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Games and their Genres Metal Gear Solid 4 The Metal Gear Solid franchise is well known to most gamers, developed by Kojima Productions, MGS4: Guns of the Patriot is currently the last piece chronological in the story and also holds the world record for longest cut-scene in any video game at 27 minutes. The player takes the role of Solid Snake and has to use stealth, Close-Quarter Combat to sneak around without drawing to much attention to himself, if he does he will be bombarded by enemies until you escape, managed to hide for a certain amount of time, or if your brave enough, kill them all. The gameplay is asymmetric because, even though the story is set, the player can use different paths and tactics to get from one objective to the next. The CQC aspect of the game, as-well as the boss battles also means that the game is a Hack and Slash. Even though their isn't a levelling system for the player, there is a character named Drebin who allows you to purchase different and more powerful weaponry while also giving the option to upgrade the weapons you already have so that you can fight the different enemies as they get stronger and stronger, this gives the game Leveled gameplay. The game genre an action-adventure, more specifically stealth as the objective of the game is to stay out of sight. There is also a online PvP feature included in the game making the game an MMO as well.

Diablo 3 Diablo 3 is a multi-platform roleplaying game where the objective is to save the world from the 7 prime evils including the most powerful demon, Diablo. You are given the option to play alone or at anytime you can team up with some friends and enjoy the Cooperative gameplay. In the game you create a character from a list of 8 different role and customise them with different armour and weapons as you Level up and progress through the game. The gameplay is asymmetric like almost all RPG’s.

The Walking Dead The Walking Dead game, based off of the comics and TV series, is set in a zombie apocalypse world, however they used completely new characters. Each part of the game is played through chapter by chapter to make it seem like more of a TV show. Straight away the player will realise that the gameplay is emergent and that every decision they make will have a consequence. The genre of the game is Survival Horror as you have to keep yourself alive in their scary fictional world..

Realm Of The Mad God Also known as ROTMG, Realm is a Massive Online Multiplayer Shooter game, where the objective is to kill monsters or fight your way through dungeons to reach level 20 and get the best equipment you can, so that you and up to 79 others can reach the Castle of Oryx the Mad God and kill him. The game offers 14 different classes to choose from which have a unique special ability and a set type of weapon they can use. When the player dies they lose their character as-well as all the items they have on them forever.

Fallout Shelter Fallout shelter is an interactive mobile game for apple and android, where the aim of the game is to big and upgrade your shelter to home dwellers, which are the characters used in the game, from the wasteland, which is the radiated post nuclear warfare world. As the owner of your shelter have to strategically manage the 3 different resource; power, water and food, by assigning different dwellers to the room they best suits their randomly assigned stats. Occasionally your base will come under attack from raiders and your dwellers will have to fight them off with weapons that can be collected from sending a dweller into the wasteland for a certain amount of time, however if they stay out to long they will die to creatures and people they encounter and the radiation damage they are exposed to. Like most games on the mobile platform the gameplay is passive and there is no time constraint

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