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A simple guide on how to keep your car looking its best


An old looking car will not only make a bad first impression – it can cost you money in the long run! If you can keep your car looking and feeling brand new for as long as possible, you’re putting yourself in good stead for all manner of reasons, not least of all when the time comes for you to sell it! While this PDF aims to be informative, please bear in mind that its been created by a fanatic and not a professional.


Drive a clean machine – 4 Custom duty – 5 When the chips are down… - 6 Be careful where you park! - 7

DRIVE A CLEAN MACHINE! Fir st of f, think how much better you feel when you have a shower – yet when was the last time you gave your car one! Washing and waxing your car will make it seem fresh out the showroom. If you don’t want to do it your self, take it for a professional wash. A dir ty car looks old and unloved, but a clean one looks new and well cared for!

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CUSTOM DUT Y A car with a custom feel can look like it was designed and customised especially for you. Be careful though, you don’t want to look like the sor t of person that takes par t in drag races at 3am‌.

Go easy on the colouring and tinted windows, maybe a new gearstick or some new alloys would do the trick?

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WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN‌ Scratches on your paintwork and chips in your windscreen won’t do your car any favour s either. Small problems can soon become big ones, a failure to take care of those chips or scratches at fir st can lead to problems.

Get a scratch repair kit for you paintwork and keep on top of windshield replacement before minor issues become major ones.

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BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU PARK! Finally, be careful where you leave your car! Don’t park in any areas that are poorly lit, or that just look unsafe. If you’ve got a hunch that you shouldn’t leave your car there – don’t

Also, make sure you leave other people enough room! Leaving mere inches between your car and another car’s door is asking for trouble.

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Make Your Car Feel Brand New