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Temple Works 2nd Floor Concept

Interior Architects

CJH Interior Architects 1

Temporary Architecture > Temporary architecture can be defined as any space that is mobile or intended only to be used for a short period of time before it is either dismantled or relocated. The effects of temporary architecture can be measured by the effect they have on the community they enter, e.g. -music festival beginning -circus coming to town -Shakespeare in the Park beginning > Temporary architecture is often responsive and adaptable to function and location. The structures are about tectonics and often act as a testing ground for new technologies without the pressure of lasting permanently.

Temporary work space

Most architecture were commissioned by Amsterdam company brandbase to design a temporary space for their new office location. Because of its impermanence, the client proposed a low-budget renovation, in which most architecture decided to employ 270 shipping pallets to shape and inform the workplace.

CJH Interior Architects 2

Creative private workspace

This private writers cabin is a great example of a private space for a creative person to work and relax. This is a project that is enhanced by its surrounding area being so tranquil to follow the function of the space.

Small, enclosed workspace to work alone

Alex Haw’s design for a temporary workspace looks at ways the body uses a given working environment, and expands its use by catering for multiple body positions, ranging from vertical to horizontal. This reassessment of the way the workspace is used is perhaps the start of a future reconfiguration of the idea of the office. Haw talks about the social value of the workspace, the moments of inspiration that arise out of physical proximity that might be lost in a more virtual way of working. Still, the possibilities of virtual communication cannot be ignored, and workspaces may become more of a space of expression of the brand ethics, an ideal, conceptual meeting place, such as’s offices, designed by Nowicka Stern, which feature a “meeting CJH Interior Architects 3

room� lawn that is watered from underneath with ultraviolet light providing daylight conditions. However the workspace may develop, it is always designers who will push it into becoming a more relevant and useful tool as ways of working change

Creative Public Workspace The interior scheme means the employees can cycle through the space this means a "looped three-dimensional promenade" will need to be created the project will be completed in 2016 and I will be keeping up to date with the progress. "The street life is incredibly important for why you live in a city. Taking that idea of life into the building, the social space will make what Google calls positive friction. You want people to get to their desk and do work, you want them to get around, but you don't want them to miss each other."

CJH Interior Architects 4

Large open space, different areas, different specialities

I will use Googles theory of creating spaces where pre empted meetings can take place just by alking through the space and creating points where the flow is slower and therefor pushing the employees to meet and exchange ideas.

Temporary exhibition space Maybe inspired by the Gherkin Building in London although there are plenty of buildings with a similar architectural use of the lattice. Lots of architectural design can be seen in exhibition stand designs.

CJH Interior Architects 5

"I designed this lattice style exhibition stand below at the Anuga food exhibition in Cologne. The stand is mainly used as a meeting place for customers from around Europe so the lattice facade created an eye catching way of restricting access onto the stand whilst being open."

CJH Interior Architects 6

Exhibition of local works Themed exhibitions – All Local Holbeck Business – promoting local works Furniture – Local Furniture designers and recently graduated students.

Architecture – DSA architects, Tropican Interior Landacaping

CJH Interior Architects 7

Photography – Karl Wilson – Leeds City Spin

CJH Interior Architects 8

Graphics – Sign Express, Zeal Digital, Boutique Digital

CJH Interior Architects 9

Non perminent exhibition Lifecycle

Can it be recycled? Push materials to limits

CJH Interior Architects 10

Materials Paper – Paper house – Shigeru Ban

Wood – Shigeru Ban “They say that I don’t like to come back to things I’ve already resolved and many of my structures are not meant to be permanent. I’ve always been interested in using material in a new way.”

CJH Interior Architects 11

Wood Skin – Flexible wood like material, adapts and transforms.

“What we created was a skin that would allow us to focus on the structure and would adapt to it, leaving the builder the total control with the flexibility to change the forms at any moment during the whole process.”

CJH Interior Architects 12


Mobile Exhibition This exhibition can be, deflated, folded and stacked when not in use which means it is perfect for transporting and when not in use.

CJH Interior Architects 13

Move to different Locations This exhibition is a great example of a exhibition space that can be easily transported as it is constructed from plastic panels that can be stacked and transported. Also it the exhibition is built up from different size and shaped spaces this means if it is to be moved to a different location the is smaller only a section of the exhibition can be taken and a different structure doesn't need to be used. Lightweight

CJH Interior Architects 14

Adapt to Situation

Easily constructed

CJH Interior Architects 15

How is it stored Fold away


CJH Interior Architects 16

Transformable Multifunctional space Sliding partitions

Creating new layouts and formation depending on the function needed by the user whether that be private or public. Both private and public space

Using non fixed movable furniture is a simple way of not having fixed plan to the space and being able to re-arrange the space is vital.

CJH Interior Architects 17

Creating semi private interiors within an interior means the user can have a mid point inbetween private and social space, so you still have a element of privacy but are still in a creative active environment.

CJH Interior Architects 18

Multifunctional furniture

Modular seating

With use of a smart modular seating design the users can re arrange the space for the needed function at the time. It means the space is transformable and can adapt to a situation.

Also with use of backlit lighting in the seating would create a glowing aura around the base of the seating

CJH Interior Architects 19

Temple works 2nd floor concept  
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