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After the excitement of getting engaged dies down, it can be a bit frightening when you think about all there is to plan for you wedding. It’s said the be the biggest and best day of your life, so there is plenty of pressure to get everything right and make sure that the day goes to plan. What’s more, is that you will probably end up inviting your entire extended family, and most of your friends. So, you not only want the day to be special for you and your partner, but also for your guests! There are so many things to organise and aspects to plan which will help build your perfect wedding day. That’s why we’ve put together a timeline of the things you need to book, plan and buy. This wedding planner timeline will help you stay focused, organise things in the right order and most importantly help you feel in control! The timeline takes you from booking a date to the wedding day itself, and even features a few things you might look over, for example the best time to pick a honeymoon destination and when to give the rings to the best man. Good luck planning your wedding and remember if it doesn’t go to plan, your guest will hardly notice. So make sure you relax and enjoy your big day!

Pick a wedding date! Visit your desired venue to make sure your date is available.

Book your reception caterer if your reception venue does not provide it. Make sure to do the taste test!

Decide on your venue(s).

Pick the theme. Deciding on a theme or style of your wedding will help you select other things, like the venue.

Pick your bridesmaids and make sure they are all available.

12 months before the wedding

Sign up for a gift registry.

Book the band or DJ for the reception.

10 months before the wedding

Start looking for your perfect wedding dress! Pick bridesmaids dresses Create a wedding file/folder to keep your notes and receipts together. Work out your wedding budget.

Organise your wedding officiant (religious or civil). Book photographer and/or videographer.

Consider throwing an engagement party.

Finalise the guest list.

Start researching honeymoon destinations early to get the best deals.

Go shopping for your wedding rings.

If your guests have to travel to your wedding, make sure they have accommodation organised.

7 months before the wedding

Get the best man, the fathers and all the groomsmen outfits.

Buy bridal party gifts.

4 months before the wedding 3 months before the wedding

Book the florist.

Order your wedding cake, yum!

Arrange transport to the venue for the wedding party.

Send invitations to guests.

Order wedding favours. Buy invitations and thank you cards.

Pick all your wedding accessories.

Pick the music for your first dance.

Give the band or the DJ a list of songs you would like to hear.

Find out information about how to change your name on legal documentation.

Design wedding programs.

2 months before the wedding

1 month before the wedding

Organise the hen and stag parties.

Schedule your alterations for your dress.

2 weeks before the wedding

Complete floor and seating plan for reception. Practice wedding hair style, with veil. Get your make up done this day as well. Final dress fitting.

Give the caterer a final head count.

Enjoy it and have fun! Remember to have breakfast to prevent pre-wedding jitters!

Give rings to the best man.

Pack for your honeymoon

Lay your outfit and accessorise out for the next day.

1 week before the wedding

Go through your to-do list and make sure it’s all completed.

1 day before the wedding

Try to relax and get a good night sleep!

Visit the beautician for any last minute beauty treatments.

The Wedding Day!

Get your hair and make-up done, get dressed and get your pictures done. Then, make your way to your wedding!

Wedding Planning Timeline  

This handy little presentation takes you through a timeline of the 12 months before your wedding and details what things you need to book, p...

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