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It’s Your Life: Live It Healthy Living a healthy lifestyle through dieting and exercise is a critical element to our overall health. Studies show that people who live a healthier lifestyle have a happier outlook on life as well. There are many different ways that one can start living the healthy lifestyle that their body craves.


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It’s Your Life: Live It Healthy Clean Eating Clean eating is not directed towards weight loss but towards general health. As hard as it can be to eat preser vatives and all the junk food that your heart desires, clean eating is all about steering clear of any of those foods. Eat lots of plants! That is one of the main focuses of clean eating. The main idea here is to stay away from foods that humans have altered using harsh chemicals. Become a label junkie! Study those labels and really pay attention to the ingridients and calories, carbs, fat, etc.


Meat is good! Meat is good for your body; just not too much of it. Proportions is the key to healthy eating. Try to not buy pre-packaged meat because you are never sure what is exactly in them. Keep in mind the food pyramid that you learned about in grade school. It may seem impossible to fight the urge to splurge on sweets; just keep in mind proportions. Think of the long- term effects that you are putting your body at risk for by constantly eating junk food.

It’s Your Life: Live It Healthy Exercise is a MUST whenever maintaining that healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy isn’t the only factor that you must consider whenever you are working towards improving your health. Working out has multiple benefits; not only health benefits, but mental as well. When you are in shape you are feeling great about your body. Boosting your selfesteem is a huge benefit that comes from getting fit. Not only are you looking great, but you are feeling great as well. Exercise is proven to release a chemical in your brain called endorphins, which releases happy energy. So it is scientifically proven that working out can make your mind feel as good as your body!




It’s Your Life: Live It Healthy Healthy Vs. Unhealthy: The quickest way to get there

Top Traits for living a healthy lifestyle: • Being a non-smoker. • Exercising for 30 minutes a day/ five days a week. • Eating five or more ser vings of fruits and veggies a day. • Maintain a healthy weight, with a BMI(Body Mass Index) of 25 or under.

Top Traits for living an unhealthy lifestyle: • Smoker • Drinking too much alcohol. Red wine is said to help with the function of our heart. But moderation is key! • Not enough sleep. An adult need from 7-8 hours of sleep each night. • Too much Junk! It’s okay to spoil yourself every now and then, but in very small doses. • Too much stress. Chill out!


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