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What’s New At December 2016 This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date on new features, provide tips and answers to frequently asked questions.


In this edition: Center Library 

Updated Training Manuals,

Editable Script Action Page, and

Holiday Schedule.

As we enhance our product, the training documents will be updated to include the new features and changes.

All manuals for the CDP Desktop Application, the Supervisor Site and the Manage Site can be found in the Manuals and Training Documents section of the Help Center Library.

Recently the Manage Training Manuals have been updated and renamed to include our new features and changes that have been made to the Manage Site. The manuals and their contents are listed below.

Manual 1 – Setting up your account - Manual 1 focuses on the Admin Menu. The topics include:   

Support Users Teams

  

  

Do Not Call Media Attributes Scorecards

Sound Library Music On Hold Phone Numbers

Manual 2 – Creating Your Campaign Part 1 – Manual 2 describes what a campaign is and begins the configuration process to include the following topics:   

Campaigns Data Fields Daily Reports

   

Campaign Checklist Conversions Exports Report Lead Files

  

Campaign Configuration Dispositions Lead Post

Manual 3 – Creating Your Campaign Part 2 – Manual 3 continues the configuration process and includes the following topics:   

Permissions Callbacks Canned Transfers

   

Agent Skill Level Voicemail IVR’s Campaign Settings

  

Blocked Numbers Caller ID Inbound Numbers

DEC 2016


Manual 4 – Building A Script – Manual 4 covers the scripting options and features and how they can be

configured in the scripting. The manual includes the following topics:    

Scripts External URL Script Editable Script Feature Examples

   

Script Action Screen Script Features Navigation Buttons Lead Search

   

Rebuttal Page Tasks Page Task-Logic Scripting Hints

Module 5 – Search and Report – Manual 5 focuses on the Search and Reports Menu’s. The topics include:  

Search Menu Call Detail Screen

 

Editing A Lead Grading A Call

 

Reports Menu Report Column Definitions

Having accurate information to manage the campaign is vital to its success. EDITBLE SCRIPT ACTION PAGE Have you noticed the editable script action page has changed? We have added a new View Action Button, moved tasks into the Options Action Button and changed the location of the script versions and how the versions are accessed.

Action buttons

List of previous version

The button gives you a view only version of the edit mode. This allows you to see the contents of the script, but not make any changes to it. CALLSHAPER


DEC 2016


The following actions have been moved into the


CopyTo - Rather than start a script from scratch you can “Copy To” a script to the same or a different campaign within your account. Choose the campaign the script will be copied to by using the dropdown menu.

Deactivate - When a script is no longer being used, and is not assigned to a campaign or an inbound phone number, you can deactivate it. Once deactivated, this option changes to Reactivate.

Rename - The rename options will allow you to change the name of the script.

Publish - If changes are made to a script, the agents working that campaign will not see the changes until you Publish the script and assign it to the Campaign or Inbound Number. Once published, the changes will reflect in the Agent Application on their next phone call.

Each time the script is published, a new version is created. All versions can be viewed but only the editable version can be changed. Now in the lower section of the Script Action screen, you will see the list of versions, the version number, date last modified and who the version was modified by. The list will also include the status of each version which is represented by the icons below. Status

Definition This version of the script is editable and has not been published. This version of the script is published and currently being used in the campaign. Published versions can be viewed but cannot be edited or renamed. This version of the script has been archived. Archived versions can be viewed but cannot be edited or renamed.

To view or preview a version, select the version and click the proper action button.

How are we doing? Let us know by completing the Capterra Feedback Form.

Holiday Schedule CallShaper will be limited to ticket and email support on the following days: December 26th January




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