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Locate the paint code number on your vehicle. This will allow you to buy paint that exactly matches the car’s colour

The location of your car’s paint code number will depend on its make/model.

For a list of paint colour code locations for most manufacturers, click here.

Clean the surface of the car in the area around the chip using a medium reducer.

Dab the paint onto the chip using a tiny brush (like one for nail polish) or even a matchstick for very small chips.

Dab on a second coat 15 minutes later.

Dab on a third and final coat 15 minutes later so that the paint is slightly raised above the surrounding surface area.

Wet a piece of 1500 sand paper and sand the newly applied paint for a couple of minutes. This will help the new coat blend in.

With a dry rag, apply some polishing compound to the recently sanded area. Note: the new paint may standout against the rest of the car, as it’s shinier and less faded. So, there you have it!

Touching up paint chips is about more than pure aesthetics. It also helps protect your car from further damage, increasing its lifespan and resale value. Depending on the state of your vehicle, it could also be worth considering new tires, glass repair, new brakes, routine oil changes and replacing/updating the hubcaps. For more information on how to touch up paint chips, this YouTube video takes you through the process step by step. Happy painting!

How To: Touch up the paint on your car  

Discover how to fix paint chips in 7 easy steps.

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