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PREDICTIVE DIALER SOFTWARE: THE UNSUNG HERO OF THE CALL CENTER AGENCY Call centers and telemarketing companies are among the largest industries today. Commanding a large chunk of the global workforce, company owners consciously pursue productivity without of course, sacrificing efficiency in the workplace. The stiff competition among these companies has necessitated the use of a system that works in harmony with the workforce. If you are familiar with the inner-workings of the call center industry, then you must have – at least at one point – come across predictive dialers in the past. Commonly used in outbound call centers, a predictive dialer software makes the work of a call center agent faster by employing computer algorithms in placing calls based on a pre-uploaded contact list.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF PREDICTIVE DIALERS The history of predictive dialers takes us back to the 1980’s. As the decade saw rapid advancements in technology, numerous inventions in many fields including the automobile industry, genetics, entertainment, and what would be the predecessor of the modern Internet had been introduced. Accordingly, these innovations brought forth the opportunity to automate various segments of the business process including the way multiple phone calls are handled. Originally, the first predictive dialers were limited to the banks and were considered to be the most basic system used for telemarketing and collections. The older versions of the system required call centers to go through the inconvenience of loading floppy disks containing the name and contact information of the callers. On top of that, call center agents were required to sit next to the dialers in four-hour shifts. As the dialers did not allow for integration with other system like a structured database, incidents of agents calling the same client more than once were a common case. All innovations that survived time are the ones that have come nearest to fulfilling the insatiable desires of humankind. Those that have fallen short of the expectation are either further enhanced or are simply buried along with everything deemed obsolete nowadays.

For the predictive dialer, it was the former. The introduction of a more efficient system to the ancient “predictive dialers� people now would call a mere database, has greatly improved the overall effectiveness in terms of productivity from workers and revenue from sales. The modern predictive dialers have been an indispensable tool for the call center agents of today. This miracle device gave birth to a higher standard in being in the industry.

PREDICTIVE DIALERS TODAY: HOW THEY WORK Since companies like call centers and telemarketing businesses rely on the maximum number of calls made within the day, automating the process of handling calls reduces the incidents that would otherwise lead to unanswered calls, longer waiting times, or dead numbers. The predictive dialer has proven itself to be an invaluable asset to the call center and telemarketing industry. Owing to the dramatic improvements it had to go through since its inception three decades before, the predictive dialer as we know today has been better than ever. But first, how do they work? In essence, a predictive dialer software works using statistical algorithms to minimize the intervals between successful answered calls. Because the industry relies on sales of any commodity or service closed by the agents on the other end of the line, it is impossible to overemphasize the role played by the number of homeowners they connect with in one day. Unlike the ancient versions, the predictive dialers of today do more than storing contact information for the agents to call. They also dial multiple numbers at a time, depending on the rate of call successes. If only one out of five calls are answered, the software is very likely to dial five numbers for every agent available. Aside from that, the average duration of each conversation as well as the average time for people to respond to their ringing phones. If one call usually lasts one minute and it takes five seconds for the call to be taken, the software will start dialing numbers at the 55 second mark.


LITTLE TO NO CHANCE OF BIAS As any predictive dialer uses algorithms to predict the duration of each call and automatically assigns calls to available agents, it does not wait for a particular agent to be available. This ensures that all agents on the team do not get to choose which call to take or to ignore. Accordingly, all agents are expected to be equally competent to handle any call.

IMPROVES WORKER EFFICIENCY Before the emergence of the modern predictive dialers, an agent is only spending 40 minutes per hour attending to calls. This device is known to increase the overall productivity incredibly. With its help, each agent now spends 55 minutes of every hour busied by potential customers. This is a great improvement in efficiency, downing idle time from 33% to a mere 8%.

REDUCES HUMAN ERROR There are at least two ways an agent can err when a predictive dialer is not at their disposal. First, the monotony of dialing and waiting for an answer from the end of the line can take its toll on you. After a few hours, it’s possible to find yourself switching the first two digits of the number. Especially if the commodity offered is only relevant in a targeted area, the call would be completely useless. The chance of two agents call the exact number is also not an impossibility. While this is not a mistake of either worker, it still reduces efficiency. Thanks to the predictive dialer software, all of these are a thing of the past.

HELPS CLOSE MORE SALES Definitely, not all calls will result in success. The fact that the agents are attending to more calls increases the possibility that more deals would be closed by the end of each shift. More calls result to more sales, and more sales mean more profits! Truly, the predictive dialer software is the unsung hero of the call center industry. Much burden is cast off each agent’s shoulders simply because such innovation exists.

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