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Like a midwife, I make my living bringing new babies into the world, except that mine are new advertising campaigns. - David Ogilvy

Case Studies

The Newspaper Industry

Taking A Stand

Observation Most news sources, specifically the 24 hour news channel, seek to entertain. The definition of news has been stretched so much that no one really knows what qualifies as news anymore or cares. The market has been left to decide. Therefore a blogger, with enough traffic, is considered a valid source of news. It seems that it’s all about being entertaining in order to get the most attention.

THE SITUATION Newspapers have taken a big hit in the media landscape. They are at the bottom of the totem pole; the butt of jokes across the land. Newspapers are seen as boring and obsolete. With the rise of the 24 hour news cycle - championed by the big three: Fox, CNN, MSNBC - newspapers seem to behind. With blogs, everyone’s got an opinion so no one needs the opinion of the editor anymore. So how can newspapers take a stand? How can newspapers reclaim their former glory in a saturated media landscape?

Question Why does the news have to be entertaining?

Product Truths Newspapers come out once a day, giving them time to properly confirm stories through multiple sources. They are slightly boring yet objective and trustworthy.

Message Slightly boring but always objective and we’re damn proud of it. So when you are ready for the real news, pick up a newspaper.

Sample Storyboard

Obama wants your soul. Buy gold now. - Glenn Beck

The right wing wants to destroy America. - Keith Olbermann

Everyone is stupid. - Jon Stewart

When you are ready for the real news, pick up a newspaper. Man turns off the TV.

Man reads newspaper.

Sample Ads Rock Climbing One way our reporters infuse excitement in their lives after a week of objective reporting. When you are ready for the real news, pick up a newspaper. - The Newspaper Industry

Ridiculous We agree, everyone’s got an agenda. Ours is to actually report the news as is. When you are ready for the real news, pick up a newspaper. - The Newspaper Industry

“Really?” The thought in our reporter’s head in between leaving source #2 and meeting source #3. When you are ready for the real news, pick up a newspaper. - The Newspaper Industry

Boston Public Health Commission Addressing A Fragmented & Mistrusting Audience THE PROBLEM

Insight Teens see messages, concerning sensitive topics, from organizations like the BPHC as coming from a parental figure. They tend to scorn at the messages. They prefer messages on said matters to be from individuals perceived to be their peers.

Changing Attitudes About STI Prevention

1 in 4 sexually active teens has an STI. This startling fact was well known within the walls of the Boston Public Health Commission. Many at the BPHC were baffled at this statistic and other shocking statistics concerning STIs. The reality is STI prevention is easy. So with the summer fast approaching, the decision had been made to put together a two month campaign. The campaign’s main focus would be to replace the negative attitudes Boston teenagers had about STI prevention with a simple message: STI prevention is easy. Soon a major question reared its head: How do you effectively address Boston teenagers with a strong message about such a sensitive topic?

The Target Sexually active youth, aged 12 - 18 years old, who reside in Boston, MA

Strategy Show that at the BPHC, we listen and response at the same level youth are on, not from a podium.

Message Preventing an STI is easy. “Do Your Homework. Protect Yourself. Don’t Get Infected.”

Action Plan 1. Utilize actual teenagers as advocates. 2. Spread the message through traditional communication channels, strongly supported by unconventional mediums


Get Reel: Check Yourself Video Contest Flyer

Developed a guerilla marketing strategy which received widespread local and national press. This includes Good Morning America, Teen Vogue, front page of the Boston Globe and several local news shows.

Copy-written by Ipalibo Da-Wariboko (That’s Me)

Designed by Lisa Costanzo, BPHC Creative Director

Boston Public Health Commission

Alerting & Arousing An Apathetic Audience THE PROBLEM

Observation Simply, the public had tuned out to the message because the message had been pushed by many organizations and approached from a variety of angles.

The Target

A Campaign Breeds Comfort, In Turn Apathy

The 2009 flu season was highly anticipated. It found momentum in the media’s hyper of swine flu. Countless rumors were heard all over the place. In response, the BPHC was effective in its strategy. It executed a strong campaign which pushed the message that alerted Bostonians of the dangers of the flu and the importance of vaccination. So during the beginning of flu season, the public reacted properly. Vaccination counts were up, deaths were down. Everything seemed to be working out well. But as time passed, the public became comfortable, too comfortable. Yet experts were predicting two more major waves of the flu. Simply put, the public wouldn’t be ready for that, not in their current mindset. The question now was: How do you erase apathy in an audience who has been oversaturated with our message?

The general Boston public, specifically adults who are not predisposed to a high risk for flu infection

Tactical Approach

Message Wake up! Flu season isn’t over yet! Get vaccinated!

Continue the current campaign and supplement it with a new campaign which utilizes viral ideas.

Action Plan

Concept - Pillows In Transit

1. Create several humorous youtube videos which push the message 2. Run radio ads early in the morning 3. Guerilla Marketing - Pillows In Transit

Concept: Place pillows on the benches of select MBTA Train Stations, preferably (if done in winter, indoors) high traffic station ex. Forest Hills, Back Bay, Park Street. Pillows: Covered with white pillowcases which have printed on - “Wake Up. The flu season isn’t over yet. Get Vaccinated.”

Online Ad

Designed by Ipalibo Da-Wariboko (That’s Me)

Wake Up! TV Commercial

Wake Up! TV Commercial

Designed by Ipalibo Da-Wariboko (That’s Me)

Wake Up! Youtube Video Scripted & Directed by Ipalibo Da-Wariboko (That’s Me)


Building A Loyal Following SITUATION ANALYSIS

Observation Every station in the Greater Boston area did doing what radio stations were expected to do: just broadcast. None attempted to give a real voice to the community. No station really gave the community a voice.

Changing Attitudes About STI Prevention

DatzHits Radio was a new station in the Greater Boston area. It’s mission was to cater to West Indian community, which represented a sizable portion of the population. Given the fact it was the new kid on the block, DatzHits faced stiff competition against more established and wealthier stations in Boston. DatzHits’ main strength lied in its deep family values and its unique voice. It’s founders had a strong dedication to the West Indian community. And after the initial launch of the station and website, the community gave the station rave reviews. Now the question arose: How do you turn casual listeners into loyal followers?

The Target People who live in Greater Boston who identify with the West Indian community

Strategy Commit to giving the community a voice by giving it the occasional 15 minutes of fame

Message DatzHits Radio is dedicated to giving a voice to the West Indian community.

Tactical Suggestions Highlight Positive Impact Organizations

Give Upcoming Artists A Voice

Provide positive reinforcement to community organizations by creating video profiles of said organizations and putting these video profiles on the DatzHits website for the entire public to view.

Provide the opportunity for upcoming artists to showcase their talents to Boston. This program is a weekly competition between new artists with DatzHits audience serving as the judge. The weekly prize is winning song is played on the radio.



Where Did All The Alumni Go?

The chapter had recently rechartered in 2005. It had done so with the help of one alumnus. Within four years, the chapter felt that it had solidified its foundation. So with most of its internal challenges solved, the chapter began looking to external ones. The first and most pressing was alumni relations. For alumni involvement is a key aspect of a fraternity’s success. Alumni provide financial, organizational and advisory support. So when a chapter has lost touch with its alumni, it must quickly regain that footing. Or in our case, rebuild it completely. But how do you reconnect with uninvolved alumni?

People don’t join fraternity, people join people. In keeping with this The Target fact, alumni can’t reconnect with a Alumni of the Acacia Fraternity - Missouri Chapter from all the faceless organization. They can years past only reconnect with real students who remind them of themselves in Strategy their college years. Further, alumni Focus on our values, which is the common thread shared by both alumni and current members and current members are bound together by the values of the Message fraternity. We are students, just like you once were. We cherish the same values you do. We are Acacians.

Action Plan 1. Develop multiple avenues of communication with alumni 2. Showcase the activities of the fraternity, relating each activity back to our values 3. Highlight individual members living out our values Know Your Fellow Acacian Interview

Know Your Fellow Acacian Interview

Results 1. Developed a Facebook fan page which boasted 125 alumni as fans 2. Raised $850 to purchase furnishing within a month 3. Created the “Know Your Fellow Acacian” video interview series which received praise from alumni

Know Your Fellow Acacian Interview

MUTV - STUDENT CAMPUS TV STATION Building Influence Through Positive Impact THE PROBLEM

Insight To build true influence, one must give before one takes.

Budget Concerns

It was late in the semester, the time of the year when annual budgets for student organizations were approved. We left the room brimming with confidence. We had made a strong case before the board. And if all went according to plan, MUTV would receive $15000 to further upgrade the station. The news arrived a week later. We were informed MUTV would not receive its full amount which we requested. The stated reason behind the surprising decision: MUTV lack enough influence on campus to warrant the budget it asked for. We now had to answer a key question: How does a student organization build influence on campus?

Strategy Focus on working with other student organizations. Position MUTV as a helpful organization.


Tactical Mindset

We have valuable resources, which include equipment and intangible staff expertise. With this knowledge, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Utilize MUTV tools and expertise to assist student organizations and Student Life staff to achieve their individual goals.

Results 1. Provided live video footage of the Student Life annual Freshmen Welcome BBQ 2. Developed the show A Marvelous Time with the purpose of highlighting student leaders making positive impact on campus 3. Earned revenue for the TV station by providing video production services to the university’s student organizations 4. Received ‘Executive of the Month’ award in September 2008

Creative Writing Samples Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." - Rudyard Kipling

ASUM - Political Conversation Copy-written by Ipalibo Da-Wariboko (That’s me)

Copy-written by Ipalibo Da-Wariboko (That’s me)

CAMPAIGN: WAKE UP, THE FLU SEASON ISN’T OVER YET AD: AN EARLY STANDING OVATION INT. SCENE - DESCRIPTION We are in an auditorium. It is the beginning of a conference. The keynote speaker is being introduced. PRESENTER With no further ado, please join me in welcoming Dr. Keith Urban Wilson Audience stands and claps to welcome the keynote speaker Camera cuts to our main character who is looking uninterested, bored and a little sleepy Keynote speaker Thank you, thank you. Camera cuts to our main character again as he sits down with the rest of the audience. KEYNOTE SPEAKER As it is said in the language of the elephant species, pleasure is filling me at this moment Camera cuts to our main character falling asleep KEYNOTE SPEAKER I am often asked by people, why elephants, why not apes? Camera cuts to our main character asleep with his friend, next to him, looking at our main character, annoyed. KEYNOTE SPEAKER Elephants to me are majestic creatures, full of life and mystery. Camera sees our main character being awaken by his friend. Our main character wakes up. In his daze, he stands up and begins clapping. Only to soon realize that the speech isn’t over yet. The entire auditorium stares at him. He slowly sits back down. MAIN CHARACTER (embarrassed, speaking to his friend) I’m guessing it isn’t over yet FRIEND No it isn’t. Cut to black NARRATOR Wake up. The flu season isn’t over yet. The H1N1 virus remains a threat. The best protection against the H1N1 virus is to get vaccinated. Visit or call 617-534-5050 for more information and to find a free flu clinic near you.

An Exploration of the Dangerous Art of Youthful Seduction - An Excerpt Chapter 2 – A Train Ride

The train rumbled on the tracks as all trains do, steaming towards a steady destination. Trains are interesting modes of transportation. They are the only form of travel which does not allow for an easy change of heart. If you did experience such a thing, you would find yourself coming to a long, slow and unpleasant stop. I bet that is the real reason people don't take trains much. We are fickle people; we like options. I was heading up to Brown University. It was my first college visit. I had no real desire to go to Brown University. Like my soccer coach once noted, "Why would you want to go to a school named after a color?" I certainly find that logic hard to argue against. I sat patiently with headphones plugged in. I was in my own world, listening to a track from J. Cole. He was the next big thing, to me anyway. His song,’Split You Up’, was the soundtrack to the past four months of my life. I spent these months in the arms of a lover who could never fully be mine. She was sworn to a boyfriend who she claimed to love dearly. I did not wish to end that budding romance. I just simply desired to be one of her memories that would bring a smile to her face in her elderly days. As thoughts of the past four months flooded my mind, I smiled fully entrenched in my world. Fortunately, it took only a moment for my world to melt into nothingness. That moment came with the pull of the train door. I looked up. She strode down the aisle. She moved in a manner which seemed fit for royalty. No cupped waves included, sadly. Her form stood erect, calling attention to her chest which needed no extra help. Her hair was a sultry black. It came down slightly past her shoulders, providing a frame for a distinct face. Her jaw line seemed fit for the walls of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. My eyes were fixed. I longed to say something useful at this point. "Speak," I demanded of myself. "Hello young lady," I called out to her as she was about six steps away from me. She looked at me perplexed, attempting to decipher if and how she knew me. I had struck a chord, maybe not the best but anything is better than nothing. She began to move towards me, investigating to soothe her curiosity. I sat still and steadied my body, temporarily ridding myself of nervousness. I procured a smile. Her name was Rosa. The conversation led down a path which seemed artificial. My thoughts wondered as she spoke. Her words would float towards me, stopping briefly to ascertain permission for entry into my mind. I gave none. I did what I had grown accustomed to, nodding politely with the occasional smile and light laugh. This pattern was nothing new. I had come to learn at an early age that most women, people in general, love to talk about themselves. So in my mind, my greatest skill is the ability to ask open ended questions and then proceed to shut up. "So tell me a little bit about yourself, I feel like I've talked about myself a bunch," she said, attempting to make actual conversation. My first thought, "Yes you have talked about yourself a lot actually." This might have been the time when self-awareness should have kicked in to recognize the truth of my relationship with women. "Well what would you like to know?" I replied back. "What's your story?" "That's a big question, what part of the story do you want to know about?" At this point, I was just making it difficult for her. I didn't care much to continue the conversation. Looking back now, my thought process was very jaded. I thought she was beautiful, from head to toe. Yet I couldn't stand to be present in our conversation. I stared right through her, using her eyes as an excuse. She probably thought of me as confident and deep. I find that most people, using their own preconceptions and biases, are quick to fill the mental holes which represent what they don't know about a stranger. Rare it is to find someone bold and honest enough to ask for clarification. "You are a very mysterious person or at least you try to be," she said. This was the first thing she had said during the entire conversation that actually got my attention. I let silence, accompanied with an arch grin, fill the space. Most westerners are uncomfortable with silence. I enjoy it because it reveals much about others. Plus I prefer to escape the thoughts of others and stew in my own. It would seem in some aspects, I could be the descendant of Narcissus, the man whose myth gave us the word narcissism. Narcissism is a sad condition when viewed from a societal stand point. Yet I haven't met many narcissist who did not enjoy their own lives. Granted, their lifestyles were gained at the expense of others. Nonetheless, it is possible to argue that, in life, it may prove better to be a narcissist. Think about it for a second. There are so many people in this world, who do what they are told and hence are easy to manipulate. If you play to win and disregard the welfare of others, you could find yourself surrounded by everything you ever wanted. Just a thought. As the silence amassed, she didn't budge under its weight. She was steady, almost enjoying the space created with each uninterrupted breath. I was intrigued. At this time, some women would stare at me with awkward eyes, unsure of what comes next. Others would laugh lightly. Those women who couldn't help but giggle tended to be holding back revealing words.

"I am not mysterious actually. I am just a bore," I retorted. "I doubt that," she said. "Everything about you screams playboy, no matter how shy you act." "Possibly. Do you normally take such great pleasure in analyzing people? Or I am special?" I said as I inched in closer to her. Her eyes locked into mine. They were patient and inviting. I felt her edge towards me, just by a centimeter. Her body radiated warmth as I felt the cold surrounding us. I wanted her in that very more. The conversation had taken me away from awareness of her body. Now in silence, nothing was more obvious that her beauty and the energy it stirred. My body was slowly being pulled into her orbit. My fingers began to trace her right hand. It was perfectly soft, comforting to the touch. I imagined it running cross my face, stroking my jaw line and landing on my lips to meet a kiss. As my finger walked up her arm, her body relaxed. Her patient eyes began to smile. She turned her head away, quickly. Her smile became fully formed. These are the moments I live for; the moment I break through to the soul of a woman. My body floods with a level of calmness that words do no justice. It is a feeling of peace and anticipation of what is next. Nonetheless despite the beauty of this moment, I must remember the big picture. So in favor of the big picture, I pulled back with a smile. She slowly retreated with a fading smile. "We are nearing my stop," I said to her. "And we were just getting started." "Yea we were," she responded in kind. "Do you live in Boston?" "Mhmm, are you trying to continue this little experience here?" I asked with a coy smile. "And if I was?" she retorted with a challenging look. I pulled out my phone and began the ritual of the number exchange. -----------------------------------------------------------------His smog look was all I needed to see to read this kid. The way his hand touched mine in a sheepish manner, almost as if he had never done this before. Yet his eyes told of many conquests that started with his smile and ended with a look of disgust upon the face of his prize. Sick as it may seem, I take pleasure in meeting someone like Xavier. At the very least, it's an adventure in foolishness and power. Power was all what most of this was about. It is a struggle to see who will be left with tears. My therapist of course told me this was not the way to think of relationships. I retorted back, "Who said anything about relationships?" Relationships, at my age, please. I only have this body for a certain period of time. It isn't about falling in love, yet. It is about seeing how foolish people, men specifically, can be around a beautiful smile and piercing eyes. The thought of love actually puts a sick feeling in my stomach. I had seen what love, true love at that, can do to a woman. My mother had found true love with my father. This isn't true love like in the films. This is the true love that leads a beaten woman to crawl back to her abuser. It is the chemicals that are released in the brain. It is the inconsolable feeling that drive men to spend millions on a woman. It forces these sad men to buy luxury cars and massive houses with many rooms that never meet a soul. Frankly, all that men have done in this world have been in hopes of sex. The solution to the global warming crisis, wars and pollution is to insert a chip in men and women which disallows fantasies of sex with more than one person who is preselected for them. Now the question, of course, is who controls the system. I handed Xavier back his phone without my number as a new addition. He took his phone with a smile. Overhead the conductor announced in a monotone voice, "Arriving at Providence." "This is my stop," I said as I got up. "It was nice to meet you." "Definitely nice to meet you as well. But this is also my stop. Remember we are both going to tour Brown," Xavier said with a curious smile "Ahh, yea. I forgot. You just don't seem the Brown type," I teased. "What's the Brown type?" I responded with a smile and a walk towards the door. He followed behind. -----------------------------------------------------------------As I headed out of the train, I scrolled through my phone to find Rosa's number. I didn't. She had me hooked.

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