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February 2010

Mannum, South Australia 5238

Issue number 43

Australia Day Ceremony Record crowd at Mary Ann Reserve cool sunny morning with over 556 breakfasts prepared and served by Mannum Lions plus music by Dave Verrall made for a perfect celebration. Council awards this year went to Val Dixon for her voluntary work at the Mannum Hospital, to Ken Bernhardt for his ministry in the community and to Trish Uzzell who instigated the garden planting project along the Anna Street walkway. The Community Event of the Year was awarded to the Morgan Commemorative Fair which commemorated the 170th Anniversary of the 1839 Mt Bryan Expedition with a re-enactment of the expedition’s arrival in Morgan. The Young Citizen of the Year was Joel Grieger, who has just completed Year 10 at the Swan Reach Area School. Besides his active involvement in the school Pedal Prix, sporting teams and his local church, Joel was one of six finalists in the Premier’s Anzac Spirit School Prize. This


Community Awards for Contribution to Community

involved a chaperoned trip to Europe with the Governor of South Australia to visit his great, great grandfather’s grave a n d a t t e n d t h e Villers-Brettoneux ANZAC dawn service. Citizen of the Year for the Mid Murray Council area was David Lebrun who in 1999 set up ‘Big Bend by Night’ as an eco-tourism attraction that focussed on the abundant wildlife on his property. David has also been heavily involved in the Swan Reach Ambulance Service as training officer and active member, Sch o o l chairperson and secretary, President of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society and as a trainer, junior coach and president of the Blanchetown-Swan Reach Football Club. To all recipients of these awards, congratulations and well done! Geoff Skein

ustralia Day has come and gone and what a great day it was. The cheery Aussie atmosphere made a perfect day breakfast in the park, music, great weather and finished off by a ride on the Marion (at half price). A timely reminder that it is a lucky country in spite of dust, bushfire warnings, and the depressing nightly news. How Aussie is sausage for brekky, A Home Among the Gum Trees to hum along to, sunshine and Aussie flags everywhere, even on one large shaggy dog. I can usually do without presentation ceremonies but I never like to miss this one. You learn so much about your neighbours. Trish Uzzell has been contributing to the community for a long time in many ways, including planting and weeding on Anna St. She worked especially hard on the Walking Trails project and it is good to see her contributions acknowledged. Pastor Ken Bernhardt received an award for his community


work, especially with the RSL so it was no surprise that he was a Vietnam vet. But who would have known that he was a truckie in another life? David Lebrun, citizen of the year, was impressive for his tourism efforts with Big Bend by Night and his volunteer activities. But it was his Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi that really brought down the house. Joel Greiger, young citizen of the year, was following family tradition when he won the Anzac Spirit school prize. I don’t know how he managed all his community activities and a trip to Europe but with such energetic young Aussies the country is still in good hands. The Lions’ youth awards made that very clear also. There must have been some very proud parents in the park that day. I confess, I needed a nap after lunch. We retirees are allowed that. But then, I knew I could relax and leave the problems to the next generation. Vivian Garner

Mt Bryan Expedition Re-enactment Highlight at the Morgan Fair th

he 170 Anniversary of the Mt Bryan Expedition Commemoration Fair was held at the Lions’ Riverfront Park in Morgan on Saturday 12th December 2009. Original expedition family descendants attended the event including the Hon. Dean Brown MP, Mr Simon Sturt-Bray, Mr Peter Bryan and Mr Eardley Bryan from England. The event commemorated the


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1839 Expedition led by Lt. Col. George Gawler, Governor of South Australia and Captain Charles Sturt. Continued page 3

Mr Peter Bryan (descendant of Henry Bryan), Mr Eardley Bryan from England (descendant of Henry Bryan), Mrs Sue Pedder, Mr Kevin Pedder (Chairman, Morgan Community Development and Tourism Association), Mrs Rosslyn Brown and The Hon. Dean Brown MP.

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Letters to the Editor Deadline 26 February 2010 for publication in the March issue

Open Letter to Mid Murray Council 24th November 2009

Dear Dean, Last night the Skate Park Committee met to discuss current progress towards our much sought after Skate Park. We were delighted when Cr. Kerry Yeates indicated that the Council has set aside $159,000 towards the project, and has approved and put out for public consultation a proposal to establish the park at the northern end of Mary Ann Reserve, and that Council has paid for a concept plan. Several young people were at last night’s meeting and they and the others present were complimentary about the plan but would like to contribute to further discussion with the engineer as they have ideas that they would like to see incorporated into the plan. Several committee members are happy to make themselves available whenever the engineer indicates that he can meet us, so that we can look at the site and assess the proposed design features. We would appreciate this meeting being held before December 11th. We cannot say too strongly how pleased the committee members are to see the plans for the Skate Park moving forward and we re-iterate how desirable it is that a facility focussing on the needs of the community’s young is being promoted and facilitated by the Council. We also greatly appreciate the Council’s efforts to meet parents’ concerns about the visibility, safety and security of their children. We look forward to meeting the engineer in the near future and to seeing continued, significant progress towards the establishment of this necessary amenity for our youth. Yours faithfully, Rosalind Newland, Joy Marks Skate Park Committee. Steve Hicks, Principal MCC

Thank You Mannum Dear Editor, On behalf of the C.H.I.P.S organisation, I wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the residents of Mannum for their kind donations of clothing and other goods. The proceeds from the sale of these goods goes towards helping those in the community who are in need, enabling us to assist them in many ways. In recent times, the media has highlighted the plight of many charitable organisations being used as a dumping ground for people’s unwanted junk. It saddens me to have to report that the same is happening here in Mannum! As a volunteer, it is part of my job to sort through the donated items, only to find soiled clothing, broken crockery and glassware which is very hazardous, not to mention very unpleasant. This is a very time consuming task when after sorting, the volunteers have to then organise the disposal of these goods to the rubbish dump. This becomes a costly exercise and very counter productive in our aim towards helping our community. Therefore, may I ask the kind people of Mannum to only donate those items which are clean, not broken and in good working order. As a community, if we can all do our bit and work together, then those less fortunate will benefit.

ow long is it since you have:

• Had a good belly laugh? • Experienced a really good feel good moment? • Extended your friendship connections? • Listened to an interesting speaker? • Learned something of lasting value? • Enlarged your outlook/perspective? • Been involved in a great discussion? Enjoyed a ‘men only’ evening? • Experienced a good sense of group participation? • Had something you really enjoy looking forward to?

Perhaps you have thought about joining the Mannum Men’s Discussion Group, but figured it must be religious or political or just a bunch of social misfits or, heaven forbid, a speech making outfit. Wrong on all counts. It’s just a discussion group y’see; blokes like to talk amongst themselves occasionally (just like women do), air their views, hear what others have to say and enjoy a light meal at the same time. We are lucky to have the Mannum Hospital Day Centre as our meeting venue on the last Wednesday of each month, 6:30 to 9:15 pm. New members are always welcome - just come along, listen and enjoy the moment. For information - without obligation - phone Ralph 8569 1264 or Frank 8569 2244. PS: On Wednesday February 24th we are scheduled to enjoy a discussion with an RAA spokesperson on road rules and safe driving.

ickets are now available for the show dinner to be held on 26th February, 6:30 pm in Schache Hall. This dinner heralds the beginning of ‘Show Week’ in Mannum. Entertainment will be provided by Dave Verrall with guest appearances, including Tamika Godleman. BYO drinks and glasses. Tickets for the dinner at $25 per person are available by phoning 8569 2385. Group or party bookings (tables of 6) should be made to avoid disappointment. There are a limited number of tickets available, so contact 8569 2385 at your earliest opportunity.


Geoff Skein

Above: Lions Helen Hennig and Ingrid Clark preparing for Lunch. Below: Wendy Ewen selects a raffle ticket from Lion Peter Clark. Ridley Lions Seniors and Isolated Christmas Lunch at Nildottie Hall. See Page 23.

Ralph Pitman

Lorraine Grabia, CHIPS Volunteer

Mannum Mag Annual General Meeting 7:30 pm Thursday 11th February 2010

Schache Hall, Mannum Showground


Body painting day at The Hall. See Page 24.

The viewpoints and opinions of the Authors and Artists that appear in Mannum Mag do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the Mannum Mag Editors, staff and/or affiliates. Mannum Mag assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this publication.

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Show Dinner Mannum Agricultural Society

s an incorporated, non-profit organisation, we are required to have public meetings. The main event for 2010 is the

AGM. • Presentation of the annual report and financial statement. • The election of the Executive Committee. The committee includes the Public Officer/Chairperson, Editor, Secretary, Treasurer and others. • Appointment of an auditor. • Other business. To accommodate a wide range of comments, short letters have more chance of publication. Longer letters addressing important matters will not necessarily be excluded. In general, aim for about 100 to 150 words, or less.

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 43

Mt Bryan Expedition Re-enactment Continued from page 1

he expedition left Currency Creek on 26th November by land and boat arriving at Nor’ West Bend at Morgan on the 10th December 1839. The expedition was to explore the land along the River Murray to find fertile country, determine the capabilities of the river and lake for inland navigation and to travel overland North West of the Murray from Morgan. The expedition ended in tragedy. To this day it is surrounded by mystery and intrigue as to the disappearance of Henry Bryan, a young man from England, who was a house guest of the Governor. Henry Bryan was never found or declared missing, nor was a death certificate issued. The Commemoration, developed by the Morgan Community Development and


Tourism Association supported by the Mid Murray Council, was combined with the annual Morgan Christmas Pageant. His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR Governor of South Australia attended the event and enjoyed the re-enactment of the expedition’s arrival in Morgan featuring 40 South Australian Sea and Riverland scouts rowing 8 kilometres into Morgan in wooden boats dressed as sailors of the day. The scouts were joined by the Morgan Community players who were cast as the members of the expedition par ty. T heir narrative, based on the diaries and reports produced in 1839 and 1840, provided an informative and creative summary of the personal interpretations of the explorers.

The Commemoration Fair has provided the local community with a long lasting tourist attraction. An outcome of the event is the erection of the Bryan Creek Historical Lookout i n t e r p r etative b o a r d t o commemorate the anniversary. The lookout is situated on a cliff top on the outskirts of Morgan overlooking the original campsite of the expedition at Nor’ West Bend, at the Bryan Creek entrance to the Murray River. A Disappearance of Henry Bryan Trail brochure has been produced as a guide for visitors to sites surrounding Morgan or making their way to Mt Bryan, near Burra. It provides an insight into the tremendous hardship and journey of those intrepid explorers. Deb Alexander

Mannum Rowing Club Regatta

Mannum Mag Treasurer Needed A treasurer is required urgently for Mannum Mag. This is not a big job but is an important one in the life of Mannum Mag. The primary task is to maintain the accounts for our advertisers, without whom Mannum Mag could not be published. A generous, regular reimbursement is provided. Further details from Geoff Skein on 8569 2385.

DISTRICT CHURCH SERVICES For Mannum congregations

or almost all of its 100 years, Mannum Rowing Club has held an Annual Regatta. The 2010 Regatta will be held on Saturday 6th February. During the past 50 years or so, the success of local rowers in Eastern States competitions has made the Mannum Rowing Club Regatta a significant event in rowing circles. Rowers, past and present, among the visitors and residents are welcome to come and look through the Club Rooms that have undergone some changes over the years. 2010 is the year of the Mannum Rowing Club Centenary. A number of associated activities are in the planning stage. A Centenary Dinner will be held on the October Long Weekend, Saturday 4th, 2010 to Celebrate the Founding of the Mannum Rowing Club back in September 1910. For more information contact Brian Bormann 0417 803 707.


Brian Bormann

ANGLICAN 6 Adelaide Road. Ph: 8569 2385 Mannum, Sundays 10.30 am

Mannum School Community Library School Term Times School Holidays Mon, Thur, Fri: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Mon, Tue, Wed (am), Thur, Fri: Tue: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Wed: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Wed (pm): 04:00 pm - 8:00 pm Sat: 9:30 am - 12 noon Sat: 10:00 am - 12 noon Closed Sunday and Public Holidays. Further information: 8569 2005

BAPTIST William Street. Ph: 8278 3992 Mannum, Sundays 10.30 am CATHOLIC Mau Street. Ph: 8531 1699 Mannum, Mass: 1st Sunday 9.30 am, all others 8.30 am LUTHERAN 79 Cliff Street. Ph: 8569 2863 Mannum, Sundays 9.00 am, Sunday School 9.45 am during school terms. Everyone welcome. RIVER WORD CHRISTIAN CENTRE Greening Street. Ph: 8569 1333 Mannum, Sundays 10.00 am SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 17 King George St. Ph: 0419 855 941 Mannum, Saturdays 9.30 am, Sabbath School 11.00 am UNITING Corner of Greening Street & Walker Avenue Enquiries: Phone one of the Elders. G Gobbett: 8569 1083, M Thomas: 8569 1005 R Marshall: 8569 1737, G McInerney: 8569 2076 Mannum, 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays 11 am, 2nd & 4th Sundays 9 am Issue Number 43

The narration was acclaimed by the local community. Their professional presentation in costume of the era delighted the visitors. The event had all the elements of a true country fair with food, wi ne and c r a f t s t a l l s , amuse me n t s , t he So uth Australian Scouts Climbing Wall, static displays and live entertainment, including the SA Detachment of the Royal Australian Navy Band and local youth band, the Rusty Boys. The Morgan Community Development and Tourism Association worked tirelessly on this project for eight months and provided their local community with an essential source of information about the 1839 Mt Bryan Expedition and the integral role played by the township of Morgan.

Puzzle ow many words of 4 or more letters can you make with these 9 letters? • Each word must include the letter in the shaded box • One word includes all 9 letters Score: 16 Good, 24 Very good, 31 Excellent










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Mannum History Group ecently, Rob Bowring acquired some land which included the old Frayville School building. He intends to restore it to its original condition. Rob would be pleased to hear f r o m anyo n e wh o h a s photographs of the school at any time during its history or some stories of what it was like to be a pupil or a teacher there. Information and contact details can be left at the Visitor Information Centre. Mannum received a visit from the eldest grand daughter of Alf Withers, local photographer in the early 20th Century. She remembers visiting him in his house which stood on the site of the present BankSA. He rented it from Mrs Schuetze who lived next door. On the same site was a shed used as a blacksmith shop by a Mr Tabe. If you have more information on this or any other


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Mannum Bowling Club News

interesting history you would like to share, the History Group would love to hear from you. You may be wondering how the History Group and the Mannum Dock Museum interact. The HG is completely separate but some of our members are also members of the Museum Group (the behind the scenes group looking after research and displays). Thus we often help each other out — recording oral history for example. The HG is predominately interested in social and family history, while the museum concentrates on the history of the river. This year the HG plans to hold events such as talks, slide shows and workshops to further our aim of bringing history to life in Mannum. Please feel free to join us. We meet on the first Thursday of each month in the CHIPS/MMCSS building in Randell Street at 4pm.

he Lester Howie and Company Night Bowls has commenced its second series for the season. Sixteen teams participated in the first night on Thursday January 28th and got the bowls back into action. The cool night air came in during the later part of the first game and this made the sausage sizzle even more enjoyable at the break. The spinning wheel was busy as the sausages went down and players scrambled for the winning bats. Back out on the greens for the second game of eight ends saw a lot of excellent bowls being played and many good heads were produced. The standard of bowls continues to improve as players become more familiar with the constant running of the new synthetic surfaces. Four two game winners emerged for the night and two teams had a win and a draw.


Mannum Mag

PKs Mob [Phil Klose and crew] took out the ‘chooks’ for the evening as they were four shots up on the Predators [Mick Woodham], with both teams having gained 50 points for the night. Reichstein Racing was only a point out of it on 49 and Huddos Boys also won two games to produce a 48 total. Points will be tallied during the six week series to produce and overall winner. Games commence at 7:00 pm and teams are welcome to come along and join in the evening. 24 teams are able to participate so there are a few places left for the remaining weeks. Contact Jack Pitcher 8569 2012 to arrange your team. There are plenty of bowls available for players at the club. Come along in your old sneakers or smooth soled shoes and enjoy the night. Jack Pitcher

Issue Number 43

Memories of Mannum

Murray Darlings

Memories of a Mannum Ferry Operator: Ron Bock The Bock ferry operator link goes back to the early 1900s. Albert Victor (Peter) Bock, Ron’s father, was also a ferry operator. Back then, they sometimes had to hand-haul the ferry across with the winches, and there were some serious accidents. After 11 years as an Operator on the Mannum Ferry, Ron left to concentrate on his Slipway business which he established and ran till he retired in 2000. These days he happily spends his time between the comfortable climate of Victor Harbor and visiting family and friends here in Mannum. n the early 1950s when I became a Ferry Operator here in Mannum, there was only one belt-driven ferry which held 6 cars. Hydraulic operated cables only came years later, and it (the ferry) was owned by the State Government Highways Department. We did our own basic maintenance, but once a month a mechanic came down from Blanchetown to do a service. The Council was responsible for the maintenance and repair of cables and ramps, but in those days passengers had to pay one penny, which later went to twopence. Vehicles used to pay one shilling.


Mannum Ferry, 1940

Easter time was our busiest time, even more than Christmas, and cars were sometimes banked up as far as the Pretoria Hotel, and down as far as the Pumping Station on Purnong Road. We had the occasional mishap when we didn’t finish collecting the fares in time, or crashed into the ramp on the other side. The early ferries had one control room in the middle; then the authorities thought that it would be better if the Operator could see the river, so they put a control room on both ends. People started complaining that if they didn’t have to pay to drive over the bridge in Murray Bridge, why should they pay for the ferry trip? So the cost of carrying a car went down to 6 pence, and not long after that, fare charges were stopped altogether. In the big ’56 flood, the ferry

was stopped for 9 months, and I did 7 launch trips a day carrying between 12 and 15 people and cargo further up the river and to Cowirra. Two babies were born safely at the hospital after the Doctor called two times in those nine months, late at night for me to take the launch to get the mothers. One was Morrie Willhem’s wife who had a baby girl. Years later she introduced herself to me as one of the babies born after her mother came to Mannum hospital from upriver on my launch. One person fell off the roof of the launch once, because the swamp had bigger waves than the river. Not long before I left in 1965, the ramps were built for the second (upstream) ferry.

Red Hat Society or those who missed it, here is a photograph of our winning tree at the 2009 Christmas Tree Fete.


Carol Greening knitted all the tiny red stockings for the tree. Karyn Baker, Diva Dahloo Queen of the “Murray Darlings”

Ron Bock

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Installation and Repair Renovation and Maintenance a Speciality

Cleaning when required

Craig Chilver Plumbing Telephone: 8569 2475 Mobile: 0417 019 008 Pensioner discount now available Issue Number 43

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Mannum Community Club

Franz Joseph Haydn, Father of the Sonata. Part1. The Early Years. arly in 1827, during the final weeks of Beethoven’s life, some prominent visitors, including Franz Schubert, came to his bedside. Many brought thoughtfully chosen presents for the revered musician, but one gift gave the dying man the greatest pleasure. It was a lithograph of a country cottage, which Beethoven immediately ordered to be framed and hung where he could view it in all his waking hours. It was a picture of Joseph Haydn’s birthplace in Rohrau a little Austrian village not far from the Hungarian border. Despite the failure of tutoring and other promises made by Haydn to the young Beethoven, there was no malice toward his long dead musical master. Born in 1732, young Joseph spent only his first five years in that fondly-remembered orderly home, because one day, a violin-playing choir-master relative called Matthias Franck, came to visit from the nearby town of Hainburg. Franck felt that the boy had musical skills which he and his wife would be more able to foster. The Haydn family was musical, in that his father, a wheelwright had learned to play the harp, and both of his parents sang, but they had no means to further his musical knowledge in the very small village which provided their living. It was a hard decision for them to let their first born little son go; gifted though they knew he was. Actually it is a tribute to the child’s resourcefulness, resilience and optimistic nature, that he was able to survive, and even flourish, making the most of very trying circumstances, including hunger. The Franck househo ld was chao tic. Cleanliness lurked nowhere near godliness, and the five year old paid his rent as a lodger while also performing numerous daily chores. At six, he sang vocal so lo s and played both harpsichord and violin, albeit quite simply. His lifelong generosity of spirit enabled him


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as an old man to smile and say, “Franck taught me so much; even though I received more thrashings than food.” He also frequently felt a child’s shame at being forced to wear soiled clothes to choir school and Mass. Hainburg was a busy Danube River port, and a Catholic town. Church festivals throughout the year meant many processions flowed through the streets attracting big crowds, and Franck was responsible for the music and singing. It was at the 1739 Rogate Festival, (before Ascension) when the regular timpanist (drummer) became ill, that seven year old Joseph Haydn became the star of the parade. Franck had given the lad brief directions for finding “The Stroke” with the drum sticks, and told him to get on with it! Joseph found a bag of meal, stretched a cloth tightly over it, placed it on a chair and began belting it as hard as he could, and he got it! There was a ruined chair and meal everywhere, but miraculously, the boy received no thrashing. In the parade, the large drum was carried by a helpful hunchback, and thus within his reach, it could be energetically struck by the diminutive Joseph. The sight of such a small marching boy beating time on the huge drum, created much amusement in the crowd. Haydn’s drum is still preserved in that church, and his interest in composition for percussion and timpani persisted for his entire life. Next month we look at his early adulthood. Mannum Town Choir Members We resume rehearsals on Monday 15th February 2010 at 3pm. Please be there as we will be discussing future programmes and probable changes to evening rehearsals. Both Sue and Rena would like your input, and we look forward to another year of happy singing. Inquiries to Elfrieda Wallent 8569 2295.

66 Randell Street, Mannum Phone: 8569 1010 – Fax 8569 2700 Email: Website: Sunday Gold 5MU Radio Host Barrie Martin is back every Wednesday Playing music from 12-3pm In the dining room Bingo with Betty every 2nd Thursday Commencing at 1pm in the dining room Upcoming dates are 4/2/10 and 18/2/10 Every Friday Night Happy Hour Beer from 6-8pm Meat Draws and Raffles from 6pm Book Now for Valentines Day Sunday 14th February Bobby Hunter Playing from 12-3pm Chef Specials, 2 Course Roast Carvery And A la carte Menu PARTY CATS Our Favourite Rock’n’Roll Party Band Featuring Peter Tilbrook from Masters Apprentices Playing Live in the Sunroom Friday 26th February 7:30pm til Late Meals available12-2pm and 6-8pm 7 days a week

A young woman was taking an afternoon nap. After she woke up, she told her husband, “I just dreamed that you gave me a pearl necklace for Valentine’s day. What do you think it means?” “You’ll find out tonight” he said. That evening, the man came home with a small package and gave it to his wife. Delighted, she opened it and found a book entitled “The meaning of dreams.”

Elfrieda Wallent

Mannum Mag

A man walks into a shoe store, and tries on a pair of shoes. “How do they feel?” asks the sales clerk. “Well they feel a bit tight,” replies the man. The assistant promptly bends down and has a look at the shoes and at the man’s feet. “Try pulling the tongue out,” the clerk says. “Well, theyth sthill feelth a bith tighth.” Issue Number 43

Ageing in the Murraylands

Whistle Toot

with Millie

News from the Mannum Dock Museum he PS Marion had a welldeserved rest from cruising over Christmas. However the school holidays saw plenty of visitors to Mannum who found their way down to the boat to visit and admire her. This year the PS Marion is 113 years old!! A well attended working bee was held on Saturday 16th January - wood was loaded, floors and decks washed, and some outside woodwork painted. Mannum was a popular destination for many over the Australia Day weekend. People enjoyed the Lions’ Club breakfast, and the nine PS Marion cruises were mostly fully booked. Most who came on board chose to have Devonshire Tea, and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scones, jam and cream, cooked by volunteer Faith Connolly and served with tea or coffee by volunteer galley crew. The next short cruises will be held on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March, leaving from Mary Ann Reserve. Already bookings are quite heavy in advance - so if


you want to catch a cruise visit the Information Centre or call Jenny Callender, the coordinator, on 8569 2733. A week long archaeological ‘dig’ was held in the dry dock during December by staff and students from the archaeological faculty of Flinders University. At this stage more exploratory work needs to be done to determine the underlying causes of its problems. Meetings have been held to plan some form of covering to prevent further sun and rain damage. While the students were in Mannum they resided on the PS Marion and enjoyed her amenities The operation of the PS Marion depends on volunteer help - it is lots of fun and very rewarding. If you are interested please give Jenny Callender a call on 8569 2733 or email her on or visit the website at Jenny Callander

Mannum Ice Works Serving the Mid Murray Block & Crushed Ice Firewood Now Available! Mobile Coolroom Hire

Cubby Houses Lay-Buy Welcome Dog Kennels Made to Measure

New Year…. What will it be for you, Mature Murraylanders, same ol’, same ol’, or daring to venture into new places? What would you like to see when you look in the mirror in December 2010 and review your achievements? What mark would you like to have left on this earth, on one other person’s life, by then? Will a person close to you feel you have loved, cared, supported and even sacrificed something of yourself for their well being? Will a kid in your school or sports team remember you in years to come as someone who helped them through a tough patch? Will a member of your club or interest group remember you for setting aside your opinions and helping to make their innovative, creative and commonsense ideas heard, even though (shock-horror) old practices had to be changed? Will someone in your church be contributing their unique gifts because you took the time to get


. . . is a ‘Net, Set, GO!’ netball program offered to children aged 5 - 8 years. A weekly program for participants to have some fun outdoors, improve their fitness, practise ball skills and Netball skills. When: Thursday afternoons, beginning Thursday, April 22nd 2010 continuing for the duration of the Netball season. Where: Mannum Roos Netball courts Time: 4:30pm - 5:00pm Cost: $40 per participant. Each participant receives a special Net Set GO! branded netball, activity book and bag, plus their Netball South Australia Membership. Enquiries: Tanya Dohnt 0419 83 7348 before Friday March 5th, 2010

Mannum Express Freight Pickup and Delivery Freight delivered to and picked up from: ! Mannum and surrounding areas ! Murray Bridge ! Mt Barker ! Littlehampton ! Adelaide

Ph/Fax: Bus 8569 1813 Ph/Fax: A/h 8569 2040

Issue Number 43


Sillie Millie says: Huh! That's all too hard for me! Millie responds: The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing!

‘Mannum Joeys’

Agent for Kleen Heat Gas Bushman Tanks

Props Brian & Jayne Bormann 81 Adelaide Road, Mannum SA 5238

to know them and foster their talents? Will The Standard have published a photo with a smiling You, a community leader who ‘gave ground’ on the skate park site and threw your energies into getting it going? Will our community see that Mid-Murray Council is leading the way in its Building Development practices so that people living in houses built in 2010 will have lower energy bills? In that mirror in December 2010 will you see some wrinkles caused by keeping your mouth shut about your own glorious achievements and agenda; some wrinkles caused by listening to ONE other person with openness, respect, acceptance; some wrinkles caused by the joy of helping that person excel, blossom and flourish?

Freight for areas outside our regular delivery area can be collected from our depot in Mannum

Phone: 0433 961 023 or 8569 2695 Mannum Mag

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Out Of This World


Astronomer’s Corner

Run rabbit, run rabbit run , run, run.

very significant star to note in our skies after sunset is Sirius. After our sun it is the brightest star in our skies and a useful one to be familiar with. Being relatively near to us at 8.6 light years and being very bright we have learned to use its acute sharpness, as opposed to the appearance of our sun, to calculate sidereal or star time. Because it is so close, the sun is too wide to provide a point source and in an eyepiece crosshair does not allow accurate readings for making compass or direction calculations. This is where Sirius fits in and is generally well known for this purpose. As it is near to the Celestial equator it reaches high overhead and can be seen by a medium sized spotting scope with setting circles (a kind of three dimensional compass for locating astronomical objects). Locating Sirius along with other notable constellations in that particular area, such as the Hyades and Pleiades (The Seven Sisters) with Canis Major containing Sirius or as it is often called the Dog Star, forms a parade of evening objects that could well take the whole evening’s viewing, or more. Modern GPS receivers in telescopes are an advantage but being able to locate and use a star for navigation is a useful skill. When modern aids are not around or fail, Sirius is there. Locating Sirius is a must for interested observers, not only as an orientation exercise but as a reminder of the history of the star aiding and assisting human navigation through the ages. Looking at the star with a much bigger scope will show it as a binary star, with its neighbouring star being called the pup. Naturally, take a planisphere with you on your first search for Sirius and the surrounding objects, but once found they will stay in your memory. Mercury is a morning object in the region of Sagittarius and Capricorn on the eastern horizon. Venus is too close to the sun to see. Mars in Cancer at magnitude –1.0 (very bright) will rise in the early evening, to the north east. Jupiter is in Aquarius in the very early evening, low on the western horizon. Saturn is an early evening object in Virgo.


ummer is the optimum time to control rabbits as they aren’t breeding and are struggling at present to find a good feed. We can help them by laying tempting trails of feed oats and when they’re hooked on it, we’ll then change to Pindone oats (“Rabbait”) Better still, if we coordinate our efforts, the job will be far more effective. To achieve this the Caloote Area Landcare Group is working with SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board who will assist with planning for an integrated baiting, ripping and fumigating program on private properties and along roadsides from the Mannum Waterfalls to beyond Caloote and around Lake Carlet districts to control rabbits and destroy their warrens. For local landholders who wish to get involved, the Caloote Landcare Group can help you with baitlayer machine hire, mechanical ripping costs or with the loan


of flexible tubing to attach to a vehicle exhaust, to undertake fumigation. NRM Officer Scott Hutchens will be working on roadsides and crown land areas within these districts and is willing to give his technical advice and support to landowners. Our Landcare group members will be working on tackling the crown land cliff-faces to help rid these areas of any refuge for rabbits. Landcare members would appreciate any help from interested and enthusiastic community persons. For further advice or information contact Scott: on mobile 0417 836 497 or email or the CALG secretary, Jacqui Merckenschlager, on mobile 0428 878 163 or email

Caloote Area Landcare Group

Dave Allen

Moon Phases Last 1/4


First 1/4


6 February

14 February

22 February

1 March

If one synchronised swimmer drowns, do the rest drown, too? If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

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Mannum Lions preparing and serving the record 560 breakfasts for Australia Day. See page 19.

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 43

Cooking Dilemmas Dilemma: I have at times been overloaded with lemons. I would like to know how to preserve them, any suggestions? Solution: I have had the same dilemma, but this year the weather has not been kind to my lemon tree. Wash and sterilise a glass jar with a lid, that will hold 1 litre (4-cups). Don’t use a metal lid as the acid in the lemons will corrode it. The size of the lemons determines how many will fit in the jar. Just do your best to ‘guesstimate’ (my word for next week) and have one or two extra in case. Scrub lemons under cold running water. Pat dry. Cut lemons into quarters lengthways without cutting through the base. Place 1 heaped tablespoon of salt in the centre of each lemon. Put the first in the jar, along with ½-1 cinnamon stick, 1 or 2 bay leaves, 2 whole cloves and approximately 6 peppercorns, this will impart a sensational flavour to the rind, which is the only part of the preserved lemon

Mannum Red Cross

used. Pack remaining lemons firmly into the jar. Cover with fresh lemon juice. Seal, label and date. Store the jar in a cool place away from direct sunlight for at least 4 weeks. Two months is better, but curiosity got the better of me; maybe you won’t be so impatient. If the liquid level drops, add more lemon juice to cover the lemons. If the lemons are not totally submerged in the juice, a white mould may start to appear. To use, rinse a preserved lemon under cold running water to remove the salt. Pat dry, remove the rind and prepare as your recipe directs you. The remaining flesh can be very salty and bitter. Add it to Tabbouli, toss through a rice or couscous salad or add it to steamed vegetables. Need I say it - Sensational! Send your cooking dilemmas to Angie, 39 Randell, St Mannum, SA 5238 or Email:

he Mannum Red Cross branch finished 2009 on a high note with an angel tree and stall at the annual Christmas Tree Fair, held in November. In December, to celebrate the festive season, 17 members and their partners attended a Christmas Lunch at the Mannum Hotel and then visited Aminya Hostel to see the water feature and flower pots which our branch donated.


Rae Bottroff

Rear: Rae Bottroff, Margot Thomas, Judith Quast, Ivy Kowald, Julie Walker, Joy Burdett. Centre: Ivonne Walker. Front: Lois Parker, Laurel Huston Angie Roesler

Q: A:

What do you give an injured lemon? Lemonade

Mannum Creative Picture Framing & Gifts Hugh range of gifts Something for everyone New stock arriving

Brown Havelberg Partners Real Estate 81 Randell Street, MANNUM Ph: 8569 1003 Rear (L to R): Peter Girke, Danielle Baker Zoe Tomkinson, Melissa Muster Rob Brown, Jim Havelberg Email:


The Butter Factory


40 Randell Street, Mannum SA 5238

Ph: 8569 1677

WOOLSHED Gallery 3 Randell Street, Mannum Fine Art and Selected Furniture Open Weekends and Public Holidays 11 am – 4 pm Issue Number 43

Mannum Mag

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From The Lions Den Mannum Lions n December the Mannum Lions began construction of a raised board-walk across the Gass Reserve - a lagoon bird sanctuary - adjacent to the Murray River. The lagoon has been dry for two years now and this has given Mannum a rare opportunity to construct the board-walk with relative ease. The board-walk is constructed of a composite material manufactured from recycled plastic and cardboard.


Kelly Menhennett Come and Enjoy Kelly's mix of blues, jazz, soul, folk, and world music. Free Entry th February 20 2010 7.30pm onwards Bookings Highly recommended Lion Ian Coleman uses a Quick-drive screw gun to fasten the deck planks.

The board-walk is a joint project, with the Mid-Murray Council providing all materials from a Federal grant and looking after the design work. The Mobilong Prison is providing a skilled labour-force and the Mannum Lions are providing the work supervision and a good deal of the labour as well. Some years ago the Mannum Lions built a smaller board-walk that took visitors through the reed beds to a viewing platform where the bird life in the lagoon could be observed. The current project is an extension of this. When the river level returns to normal, and the lagoon refills, we will have a board-walk right across the lagoon with a number of bird-hides to enable bird watchers to observe the pelicans, swans, moor-hens, coots and ducks at close hand. Mannum Lions President, Barry Burdett, commented favourably on the excellent working relationship with both the Council and the Mobilong prisoners. David Dowley

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Café Mannum, Tel: 8569 1808, Email:

Under The Toadstool Daniel in Winter Park, Colorado e met some years ago under those ubiquitous fat wallet to taste one. Golden Arches; but absurdly, high in the Daniel offered me what I believed was Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It was clear a generous arrangement; he bought the sunny mid-summer, and the air was crisp with a pizzas or burgers, and I bought the bottles of red few big fluffy clouds and snow capped peaks in the wine. After all, the grub was more expensive than distance. I was over my four days of altitude the grog. It took a while for me to register that I sickness, thinking of food, and ravenously hungry didn’t see too much wine, but got to eat most of the again. Our eyes met, and we laughed, because in pizzas and burgers myself, as he always said that our hands we each held a thick wad of ‘deals’ he’d had plenty. He was a great old story teller, vouchers stapled with identical covers, so we knew and accompanied by the ever-present bottle, we we were staying at the same Backpackers Hostel. talked for hours; sometimes all night. Enjoying the familiar fellow-traveller connection, One day, I felt honoured when, having known we introduced ourselves and ordered our food. So him for just over 2 weeks, he offered to show me in Colorado, I ate the first meal I had ever had in a his home. It was a battered old grey Datsun sedan burger joint, talking to a beat-up, worldly-wise, filled with the clutter of twelve years of life on the friendly old man, on a journey from Montgomery road with two remarkable inclusions. One was a in Texas. cycle rack on the roof, mysteriously holding one Previously, the few businesses and permanent half of a very old bike – a ladies bike. Daniel was residents of Winter Park, (Denver’s winter vague as to the whereabouts of its other half, and playground) had protested vainly against entry of Hostel staff who had welcomed the old man there the giant burger chain, but multi-storey condo and for seven summers at least, hadn’t ever seen the hostel owners had seen the flashing dollar signs, rest of the bike, so no one knew. The other was his and they held the majority of votes. Now here I collection of poems by the Sufi poet and mystic was – admittedly one of many – fulfilling their Rumi, which almost filled the boot in neatly dreams, exactly as they had envisaged. There was wrapped parcels. Previous experience of people in still tension in the tiny snow sport /cycling resort USA wanting to show me their ‘special’ town, but the truth was that no one else could sell possessions, had prepared me to expect a very meals at the low cost offered with discount efficient pistol or gun, so this was astounding! He vouchers by this company and a large Pizza carefully unwrapped each volume, and handling franchise also recently built here. them reverently, urged me to examine them. They Backpackers in ski resorts were usually seasonal were lovely. employees of Ski Lodges, Chair Lift Companies, Next month I will share one or two of the and Cycle Hire Agencies, or low-budget travellers amazing stories of his life which he shared with me like Daniel or me. The Bagel Shop, we were told, during those summer weeks in Winter Park. Elf sold magnificent Reubins, (a roast beef sauerkraut rye sandwich) but you needed long pockets and a


Mannum Mag

Issue Number 43

Carols by the River Christmas 2009 ow lucky we are here in Mannum to have the Mary Ann Reserve as such a beautiful venue for our yearly “Carols by the River”. I look forward to it every year, but I think 2009's was really something special. It was a beautiful evening, not hot, not cold, just right. We arrived early and enjoyed watching other people arrive, particularly the family groups. There was a nativity scene and some small live animals in an enclosure, which the children loved.


Issue Number 43

Our town choir, under the direction of Sue Hoffman and with Rena Abraham as accompanist, was excellent as always and I particularly enjoyed their rendition of “Hallelujah, Hallelujah”. A surprise treat was the South African choir who sang as they approached the stage and as they trooped off again afterwards, which added to its appeal. I didn’t understand the words they were singing but the colour, the movement and the joy they

conveyed was inspirational. A children’s dance group “Arabesque Dance Studio” also enchanted the crowd. A particular feature was the “chariot driver” who pushed the wheelchair for a disabled young dancer. The two solists, Alison Farley and Dianne Ward, were both delightful and the Murray Bridge Community Concert Band also entertained us. Neil Kerley was the compere and did a great job and Joy

Mannum Mag

Marks, from Mannum Community College, gave a short inspirational address. An unexpected finale was the appearance of a lone piper, Caitlin Fry, on the deck of the “Murray Princess” and her haunting rendition of “Amazing Grace” was a dramatic end to a very enjoyable evening. Thank you to the Carols by the River committee and everybody involved in making this such a memorable evening. Jo Kader

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Discover Murray River

Skate Park Committee This is an extract from the December issue of the Discover Murray River web log. Regular issues of the full blog, and a great deal more information, is available on the Discover Murray web site. Editor


elcome to the Blog of Discover Murray. Community, industry and regional tourism. Tourism touches everything in our community When visitors come to our towns and stay the night they can spend between $50 - $300 per day on accommodation, food, attractions, petrol, etc. Multiply that out per visitor and the numbers really start to add up for the local economy. So with that in mind, all individuals, businesses and communities really are tourism promoters and marketers. However, most businesses don’t think they are in tourism and don’t consider their interaction with visitors as important or significant. Consider the visitor as a customer looking for a great time, with money to spend in your town and business. They want a great experience. If that isn’t delivered they won’t return and worse, share the bad experience with 7 others which impacts on a “town’s brand”. A good experience leaves a positive impression and generates a good word-of-mouth message. In a time-poor society where competition for business is high and there is a need for regional communities to expand their economies, the opportunity for the Murray Mallee is fantastic... if we all

work together. Service is free... it’s just a matter of attitude and choice but it can reap rewards. Its just as easy to be polite, courteous and happy to a visitor as it is to be impolite, rude and grumpy. When the culture of a town has a mind set to ensure its visitors (customers) are happy then the overall value is increased for all. Discover Murray is working along the Murray Mallee to empower our communities. Businesses and individuals working together to share customers, offer solutions, packages, bundle experiences and give great service. There are some great things happening along the river and this blog is part of connecting the river and mallee communities through new ideas and opportunities; helping our region work both locally and with a big picture in mind. The brand of any town will grow with great online marketing, brochures, signs, etc in the mix but it’s the warmth, culture and service attitude of locals that will make your visitors feel respected, appreciated and embraced. That’s great for business and a sustainable economic model. Best wishes for 2010. Shane Strudwick

Compete strongly, cooperate effectively In the spirit of creating “happy visitors” may I introduce the concept of cooperative competition? You know far better than I what information you can share, but here is an example that occurs to me. If choice or circumstances closes your business for a day, or part of a day, tell the community and other traders in advance. They may take that extra step to inform the visitors and ensure their return. Compete strongly, cooperate effectively to ensure that the happy visitor returns. Editor

Meeting 23rd November 2009 (The minutes of this meeting were received too late for the December issue. However, this is the latest information available to Mannum Mag. Editor.)


he meeting was held in the Leisure Centre Clubrooms. Kerry Yeates presented a report from Council. At its last meeting Council with a vote of 5:4 approved the building of the Skate Park at the northern end of Mary Ann Reserve on the lawns next to the playground. This end of the reserve is rated differently to the Southern End and there is no planning reason it can not be built there. Council has employed an engineer who has developed a concept plan for the Skate Park at Mary Ann reserve. The engineer is available to meet with committee members if desired but meetings will need to be during the day. This location shows consideration to community requests for high visibility and being close to amenities such as shops, toilets, lighting, and security. Council has pledged $159,000 of the Federal Government Infrastructure grant for the purpose of the Skate Park, and can involve a 48 hour turn around in the application process if required. The Skate Park is smaller than the original 620 square metres (which is competition size) but could go closer to the river with negotiations with the engineer. Infrastructure grant funding would cover this size Skate Park. It is possible to extend it later. To accommodate the park, two trees need to be removed and the Lion’s shelter may need to be moved. Tree removal could take up to 9 months for approval. The period for Public consultation closed on 18th December 2009. At the time of writing the site was not yet ‘fixed’. Letters of support were required.

The following notes summarise the points raised by the committee during the discussion of the report. Committee pledged ‘in kind’ support and money from fund raising would increase the size affordable. Young men accept this size over nothing. The exact price for Skate Park and the equivalent value of ‘in kind’ support will not be known until the plans are fully developed and costed. There is no planning reason the Park can’t be by the river, even though it will be below ’56 flood level. There are too many ‘banks’ for Skate boards on the current concept plan. Mostly BMX bikes will be used. The committee would like to make some alterations to the plan. There are 160 cubic metres of concrete in a Skate Park of this size. It will take a week to mesh and pour concrete. The committee consider the following to be the next steps. A strongly positive letter is to be written to Council from the Committee thanking them for their support and asking to meet with the engineer to assess and redesign the plan, and look at the site prior to the end of school on December 11th. Members of the committee are to be available to meet with engineer to discuss the concept plan and negotiate alterations. Committee members will attend a meeting at the bowling club to discuss concerns. Local businesses should be informedthat the crime rate dropped dramatically at Port Pirie after the opening of their Skate Park. The same thing was also experienced at many other towns. Joy Marks

MANNUM CAN & BOTTLE DEPOT 103 Adelaide Road, Ph: 8569 1720 OPEN Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am – 12, 1 – 4pm Saturday 9 - 12 CLOSED Wednesday, Sunday, Easter Saturday & Public Holidays All Clean Deposit Cartons, Cans & Bottles Accepted The 3 R’s of Recycling R emove lid R inse R eturn for refund

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Polarity Therapy Bowen Therapy 1 and 2 Dip. Remedial Massage Shell Essences & Remedies Reiki Home Ph: Shery

Consultations Available Mannum Mag

ATMS Approved

8569 1825 Issue Number 43

Mental Musings amily and friends can be an important source of support to a person who has a mental health issue. Many mental health issues are non psychotic, such as depression, but what is psychosis? Psychosis is a condition in which the functioning of a person’s brain is severely disrupted, affecting that persons’s thoughts, perceptions, emotions and behaviour. Typically, a person experiencing psychosis will have disordered thoughts and speech, and difficulty in distinguishing reality. Three in every 100 people will experience a psychotic episode. One of these three will never experience another episode. Like any other illness,


psychosis is treatable and can happen to anyone. About 50 percent of people who experience psychosis will not recognise that there is anything wrong (lack insight). Psychosis is caused by changes in the chemical environment in the brain. A variety of factors can influence vulnerability to psychosis or relapse. They maybe biological, social (drugs, rejection, stress, major life events), or psychological (poor social, coping or communication skills). But always remember psychosis is a medical condition that requires medical treatment. Together with family and friends’ support, a person can regain their health.

Thoughts Become Things! Those thoughts you think – and what you say – Matter a lot to you each day! Bad thoughts and deeds, harsh words; and strife Deprive one of a healthy life! Let your thoughts dwell on what is pure And lovely – then you will endure! Let truthfulness and love prevail! With faith in God you cannot fail! Hold thoughts of peace – not enmity – Be kind to all – then you will see A great improvement in your health – God’s gift to man – surpassing wealth! Forgiveness plays a vital part In safeguarding a healthy heart! If you are unforgiving, you Will then receive God’s judgement, too! Trust in His mercies – as you should; And be at peace! This you’ll find good! Rejoice, be thankful for God’s grace; And live life at a slower pace!

Ros Udy, The Hall

Rita Gade

J. R. Elix Tanks Exciting new products built with styling, strength and practicality specially for the harsh Australian environment

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We’ve Got You Covered Contact: Terry Schutz Pfeiffer Road Mannum ~ Ph: 0407 Issue Number 43

For gardening, fish cleaning any dirty job you don’t want inside. Cupboard shelving inside doors. Can be made with any style of sink. Bring in your own sink and I’ll make it. In stock now - 3 styles including 1 inset sink and bin

390 010

J. R. Elix Tanks: 6 Asmus Street, Mannum Ph: 8569 1203 Fax: 8569 8104 Email:

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What’s the Tourism Plan? appy new year. Many thousands of businesses have grown in the tourism industry. The tourism industry is facing some serious challenges as it reaches maturity and other external factors influence its growth potential. Succession planning and mentoring are wonderful ways to reinvigorate your local tourism industry and operators. Creating a fresh plan with clear vision that the industry can embrace will be highly valued and rewarding. Running a tourism business is challenging, like any business. Commonly we’re working more in the business than on it. However, planning is vitally important in every business to ensure it grows, thrives and remains profitable. There is a bigger picture though. Succession planning is also about the whole community and addressing generational change. Where will the future tourism leaders and drivers come from in your community? Industry, councils, regional development, state and federal tourism need to consider the future’s industry as a whole. Who will be leading the industry in future and what is the vision? But you can make those steps today in your own backyard. So this goes back to your very own town and region, hey. What is the future tourism plan for leadership and mentoring in your community? Embracing and supporting youth, Gen Y and X, and connecting with their ideas and communication


From the Coordinator’s Desk

strategies will prepare for future change. The role we all play in tourism extends to how much we positively contribute to our co mmunity. T o ur ism is competitive yet there are new ways of doing business; opportunities and fresh ideas are in the talent pool of our youth. There are also other innovations, developments and methods for bringing visitors to your region. So if you sit on a committee or a board or are a decision maker, have a look around you. Do you have a good mix of age, experience, ideas, passion, opportunities and a future plan? Mentoring with a particular view of helping develop the industry in the long term is a strong way to ensure that young generations feel they are part of the community and are heard. Mentoring creates a strong community with mutual respect that work together for a common goal. The challenges of working in the tourism industry are always diverse. However, good future planning, embracing all the value of the community and painting a vision for the long-term will reward you, your community and the industry as a whole. Imagine the great spin offs from a positive community vibe. Here’s to a great year for the Murray Mallee and regional tourism. Shane Strudwick, Discover Murray


010! How the years of this millennium are passing by - it seems to me not long ago that we all anxiously awaited the arrival of the year 2000 with a degree of uncertainty. This is not the case at MMCSS in 2010, we are certain the range of new opportunities for our community is aimed to inspire and educate. Brett’s computer classes are still in demand, and we have been listening to you! In 2010 Starting out on Your Computer and Getting the Most Out of Your Computer will be conducted in the evenings. This will provide the valued members of our community who have daytime responsibilities the opportunity to attend. See page 20 for all details. The dedicated Art Class facilitated by Evelyn Machin was eager to return after a two week break. The hot weather didn’t deter their enthusiasm; in fact, the numbers have grown, with the class warmly welcoming fresh creative minds in 2010. So please, if interested, contact us. The accredited St. John CPR update course is scheduled for 11th February and the Senior First Aid course is scheduled for the 4th and 5th March. Both are filling up fast, so get in quickly if you need to attend. CPR requires to be updated every 12 months and the Senior First Aid every 3 years to keep accreditation current. Please contact the office and let us



Irrigation Lawn mowing Tree pruning and lopping Establishing vegetable gardens and maintenance

Weddings & special occasions

Ph: 8569 4157

Marion Wilson, Coordinator


DAVID COCKER Call me to discuss your specific requirements for that special occasion

know when your accreditation needs updating and we can schedule a course accordingly. Both of these courses are held at the Mannum Day Care Centre. T hank yo u Lo uise for accommodating us! I was encouraged to see a big response to the Photography Workshop that focussed on digital cameras and using the computer to get the best out of photography. Facilitated by Bob Johnston, this is an exciting new addition to our offerings in 2010. While on the subject of exciting new offerings, Angie Roesler, (aka Angies’ Cooking Tips in the Mannum Mag), will be conducting Cooking Classes at the Mannum Community College - a partnership MMCSS values immensely. The content of the classes will range from Frugal Food to dishes inspired by Asian and European flavours. There will be three 5 week blocks scheduled before the end of June, so there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to have some fun in the kitchen with Angie. Angie tells me these are filling fast, so if you are interested give us a call, and as always feel free to drop in to have a chat about anything that interests YOU. All enquiries  8569 2129; alternatively, you will find us at 39 Randell Street Mannum. Wishing you all a happy New Year.

Lead light windows and repairs Home repairs and painting Gutter cleaning

Supporting our local community

No job to small Honest, Reliable and Prompt Service

Phone John – All Hours Ph: 8569 2032 or Mob: 0418 840 286 Page 14

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 43

Annual Horrordays - Living on River Lane ach year it is the same old thing, misery, harassment and a not so joyous end and beginning of yet another year of what has been, as long as I can remember, one of the most miserable places to live. This year however I must convey my sincerest THANKS to everybody that brought their uncontrolled, howling, barking, wandering and befouling canines with them, and who also seemed oblivious to or couldn’t care less about the behaviour of their animals. A humungous THANKS also to those of you, both locals and horrorday makers, who think it is a great lark to bring their earpiercingly loud speedboats to the river and just spend their time roaring back and forth at break neck speed, annoying the hell out of everybody and making so much noise that if you don’t have a headache by the end of proceedings then surely you must be deaf. THANKS also to the jet-skiers, both local and imp o r ted , that give their contemporaries a very bad odour by carrying on with antics that can only be described as dangerous, noisy and extremely repetitive, with a horrid racket that surely these machines weren’t designed for. Not to mention the fact that all PWC operators are aware of the legal requirement to keep the impact of both noise and repetitive behaviour away from areas where their actions are likely to cause distress, danger and noise pollution.


THANKS also to government policy that prevents there being an ongoing presence of “Marine Safety Officers” to deal with these problems and the vessels regularly operating at night without lights (local houseboat operators take note), at speed and sometimes skiing without navigational lights. THANKS also to those local and imported idiots who treat the ‘River’ and its environs as a rubbish tip because they are too lazy or too cheap to place their rubbish in the myriad of receptacles the council have provided or take their garbage to the tip! A very LOUD! thanks to those &#%@($)s that get off on setting off extremely loud explosions in the small hours of the morning (fireworks or bombs?). And THANKS to those who think it normal to burn plastics and treated or painted wood, on sometimes out of control bonfires, filling the air with a putrid stink. THANKS also to those who even after two years of water restrictions (and the abhorrent, unjustified, extra financial burden heaped upon us by a greedy state government) are still trying to empty the Murray River single handedly by grossly abusing the fact that they have unmetered pumps in the River, even though the mains go right by their front door! THANKS also to all those that in spite of many protestations, have impacted on my day to day life over the last eight years;

those who have sought to make living in and loving Mannum almost impossible! The many, many, many hundreds of times I have been awoken by gunfire, the many times I have been awoken by absolutely, obscenely loud and obnoxious local houseboat horns that were introduced even after I had already made a number of protestations concerning both the noise levels in the immediate area and the times of day it was occurring. There have been many times that my safety has been put in jeopardy by what can only be described as thuggish and gangster-like, not to mention deadly, behaviour that if I was to indulge in such endeavours, I am certain that my freedom would be in peril, and rightly so. Finally, a very, very, very big THANKS, is deserved by those in a position to rectify and even prosecute a “Just” and satisfactory epilogue to what has been the hardest and most dangerous period in my life, but chose to ignore an obviously un-satisfactory and untenable situation that could have easily been sorted out years ago. They didn’t feel that we all deserve to be able to live in a safe and peaceful environment free from attack and harassment and apparently moved to protect the perpetrators of dastardly and even criminal acts instead. Yeeahh! THANK YOU very, very, BLOODY MUCH!!! Bitterly Yours Aaron K Biagioni

Family breakfast at the Australia Day celebrations on Mary Ann Reserve.


Real Estate MANNUM Choosing Elders is Choosing Success

Suitable For Storing Boats/Caravans Ideal For Storing Furniture Etc. Individual Shed With Own Key Yard Storage Available Shed Size 7.5m × 3m Other Sizes Available

81 Randell Street, MANNUM Ph: 8569 1003 Marc, Rob, Jim Melissa, Danielle, Zoe Contact the Award Winning Team for all your Real Estate needs. Issue Number 43

6 WALKER AVE. MANNUM PHONE 8569 1726 MOBILE 0408 813 726

Mannum Mag

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Mannum Day Centre Mannum Day Centre is open from Mondays to Fridays except Public Holidays. The Day Centre is available for hire by community groups for a small donation. Please ring on 8569 0219 for more information. WEEKLY Monday


Tuesday 9am-10:30am Tuesday 10am-2:30pm Friday



Scrabble Day. (*Dates change so please ring to confirm times.) Come and enjoy a relaxed game of scrabble. Cost $2 for the morning or $6 for a cooked lunch

MONTHLY 2nd Monday 1:30pm 1st Wednesday 7:00pm 2nd & 4th Wed 11am-2pm 3rd Wednesday 10:00am 3rd Wednesday 1:30-3pm 4th Wed

Knitting Group. Bring your craft along and join in! Tea/coffee provided. For $6, stay for a cooked lunch. Mannum Weight Watchers.  Rhonda 8569 1123. Social Day. Bingo in morning and games in afternoon. Cost $6 for the day which includes cooked lunch. Tai Chi. Dates to be advised. Sessions are expected to last for an hour. Cost will be gold coin donation on the day. Sessions will cater for different levels of ability but is suitable for people with joint, muscular/skeletal or arthritic conditions as well as more able bodied clients. Tai Chi will not be run during the school holidays.


Classical Piano Recital Mannum - November 2009

he Mannum Hospital will benefit from funds raised at a lunchtime classical piano recital on board the PS Murray Princess moored at Mannum. The recital was performed by Alex Parkmen, who was born in Odessa and studied music at the Kiev Conservatorium of Music. The diversity of the program allowed the appreciative audience an insight into Alex’s


versatility as he interpreted works by J S Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff and Schubert, ranging from gentle nocturnes and sonatas through lively fantasies and serenades to stirring preludes. As an encore, Alex introduced further variety to the performance by playing a jazz piece and two of his own compositions.

Mannum Red Cross Wellbeing Nucleus Discussion Group. Evolved from Mediation, Pastoral Care, Enneagram, Art & Soul Groups. Men’s Group. Socialisation and companionship. $6 for centre based activities including a cooked lunch. Outings are held on a regular basis. Costs may vary on these days. Women’s Health and Information Group. Card Afternoon. Bring your cards and participate in a friendly relaxed game of 500, Canasta, Bridge, Whist (the choice is yours!). Cost $2 (includes afternoon tea.) Men’s Discussion Group.  Ralph on 8569 1264.

If you would like to attend any of the Day Centre programs but cannot drive here, please contact me (8569 0219) and I will arrange transport for you.

Mannum United Alex Parkmen with Murray Princess Captain Ray Weedon

Locally owned & independent


Hospital Programs - Phone 8569 0200

Why buy a tool when you only need it for a couple of hours. Whether you are looking to demolish or build, improve or maintain you can Gear Up with the right tool for the job at Mannum United Service Station.


Concrete/metal saw Brick/paver saw Mitre saw Vibrating plate Concrete mixers General plant & tools

     

Jack hammer Hammer drills Rotary hoe Lawn corer/aerator Lawn thatch remover Generators 600w to 6.5kVa

Audio Clinic: for appointments phone 1800 057 220 Child & Youth Health Services: Contact 1300 733 606 for appointment Community Midwifery Service: phone 85690200tomake a booking Community Nursing Service:MurrayMallee CommunityHealth Service Phone 8535 6800. Hire of Crutches: visit the hospital or phone 85690200 Mannum Domiciliary Care Services: phone 85690240 or through the hospital on 85690200. Meals on Wheels: Doctors referral necessary Optometrist: For an Appointments phone 8569 0200. Physiotherapy (Private): Consulting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Appointments phone 8569 0200. Private Podiatry: Appointment to be made at the Domiciliary Care Office phone 8569 0240.

Mannum Medical Centre – Phone 85690222 Half day, full day and long term hire rates available. Bookings should now be made in advance. Contact Brenton & Brett on 8569 1207. Page 16

Adelaide Cardiology *Echocardiograms / *Asthma Clinic / *Centacare Family Well-Being Support / Continence Clinic / Diabetic Clinic / Dietitian / *Home Aged Care Assessments / *Home Medication Reviews / Hypertension Clinic / Immunisation / *IMVS Collection Centre / Mannum Youth Clinic - “The Café” Headspace / *Psychologists / *Physiotherapist (Public) *Doctor’s referral required Mannum Mag Issue Number 43


Angie’s Cooking Tips

t’s all about the ingredients - how many can ones’ storage area take, I have wondered to myself on many occasions, as I stare mesmerised by my own collection I affectionately refer to as my ‘museum’. Sorting it out is going to be a process that’s for sure, and I’m working on it. This article is inspired by this undertaking. Rosewater, I wonder what I used that for, I know; I can’t make Turkish delight without it! OK, I think I’m onto something here, I commit to not buying another ingredient that only has one application. That’s the top tip, this will save money, space, time and keep the once lonely ingredient fresh (I won’t divulge what use by date was on the rosewater). Here is a recipe I have developed using Tahini paste. The possibilities are endless from this starting point. Sensational Sesame and Broccoli Salad 1 teaspoon of soy sauce 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1/3 cup honey 1/3 cup tahini paste 1kg of broccoli Juice of 1 lemon 2 tablespoons sesame seeds, dry toasted A dash or two of tabasco sauce Olive oil


Method Cut broccoli into long narrow lengths, leaving as much of the stem on as possible (yield 6-8 pieces per head of broccoli). Place into a large frying pan or wok. Add water and olive oil. Cover with a lid, and, on high heat, steam the beans for about 3-5 minutes. When the water evaporates and the beans are tender the remaining olive oil begins to sizzle. Remove the lid and continue to cook until lightly browned. Whisk the sesame oil, tahini, lemon juice, tabasco sauce, soy sauce, and honey into a bowl and whisk until smooth. When the beans are done place them on a serving plate and drizzle them with the dressing. Sprinkle the sesame seeds evenly over the top. This dish is as the name suggests, sensational hot or cold. Top Tip Lime juice instead of lemon juice is ‘delish’. Experiment with other vegetables too, remember the inspiration - keep those ingredients rotating. Fresh beans, carrots and even beetroot Switch Up sensationally! (My word for the week.) Send your article suggestions to Angie, 39 Randell, St Mannum, SA 5238 or Email: Angie Roesler

Issue Number 43

Mannum Mag

Page 17

Mannum Police he Christmas New Year period has passed with reported Crime being on a par with previous years. The clear up rate has increased and it is pleasing to note that most of the problems in the district are being caused by non locals. Community members are urged to contact the Police whenever they see or hear anything as it will assist in the detection of offenders and the reduction in crime. Between the 25th of November 2009 and the 29th of January 2010 the following crime was reported


Assaults House Breaks Graffiti Indecent Assault Property Damage Arson Theft Interfere with Motor Vehicle

6 6 1 2 4 1 7 2

Mannum Golf Club

The following apprehensions occurred during the same time. Expiation Offences: Cannabis Possession Vehicle Defects Due Care Crossing Barrier Lines Speed Fail Give Way Follow too Close Park Disable Park Unregistered/uninsured Unlicensed Seatbelt Arrested / Reported: Misuse Use Motor Vehicle Drive Disqualified Assault Manner Dangerous Exceed.05 Theft False Imprisonment Affray Disorderly Behaviour Refuse Name and Address Light and maintain fire on fire ban day

Competition Results

3 4 1 2 43 1 1 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 1 5 2 1 1 6 1 1

Sergeant Mick Towie

Contacting Mannum Police Urgent emergency assistance call 000. For police attendance call 131 444. If you need to contact us for other matters either visit the station or call 8569 2211. This may be answered by the Murray Bridge station. They will contact us by radio and then we will contact you. Your police are available 24 hours a day. Emergency 000 Police attendance 131 444 Mannum Station 8569 2211

Sponsor: Murray Heating and Cooling Competition: Stableford 28/11/2009 Winner of the Day D Jericho Score 39 A Grade T Johnson Score 31 J Packer Score 30 D Wilson Score 30 N Dalton Score 29 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 N Dalton 6 and 15 N Warhurst Sponsor: BH Partners Real Estate Competition: Stableford 05/12/2009 Winner of the day J Applebee Score 42 A Grade N Warhurst Score 40 N Bottroff Score 39 N Dalton Score 37 S Mcglashan Score 37 D Wilson Score 36 Nearest the Pin 4 and 1 B Hughes 6 and 15 J Applebee Sponsor: Mannum Ice Works Competition: Stableford 12/12/2009 Winner of the day B Fisher Score 40 A Grade M Gowling Score 38 N Dalton Score 37 N Warhurst Score 36 D Wilson Score 36 R Dahlitz Score 36 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 B Fisher 6 and 15 N Warhurst Sponsor: Trilogy Financial Competition: Stableford 19/12/2009 Winner of the day K Dohnt Score 40 A Grade N Bottroff Score 39 S Mcglashan Score 38 T Johnson Score 38 M Gowling Score 36 J Packer Score 36 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 R Burt 6 and 15 T Johnson

Sponsor: R and S Porter Electrical Competition: Stableford 26/12/2009 Winner of the day J Applebee Score 44 A Grade K Williams Score 42 B Hughes Score 39 T Johnson Score 39 K Dohnt Score 39 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 S Mcglashan 6 and 15 S Mcglashan Sponsor: True Value Hardware Competition: Stableford 02/01/2010 Winner of the day N Bottroff Score 42 A Grade D Jericho Score 41 R Porter Score 40 N Dalton Score 40 M Gowling Score 39 K Williams Score 37 S Mcglashan 3 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 N Bottroff 6 and 15 D Jericho Sponsor: Males Meats Competition: Stableford 09/01/2010 Winner of the day M Gowling Score 47 A Grade A Reichstein Score 40 D Jericho T Johnston Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 M Morrissey 6 and 15 A Reichstein Sponsor: McCues Bakery Competition: Stableford 16/01/2010 Winner of the day R Whittenbury Score 43 A Grade D Wilson Score 43 R Porter Score 40 N Warhurst Score 39 S Mcglashan Score 39 B Grade D Jericho Score 37 J Applebee Score 37 W Banks Score 37 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 S Mcglashan 6 and 15 S Mcglashan

Chippy Chatter t the end of 2009, CHIPS took part in the Christmas Tree Festival at the Lutheran Church Hall; we were delighted to be placed 2nd with our ‘Barbie Doll Christmas Tree’ entry. Thank you to Cheryl and Lesley for manning the stall, and all who helped with goods for sale. Well done Lesley for creating our terrific tree. Once again we enjoyed taking part in the Mannum Christmas Pageant with our boat float Catching Fish to go with ‘CHIPS’. Our volunteers, staff and their families had fun dressing up and sharing in the evenings’ festivities. The Mannum Community Club was the venue for our well attended Christmas Friendship Lunch for our clients, and we had a lovely meal whilst being entertained by one of our favourites, Bobby Hunter. Our Community Helpers Shop raises funds for CHIPS, and has recently had a new coat of paint in the main shop area, together with some rearranging by staff. It is a very welcoming area to come and browse and see what is for sale. You never know what you may find, and your purchases support the work we do in the community. Looking back over 2009 we had a very productive and satisfying year, providing much needed services to members of our community.


Page 18

Our client numbers have increased considerably, a n d w e t a k e g r e a t p r i d e i n k n o wi n g a l l r e a s o n a b l e r e q u e s t s f o r service have been met wherever humanly possible. We look forward to continuing in 2010, with the help of our dedicated volunteers and staff. We have received a directive from our Board of Management. On days of Catastrophic fire Danger Warnings in areas of concern: • All CHIPS scheduled client transports will be cancelled. • No volunteer or staff member is to travel through a deemed Catastrophic Fire Danger area to attend the centre for work, training, or volunteering purposes.

This is an interim measure to protect many valued clients, volunteers and staff. After the recent hot weather and possibility of more to come, we are sure you will understand the need for this directive. On a lighter note, I would like to wish you all a safe, happy and healthy 2010. The members of the Board of Management, Volunteers and Staff look forward to continuing to provide service to the community.

Mannum Mag

Marion Wilson, Co-ordinator

Issue Number 43

Lions Australia Day Breakfast he Australia Day breakfast at Mary Ann Reserve was a great success with the Lions serving a record 560 breakfasts. Warm sunshine, an idyllic setting by the river, and the wonderful entertainment of Dave Verrall added to the occasion. The Lions have the philosophy that Australia Day is a community event and not a profit making venture and as a result they have not increased the cost of breakfast since 1996. The highlight of the award ceremony that followed was Dave Le Brun winning Mid Murray Council’s Citizen of the Year and Joel Grieger winning the Junior Citizen of the Year. T he Lio n s C lub was particularly pleased with Joel’s success as he is the grandson of


our first Life Member, Lester Howie. The Lions Club then presented their Youth Achievement Awards with plaques going to Jennipher Vivian, for Community Involvement; Hannah Pfitzner, for Community Spirit; Jacob Strauss, for Ac a d e mi c Achie v e me n t ; Racheal Byers, for Youth Leadership; Lucinda Kendall for Sporting Achievement; and Joel Grieger, for Cultural and Academic Achievements. Vice President, Rod Pratt remarked that the region never had any difficulty finding worthy winners each year. “The region keeps on producing young people we can be proud of,” he added.

Lions Vice President Rod Pratt presents the Youth Award to Jacob Stauss for Academic Achievement

David Dowley

Lions Vice President Rod Pratt with Joel Grieger, who won both the Council’s Young Citizen of the Year Award and the Lions Australia Day Youth Award for Cultural and Academic Achievement.

Specialising in Container and Machinery Transport JOHN WHITE Postal Address: PO Box 491 Mannum SA 5238 Mobiles:

0417 938 828 0439 838 504


Issue Number 43

Mannum Mag

Page 19

Historic Paddle Steamer “Marion” 2010 Short and Overnight Cruises

he historic paddle steamer Marion is a fully restored heritage vessel built in 1900. This vessel is the last operational, original (she is still powered by her original steam plant), heritage, steam driven, wood fired overnight passenger carrying side wheel paddle steamer remaining in the world today! Cruise the majestic waters of the Murray River to the rhythmic sounds of the paddle wheels and the toot of the vessel’s unique sounding whistle echoing against the limestone cliffs. This unique journey aboard the grand old lady of the river will appeal to all. Observe the engineer and the fireman as they work their magic in the art of steam engine operation. Watch in


awe as the Captain and Mate manoeuvre the 200 tonne heritage vessel. Learn the history of PS Marion from interpretive panels, or better still – have a chat to one of the friendly deckhands. Relax, unwind and appreciate the serenity PS Marion and the Murray River have to offer. Don’t miss this truly unique Murray River experience. Be early as only 14 cabins (28 passengers) are available! For bookings please contact: Mannum Dock Museum 6 Randell Street Mannum SA 5238 Phone: 8569 2733 or 8569 1303 Email: Book on line:

2010 Courses ourses and classes will continue in 2010, and are as always open to all members of our community. Commencing in 2010 Getting the Most out of your Photography Workshop Computer Focussing on digital cameras and Wednesday Night Class using the computer to get the best Starting on February 3rd out of photography. 6:00pm - 9:00pm, 10 weeks MYOB Starting Out on Your Computer Monday Evenings Tuesday 2nd February Seeking interest now 6:00pm - 9:00pm, 5 weeks 6:00pm - 9:00pm, 10 weeks Cooking with Angie Various Craft Workshops Thursday 11th February Thursday Afternoons 6:00pm - 9:00pm, 5 weeks 1:00pm - 3:30pm, ongoing Mannum Community College Seeking interest now


2010 Short Cruises Mar Apr May Sat 6 3 1 Sun 7 4 2 1 hour cruises departing from Mary Ann Reserve, Mannum 11am, 1pm and 3pm Ticket Price for 1 Hour Cruise: Adults (15 and over) $15.00 Children (4 to 14) $7.50 Children under 4 free • Licensed bar facilities on board • Devonshire Tea available in the dining room

Overnight Cruises on board the Historic Paddle Steamer “Marion”. 2010 Overnight Cruises Short 3 days 2 nights 12th -14th June $299.00 per person twin share or $450.00 sole use. Long 5 days 4 nights 10th - 14th September $699.00 per person twin share or $1050 sole use. Price includes all meals and secure car parking at Mannum. More details:

The Cottage Window Come in and browse Stay and enjoy a coffee, light meal or Devonshire tea Beautiful range of gifts - including  gift packed toiletries  glassware

 teddies  throws

and much more

Registration is essential to avoid disappointment. When the forecast temperature is 30 or over the weekly Monday Art Class (12:00pm - 3:00pm) will convene at the Mannum Community Club River Bar. Other courses available are Belly Dancing, Getting the Most Out of the Internet, Digital Story Telling and Adult Literacy and Numeracy. Call MMCSS 8569 2129 for more details.

Free Gift Wrapping Open 7 Days You can count on friendly, reliable service from Sharron, Barrie, Joy & Staff

73 Randell Street, Mannum 5238 Page 20

Oct 2 3

Mannum Mag

Ph: 8569 2316 Issue Number 43

An Australian Adventure Vivian Garner (Although still some months before sailing home, the house is sold and it’s time to move out.)


ay 25th, 1974 - Saturday

Interesting program on TV, the Mary Reilly story. She was a convict, transported at 13 for stealing a horse - given 7 years. She married a free man she met on the boat, became a tavern keeper and became wealthy. She went back to England at age 40 with her daughter and 20,000 pounds (about a million dollars in today’s terms). She left her sons in New South Wales. While in England she made a very profitable deal for merino wool, met royalty, tried to marry her

daughter to a nobleman and socialised with the upper crust. She returned to New South Wales and died “respectable”. A true story of a convict made good. Lyn tells me it is getting popular to have a convict ancestor no matter how they made out. June 1st, 1974 - Saturday Moved out - what a mess, as usual. Had way too much stuff, as usual. Our poor trailer was loaded with all the things we thought we might happen to need. Pup was forlorn, he knew something was up. The new owners started putting their things in as we moved ours out.

It felt strange to see their trophies on our mantel. We were really “disowned”. The kids went to the pictures all afternoon - 2 Walt Disney’s. We spent the night at Ray’s, down the street. Pup commuted between there and ‘home’ looking thoroughly bewildered. The new owners are trying to make up to him. Terra Lea and Daphne spent the night at Harris’. June 2nd, 1974 - Sunday Set out for church after saying good-bye once more. Loaded with last minute goodbye gifts honey, sweaters for the girls, gum leaves, etc. Someone suggested they give Edgar a jar

of flies. He was famous for walking down the street with his fly swatter. We were a little late for church. They had a farewell cake and presentation afterwards, and another gift - a tablecloth with parrots and gum leaves, etc. on it. Pulled out for Glen Innes. Spent the night at the caravan park - surprisingly comfortable. We had a little electric heater in the van and were warm for once. I am, as usual, of two minds. I hate leaving and I’m eager to be home. We have almost 3 months before the boat leaves. To be continued

J. R. Elix Tanks Exciting new products built with styling, strength and practicality specially for the harsh Australian environment These products add to our huge range of galvanised and Aquaplate® rainwater tanks available in a choice of 6 Colorbond® colours, our popular round and oval garden beds and our garden sinks and esky.

Garden Pots – From $75 Choose from 2 styles to suit your outdoor garden Ideal for herbs or small veggie gardens Tough corrugated tank iron or stylish mini Orb® Colorbond® Can be put on decking - legs raise the pot so no water is trapped to rot the deck In stock now and made to order

J. R. Elix Tanks: 6 Asmus Street, Mannum. Ph: 8569 1203 Fax: 8569 8104 Email:

Teeth for life Dr. Graham Parry Dr. Emma Burgess Dental Surgeons


93 Randell St MANNUM

By Appointment Monday and Friday Issue Number 43

Mannum Mag

Page 21

A Weird Mob rinks were lined up and quaffed, again and again. ‘Your turn to shout, Nino!’ a workmate prompted. Nino Cullota, the big Italian immigrant, was perplexed. What strange customs these Australians had, adding to the beery bar-room noise by shouting! John O’Grady’s spoofy book ‘They’re A Weird Mob’ was a best-seller in the 1960's. Did you hear about the family of new arrivals who turned up at a country gathering holding empty plates, after being asked to ‘bring a plate’? A Turkish-born friend of mine was put in a cell when he tried explaining to a storekeeper what he wanted by using wild gesticulations and noises. The storekeeper thought he was mad and called the police. An interpreter was contacted. He and my friend baffled the arresting officer when both roared with laughter as the ‘crazy man’s’ story unfolded. Shortly after landing here, my friend began work in a timber yard. He was told by the foreman to put his lunch in the ‘fridge’. A similar Turkish word means ‘timber’, so that’s where it went, in a yard stack. Strange people, these Aussies. Our country has become a wonderful melting pot for global cultures. Each new arrival has so much to contribute to the celebratory feast. Oi, oi, oi.


Page 22

Mannum Mag

Men Of Yemen Ali, the sportsmaster and school disciplinarian, took my hand in his and lead me unselfconsciously to where I’d sought directions. And did a human current pass between us? And did he sense a sweating of my palm? And did our students stop their chat to watch us? I think not. Later in the souk, men in skirts embraced and kissed and walked off holding hands as I observed and mused, “What’s normal?” Max Merckenschlager

Issue Number 43

Lions Club of Ridley News Roundup ur first fundraising effort since the election of President Leigh Smith of Cambrai for the 2009-2010 year was BBQ-catering at Brandle’s Clearing Sale, Swan Reach where we raised $500 for our charitable activities fund. We wish to thank Jim Brandle and Elders Ltd for the opportunity to participate. Fund raising seems to be quite difficult these days, but in September 2009 we managed to collect $350 on behalf of the Royal Society for the Blind by holding collections at Cambrai, Nildottie, Sedan and Swan Reach. The Club thanks the owners of the Stores and Post Offices for letting us occupy their entrances for the day. In October, Lions District Governor Corinne Stone was guest speaker at a very enjoyable dinner held at the Cambrai Creamery Café. Her dynamic approach was very inspirational, especially as she is a Breast Cancer Survivor, a topic on which she spoke candidly yet humorously. Throughout the year she tries to visit every club in the district that extends from Mt Gambier to Darwin. On National Tree Planting Day the Club was invited to provide the food and cook a sausage sizzle at the Meldanda Environmental Site that is administered by Cambrai Area School. Members, parents and visitors were conducted on a tour that showed the progress made to date with the dormitories, recreation hall, solar hot water and power systems in preparation for occupation by visiting groups. Acting Lions Zone Chair Willy Weidenhofer was entertained at a dinner at the Swan Reach Lions Den. She introduced a zone Peace Project competition for schools, facilitated through a kit available for a nominal sum from Lions Headquarters. Clubs are invited to distribute a kit per school in their district at the beginning of each year and in consultation with the participating schools, judge the results and present prizes. Ridley Lions is considering taking part in this promotion of Peace. A community membership raffle with a fuel voucher as first prize is also under consideration.


Current members were asked to invite prospective members to a Riverside Lunch at Big Bend. We thank Don Webster for the use of this delightful site and Peter Dettloff for preparation for this very enjoyable event. Due to the heat wave already experienced in November, the weather forecast was viewed with great trepidation as November 29th, the day of the Ridley Lions Free Seniors and Isolated Christmas Lunch approached. Thankfully all fears were unfounded and the event at the Nildottie Hall was very successful. The only complaint heard was from a patron anxious for the very popular raffle to be drawn, not knowing that tickets were still being sold right up to the last minute. We wish to thank Steve and Joy White and Sandy Jones of Cambrai, Trevor Rothe of Angaston and Kevin Rosenzweig of Towitta who assisted in transporting patrons to Nildottie. We especially thank the Barossa Foodland Supermarket that contributed a $50 food voucher for the event. Entertainment was provided by The Old Time Dancers Group who “have a ball” entertaining at venues around the district with their professional presentation. The Grieger family band, the G4's, graced the event with their delightful music. These wonderful teenagers play drums, viola, keyboard and violin in a way that made an invaluable contribution and we thank them most profusely for their commitment. If you would like to become a member or Friend of Lions please call our friendly Membership Officer Tony Friebel (8570 1068) and he will gladly give you any required information. Many thanks must go to those partners and friends of Lions who give freely of their expertise and time to make belonging to the club a very happy experience. Geoff Hennig Secretary and Publicity Officer

Specialists in Stone Manufacturer and supplier of concrete: • Pots • Garden Edging • Ornaments • Garden Features

• Pavers • Stepping Stones • Letter Boxes • Water Features

Ridley Lions and friends: Geoff and Helen Hennig, Peter and Ingrid Clark, Dell and Allan Henderson and Joy White provisioned and cooked a sausage sizzle for Cambrai Area School students, parents and friends at Meldanda Environmental Education Site. Photo Steve White

Enquiries phone Jim

0417 882 312 Lot 50 Sedan Road Mannum


MONDAY to FRIDAY:- 8AM – 5PM, SATURDAY:- 9AM – 11:30AM Hardiflex, Gyprock, Timber, R.H.S. & Steel; Decking, Trellis & Lattice; Gutters & Flashings; Tools, Paint & Accessories; Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Nails, & Rivets; Garden Supplies & Tools; Cement, Rapidset, Conmix; Polymaster Tanks, Poly & PVC Pipe & Fittings; Pavers & Cement Slabs; Concrete & Permapine Sleepers; Permapine & Creo Posts; Batteries; Gas Supplies; Castrol Oils; Stock Feed; Blundstone Boots AND SO MUCH MORE

Issue Number 43



Mannum Mag

Page 23

Hall Happenings A Busy Start to the Year ull steam ahead. . . is how it is already at the Hall this year, after finishing last year with a very successful stall at the Christmas tree festival, opening the Lion’s Deck at the back of the Hall, joining in the Street parade and a great Christmas picnic sponsored by Families SA. We have started our classes again catering to popular requests, including the ever popular computing classes and a new direction for us, making bird feeders in Woodworking class guided by David Schache. Our arts and crafts have focussed on a fabulous fishing net mobile, with everyone showing different creative skills in making many types of ocean critters to hang from the rafters. We have also enjoyed recycling DVDs and CDs to make mobiles and weaving with colourful bailing twine to make some great garden art. I put hand painting on the


calendar which turned into a body painting day where I got to express myself in a temporary way (lucky we took photos). The bus has been out and about too with trips to Wallaroo and a Mt Barker shopping trip with lunch at Barnacle Bills for only $5. Bargain! Of course we are usually open for anyone who just wants a cuppa and a chat, but it’s fun to have other things available to you in a safe environment. February is sure to be great with lots of classes, getting out and about in the bus and trying some new directions in paper craft and using Facebook on the internet. If you are interested in getting our calendar via Email or post please contact us at the Hall On 8569 1643, drop in or write to 5 Greening Street Mannum. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-3. Come join in the fun in soon!

MANNUM AUTO CENTRE Prepare & Service your 4WD and other vehicles before travelling. Free Battery Testing and great prices on Exide Batteries. Bridgestone Dueler and other quality brand tyres available. Second Battery Systems and Mobile Phone Kit Installations. Suspension, Shockers, Spot Lights, Exhausts and all Mechanical Repairs.

All vehicles, 4WD’s, Boats, Machinery & Trucks Total vehicle performance in one location

Jessica Clark

1-3 BERRYMAN AVE MANNUM Phone 8569 1602 Mob: 0408 813 268 Wayne & Jo-en Tabe

Mannum Hair Design 57 Randell Street MANNUM 5238 (08) 8569 1732 WE VALUE YOU AS A CLIENT IN OUR SALON Page 24

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 43

South Australian Living Artists Venues and Exhibitors in Mannum he SALA festival is a collections of art exhibitions held at a variety of venues throughout the state. The venues are registered with the SALA office and a fee is required for the registration. Before the two week period in August a list of all registered venues, together with a description of the type of exhibition is published in a lift-out from the Advertiser. Last year a SALA exhibit was arranged at the Mannum Visitor’s Centre and there was another exhibition in a former church on the Sedan road. The character of Mannum is changing with a retirement village, Sounds by the River and other activities featuring the town, not just the river. This can only be good for the region as it attracts a richer, more diverse population and increases the likelihood that people will stay rather than be transient, since there are more local interests. It would be nice to see an increased number of SALA venues this year in and around Mannum. I am sure that there are a number of talented people who would like an opportunity


Issue Number 43

to display their talents, mix with interested and interesting art enthusiasts and if they wish, offer their works for sale. The arts can range from painting of all styles and media to sculpture, photography and crafts. Venues could include council facilities, the Community College, showground and commercial venues such as the Mannum Club, the hotels and other commercial enterprises. Any attempt at organising and coordinating such an idea requires the efforts of more than one person. Registration for sites is required in the first half of the year so there is not a great deal of time to put together any comprehensive collection of exhibitions. If there are other similar minded people who would like to be a part of something which could offer a more diverse future for the town could you please contact me on 8568 2909. Please leave a message if I am not home. I would be interested in hearing both from those who wish to help in the organisation and those who wish to exhibit. Peter Weir

Mannum Mag

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Fun and Activities at The Hall

Ridley Lions Seniors Christmas Lunch

Aminya Village Needs Your Help! How about volunteering at Aminya! Can you spare a couple of hours per week, or even once a month? Would you like to make a meaningful contribution to your community? Mick Fabian, Elsie Gates, Keith Rothe (accordion), Margaret and Neil Hamdorf, Wally and Iris O’Loughlin, Bev Preiss and Bill Stevenson

Broadband Anywhere Pt Broadband Anywhere proudly supports y Mannum Mag L t by providing their email d

Things you could assist us with: • Activities & Games • Serving Morning/Afternoon Teas • Reading Newspapers/Mail

...To find out more call

8569 1749 and make an appointment to see Leonie, the DOC.

You can make a difference... we’re waiting to hear from You!

Aminya is a community based, non-profit, incorporated Association providing quality residential aged care services to the people in Mannum and surrounding areas.



Broadband Anywhere is an Adelaide based company offering exceptional Broadband and VoIP telephony services. We offer these services in geographical locations where no or poor levels of broadband service currently exist, particularly in regional Australia. The Broadband Anywhere network now covers over 45,000 square kilometres of regional South Australia making it the largest independently owned wireless broadband network in the state. In your area we are continuing to expand our wireless broadband infrastructure in Murray Bridge, Mannum, Mypolonga and Karoonda. Contact Broadband Anywhere to discuss how we can Page 26

Home and Community Care (HACC) Services Are you elderly or a carer and needing some help in the home?  cleaning (including Vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms, toilets and various other tasks)  Personal care  Respite  Equipment  Podiatry Fees apply for the above services

For more information about any of these services Please phone Coralie on 8569 0240 Monday to Friday Between 8:30am to 4:30pm Or Pick up a handbook which outlays the fees and services available from the Hospital, Medical Centre or Dom Care Office

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 43


For Sale

Health Services

$5 Classifieds can be up to thirty (30) words and must be PRE-PAID before your advertisement will appear, unless by prior arrangement. Advertisements over thirtywords cost an extra 20 cents per extra word. Payments may be made by Cheque, Money Order or cash.

HOUSEBOAT “MIZ CON DUCK” • 13m Prof. built, 1984. • Fully equipped. Double bedroom, Lounge/Dining, Galley, Bathroom. • Good deck space. • Top deck can accommodate 4 adults or small family. • 60HP Mercury Bigfoot O/B, 400 hours. • Maintained in top condition. • $68,200. Contact Ralph Ph: 85691264, Mob: 0427397844. Note: Will exchange for Motorhome ($adjust).

MOBILE MASSAGE Professional Mobile Massage Providing Quality Service Treat yourself with your own personal masseuse in your own home. 1-Hour Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage just for you! Masseuse will arrive fully prepared with massage table or chair, oils, towels and music. It’s all about you. Be Pampered. Call India. 0400 761 320

Thibodaux marches up to Beaudreaux’s front porch and wraps hard on the door and Beaudreaux opens it. Thib: “Beau! How long we ban frands?” Beau: “Well… All our lives Thib” Thib: “Why don’t you told me you gotta boat?” Beau: “I ant gotta boat !” Thib: “Da’ sign say; “Boat for Sale.” Beau: “Thib, see dat old ‘72 ford pickem’up truck over-dare?” Thib: “Yas, I see dat old pickem’up.” Beau: “See dat ‘76 Chevrolet Ce-dan?” Thib: “Yas, I see dat Ce-dan.” Beau: “Well, dey boat for sale.”

Split Beds

Queen &King Single/King Single/Double

Hi-Lo Beds

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Mannum Mag

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Email: Telephone: 8569 2295 (Elf), 8569 1879 (Jo) Drop in to: 39 Randell Street, Mannum SA 5238 (a mailbox kindly provided by MMCSS/CHIPS)

2010 PUBLICATION DEADLINES Friday (12 noon) For Publication in February 26 March Issue 44 March 26 April Issue 45 April 30 May Issue 47

Leave the details of regular meetings at the CHIPS Office or e-mail to: MONTHLY 1 Monday 9:45am Combined Probus, Mannum Club 10:00am Murray Darlings Red Hatters, Mannum Motel Café. Ph. 8569 1438 Mannum Health Advisory Council, Ph. 8569 1239 1st Tuesday 7:30pm Agricultural Society, Showground 1 st Thursday 4:00pm History Group, CHIPS st

FEBRUARY Rowing Club Regatta Annual Regatta. This is the centenary year for the Rowing Club. Saturday 6th Contact: Brian Bormann Mobile: 0417 803 707 Market/Trash ’n Treasure Mannum Showgrounds Sunday 7th, 9:00am – 2:00pm, Free Admission Sites available Contact: Irene Lovell Phone: 8569 2541

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Community Meetings Clash Calendar 2 Wednesday 4th Tuesday 9:00am Shared Stitches of 7:30pm Mannum Show Mannum Quilting Group. Ph. Committee, Showground 8569 1035 4th Thursday 3rd Monday 7:30pm Progress Association, 7:30pm Mid Murray Mallee Mannum Community College Staff Permaculture Group, The Hall. room. Tamara Griffiths 0407 457 707 Last Monday 3rd Tuesday 1:30pm Hospital Auxiliary, pm Palmer Card Day, Lutheran Meeting Room, Esmerelda Street Hall Palmer. Ph. 8532 2255 Last Wednesday 7:30pm Neighbourhood Watch, Midday Mannum Mag Committee, various locations. Coordinator Showground. Ph. 8569 2385 0428 856 911 WEEKLY 3rd Thursday 11:00am R S L , M a n n um Mon, Wed & Fri 10:00–3:00 The Hall, 5 Greening Community Club Street, Mannum. Ph. 8569 1643 nd

2010 Community Calendar MARCH PS Marion Short Cruises Adelaide Cup Day Weekend Mannum Show Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th Mannum Showgrounds 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm. Saturday 6th, from 10 am Adult $15, Child $7.50 Child $1.00, Adult $6.00, Mannum Hot Rod Day Pensioner $3.00 Mary Ann Reserve Website: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th Contact: Geoff Skein 11:00am – 4:00pm Phone: 8569 2385, or Email: Child $1.00, Adult $2.00, Family $5.00 Market/Trash ’n Treasure Contact: Julie Rice Mannum Showgrounds th Sunday 7 , 9:00am – 2:00pm, Phone: 0407 77 99 72 Hosted by The Bear Rock Free Admission Rodders Association. Raises Sites available funds for the Mannum District Contact: Irene Lovell Hospital. Phone: 8569 2541

Mid Murray Community Support Services Pop in 10 am - 4 pm at 39 Randell St Mannum. Ph: 85692129. A wide range of personal development courses are offered. Contact MMCSS for details. Registering for courses and programs is essential Special Events February 11th Accredited St. John CPR course, 9:00am-12:30pm, at Mannum Day Care Centre. March 2nd Mens Breakfast - bookings absolutely essential. 4th & 5th Accredited St. John Senior First Aid Course, 9:00am-4:30pm, at Mannum Day Care Centre.

Weekly Passenger Service Mannum to Murray Bridge For information or bookings: 18 Alma Avenue, Murray Bridge SA 5253 Ph: 08 8532 2633

Monday 3:00pm Mannum Town Choir, Uniting Church hall. Ph. 8569 2295 Tuesday & Friday 8:30am Walkie Talkies, Lions Den, Show Ground OTHER Alternate Fridays 1:30pm Senior Citizens Club, Senior Cit. Rooms (Rear of Leisure Centre). Ph. 8569 2795 nd 2 & 4th Tuesday 10:00am Craft Group. Uniting Church Cottage. Ph. 8569 1827.

Karoonda Farm Fair Karoonda Friday 26th and Saturday 27th Under 5 free both days Friday Students under 16 free Saturday $3.00 for Students $12.00 Adult each day $30.00 Family Website: The Karoonda Farm Fair is an annual 2-day event based at Karoonda in the heart of the Murray Mallee region.

Mannum Leisure Centre Squash courts, gym, and cardio Afternoons room are available. Reopening at 3:00 pm, closing at the Tai chi, karate, basketball, netball, end of the sporting program or squash, carpet bowls, fitness classes, activity. pilates, card games, and others are Stadium and Clubroom are held throughout the week. available for hire for functions on weekends. Opening Hours Mornings Summer Closure from Friday 23rd Mon, Wed, Fri: 8:00 am - 12 noon December to Monday 4th January. Tue, Thur: 6:00 am - 12 noon Further information: 8569 0185 Sat: 9:00 am - 11:00 am Pam Cutjar, Centre Manager

Every Thursday: Mannum Information Centre  Pine Park Murray Bridge Depart Arrive Depart Return Mannum 10.00am Murray Bridge 10.45am Murray Bridge 2.30pm Mannum 3.10pm 1st and 3rd Tuesday: Mannum Information Centre  Pine Park Murray Bridge

All material submitted for publication is subject to editorial approval. This is done not to censor, but to ensure topics are relevant to the content of Mannum Mag.

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Mannum Mag

Issue Number 43

Mannum Mag Issue 43 February 2010  
Mannum Mag Issue 43 February 2010  

Local community news magazine for Mannum, South Australia, and surrounding district.