received a moments, distracted people from the dishonourable discharge. For all this we still listen avidly to severity of the consequences of the the music of the time which brings economic Depression. In Australia we were not so familiar happy memories of times past, the bad with the American stars although times forgotten as images of parties they were known. Bing Crosby was a and dances, listening to the radio and household name because of his films. playing fragile records all come This all changed when the Yanks flooding back and we are lost in came to town after they entered the nostalgia. Peter Weir War in 1941. Even our own home Guest Columnist grown product began to adopt the musical style that the Americans Mannum Town Choir is enjoying heard at home. Early examples were its new rehearsal daytime slot on Graeme Bell and Frank Coughlan. Mondays at 3:30 pm. It is good to see The Australian ear was more new faces, as well as faces from the familiar with the sounds of Harry past. Welcome! Karla our Music Roy, Geraldo, Ambrose, Victor Director gives us lots of helpful voice Sylvester and Ray Nobel, who went techniques, and we are preparing for to the US from the UK and formed a performances a little later in the year. band there with the help of Glenn All singers are welcome. Cost $2. If Miller. Individual stars were not so you would like us to sing at your well know but everyone knew Al event, big or small, give us a call. Bowly who was voted many years Elfrieda Wallent 85692295.

Mannum United


Locally owned & independent

FUEL & HIRE EQUIPMENT Why buy a tool when you only need it for a couple of hours. Whether you are looking to demolish or build, improve or maintain you can Gear Up with the right tool for the job at Mannum United Service Station.


Jack hammer Hammer drills Rotary hoe Lawn corer/aerator Lawn thatch remover Generators 600w to 6.5kVa

Bookings should now be made in advance. Contact Brenton & Brett on 8569 1207.

Joke of the Month A man regretted choosing bacon instead of cheese to have with his hamburger. He thought it was the rasher decision.

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A formal night full of class, music and dancing at The Mannum Football Club

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¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

Half day, full day and long term hire rates available.

The Roo’s Ball 19th of July 2008, from 7:30 pm till late Sensational Supper Provided, $20 per person Mid Year Presentations Cocktails Live Band and DJ Happy Hour Jodie Weibreicht H: 8569 2234, M: 0438 871 235

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Lot 1 Greenshields Road Younghusband (opposite Kia Marina) Issue Number 26

Meet your local ANZ Financial Planner Troy Mickan Troy Mickan is qualified to help you in a number of different areas including: • • • • • •

Tax effective investing Borrowing to invest Superannuation Retirement planning Rollovers &redundancies Life & income protection

Troy Mickan ANZ Financial Planner 27 Bridge Street Murray Bridge Phone: (08) 8531 2697

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What the Doctor Ordered? n Tuesday 27th May, Doctors, Professors and Junior Doctors from Monash and Flinders Universities descended on Mannum and enjoyed a two day “GP Convocation”. They attended workshops in the Barn Conference Centre at the Mannum Motel, followed by an enjoyable evening at Café Mannum for dinner and speeches. It was a very pleasant and rewarding evening for all concerned. This conference was attended by over 50 people who stayed at Issue Number 26

in Mannum at either the Mannum Motel or the Mannum Caravan Park.


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Mannum Garden Group e now have in excess of 50 members who attend with the common interest of gardens (not always gardening!). Our programme to date this year has taken us to Murray Bridge, Palmer Hills and the Adelaide Hills. We have listened to some very interesting guest speakers on garden-related topics and have been made very welcome at local gardens here in Mannum. You might be one of those people with a garden that you would like to share with others. If so, we would like to hear from you. For example, water restrictions have encouraged many people to recycle their grey water and set up very efficient systems for this process. You might have one operating. There is always something new to be learned and the fellowship which evolves is most worthwhile. We look forward to hearing from you.


CAFÉ MANNUM Licenced Café

WINTER WARMER MENU Homemade Soups Curries Casseroles $7.50 Until the end of July Relaxing Friendly Atmosphere Overlooking the Murray Indoor/Outdoor Dining

Café Mannum In the Motel Complex 76 Cliff St Tel: 8569 1808

Carol Groth, ph: 8569 1251

Mannum Matters on the Menu [From p. 1] While possibly a bit out of left pot, I raised the issue of the emotional health of the community drawing attention to the multiple costs to individuals, families and communities when personal lives are out of balance. R ’n R went verbal! However I felt less ‘potty’ when Mannum Community College Principal, Steve Hicks spoke of how the school community is currently asking the question, “What sort of young people do we want our students to be when they leave the school?” What a profoundly important question to ask! Two topics which got many mouths open were the future of the old primary school site and the longstanding issue of a skate park. In what felt to me a timely drawing together of several issues into a rich tapestry of possibilities, Marion Wilson, coordinator of CHIPS put forward a visionary idea for community consideration. “CHIPS has a dream - we would like to see a community centre incorporating a men’s

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shed, youth centre, cooking facilities, skate park and computing area.” The old primary school site was named, and broadly supported as an ideal location; however both Marion Wilson and Steve Hicks pointed out that acquiring the property for community use would be difficult. Nonetheless the CHIPS vision captured the collective hopes of those present. Ivan Venning, who listened attentively throughout the night, finally got his chance to open his mouth. Ivan said that he had found the evening very worthwhile, hearing issues that had not before come to his attention, along with many good ideas. Naturally he could make no promises; however his understanding of issues that matter to Mannum was greatly increased. Ivan also encouraged people to get involved in the political process by joining their local branch of the party they supported. He spoke of the costs of apathy and political disengagement. Over the years I have

complained about the political process, feeling anonymous, just one among the vast voiceless and unheard. This attitude almost kept me from going to the dinner. However as I later reflected and ruminated about the evening [as any reader of A Bit of R ’n R would know to do] I came to see that the learning for me was about the democratic process itself - I have a part to play if I want my concerns and ideas to be heard. Our democratic process relies on people, like you and me, being willing to stand up, speak out

Mannum Mag

and find a way to be heard! So good citizens of Mannum there’s plenty for us to discuss and speak up about. Let’s open our mouths, respectfully and thoughtfully. We can hardly complain about politicians not listening to us if we don’t have anything to say! Thanks to Joan Kreiser and Ivan Venning for making this evening of ‘democracy in action’ possible; and to the citizens who were willing to open their mouths to give voice to issues that matter to Mannum. Ruth Abbott

Joan Kreiser, Ivan Venning, Marion Wilson and Maureen Courtesy of Ivan Venning’s Electoral Office

Issue Number 26

Do You Wanna Dance Social Dancing in Mannum very Monday evening at the Mannum Club a group of us meet for social dancing. We join in a mixture of Old Time, Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue dances. The group is ably encouraged by Ron and Connie Collier who contribute their skills along with the skills and dance favourites of the group. We often meet for a meal but from 7.30 onwards we join in social dance. For part of the evening we learn and practice new dances. These dances are popular around the Saturday night circuits in the country


Issue Number 26

areas and provide a lead in for venues like Wonderland Ballroom in Adelaide. Recognising the step from learning to dance and feeling comfortable with social dancing can be daunting, we have decided to provide time from 6.30 til 7.30 to pass on our knowledge of basics. Newcomers can build a repertoire of dances so that they might feel able to join in these social evenings. While none of us are teachers we want to share our knowledge with the emphasis on social dancing.

Whether you are an accomplished dancer or wanting Mannum RSL to learn, we invite you to show Sub Branch your interest by joining with us on Monday nights from 6.30pm uly 17th is the next meeting at the Mannum Club. Couples and a sausage sizzle will and singles are welcome. Phone follow and all are welcome. 8569 1187 for details. Korea Day is on Sunday 27th Proposed Monday night Programme July at the Monument at 1050hrs for 1100 Service, then back to 6.30pm Dancing basics and the Community Club for building a repertoire refreshments.


7.30pm 8.00pm 8.30pm 9.30pm

Mannum Mag

Social Dancing Learning New Dances Social Dancing Close

The Badge

Rod Mann

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PS Marion Enjoy a unique experience cruising the Murray River aboard the historic 111 year old vessel – PS Marion, the last steam driven, wood fired, overnight passenger carrying side paddle steamer in the world!

MURRAY RIVER CRUISE MANNUM TO SWAN REACH AND RETURN 5 days / 4 nights Celebrating Paddle Steamer Oscar W’s Centenary PS Marion accompanied by Oscar W* Monday 22nd to Friday 26th September 2008 Cost: $800 per person twin share Inclusive of all meals & secure car parking Book online now at or telephone 08 8569 2733

When the River Runs Dry Exhibition Coming Soon to the Mannum Dock Museum - Free Entry Unified we proclaim the Murray River remains open for business! Whilst we cannot ignore the negative impacts of the low river level, it’s not all doom and gloom for the people of South Australia. Depicting four key themes of exposure, survival, opportunities and revelations the Mannum Dock Museum Group presents an exhibition of objects and images sourced within a few hundred metres of the Museum.

Mannum Red Cross Branch News he Mannum Red Cross Branch held its Annual General Meeting on June 10th at the Hospital Day Care Centre. There were seven members present and two visitors: Mrs Dora Eisen and Lynda Pfeiffer, the Regional President and Secretary. Dora gave us an update on the region and then took the Chair for the election of officers. President Margot Thomas Vice President Rae Bottroff Secretary Judith Quast Treasurer Lois Parker Financial Checker Shirley Schutz Disaster Officer Rae Bottroff Arrangements for the next Card Luncheon on July 24th were made. The meeting closed with afternoon tea. Total raised for the year was $5645.37. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Hospital Day Care Centre at 1:30pm.


Therapeutic Massage

Polarity Therapy

E.F.T. (Tapping Techniques) Shell Essences & Remedies Home Consultations Available

Bowen Therapy Reiki

Ph: Shery

8569 1825

Rae Bottroff

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Real Estate Mannum News Elders Real Estate No 1 Agency Website in Australia Reaching more buyers with Elders Real Estate Mannum

Contact the Award Winning Team for all your Real Estate Needs

Upcoming Clearing Sale Saturday 2nd August 2008, 10:00 am Details available soon at our office. Call in for a brochure.

Sanctuary On Mannum As you can see from the photographs, the first of the new homes in the Sanctuary on Mannum Retirement Village are well and truly underway. Call in or give us a call for more details on this refreshing new retirement village designed for living life not retiring from it. Homes available from $205,000. For more information on any of the above topics or for all your real estate needs talk to the friendly, professional team at: Elders Real Estate Mannum RLA 46286 Ph: 8569 1003. Rob, Jim, Marc, Ros & Danielle

MID - MURRAY SELF STORAGE Marquees - Digital Jukebox - Karaoke Trestles - Chairs Pie Warmer - BBQ’S - Urn Party Lights - Umbrellas

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6 WALKER AVE. MANNUM PHONE 8569 1726 MOBILE 0408 813 726

Issue Number 26

Phone Errol: or Tammy:

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Mannum Police ith the end of the holiday period in the Mannum District the number of visitors to the area has reduced. There have been 21 Incident reports taken for the month from the 13th of May to the 13th of June. Thefts 7; Property Damage 4; Breaks 4; Attempt Breaks 2; Assaults 3; Breach Domestic Violence restraining Order 1 Several of the thefts are from locked vehicles where the item stolen has been on view inside the vehicle. The number of breaks suggests that a person or persons are in the area and obviously behaving suspiciously. Members of the community are again encouraged to contact the police anytime they see someone acting suspiciously or are in areas they shouldn’t be in. Call 131444 at the time, or as soon as possible.


Introducing Constable Kim Gower annum Police have a new member replacing Constable Alex Davis who transferred to Meningie earlier this year. The new member to the staff is Constable Kim Gower who writes:


“I started at Mannum Police Station approximately two weeks ago, having previously worked at Norwood Police Station, Hindley Street and Adelaide Patrols. I am Constable Kim Gower finding Mannum a change of pace and have already come across some of the friendly local characters who are hopefully indicative of the spirit of the wider community. In recent times I’ve enjoyed visiting the river in Mannum, staying with friends who own a house on the river. It is a pretty country town with the benefit of being close to a large regional city and not too far to easily visit Adelaide. I grew up in the Adelaide Hills area, living on property for most of my life with horses. I have travelled throughout much of SA and interstate in pursuit of equestrian competitions with my horses, including with success at National level. Along with my family, I have also bred and sold horses that other people have competed on with excellent results. Later this year I am getting married and my husband-to-be has a standard answer to the question “When are you getting married?” He always laughs and says “One week after the bucks show!” I believe that everyone has a story to tell and that most people can teach you something, either a specific skill, piece of knowledge or simply something about people. I hope to learn new things while working in Mannum.” Sergeant Mick Towie

Contacting Mannum Police Urgent emergency assistance call 000. For police attendance call 131 444. If you need to contact us for other matters either visit the station or call 8569 2211. This may be answered by the Murray Bridge station. They will contact us by radio and then we will contact you. Your police are available 24 hours a day. Emergency 000 Police attendance 131 444 Mannum Station 8569 2211

he July meeting will be held in the Mannum Senior Citizens Centre. This meeting will be our first AGM and all positions will be vacated for nominations and election of Area Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer. The guest speaker will be Inspector Howard Davies who will be talking about his experience as a police officer and in particular working in the AP lands.


Tony Eversham

Mannum Country Fire Service ach month we will report on the incidents and activities of the Mannum CFS Brigade. Our professionally trained CFS volunteers give of their time and expertise to protect life, property and environment, contributing to a safer community for all. In addition to the incidents listed below the Mannum CFS Brigade has collectively undertaken approximately 45 hours training in the past month. May - June (9 Incidents) 14/05/08 Reed Fire - Reedy Creek, Caloote. Incident Man Hours = 49.12 20/05/08 Road Crash Rescue - Bowhill Road. Incident Man Hours = 21.45 21/05/08 Road Crash Rescue - River Lane, Mannum. Incident Man Hours = 5.36 23/05/08 Road Crash Rescue. Stop called - Hamilton Street, Mannum. Incident Man Hours = 1.12 24/05/08 Tree Fire - Belvedere Road, Mannum. Incident Man Hours = 1.15 06/06/08 Car Fire - Albert Street, Mannum. Incident Man Hours = 8.38 07/06/08 House Fire - Thiele Road, Pompoota. Incident Man Hours = 8.16 07/06/08 Tree Fire - Belvedere Road, Mannum. Incident Man Hours = 1.20 08/06/08 Follow up inspection, tree fire - Belvedere Road, Mannum. Incident Man Hours = 1.20


Next Meeting Monday July 14th 7:30 p.m. in the Mannum Senior Citizens Centre All welcome, especially new members. Tea and coffee available after the meeting.

Total Man Hours for the Month = 98.34 Terry Schutz Captain, Mannum Country Fire Service

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Mannum Mag

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Showground Expo Mannum Agricultural Society Inc. he July EXPO in the showground dining hall showcased more of the abundant talent lurking in Mannum. Displays of needlework, embroidery, machine and hand sewn articles, knitting and crochet were there in all their glory for all to see. Viewers were again asked to vote for their favourite exhibit. Results will be published in the next Mannum Mag. A feature of the EXPO was the display of wedding gowns covering a span of 100 years. These beautiful frocks proudly displayed lace and beads and sequins painstakingly hand sewn in place. Of interest also was the display of mostly modern christening gowns and outfits but included was a pure cotton gown bought with precious coupons in 1941 from Buckley’s and Nunn, Melbourne and an even older frock from approximately 1918. EXPO Number 4 will feature quilts and quilting on August 3rd and the organisers are looking for as many quilts as possible for this exhibition. Entry forms are available from Irene Lovell at


Craft Curios and Creations at the top of Randell Street and from Berrie Skein on 8569 2385. There is no fee for entry but the form is required to assist with the allocation of display space. The EXPOs have been well attended and fostered much interest in the varied articles on display and admiration of the wealth of local talent. The exhibits have been painstakingly arranged and attractively displayed. If you haven’t attended an EXPO yet, you are missing out on some very interesting items - paintings, woodwork, models (planes, trains and boats varieties), embroidery, jewellery, ironwork and even a complete set of pennies. Come and see for yourself! After quilting on 3rd August, there will be a Photography Expo on 7th September and a Gardening Expo on 5th October. Berrie Skein


Antique furniture and collectables

Restoration Quality Restoration of all timber furniture Chairs. Tables. Sideboards. Meat safes.

Upholstery Furniture - Lounges. Chairs. Antique & Contemporary Styles Automotive - Original & Custom Retrims. Speed Boats. House Boats. Contact: Terry Schutz Pfeiffer Rd. Mannum E Phone 0407 390 010

E Fax 8569 1789

Wedding gown on display at the Showground Expo

Issue Number 26

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Mannum History Group couple of interesting articles concerning the old primary school building have appeared in the ‘Standard’ recently. The Mannum History Group has long been concerned about the preservation of this building as its history is so rich. Can you imagine children knitting warm clothes for soldiers in April 1940, or receiving war saving stamps instead of books as Page 14


prizes at speech night in 1941? By 1957, enrolments had grown to over 350 all apparently crammed into the one stone building, and it was inevitable that ‘temporary’ buildings were added. How temporary is temporary? Maybe as early as 1960 the valuable and labour intensive stone building for our children was an historic icon never to be repeated. The History Group is aware that the Council has the preservation of heritage in its

vision statement and is preparing to develop a policy, though we have not been invited to contribute at this stage. Our delegates to the ‘Friends of Mannum Walking Trails’ have just finished a new walking brochure, similar in content to the draft released at Christmas, but now professionally designed. It will be worth picking up one of these when they are available as it describes the rich history we have in this town. Remember – people visit us because we are

Mannum Mag

unique, not because we are a carbon copy of other towns. The more heritage we can keep and utilize, the more unique we become. Kay Stevenson

Issue Number 26


The 3 R’s of Recycling 1 - Remove lid

OPEN Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am – 12, 1 – 4pm

2 - Rinse 3 - Return for refund

All Clean Deposit Cartons, Cans & Bottles Accepted

Saturday 9 - 12 CLOSED Wednesday, Sunday and Public Holidays

New Depot NOW OPEN - 103 Adelaide Road next to United Service Station

Weight Watchers Watch Their Weight ave you found that your weight has gradually crept up over the years? Have lifestyle changes or medication brought about a weight increase? Have you tried to lose weight on your own by following every published diet without success? These are the reasons why most of us joined the Mannum Weight Watchers. We meet at the Day Care Centre of the Mannum Hospital every Tuesday from 9:00am till 10:30am. Weigh-in is from 9 o’clock, followed by a very informal meeting where we share experiences, ideas, information and recipes. The atmosphere is nonthreatening and fun because we support and encourage each other in our efforts to reach our goal, we set ourselves or in consultation with a doctor if there is a health issue. Slimmers who have reached their goal stay on to maintain their weight and continue to share friendships. Men and women are all welcome. We have just celebrated our Issue Number 26


38th Birthday with a lunch at the Mannum Motel. Annual prizes were given out for most weight lost in one year. 1st prize Marissa Foster 2nd prize Vici Cook 3rd prize Joan Howie A special prize was given to Ken Heinrich. See you next Tuesday. Contact Rhonda on 8569 1123 or just drop in. Rhonda Curtis

Mannum Mag Large Print Edition isually impaired readers wishing to receive a copy of our Large Print Edition need to register with Leonie at the Hospital Day Care Centre. They will hold a copy for you to collect. Ph: 8569 0219


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MHAL Report owdy again from the MHAL! Well we’ve had a fantastic month with non stop creating as well as celebrating our second birthday. This month we focussed our crafty efforts on items for sale instead of planned workshops as we had nearly run out of items for fundraising. We made lovely scissor-holders with scissors for sale at $2.50 each. We were helped along with a donation of small polar-fleece scraps from the Ground Floor which kept us busy cutting, arranging and sewing some lap rugs for our new bus and for sale. We have been fortunate to have received from local businesses, individuals and community groups materials that are great to use for craft, that would have otherwise been thrown away.


Thank you for your support and keeping us in mind. On the 9th of June we celebrated our birthday with a dinner and disco. It was awesome seeing people turning up as some weren’t recognised at first, dressed up in 70's and 80's gear. We had a great three course meal and enjoyed drawing all over the tablecloth for something unusual as we chatted and played with our glow-sticks. Music was by JOOM, who energeticly and passionately entertained with costume changes from Elvis to Meatloaf! They certainly had some ladies swooning. We had a great retro night and really enjoyed catching up with friends of the MHAL. We took the bus over to Mount Barker for a day trip. The group split off in all different d i r e c t i o n s a nd e nj o yed shopping, visiting friends or

J. R. ELIX TANKS As well as our popular, traditional range of Round, Galvanised Iron, Rain Water Tanks, (made locally the old fashioned way using solder)

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seeing a movie. we had to do some careful stacking in the bus to fit in all the shopping but the trip home was a laugh with doona’s rolling onto people and everyone felt uplifted. Retail therapy te he he ... We are looking forward to taking the bus to visit our friends in Nuriootpa (the Barossa Chat & Chomp group) for a picnic. The last picnic was great fun so we are really looking forward to this one. On June second and third, six folk attended a Mental Health Consumer and Carer meeting in Pt Augusta. Accommodation and travel were paid for by Country Health SA. It provided

Jessica Clark

Ladybird Creations Beads & Gifts ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜

Extensive Range Of Beads Hand Made Jewellery Jewellery Repairs and Re-Design Crystals Giftware Wedding and Special Occasion Jewellery Made to order jewellery Individual Tuition Children's parties Fundraising Jewellery Parties -------------------------------------------------------

Hours of Business

The colour choices for your rainwater tank are:

Deep Ocean, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Manor Red, Woodland Grey & Wilderness.

Wednesday - Sunday Monday - Tuesday

11:00am - 4:00pm Closed

Tuition - by appointment

Avoid lengthy delays Plan ahead – Order today

Cost - $5 plus materials -------------------------------------------------------

Ph: 85691203, Fax: 85698104 11 DIERCKS ROAD, MANNUM Page 16

an opportunity to meet other consumers and carers from across the state and present our views to the hierarchy of the Mental Health system and gain support for equality in resourcing of centres like the MHAL. It was a positive time. We have lots of good times at the MHAL and would love you to come and join us sometime at 5 Greening Street. Ph 85691643.

Penny Warnock 53 Purnong Road MANNUM

Mannum Mag

08 8569 2334 Issue Number 26

Mannum Mag Issue 26 July 2008  

A local information magazine produced by the Mannum Community for the Mannum Community.

Mannum Mag Issue 26 July 2008  

A local information magazine produced by the Mannum Community for the Mannum Community.