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Everyone dislikes a Sunday driver, but every bank holiday there seem to be a lot of them about on the roads. There is nothing worse than wasting valuable holiday time sitting in a traffic jam! We’ve got some great bank holiday driving tips from MultiCar insurance provider Admiral to make your bank holiday drive less stressful!

Leave early: If you leave early in the morning you will miss the worst of the traffic. This can save time if you are travelling far.

Allow extra time: If you are unable to leave early then, allow extra time for your journey. This means the drive will not be cutting into your valuable holiday time.

Give your car a maintenance check-up: Before you leave stop in a garage so you can check the essentials: your car's oil, coolant, tyre pressures and most importantly fuel! If you are taking a caravan, and haven’t used it for a long time, then give it a check over as well.

Look over the route: Plan the route before you go and make sure you know it well. If you don’t have Sat Nav then you could use a route finder website online. It’s good to have a print out of the directions.

Avoid traffic hot-spots: Try to avoid busy areas of the route. For example, it would be better to drive round a busy town than through the centre of the town.

Keep checking the travel news: Check the traffic reports before you go and on the radio to keep up to date with the latest traffic incidents and advice about how to avoid them.

Expect some delays: Lots of people travel on bank holidays so except this and plan ahead. Make sure you have snacks, juice, games , and even blankets if the weather is cold. This means you will be comfortable if you do get stuck in a few traffic jams.

Bank Holiday Driving Advice  

We’ve got some great bank holiday driving tips to make your bank holiday drive less stressful!